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PeruCoin 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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PeruCoin, The ICO that will change Peru

Our purpose is to promote the knowledge of cryptocurrencies in Peru through the purchase of a factory, the placement of mining machines and guided tours to show how they work.

Specifically developed by Bits2u, PeruCoin aims to educate and expand the knowledge about cryptocurrencies. We are aware of the high rate of ignorance, particularly related to the technology of blockchain and cryptocurrency in particular among the Peruvians. Through PeruCoin, we seek to show all the Peruvians the operations and functioning of the cryptocurrency world. We understand the technicalities of smart contracts, Ethereum, Blockchain, and other related terms in the cryptospace. To further spread the knowledge and educating the Peruvians what cryptocurrency is, we would set up a cryptocurrency mining farm capacitated with more than 2000 mining machines in a bid to show the Peruvians how the machines work and are being operated. We aim to build a long passageway in this mining factory where both the right and left sides will be covered by unbreakable glasses. Behind these would be barnacles, mining machines, and outlets to ensure a proper crypto-mining operation

❱❱❱Possible solutions❰❰❰

❱❱❱Hand out fliers about cryptocurrencies

To curb the significant rate of illiteracy and ignorance about cryptocurrency in Peru, we will hand out fliers which contain the necessary information and details about cryptocurrency to the Peruvians. We believe in the power of bills, posters, and fliers to convey our mission to the investors, crypto-traders, and our participating merchants. Doing this will help communicate and promote awareness about cryptocurrency and increasing the value of PeruCoin.

❱❱❱Give lectures in universities about cryptocurrencies

In our bid to further spread the teaching and knowledge of cryptocurrency in Peru and among the Peruvians, we will organize and give lectures in the Universities about cryptocurrency. It will be a talk for total newcomers, crypto-enthusiasts, businesses, and individuals who don't know anything or only very little about cryptocurrency. It will be an entry point, a way for people to become interested enough to go seek out more information on their own about the subject of cryptocoins, blockchain, and PeruCoin in particular. We will likely focus on PeruCoin and the PERU tokens, maybe on Bitcoin and a few other popular digital currencies. We will then proceed to showing them some mining tools in a way to fully understand the operation of mining farm/factories with exciting use-cases

❱❱❱Show mining equipment

Apart from the first two strategies, we will again proceed to showing the Peruvians some of the mining equipment and tools while also showing them the operation and functioning of a mining farm. The mining equipment are pools of inter-related multiple devices which work together across the internet, pooling their various resources to perform the complex calculations of generating blocks of data.

❱❱❱Create a mining farm and conduct guided tours with trainings
within the farm

The first phase of our roadmap will be achieved from the proceeds of our ICO which involves purchasing and acquiring a factory which will be later converted to a mining farm. We will be rolling out a series of guided tours and trainings within the farm once the required infrastructure are in place. The services and products which have already been planned will be introduced at this stage. For cryptocurrency to be accepted and its awareness promoted in Peru, the required services and infrastructure around the digital currency would be in place and easily accessible to our users and PERU token holders.

❱❱❱Short-term Objectives❰❰❰

•Acquire a factory with the necessary capacity to house 2000 crypto currency
mining machines.
• Hire an electric service powerful enough to support the power of the said
• Hire a security service to protect the mining farm.
• Buy clear unbreakable crystals so you can appreciate the machines
• Acquire an air conditioning system that will keep the machines in cold
temperature inside the glasses for proper operation.

❱❱❱Long-term goals❰❰❰

• Make guided visits to the general public
• Lecture on cryptocurrencies
• Make and deliver brochures about mining and cryptocurrencies
• Expand the knowledge of cryptocurrencies in Peru
• Hold conferences outside of Peru

❱❱❱Token price strategy❰❰❰

As the Peruvian-based cryptocurrency platform, we seek to be completely transparent in all our transactions. A controlled release of the tokens will give PERUCOIN and its community the chance to increase and grow in influence. The measured purchases of physical property and mining equipment are what differentiate PeruCoin from the other token crowd sales. Hence, to guarantee an improvement and stability in the price of the PeruCoin token, 30% of the generated tokens by the mining machines will be used annually to buy the PeruCoin that are in the market.


Our business model is designed to spread to different investors and businesses and foster their potentials in the newly evolving decentralized crypto-industry. Our different tour guides and crypto-teachings are an essential point to emphasize when we are talking about the competition and even the business itself. Most of this revolves around the need to spread the awareness and promote crypto-transactions using our token: PERU, as a catalyst needed for the development of the platform; where efficiency and low participation are always the factors. Our experience and competent team will enable PERUCOIN claim its leading position in the industry.

Meetup Awesome Team

Bits2u has developed a competent team of determined Blockchain experts to achieve an important aim- to become a household name in educating the Peruvians about cryptocurrency, constructing an industry-standard mining farm equip with standard facilities, crypto-exchange, and peer-to-peer industry. Our team is made up of blockchain professionals who have worked with many successful ICOs and other Fintech-based projects.

PeruCoin ICO Roadmap

The roadmap will be our routing, in which (with real tests of purchases and acquisitions) we will show you the progress that the creation of the mining farm has and the subsequent start-up of the trainings to the general public.

Bits2u Certificates

How To Get Started

To start buying PeruCoins and support this project you just have to :

PeruCoin ICO Distribution


Urb. Jardines de Viru 226A Calle Las Dalias
Bellavista, Callao, Peru
+51 940 506 550


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Thzathsagi 31 May 2018 04:30
What's the crypto name and where will it be available?
Yndisl 04 July 2018 02:16
I feel very optimistic about this project, it will bring more knowledge about crypto to Peruvians. Ambitious goal.
antones4 04 July 2018 19:19
I like that they're creating national crypto in Peru. More countries need to adopt the technology.


Perucoin is a project initiated by the company Bits2u, which aims to expand knowledge about cryptocurrencies in Peru and will allow to achieve: Provide knowledge about cryptocurrencies to the Peruvian public. Encourage the public to invest in cryptocurrencies. Create one ofthe most big mining farms in Peru Teach based on guided visits to the mining farm howthe mining machines work. PeruCoin's main objective in the short term is to complete the first phase of our Roadmap which includes the purchasing and acquisition of the factory which will later be converted into a mining farm. In addition, we aim to enhance and foster the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies among the Peruvians. Through the Mining farm, we also aim to become the state-of-the-art generation crypto-mining platform leveraging the potentials ofBlockchain technology. We intend to bring great financialreturns for our investors, PERU token holders, and participating merchants while also delivering amazing value propositions to the Peruvians community. PeruCoin's vision is to promote the knowledge about cryptocurrencies to the Peruvian population through guided visits to a factory where they can appreciate the technicalities and operations of the mining machines in action and through conferences. We plan to achieve this byeducating and increasing the awareness of the general Peruvian population on the benefits and safety of blockchain technology and adopting digital currencies. Ideally, we envisage driving the development of a new financial ecosystem in Peru grounded in the interactions between educating the populace and interactions ofblockchain technologyand assets management.

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