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userpike 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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Welcome to the Prime Shipping Foundation  thread.

We are performing first payment solution for marine cargo industry. Our Prime Payment solution gives the ability to make instant and secure payments all over the world. Check out the video below, to see what benefits Prime offers to all participants of the shipping business.

Pre-ICO:   15.09.2018 - 01.10.2018
  ICO:       01.11.2018 - 01.12.2018

Telegrams of bounty manager - @prorva01

         Prime Shipping Foundation BOUNTY officially launched! The sale of Prime Shipping Foundation tokens started on April 15, 2018. Totally 3 000 000 000 PRIME tokens will be issued, during preTGE / TGE stage whether Hard Cap would be reached. 300 000 000 PRIME tokens will be issued if soft cap would be reached. PreTGE dates - September 15/2018 to October 01/2018. TGE dates -  November 01/2018 to December 01/2018. The initial price of the PRIME token will be $0,1. You can learn more information about PRIME on our official thread on Bitcointalk -
         The main bounty campaign will last for 15 weeks, from June 15 to September 30. After final of the main stage, it is possible to carry out an additional stage until the completion of the TGE (December 1/2018). The overall budget of the PRIME bounty campaign is equal to 2% of the actual released PRIME tokens for crowdsale. Totally 60 000 000 of the tokens will be distributed among bounty participants of the bounty campaign. All reward will be paid after the final of the main TGE stage (December 1/2018).

The PRIME BOUNTY campaign includes 6 programs:
Facebook Campaign - 20%
Twitter Campaign - 20%
Linkedin Campaign - 15%
Signature Campaign - 20%
Telegram Campaign - 10%
Blog/Media Campaign - 15%

General conditions for the participants:
- To have an account in the Telegram and the account on the Bitcointalk;
- To choose the programs you want to participate in and fill in the appropriate registration forms. Be sure to specify the address of your ETH-wallet in them;
- It is necessary to place a weekly report on the work done in the official thread of Prime Shipping Foundation on the Bitcointalk;
- The registration of the work done reports during the campaign will be on a weekly basis. This gives to the participants the opportunity to temporarily stop taking part in the bounty campaign (all earned steaks will be preserved) and continue to work with us later.
- Violation of the terms and conditions of the bounty campaign may lead to the disqualification of the participants. There will be checks for multiple registrations from similar computer or same IP-address. All duplicate accounts will be banned and excluded from the bounty campaign without warning.
- The Prime team reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions of the BOUNTY campaign and the right revise the percentage distribution between the programs, depending on the number of participants in every particular campaign.
After the final of the TGE every participant will have the reward with PRIME tokens on his ETH-wallet according to the accrued steaks.
The overall results of the BOUNTY campaign  will be summarized in table

Thank you very much for being with us, and especially to those who help us to populate our project.

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Introducing Prime Shipping Foundation (PSF) — the world’s first payment ecosystem for shipping, residing 100% in the Blockchain. An online payment system, crypto bank and exchange for business customers, small and big corporations, participating in the marine shipping market.

Rate Name
B- Safein
B- Payportal
B- Arna Panacea
B- Prime Shipping Foundation
CCC+ Waltix
CCC+ Prime Shipping Foundation
CCC+ BitEsprit
CCC+ Romad Defence
CCC+ Volair
CCC+ Awax Blockchain of trust
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