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We’re reinventing the way blockchain tokens are looked at in the market today – We are coming with a new concept of ISO - the IPO of blockchains. We are inviting any issuer of blockchain token who would want their tokens to be future proof and who want to have proper disclosure of information for their buyers.

ISO is the Blockchain empowered equivalent of IPO. It has more stringent requirements than ICO but not quite as much as IPO. In the lack of a regulatory body the ISO goes as far as it is possible in an unregulated market to make sure that the companies offer as much information to the public as possible. ISO is there to ensure that investors are able to take more informed decision and the companies are able to get easy acceptance by regulators when regulations set in.

The idea behind ISO is a fairly simple one – accept the reality. The reality is that sooner than later the regulatory authorities across the globe are going to start regulating Blockchain tokens. The reality is that we will most probably be judged by the Howie Test and the reality is that most of us are coming up with securities tokens. In order to get listed on OiX platform a token will have to go the distance and become compliant securities just like in the real world.

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BBB- Bitcoin Empire
BBB- CyberLottery
BBB- Ebosia
BBB- Orchid Protocol
BBB- Open Investment Exchange
BBB- Planet Kids Coin
BBB- Filmgrid
BBB- Ether Diamond
BBB- Omine.1
BBB- Travelcoin Foundation
Get the list of the fastest-growing ICO projects in your email