Robot Trading
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Comments 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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Robot Coin (RTD)
Robot Trading

The best and the quickest rewarding ICO
with the lowest cost of operation
1 ETH for 10,000 Robot Coin
Low limit 0.001 ETH = 10 Robot Coin

OFFICIAL SITE - White Paper - Facebook - Twitter - Instagram
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Join ICO Round 1 now

ICO Round 1 Started
ICO Round 1 , 3 November - 24 December 2017

Now 100% of pre-ICO gained from investors has been introduced into the cryptocurrency trading exchange and has started to profit trades. In December we will show
Total profit

For those who have not started investing. Can be invested today. For the fastest and most return.
ICO Round 1, 3 November - 24 December 2017 has been started

Update 7 November 2017

Robot Trading of Cryptocurrency
Robot trading is Automatic Cryptocurrency Trading System with Algorithm that can be purchased and sold.
It can make more profit than General trader.
Robot Coin
Robot Trading of Cryptocurrency issues an Alt coin named Robot Coin (RTD)to bring the Coin to the
exchange market and use the Robot Trading system of Cryptocurrency to make it trade. Profits from trade itself will be share to RTD holder.
State of ICO : PRE ongoing
Start Pre ICO 24 October — 2 November 2017
ICO Round: Pre 24 OCT 2017 / 1st 2 NOV 2017 / 2nd after 1 July 2018
ICO supply(Token amount):
Pre ICO 100,000,000 Robot Coin
ICO Round 1 :1,000,000,000 Robot Coin
Total supply:10,000,000,000 Robot Coin
Accept currency:ETH
Token platform : Ethereum
ICO Funds Distribution 100 % will be traded in Cryptocurrency Exchange Market
The remaining Robot Coin after ICO will be sold again after the first profit division to Robot Coin holders and
will be in Robot Trading system


under the operation of Next Generation Technology Co.,LTD located in Thailand, founded in 2017, January 5th with Juristic Corporate Registration 0115560000336 following relevant law and being under Thai law.

CEO/Founder : MR. Pongpolchai Thaweecharoenkij
MD.Technology : MR. Anurak Fakpiam
MD.Financial : MR. Sakda Cankasai
MD.NOC : MR. Ukrit Wongpipattanopas


 - Juristic Corporate Registration is 0115553006618
 - Founded on 20 May 2010
 - International internet service provider, fixed line phone service provider, type-3 telecommunication service license number is 3ก/54/002


 - Juristic Corporate Registration is 0115548005471
 - Founded on 20 May 2005
 - The internet service provider, internet data center service provider, service license is NTC/MM/INT/ISP/I/005/2548
 - The telecommunication service provider, type-2 telecommunication service license
number is 2ก/53/001

NOTICE : 1 ETH = 10,000 Robot coin, Low limit transaction is 0.001 ETH = 10 Robot coin  #RobotCoin #Investment #ICO #TokenSale

Update 14 December 2017

performance conclusion of Runing Robot Trading (Pre ICO)

Pre ICO from 24 October 2017  to 2 November 2017  
Price of ETH  on Bitfinex   Max. 314.42   USD  Min.  275.19 USD  Ave. 294.805 USD

Pre ICO earn 7.97 ETH *294.805 USD  =  2,349.5959 USD

Start Robot Trade to trading on Bitfinex between 15 Noverber 2017 to 11 December 2017  ( 27 day)
15 Noverber 2017    value  2,349.5959 USD
11 December 2017  value 6,284.08 USD
Earns  3,934.48415 USD or 167 %   ( 27 day)
Profit Per Robot Coin is 167 %  for 27 day

Compare growth betwen ETH and  Robot Coin
ETH price in Pre ICO  (24 October 2017  - 2 November 2017  ) Ave.  294.805 USD
ETH price on 11 December 2017    Max.545 USD  Min.  429.47 USD Ave.  487.235 USD
ETH growth 117 percent  for 27 day   Robot Coin growth 167 %  for 27 day
Robot Coin is growth more than ETH  50 percent for 27 day

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Market is high-growth market, and expands to almost of the world. Cryptocurrency Exchange Market is the same as Stock Exchange Market that investors can exchanges the stocks. However, Stock Exchange provides many limitations such as trading duration, stock trading regulations, investing rules, and law principles of each country, so this make it is hard for ordinary individual to access. Cryptocurrency Exchange Market is no access limitation, it is opened for every individual, language, region, and country in the world. Everyone can access Cryptocurrency Exchange Market, so it seems Cryptocurrency can connect everything together. Cryptocurrency Exchange Market has fluctuation from 5 to 30 percent daily, so Cryptocurrency can be the most up and down each day, and there is no limitation.Everything goes following buyer and seller needs. As Cryptocurrency can be changed from 5 to 30 percent per day, we can assume profit from such Cryptocurrency. This is the same of assuming profit in Stock Exchange but more freely in trading because trading stocks in Stock Exchange have to trade within the same country only. Robot Trading of Cryptocurrency is created for automatic Cryptocurrency trading in order to gain profit. We have already tested API Robot Trading with world leading Cryptocurrency Trading Market such as Poloniex, Bitfinex, Bittrex, Kraken, Jubi, Livecoin, Yobit, and xBTCe.

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