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SPOKKZofficial 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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Empowering Viewers with
Asia's Largest Film & TV ICO

The Problem

Large studios with self serving agendas and their middlemen are imposing their choice of content on viewers and charging them exorbitantly for it. It's time to challenge the status quo. This is exacerbated by distribution platforms being transactional with no room for community engagement.
The Solution

SPOKKZ is letting the viewer decide what content works and at what price by giving him / her access to a decentralised ecosystem and marketplace. By crowdfunding and helping promote movies & TV shows, viewer communities will join producers, content creators, distributors, stars and advertisers as equal stakeholders.


"Scale meets Speed"

Spokkz and Ontology announce a ground breaking blockchain collaboration.
Spokkz will be powered by Ontology's next-gen high-throughput platform to scale up transactions.

"This collaboration is built on the back of an established and rapidly growing business which provide immediate scale to Ontology's ground breaking platform.  We believe the consequence will be transnational for our community, our content partners and the blockchain space at large"
"Ontology was designed with high-throughput and security in mind.  The Spokkz-Ontology collaboration will be a high-profile scalability showcase in the blockchain space."
Subin Subaiah
CEO, Spuul
Juzar Motiwalla
Chairman, Ontology

Media Crowdfunding and Community Partnership powered by SPOKKZ Tokens

"SPOKKZ is a constructively disruptive force and is a powerful complement to the traditional model for the entertainment production industry.

SPOKZZ invites the ultimate consumer of programs to support artists of their choice for creative challenges"

Ken Munekata
President & Representative Director, BBC
Worldwide Japan
President & Representative Director, SONY Picture Japan
"I love disruptive innovation!  SPOKKZ's visionary idea of changing the way films are created, funded and distributed creates an entirely new market and value network for the film industry.  Spokkz will displace the way the film industry operates and de-centralizing the power of what to build and fund to the end-users in an affordable and efficient manner"

Roger Lim
Founding Partner, NEO Global Capital (NGC)

Giving Voice to Content Creators, Viewers and Fans

SPOKKZ tokens remove friction from content creation, distribution and monetisation, enabling fans & creators to become collaborators.

SPOKKZ Eco-System

Key Partners

Tax and Regulatory
KYC Compliance

Meet our Team

Subin Subaiah
CEO & Co-Founder Spuul
S Mohan
COO & Co-Founder Spuul
Rajiv Vaidya
CEO, Spuul India
Krishanu Singhal
CFO, Spuul
D Girish
Head of Content
Sudarshan Sharma
Head of Business Dev,
Spuul India
Srihari Y
Head of Engineering,
Jimbo Cortes
Blockchain Architect &
Daniel Muller
Solutions Architect, Spuul
Eric Jude
Head of Creative
Communications, Spuul
Sunit Sharma
Head of UI/UX and Design

Our Advisory Board

Alok Kochhar
Former Vice-Chairman (Asia)
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
Ken Munekata
Former President BBC Japan
Sony Broadcast Media Japan
Sony Picture Entertainment Japan
William Pfeiffer
Executive Chairman, Co-Founder
Globalgate Entertainment
CEO Dragongate Entertainment
Former CEO of Tiger Gate Entertainment
Edward Du
Co-Founder, CEO of Talenta Pte. Ltd.
CEO of MaxiMine
John Ford
Director Fidelity China Special Situations Plc
Ex-Global Chief Investment Officer Fidelity International
Roger Lim
Founding Partner at NEO Global Capital (NGC)
Executive ICO Advisor to Spuul


Dr Juzar Motiwalla
Co-Founder of Anquan
Chairman of Ontology

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Spokkz Powered by Ontology - Scale Meets Speed!

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Community-driven film & TV blockchain ecosystem Spokkz (Website:, Telegram: has signed up with Ontology ( to utilize its next-generation high-throughput platform to scale up transactions on Spokkz. The collaboration will help token holders to view, vote, fund and support their favorite media projects in a decentralized ecosystem and marketplace.

