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Wialisis 26 June 2018 22:31
Glad that the project has collected the softcap. Projects like this really mesmerize me of how can things can be simple and cheap! This is a gamechanger.
SamSam143 08 July 2018 23:29
Will it be launched only for businesses?
happywo 11 July 2018 19:12
The features of the project seem so bright and valuable. The way BTC and ETH are traded nowadays bothers me too. I believe these guys are creating a solution to it.


Distributed cryptographic ledgers back digital currencies exceeding a cumulative $140 billion in value, at the time of writing. Modern cryptography finally protects over half of all web traffic in the form of HTTP+SSL (invented 1995), according to a Q1 2017 report by the Mozilla Foundation. Mathematically-backed asymmetric encryption is provably safe, freely available, and at long last, widely adopted by the overwhelming majority of digital services that impact and empower day-to-day life for most people alive on Earth today. Over 40 years of computing advancement history has shown that earliest adopters of technologies tend to be hobbyists, followed by consumers, who are followed by businesses, and finally governments. In this regard, as quickly as digital assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum have taken the hobbyists by storm, and are now penetrating consumer wallets, businesses and governments alike are much slower to adapt and adopt. While some brave speculators are already betting their full life savings on these currencies, many businesses still won't yet take them as payment, and most governments do not even acknowledge their status as “money”.

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