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White paper


About the product
There are far too many crypto exchanges on the market.
Crypto exchanges that would have all features user would expect? A different story. Our project is
built for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and backed by experts in the field. Join us.

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About SONT token
Why the hell would you buy yet another token?
Simple answer: because our token will regularly reward you even if you just hold it.

Token symbol SONT
Token standard ERC20
Total token supply 500,000,000
Total tokens for sale 250,000,000
Currencies accepted BTC, ETH, LTC
Hardcap $21,000,000
Value of token 1 SONT = $0.1
Token sale date October 8, 2018

Benefits for holders
SONT token allows us to share our profit with you. Owners earn 80% from the fees and receive
the reward on regular basis.
We consider it fair to reward the individuals who believed in our
platform and took part in our offering.

If we look on current crypto exchanges and apply our business model we can see interesting numbers:
Imagine you will pay 1 BTC for our SONT tokens and will have daily trading volume of
$400,000,000. In this situation you might get a passive income of up to 0.47 BTC every month.
Example above serves for an illustrative purpose only and is by no means meant as a promise.

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Margin trading income
Lend your coins to margin traders and raise the value of your crypto assets risk-free. Sonata's
sophisticated pairing algorithm will ensure the maximum reward possible.

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SONT tokens for trading
Even when you are trading, you earn with us. As long as we have tokens to distribute, you will get
them free for each trade you will make on our exchange.

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Sale phases and bonuses
We don’t have time limits for the ICO, simply because our investor is providing all funds
needed for development of initial platform. Sale is divided into four phases, limited by amount
of tokens provided for each phase. The earlier you buy, the larger bonus we will give you.

Sale phases Tokens availableBonus
Private sale 100,000,000 SONT--
Public sale 1 30,000,000 SONT15%
Public sale 2 50,000,000 SONT10%
Public sale 3 70,000,000 SONT5%

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Information is all-in-one trading platform with long-term profit both to traders and holders. Our exchange is carefully created in cooperation with active exchange / Forex brokers and fintech enthusiasts. The application will provide a solution for novice and expert traders who want to focus on business, rather than struggle with messy user interface and nonsense functionality. Unlike other ICO projects, exchange does not need additional resources for the development itself. We are fully backed by company in the financial industry. The main reason, why we release our token, is to attract early investors and share 80% of our revenue with them. We believe that personal involvement is a key to build healthy community. That is also why is developed as a truly social platform.

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