With Spokkz, the viewer decides what works at what price by crowd-funding and helping to promote movies and TV shows. Viewers communities join producers, content creators, distributors, celebrities and advertisers as equal stakeholders.

This collaboration is built on the back of an established and rapidly growing business which will provide immediate scale to Ontology's groundbreaking platform. We believe the consequence will be transformational for our community, our content partners and the blockchain space at large, says Subin Subaiah, CEO Spokkz.

Spokkz is an initiative by Spuul to revolutionize the media industry. Since 2012, Spuul has been an over-the-top provider of video streaming content in 180 countries and has an existing user base of over 57 million users. It generated nearly US$15 million in revenue in 2017, which is projected to double every year over the next three years.

Ontology was designed with high-throughput and security in mind. The Spokkz-Ontology collaboration will be a high-profile scalability showcase in the blockchain space, says Juzar Motiwalla, Chairman, Ontology.

Ontology is the world's first high-throughput public blockchain platform designed to scale to thousands of transactions per second. Utilizing the technique of sharding, Ontology has created a novel protocol that increases transaction rates as its network expands. The platform is further enabled for secure, data-driven, decentralized apps and structured for scale.

Both Spokkz and Ontology are headquartered in Singapore.

For more information please visit the following links:

White Paper:

Join the White List here:

Read more:

Original article

Spokkz and Ontology— Brainstorming Meeting

Singapore, 14 June 2018: The heads of Spokkz (Website:, Telegram: and Ontology ( met at the Spokkz office to discuss specifics of their collaboration. Technical leads from both organizations presented overviews of their architecture and senior management from both sides also discussed collaboration models on the business front. Attendees from Ontology present at the meeting were Xinshu Dong, CEO, Amrit Kumar, Head of Research, Juzar Motiwalla, Chairman and En Hui Ong, Head of Business Development.

Spokkz technical leads, Daniel Muller and Srihari Y. presented first with an in-depth overview of Spuul’s (Spokkz’s parent company) architecture. Both Spokkz and Spuul currently make effective use of the popular Amazon Web Services framework. To enhance Spokkz’s service offerings, they envision transferring some of their existing business solutions to the blockchain.

Ontology’s head of research, Amrit Kumar, presented next with a technical overview of their innovative, highly scalable, blockchain platform. According to Kumar, high throughput is achieved in Ontology via the effective use of sharding among other techniques, which is orchestrated by a Directory Service committee which delegates computational responsibility to the respective shard node cluster. Essentially, the more nodes there are in the Ontology network, the more efficient the system becomes.

After the technical presentations, both teams discussed how the blockchain could further enhance Spuul’s services. Two potential possibilities are to use Ontology’s blockchain platform to aid with crowdfunding efforts for content production and also for Spuul’s loyalty program. Both teams then discussed timelines for synchronisation of milestones.

Following the discussion, both teams had a short networking session at the Spokkz office and engaged in a quick game of foosball. We look forward to an exciting and productive collaboration!

Stay tuned for more news of the Spokkz and Ontology collaboration by visiting the following links:

Spokkz White Paper:
Spokkz Whitelist:

SPOKKZ: The Token for Transformation!

Spokzz Global CEO Subin Subaiah on the creation of
Spokkz and describing how it will transform the media industry:

Spokkz Token Economics

Spokkz Global COO S Mohan speaking on the Spokkz Token Economics and how Spokkz will create value in the economy.

Original Article:

Roger Lim, Founding Partner of Neo Capital, who is also the Executive ICO adivsor for Spokkz, makes a case for Spokkz in determining the future of a decentralised movie ecosystem

Bitcoin Talk:

AWS Summit: Subin Subaiah, CEO of Spuul & Spokkz, On Their Successful Partnership with AWS

Singapore, June 24, 2018:  Subin Subaiah, CEO of Spuul & Spokkz, recently spoke about their long-term successful partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Innovation is a core part of Spuul, not only is it absolutely necessary but it is the difference between life and death for the business.  To Spuul, every customer is a unique user with different preferences in language, device, kind of content, payment methods, attention span, genre preferences, etc.

