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Vmx - Rilstat 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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Project identification:
Name: Rilstat
Company name: Rilstat LTD
Country: Malta
Registration number: C88289 - 13 September 2018
Project website:
CEO: Jérôme Philippe ANTOINE
Thread author: Vincent MOROUX

Dear Bitcointalk members,
The Rilstat team presents to you by this post, the start of the Pre-ICO concerning our company.
We hope you will be interested in our views, concerned about the identified problems and interested by the proposed solutions.

What is Rilstat ?
Rilstat is a company that aims at diminishing costs and barriers in the Real-Estate sector, worldwide.
The real estate as we know it is unyielding, rarely fits the needs of it’s buyers or occupiers and limits mobility in a world that now imposes it on the vast majority of it’s inhabitants.

Rilstat, in time, aims to break the mobility barriers by proposing underused occupation and ownership models while diminishing ownership and building maintenance costs with our patented construction methods (High Performance Cost Controlled - HP2C).
These construction methods will be industrialized. Meaning we can build the buildings in bulk in factories. Only the assembly work will be left on each building site, contrary to traditional construction models where raw materials are delivered to the building site to be transformed, assembled and mounted, incurring large costs.

As a means to an end we have decided to take the form of a Real-Estate Investment Fund.
The fund will go through 2 financial phases:
Phase 1: 90% profit from REIT, 10% from HP2C.
We invest in traditional Real-Estate fund operations. Buying, renovating and selling assets. The assets targeted will have value between 500k$USD and 5 million $USD.
These targets have been chosen as to not operate on larger company territories. They consider investments under 5 million $USD to be unprofitable to them due to their size and expenditures.
As for the 500k$USD target, it permit's us to operate above the majority of individual investors, thus having limited competition between the two.

These high value operations have an average yield of 35% per year, keeping us profitable while investing ressources and funds into the patented construction methods that will require in the first 6 months 200k$USD to fully develop the first factory in Portugal and build the show houses.

Phase 2: 50% profit from REIT, 50% profit from HP2C.
While continuing to invest in traditional Real-Estate operations, we will concentrate most of the profits into developing the HP2C division in Portugal as well as in other countries. Tunisia and Morocco are already expected to be on our next expansion roadmap.
North American continent is expected to be invested in by mid 2019 and south American continent by late 2019.
Every single building, house, industrial complex, commercial compound that Rilstat holds will be available for rent at up to 60% discount for token holders.

Phase 3: Opening up to private and corporate investors.
Once we are satisfied with the fund's financial stability, we will open it to private and corporate investors.
Our projections, stated in our whitepaper, are a 5% NET minimum return on investment.
Token holders will benefit from up to 60% decrease in fees, thus increasing their return on investment.

Contrary to other Real-Estate projects stated in this forum, our team is formed of experienced Real-Estate managers and Wealth managers. We have chosen to have the core team be Real-Estate experts supported by IT staff and not the other way around.
Real-Estate has it's risks and only professionals can ride the tides in this industry.

Our core team is presented to you on our website here.

Token name: Global Real-Estate Investment Token
Ticker: GREIT
Type: ERC20 - Utility/Fidelity
Contract address:0x2CCF628CA97772D2579dD37F91E561286f0da477
Supply: 500 million units.
KYC/AML/Whitelist ? No.
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC, USDT and more. Wire transfers also available.
How to invest ?
  • Go to
  • Register an account or Login if already registered
  • Once logged-in, you have access to the investment panel. Select the wanted currency and send your investment to the designated adress. For wire-transfers, input the given code in the comment section when sending the wire for smooth process.

Pre-ICO: 0.16$USD per token (20% discount).
ICO: 0.20$USD per token.
Minimum participation: 20$USD.
Hardcap: 100 million USD$
Softcap: None

19 November 2018, 12:00 GMT+1 to 03 January 2019, 12:00 GMT+1

03 January 2019, 12:00 GMT+1 to 21 February 2019, 12:00 GMT+1
Week 1: 15% bonus tokens
Week 2: 10% bonus tokens
Week 3: 5% bonus tokens

Token burn ?
Yes, starting ICO end + 30 days approximately (As to do the distribution).

Token benefits:
  • Annual discounts on any product or service of up to 60% by staking tokens on our platform
  • Exclusive deals on renting and tenancy rights
  • Exclusive access to our tokenized Real-Estate assets for investment
  • More on our platform in the coming months

Max tokens given out in bounties: 15 million GREIT (3 million $USD)
Bounty thread: here

The Rilstat Team thanks you for your interest.
I personally will be here every day to answer your questions.

For more informations, news and updates, follow our social links.
Vocal discussions will be available shortly on our Discord server.


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Only users that are authorized via telegram can leave comments.


We aim to break mobility barriers by proposing underused ownership models easily developed with Blockchain while reducing Real-Estate maintenance and overall costs and fees with our already patented construction methods that enable us to build in bulk from factories.

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