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21 Aug 2018 00:00


ProxiShares is an industrial-level asset location, surveillance and monitoring software suite on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows businesses full creative control by allowing the creation, recursive modification and optimization of a virtual RFID tracking infrastructure. The Computer Aided Design (CAD) of the live virtual site survey template is a visual representation of your RFID tracking domain. This template serves as the backbone for a virtual site survey which is rendered live to present true real-time tag, data, events, actions and transitions globally that is not point-in-time discovery (PITD).

We have a strong team – we are currently ranking high in the first phase of Smart Valor’s 2019 Instrument program for research and innovation. Our project was given high remarks by notable cryptocurrency names such as Jeff Coleman, Patrick McCory, and Fred Ehrsam. Along with that, ProxiShares made it to the second phase of the Bind 4.0 contest. The competition for the 2018/2019 IMD Startup of the Year was very intense and ProxiShares still ranked extremely high.

Our Advisors are involved deeply with the team and are among the leaders in industry. With a history of delivering products at scale, a team rooted in industry leaders across Motorola, HTC, and Honeywell strong ties to academic circles including the University of Zurich.

Why Use ProxiShares RFID?
We understand difficulty managing change effectively as they occur in your business environments or processes affecting RFID infrastructures. These changes result in potentially significant costs. ProxiShares has introduced RFID solutions is an interactive, adaptive system. It solves the majority of these problems through the creation and modification of live RFID virtual templates without any interruption in service. ProxiShares allows you to adapt to changes in a cost-effective way, by keeping the target RFID infrastructure evolvable, so as to support future changes.

ProxiShares Leading Features

ProxiShares combines intelligent, model-based tools to help you gain more accurate, accessible, and actionable insight into your tracking infrastructure.

ProxiShares provides optimization of your site survey by analyzing and adjusting power availability, RFID signal strength, and detecting the presence of ambient electromagnetic noise (AEN) that could interfere with the RFID environment.

ProxiShares' core functionality provides low-latency, near instantaneous access to RFID tag data globally anytime and anywhere, via cloud services.

ProxiShares' sophisticated architecture seamlessly interfaces with various RFID Reader hardware and provides detailed prognosis of the health of all your RFID tracking hardware and environment

ProxiShares' Intelligent Dashboard provides historical information in parallel with live data, data in transit and predictive analytics, which reduces the timespan from insight to decision.

ProxiShares Cloud Solutions
Cloud RFID tracking is probably the most cost efficient asset management method to use, maintain and upgrade. Since all your RFID data is stored in the cloud, backing up and restoring asset data is relatively easy. ProxiShares stores, displays and tracks your data in the cloud giving you almost unlimited storage capacity. Never worry about running out of storage space or increasing your current storage space availability for asset data.

Erik Favre has over 25 years of experience in IT. He is the Founder and CEO of InfoTrak Systems AG based in Geneva, Switzerland. He also served as an executive for Honeywell Technologies Sàrl.
Claire Ong was leading Software Development at Motorola for 11 years, served on the board for HTC from 2000-2005. She was also engaged in research for the Swiss government.
Ron Nguyen has over 15 years of IT experience who developed Alien Technology's Secure Mail Gateway technology, which provides standardized APIs on 7 portals, which solved many mail security measures.
Ethan Tremblay has experience in IT that spans over 12 years, including Head Engineer at SmartTrac NV and Swiss telecom. He developed direct push technology on RFID tag trackers.

Token Distribution Info
Pre-Sale Starts: 3 September 2018
Pre-Sale Ends: 28 September 2018
Tokens for sale: 45,000,000
Token Price: 1 PRX = 0.002 ETH
Specifications: ProxiShares Token
Max circulating supply: 100,500,000
Sale duration: 25 days



21 Aug 2018 02:37


This is the first time I've seen a very interesting project like this project. Society is growing, more and more people can not find their half and this project is the most appropriate solution


21 Aug 2018 04:27


This is the first project of its kind. We have pretty big plans going forward. Thanks for the compliment!


22 Aug 2018 06:25


Your project was selected among others and was added to our listing - Congratulations!
At the moment your project is unrated (N/A). You can edit your Page by adding more information about your ICO after verification and also verify team members.


22 Aug 2018 08:16


Can u tell more information about developers of the project ?


28 Aug 2018 19:46


Sure, Erik Favre, the founder, entered the cryptocurrency space in 2014 as an early Bitcoin adopter. His entire life has been in the Information Technology industry. Before starting his own company, he worked as an operating manager at Intel Corporation in Zurich. Erik served on the board for Skype Technologies from 2005-2007 as well. Claire Ong, the co-founder, started her career as an RFID Specialist for HTC in Tapei City right after she received her bachelor's degree. She enrolled in a Master's programme at her alma mater, University of British Columbia, and started an IT company, Access Technologies, which produced RFID chips for mobile devices, and later sold it to Eizo Corporation. Once she finished her Master's programme she served as the Regional Account Manager for Motorola Solutions where she remained until serving as Co-Founder of ProxiShares. Ron Nguyen, the Blockchain Specialist, began his career at Alien Technology after college and remained there ultimately being promoted to Senior Strategist where he was responsible for the RFID Market direction. Ron actually designed the new RFID technology that Alien uses in their network system. Ethan Tremblay, our Blockchain Developer, began his career in the RFID industry at SmartTrac in Amsterdam. He worked there as an Engineer for 12 years and was responsible for implementing the tracking system for the company. He believed in cryptocurrency as early as 2012 when he first discovered Bitcoin's whitepaper. He remained at SmartTrac until taking the opportunity to start ProxiShares.


28 Aug 2018 19:48


Will you have an app for iOS or Android? it's not always convenient to follow through the browser, so..


29 Aug 2018 01:52


Absolutely. We are on track to start development on the app in October. The mobile platform will give users the same features as the web-based software while offering convenience.


29 Aug 2018 03:11


Expect you discover fairly resources to evolve your business!  Good luck team.


30 Aug 2018 00:01


We appreciate the kind words!


30 Aug 2018 00:36


In the future in the future, it can be predicted that various tasks will be automated and simplified. However, as the company with a smaller scale simply considers the introduction cost and maintenance cost unclear, he thinks "cost is high so it is unnecessary".
What "ProxiShares" brings in the future will simplify the fact that we have been spending a lot of money, such as new work, management and investigation using RFID technology.
Please move on steadily as it is.
I expect it.


30 Aug 2018 00:48


Looks like a huge project, good luck developers!
What does Launch means on your roadmap? Only pre-sale and smart-contract creation?


30 Aug 2018 01:01


Thank you! We're anticipating success. You're correct, going into September we're preparing to launch our Pre-sale on the 3rd.


30 Aug 2018 01:38


just a few more days pre-sales will take place hopefully later will get a lot of support from investors so that the target can be achieved quickly.


30 Aug 2018 02:00


Sure thing. We're excited about the future for this project!


30 Aug 2018 11:36


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