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ShipNext Supply Chain 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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What if all logistics industry players become interconnected within a decentralized ecosystem,
allowing them to interact directly and instantly with each other in a trustless and frictionless manner
across the entire supply chain?
An ecosystem that will be the foundation for intelligent shipping and
logistics industry, an ecosystem that will be constantly evolving and learning, powering innovations
and bringing further technologies to life, alleviating inefficiencies and easing cross-border
An ecosystem that will be based on open unified protocols that are highly scalable
without any single point of failure.

This is the SHIPNEXT Supply Chain - a fully integrated ecosystem across the entire supply chain,
grounded in transparent, algorithm-based and instant operations, safeguarded by smart contracts backed
with escrows, powered by decentralized computing capacities all around the globe, where
consensus on transactions validity is achieved by Proof of Stake algorithms.

Why us?

1. We already established and successfully developed one of the most diversified shipping group in the world, that includes three companies - VARAMAR, VELES Bulk and VARAMAR TRANS.

VARAMAR was founded in 2009 and currently is a successful international shipping company providing ocean transportation of general, oversized and heavy cargo. It operates from offices in Hamburg, Odessa, Malta, Dubai and Singapore.
VELES BULK was established in 2011 and currently is an international shipping company specializing in dry-bulk maritime transportation (Handy-, Panamax- and Supramax Fleets). It operates from offices in Odessa and Limassol. Veles Bulk is actively involved in the carriage of grain products, fertilizers, scrap, steel, coal and other commodities between Europe, Middle East, Asia and South America.
VARAMAR TRANS was founded in 2017 and currently is a forwarding and logistics wing of the VARAMAR Group. Core activity includes land transport, inland forwarding and logistics of general cargo, heavy and oversized goods and containers. VARAMAR TRANS also closely works with different ports.
2. VARAMAR GROUP core team consists of professionals with intimate knowledge of the maritime industry, gained through years of experience in general cargo, dry and wet bulk, containers forwarding, risk management, commercial and technical management functions, law and strategy that allow us to stay at the forefront of technological developments.
The company management team has a 9 year of relevant experience in shipping, technology and finance.
Alexander Varvarenko – the CEO and founder of VARAMAR GROUP and SHIPNEXT has 18 years of experience in the industry. VARAMAR’s clients can be found in any part of the world and include top industry players such as General Electric, Siemens, Hyundai, Mitsubishi, ENI, Saipem, Weatherford, Tenaris, Arcelor Mittal, Cargill, Eurochem, Solvay and many others.

3. SHIPNEXT is currently the only fully functioning centralized maritime shipping marketplace that truly transforms the maritime industry by automating and accelerating the vast majority of operations.

This is Phase 1 - the foundation which will allow us to build the rest of the
algorithm based supply chain on, because 80% of the trade moves by sea, and it is this mode of transport that, in turn, links shippers and receivers with the assistance of land transport.

ShipNext Web Version, Shipnext iOS app and Shipnext Android App are already widely used in logistics field with 3000+ user's audience!

What our investors get:

1. Token usage

SHTP is a Hyperledger utility-based tangible asset, planned to be used as an internal cryptocurrency to pay for transaction fees, freight delivery, insurance, banking, internet of things and other transactions within the ecosystem. The primary purpose of the SHTP, is to ensure a flawless, instant and trustless execution of transactions, while removing any token price volatility by having a firm 1 to 1 peg to the USD.

SHPC is an ERC20 compliant security token designed to benefit from the increased utility of the SHIPNEXT, to be sold to qualified purchasers during the TGE and anticipated to be subsequently traded on the secondary market.

2. Token value increase

The volume of the SHPC is capped to 1bn coins. To reward the buyers of the SHPC with the part of the gross revenue generated from transaction fees, we have designed the Reserve Fund.
The Reserve fund ensures that the external publicly traded SHPC cannot affect the internal token, but can benefit from the utility of it, by sharing revenue generated from transaction volume in the SHIPNEXT ecosystem with SHPC holders.

3. Token Buyback Opportunity

ShipNext Roadmap

How to join:

1. The token generation event will occur in two phases starting with a private sale on October 31st, 2018  followed by crowdfunding stages “A” on November 15th, 2018.

2. Bonuses will be applied to early investors with starting from 40% during private pre-sale ending up with 5% during public sale.

3. To join SHIPNEXT private sale, please contact us via

Our Team and Advisors:


1. ShipNext is about to pioneer in introducing blockchain into supply chain and issue first world shipping token. Join our Telegram channel and be among firsts to disrupt the industry.

2. ShipNext CEO Alexander Varvarenko delivered on Shipping China 2018 introducing ShipNext supply chain ecosystem. Click the link for greater details.
3. Currently ShipNext is a completely automated shipping marketplace available on Web, iOS and Android used by more than 3 000 industry players.

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SHIPNEXT Supply Chain is a algorythm based decentralized transport related ecosystem, providing for efficiency, scalability, transparency, security and reliability of commercial relationship, smart contracts and transactions. As part of the smart contract-based relationship within the supply chain ecosystem, SHIPNEXT will provide a number of solutions for transactions, executed with the use of SHIP TOKEN, issued by banks and financial institutions which take part in the ecosystem. SHIP COIN, a security token, is an investment tool to participate in the SHIPNEXT SUPPLY CHAIN, and enabling it to grow, expeland into other modes of transport and sections of the supply chain, building a critical mass of the ecosystem community and participating in its revenue.

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