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PhoenExOfficial 23 Nov 2018 17:56

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What is PHOENEX?
PHOENEX is a semi-decentralized exchange built for real-time, trustless, highspeed trading experience with integrated blockchain settlement features. Users login using their email address or phone number and added layer of security with deposits and withdrawals done through the blockchain without limit, while a centralized layer enables users to trade at high speeds without waiting for transactions to mine, create multiple orders and cancel orders instantly without gas costs.

is a standard ERC-20 compliant token created through Ethereum Smart Contract. Wallets that support Ethereum such as MyEtherWallet, ImToken, Metamask, Parity, Mist, and Ethereum Wallet can be used to receive, store, and send PHOENEX tokens. The PHOENEX token is not a security token. It is classified as payment or utility tokens which will be used in the PHOENEX Exchange application as exchange fees, withdraw fees, new coin or token listing fees, advertising fees, etc.

TOKEN SALE IS LIVE! How to participate:

*** Only send your ETH to our smart contract :
*** Dont send ETH from any exchanger wallet. Only use ERC20 wallets.

1. Make sure you have at least 0.01 ETH in your Ethereum Wallet.
2. GAS = 100,000 ; GWEI = always check recent gas price at
3. Send ETH to PHNEX smart contract: 0x58e570f4D7d8be486207D21fF661591c65A22E23
4. PHNEX will be sent directly to your wallet.

Token Price:
Round 1 (Nov 24 - Dec 07):   1 ETH = 20,000,000 PHNEX
Round 2 (Dec 08 - Dec 14):   1 ETH = 18,000,000 PHNEX
Round 3 (Dec 15 - Dec 24):   1 ETH = 16,000,000 PHNEX

Bonus Scheme:
> = 1 Ethereum = 10% bonus tokens
> = 3 Ethereum = 11% bonus tokens
> = 5 Ethereum = 12% bonus tokens
> = 7 Ethereum = 13% bonus tokens
> = 9 Ethereum = 14% bonus tokens
> = 11 Ethereum = 15% bonus tokens
> = 13 Ethereum = 16% bonus tokens

Direct Link to check on ETH progress:


Token Name: Phoenex
Token Symbol: PHNEX
Token Standard: Ethereum ERC-20
Contract Address: 0x58e570f4D7d8be486207D21fF661591c65A22E23
Total Supply: 24,000,000,000
Decimals: 8
Soft Cap: 500 ETH
Hard Cap: 1000 ETH
Link to Etherscan:

Token Distribution:
83.6% of the tokens is allocated for the Token Sale and will be distributed to the community.
9.5% of the tokens is allocated for the founders with one year lock in period.
1.6% of the tokens is allocated for the developers with one year lock in period.
1.0% of the tokens is allocated for the advisors with one year lock in period.
4.1% of the tokens is allocated for exchange listings.
0.2% of the tokens is allocated for airdrop and rewards for bounty and marketing campaigns which will be distributed during the token sale period.

Launch Date: Nov 2018
Token Sale period: Nov 24 8:00 PM - Dec 24 11:59 PM GMT+8
Exchange Listing: Dec 2018

Payment Accepted: Ethereum Only
Min/Max Personal Cap: 0.01 ETH / No Limit
Unsold Tokens: To be Burned
WhiteListing: No
Presale or Private Sale: None
Know Your Customer (KYC): None


Airdrop form:

Funds Allocation:
Product Development: 25%
Costs for building the PHOENEX exchange based on Ethereum blockchain, transaction layer, and user layer including upgrading and maintenance of the system.
Operations: 20%
Costs for recruiting, training, office space, salaries, budget for management, and other miscellaneous expenses.
Marketing & Partnership: 35%
Costs for branding, marketing campaigns, advertisers, and encouraging publishers to write articles about PHOENEX exchange. Also includes costs of partnerships with other cryptocurrency exchanges and establishments.
Business Development: 16%
Costs for developing direct sales teams in key geographic areas and professional associations to grow pool of clients across continents.
Legal: 4%
Costs for establishing a legal organization for the company to support in ongoing operational, marketing, and business development activities, and serve as consultant for potential changes in legislations related to cryptocurrency.


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Phoenex Exchange platform will use a two-pronged approach when it comes to security. The Phoenex platform does not require KYC and users only need their email address and private key to be able to start trading. The non-critical components of the trading process will be housed centrally while deposits and withdrawals will be broadcasted to the network. Using this approach, Phoenex has the agility of a centralized exchange, at the same time the transparency of a decentralized exchange. Using Phoenex Token to pay for fees entails big discount.

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