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tenell 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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PAVO IoT software platform helps the user:
●Easily measure and track the entire cultivation operation from anywhere.
●Record and monitor production practices in real time via the Pavo IoT gateway.
●Record, report, and analyze activities from planting to spray records to shipping.
●Track labor costs and productivity to optimize human resources and related costs.

  ●The Pavo IoT platform tracks sensor data and uses it to optimize the entire growing cycle by ensuring that vital crop measurements stay within optimal ranges
   ● Data about the growing process of each harvest lot will be stored in the blockchain. Pavo will be able to certify the reliability of all information collected from growers
   ● The Blockchain  powered PAVO agricultural marketplace will allow all participants of the ecosystem conveniently trade quality verified agricultural products using the Pavo coin as a settlement tool.
Right now, the IoT software component exists and is deployed at two cannabis grow houses in California, USA.

The PavoCoin (PAVO) is a cryptocurrency payment system that enables agriculture market participants, such as growers, producers, innovators, retailers and service providers in our network to accept digital payments from their customers and community members. PAVO is a functional usage coin.
PAVO facilitates transactions among ecosystem participants and serves as an electronic alternative to traditional payment instruments like cash or credit cards. This mitigates both security risks and risks due to a nationally-chartered financial institution shutting down an account. Our mission is to offer a multi-purpose blockchain focusing on value exchange that maximizes the total value for all stakeholders. We are actively developing cutting-edge usage token functionality and wallet features such as recurring payments, proof-of-receipt and exclusive escrow for future exchanges of value provided directly to a PAVO wallet after payment.
PavoCoin (PAVO) is a cryptocurrency payment system for agriculture market participants:
Service providers
PAVO will provide them all with tools to accept digital payments from their customers and community members.

The Pavocoin token is an ERC-20 token and can be used to:
   Pay the Pavo SaaS subscription (it can also be paid for in fiat currency, but payment in Pavocoin will be rewarded with a discount of up to 10 percent, and sometimes higher, with additional incentives) and in the future, - for other platform fees and payments for services and products
   The only payment method to execute transactions, settlements, and forward contracts between growers, buyers, and other parties through the Pavo platform
   Voting will be used to reward best-in-class applications using the
Pavocoin platform, indoor and and indoor growing facilities for outstanding performance within their respective fields (e.g. tree nuts, produce, industrial crops.) Voting will also be used to unlock rewards for community members.
   The only payment method for marketing and advertising services on the platform

Initial price of token is $1
PRE-SALE PHASE               04.27-08.06      $1 + 33% for 2.5k$ purchase
MAIN SALE                         08.07-08.18     $1 + 25% bonus
                                           08.19-08.25      $1 + 18% bonus
                                           08.26-09.01      $1 + 11% bonus
                                           09.02-09.08      $1 + 5% bonus
                                           09.09-09.15      No Bonus.
TOKEN DISTRIBUTION      09.23-09.29

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loT blockchain solution for the global agriculture ecosystem. Pavo enables growers to make smarter, faster agricultural and business decisions based on real data. PavoCoin (PAVO) is an Ethereum token that enables cannabis market participants (such as growers, producers, innovators, retailers, and service providers) in our network to accept digital payments from their customers and community members and used inside our network as a mean of payment. We have an end-to-end solution that uses Blockchain in two dimensions a) underlying technology for the Pavo coin cryptocurrency b) to secure data collected from sensors at the agricultural crop, all the way from the field or indoor farm, to our secure cloud computing platform. Further, we have the capability to provide a UPIN - Unique Pavo Identification Number, for each plant, so that each plant of each harvest lot can be uniquely tracked from the field or indoor farm, all the way through the supply chain.

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