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SkyN 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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[ANN] [Pre-ICO] – Decentralized Booking platform - Be the ultimate cost leader on a trillion-worth hospitality market and cut travellers’ costs up to 30%

What is and how it emerged is a global blockchain-based online hotel booking platform, an ultimate cost leader with a potential to hold up to 20% of the hospitality market, considering that the hospitality market cap will exceed $1 trillion by 2030. is a direct competitor to existing online travel agencies and booking platforms (OTA) with highly centralized business models and IT platforms. Using their dominant position on the market, OTA charge hotels and travelers exorbitant and unreasonable fees, in the opinion of NOMAD Founders. These fees can be as high as 30% of the booking price.
The goal of the project is to bring back fair value to the hospitality market by providing an easy-to-use and operational tool to establish direct relations between stakeholders. The platform will preserve the quality of service, speed and usability of existing centralized OTA, but will not charge any fees from users. is a result of a lengthy development process as a blockchain project. as it is now is a fruit of radical rethinking of, its parent project. embodies a number of new technical solutions, a reworked business concept of its parent project, expertise, skills and knowledge of Digital Travel and hospitality market professionals.
Today the technical concept and business model of the platform are supported by strategic partnerships, agreements and arrangements to further large-scale deployment, implementation and promotion of the platform and its idea on the hotel booking market. A particular achievement is a strategic partnership with one of the leading PMS developers who provide software to help manage about 120,000 hotel rooms.
NOMAD has the following features and strengths:
•   Lowest transaction cost
No payments for servers. No commissions for miners, platform owners and currencies exchange;
•   Financial infrastructure
Internal currency (NSP) and instruments to reduce volatility and increase liquidity via market maker smart-contract (MMSC);
•   Blockchain platform
Deliberate choice of suitable blockchain platform from three testing platforms (Ethereum / EOS / Plasma). The team will finish the development of the MVPs based on several blockchains and will publish tests and justification of the basic blockchain choice before the start of ICO. The blockchain for the final product will be selected if it supports transaction rates comparable to visa and MasterCard processing services and has zero internal fees.
•   Big client and hotel base
Ensuring the flow of orders right after launching the project through focused M&A of aggregators and PMS. The newest-generation PMS offers a single global hotel property register that is constantly updated.
•   Technical infrastructure
Own blockchain-nodes installed by the hoteliers;
Transparent and easy-to-understand algorithm for taking control of the project at each stage;
•   DAO of hoteliers
The members of the network manage its development and solve internal issues of the touristic industry using a joint consolidated development budget from all of the participants;
•   Honest reviews and transparent rating system
Transparent system of ratings of hotels and rooms by real travelers;
•   Non-staff hotel
Rapid deployment of a non-staff hotel concept based on Internet of Things (IoT).

Blockchain selection
Some of the functionality is already accessible via its MVP based on the Ethereum blockchain. Two additional MVP versions are being developed on the Plasma blockchain and a sidechain to support the required transaction rate and facilitate deployment and scaling. is one of the first major projects to be tested in the EOSIO network and one of the most technically comprehensive of its kind. Currently the project is shortlisted by the EOSIO community to be promoted after the planned EOSIO launch in June 2018. At the moment, the team is working on the details and description of the technical concept and smart contracts for the EOSIO blockchain. The technical concept will form a section of the revised Whitepaper. The team expects to present the EOSIO-based MVP by the end of ICO.  
The objective of the ongoing development stage is to identify and test the blockchain that will be the most compatible with the idea and functionality of the platform, as required by hoteliers and online booking system users. In particular, the blockchain must support the required transaction rate and volume. These tests are of utmost necessity because the functionality of Ethereum cannot yet support the needs of the projects of this kind tailored to the hospitality industry. These technical limitations have not yet been addressed:
•   Each booking consists of 4 to 10 transactions;
•   In 2018 there 4,8 bln bookings or about 28 bln transactions with each recorded on the blockchain;
•   Even if we don’t take high and low seasons into account, that would equal 76 mln transactions to be recorded on the blockchain;
•   Maximum throughput of Ethereum is a mere 1,3 mln transactions per day as of January 2018. The cost of each transaction at this rate was $3-5, that means that each booking might cost $20 to $50. Pre-ICO parameters raises funds for development, implementation and scaling of the platform. There will be two funding stages - Pre-ICO and ICO.
Pre-ICO parameters:
•   Token Name: Pre-NSP (utility token)
•   Tokens for Sale: 112,000,000 units   
•   Hard Cap: USD 5,000,000. Soft Cap: USD 1,000,000
•   The price for the token during Pre-ICO is floating and depends on the point of entry for the early adopter (month).  The starting price for Pre-NSP is the equivalent of $0.04.  At the end of the presale round, the token will cost $0.08. The NSP token value at the ICO stage shall be equal to $0.1 per token.
•   Pre-NSP tokens shall be converted into NSP tokens at the rate of one to one at the ICO stage.
•   The price of the Pre-NSP token is denominated in the Ethereum crypto currency and is the equivalent of USD. The rate of conversion of Ethereum / USD will be fixed one day before the start of the Pre-ICO and stay fixed until the end of the book closing within the Pre-ICO stage.
•   At the Pre-ICO stage funds contributed by private investors will be locked in the platform until two requirements are met – Soft cap is raised and working version of the platform is live (Ethereum blockchain based MVP), integrated with several hotels and allows users to exchange their tokens for hotel services equal to up to 15% of the booking price. The investors shall receive Pre-NSP tokens to their account, provided both requirements are met. If the above two requirement are not met until September 30, 2018 the investors shall receive ETH spent for buying Pre-NSP back to their accounts.

Bounty Program
As part of the ICO preparation and implementation activities the team will run a Bounty Program. To implement the program 2% or 45 million NSP tokens are allocated in the project budget.
For a detailed description of the bounty program visit our website and read the updated whitepaper.

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Gugiwyxeky 05 June 2018 23:44
There, the choice of hotels is one of the best around, and I like that the team has and emphasizes this benefit. Valuable project.
goooodyn 22 June 2018 03:41
Their plans go as far as 2030's already. Looks like they are firm cryptoholders. I think this project might be worth investing.
marrk1 12 July 2018 13:30
Are they aim to beat down Booking? Would be a nice block chain alternative ;)

Information is a blockchain-based platform for online booking hotel rooms. Since P2P architecture is in the heart of all blockchain platforms, streamlines traveler-hotelier relations and increases hotel chain profit as hoteliers can manage and develop their value chains on their own now. At the start point acquired ABAB project that developed and tested a prototype of a platform for the Hospitality industry based on Ethereum Blockchain technology. uses familiar user-friendly interfaces and software compatible with the existing one so there is no need for travelers and hoteliers to change their habits. will be owned and managed by hoteliers through the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and currently developed on EOS / Plazma / Side Chains technologies. The hoteliers will choose the most efficient one.

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