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Emissary Guild 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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Using Big Data to decentralize the SPORT Industry
by establishing a new standard in player analysis methodologies and providing real-time player valuations

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Facebook | Twitter | Medium | Reddit

The Mission

Playrs was created by a team who strongly believes that the sports industry as a whole is ripe for a revolution.
As price discovery specialists, we are introducing a new way of perfecting the real-time valuation of players,
while also expanding the scope of in-game and off-pitch information available to every segment within the football industry, having one ultimate goal:

Bringing transparency back to the sports industry

Playrs’ first project will be focused on the football industry where, we believe, there are inconsistencies and lack of clarity concerning real-time valuation of football players.
After, future projects, will include cricket, American football, baseball, basketball and tennis.
Our model is to use the algorithm and accommodate popular sports with its complexity.
We see it fit that the community starts to get involved on a full-time basis in how players are perceived and valued.

How Blockchain is used by Playrs

blockchain technology will be used by Playrs to add an extra layer of transparency to its Index,
with the use of decentralised data distribution by the community, as mentioned above.
Instead of relying on one source of data which would undoubtedly control the flow of
information into the Playrs Index, the use of Blockchain technology tackles this
problem and Playrs uses blockchain’s inherent characteristics in order to create a kind
of ‘open source’ player valuation pool where contributors will share information on
various players’ on-and-off pitch data with the ultimate goal of setting a global
standard which is both transparent and fully-decentralized.

Background and Key Market Facts

Ever since the “Moneyball revolution” swept the world of baseball in the early 2000s,
big data has rapidly gained importance for other sports on a global scale. Big Data is
becoming increasingly important in profiling athletes in a more accurate way as
current valuations are often done by sports institution and are seldom fairly done.

With the Moneyball revolution well and truly underway in terms of revamping key
processes sports such as baseball and American football, football is now next in line.
Football clubs are actively looking for means to increase their advantage over their
competitors through the extensive use of data which will result in on-field
improvements. While physical performance and skill remain at the heart of a team’s
core strengths, the use of data and its ‘correct’ analysis gives teams an edge over their
competitors — whether it’s on the pitch or in matters of recruitment — the latter of
which has become somewhat of a battle of its own.

Raw data providers such as WHO SCORED?, OPTA, STATS, Prozone, and other
major players within the data collection and distribution segment of the sports market
typically collect in-game information either with the help of on-field tracking cameras,
or individual data collectors, who send the information to a data center, which is
verified, and then pushed to their live feed via XML or JSON format. Collected data
typically includes directly recognisable actions such as passes, shots, goals, fouls,
bookings and more.

The issue with this methodology lies in the fact that several important in-play actions
are not taken into account such as an offensive player defensive contributions, which
could greatly help the player’s team in achieving a positive result. Such pieces of
information are provided and replayed at the end of a game’s half or full time — but
are not collected in real time.

Meanwhile, the world of football is notoriously known for inflated players prices
causing somewhat of a financial abstract within one of the largest global industries.
Clubs are expected to spend over-the-odds to close a deal, while agents fees,
commissions and other incentives push player prices to unprecedented heights.



February: “Hello Football” project idea, concept design and development
March - July: Framing a bigger project that covers community engagement in
the real-time valuation of athletes from all sports
April: “Hello Football” website launch
July - December: Research and development of the product by analyzing
different football leagues, cross check the data with mathematicians and sports


January - March: Developing the framework for Playrs by analyzing the
applicability of blockchain technology within the sports industry
April: Business plan
May - August: Started testing different tech approaches for optimal data
September: Expand core team with business and technology advisers
September - October: UI/UX Development
November - December: Setting up the Whitepaper and marketing strategy
December: Establish global business development team


January - March: Developing the online strategy and social media channel for Playrs
January - April: Playrs platform development, Prototyping
April: ICO public announcement

May 7th - June 3rd: Pre-ICO period
June 11t - July 22nd: ICO period

July - September: Start the process of creating the PPA (Player Pricing Algorithm) based on Expert Contributions and in-game raw data
July - December: Product development and building the community
September - December: Create algorithm for 1 championship (English Premier League)


January: Launching Playrs platform Alpha private version
February - May: Create algorithm for 2nd (Spanish League), 3rd (Italian League), 4th (French League) and 5th League (German)
August: Launching Beta open version
May - October: Evaluation of algorithm performances and introduction of
Natural Language Processing algorithms to integrate News and Social Media
within the pricing algorithm
October - December: BETA testing of V2 of the PPA
December: Mobile App release

Our Bounty Program is now live! Click HERE to join!

This community is managed by the Emissary Guild
Website l Telegram

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Playrs is introducing an innovative analysis mechanism which will provide a groundbreaking approach and a new way of looking at the game - rigorous analysis tools for players will be available to every segment of the sport industry. Fans will no longer be just viewers, but contribute to the valuation process of athletes by giving their input.

Playrs Index will create real-time price valuation based on 4 indicators - Performance, Finance (including transfers and contract conditions), Fame (updated news and social media popularity) and Real-time in-game reporting done by contributors following their favorite stars.

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