Originally, Spuul was based on a subscription video on demand (SVOD) based, whereby subscribers would watch movies from a catalogue that Spuul had in its portfolio.  However, as the service expanded to more countries, demands for linear TV watching increased in different regions of the world and this was not longer possible to accomplish in house.  Therefore, a partnership with AWS was needed.

When Spuul chose to partner up with AWS, it made good business sense.  Utilizing AWS, Spuul was able to transition from a high-cost solution to a low-cost solution.  Deployment upgrades were able to be implemented before the customer even noticed.  Most importantly, AWS brought scalability that was also responsive to change.  With over 150 jurisdictions worldwide, effective traffic management and reliability were 2 huge areas AWS addressed.

Similar to Amazon, Spuul is a company that works hard to charge less.  Cost is a key factor for a small margin business.  Customers pay for what they consume and there are no upfront costs for delivery of over 200 linear TV channels.  AWS provided a solution that was cheaper than Spuul doing it themselves since expertise is a luxury cost.

Spuul’s use of AWS has lead to increased customer engagement that also boosts customer confidence.  Effective customer relationship is possible with AWS.  Upgrades and new launches can be instantly fulfilled.  Customer queries can immediately be resolved.  Integrated teamwork, effective collaboration, is built into AWS.  Spuul’s partnership with AWS has successfully built long-term relationships with customers that creates a wonderful experience for them and charges them less for it!

Stay tuned for more news of Spokkz leadership presentations by following us on:
Spokkz White Paper:
Spokkz Whitelist:

The New Spokkz ICO Explainer Video

Spokkz - Powered by Ontology Pre-Sale has extended its Pre-Sale until 09 Sep!  With bonuses as high as 100% don’t miss out!  ACT NOW!

Register at:

Introducing Spuul & Spokkz

Spuul Entertains Hong Kong, Japan and Singapore with Spokkz, its Ontology-powered Media Blockchain Venture

The Revolutionary SPOKKZ ICO

Spokkz Extending Their Pre-Sale Bonus!

Introducing Spokkz Co-Founders

Spokkz’s Founder Introduces Spokkz: The Star Trek-Inspired Token for OTT Media Transformation

How Content Consumers, Creators and Advertisers Can Benefit from Spokkz — A Blockchain-powered Content Streaming Platform

Democratizing Your Favourite Films with Spokkz — Spuul’s Tokenised OTT Content Streaming Platform

The Big Brands that Dominate the Media Industry

Original Article:

The movie industry has evolved rapidly over the years from traditional cinema filming to over-the-top (OTT) platform. An interesting article from Recode, ‘’Here’s who owns everything in Big Media today’’, show an overview of the media landscape. Conglomerate firms like AT&T, Comcast, Verizon, Disney and Netflix have monopolised the media industry, each with a market cap of more than USD $150 billion.

Presently, these big media companies control most of the market share and own majority of the businesses in the entertainment industry, be it production studios, film enterprises, cinemas, cable TVs, etc. Therefore, considering the influence and control exercise by a few big organisations in the media space, many are concerned regarding the outlook of the media industry. The following are potential consequences due to monopolisation.

1.   Barrier to entry in the media industry

The media business has always been characterised as an oligopoly. Large media firms have spent years investing in quality Intellectual Property (IP), content, brands and distribution capacity to establish a presence in the industry. Using these dominant positions acquired, they can generate a competitive edge toward gaining a larger market share. This is essentially what independent filmmakers and producers lack access to and eventually lose out.

2.   Deprived of innovation in film production

Budget constraint is a major challenge for independent filmmakers and producers to showcase talent in the media industry. Although they possess the potential to create innovative content, but the lack of funding has deprived them the resources needed to exhibit creativity in the media space. This is because a large portion of the budget is being allocated to distributors, marketing companies and other intermediary channels to promote films. Such situation evidently hinders media growth and development, creating stagnation in the industry.

3.   Lack of content diversity in the media space
Media consolidation has changed the landscape of the industry toward commercialisation rather than entertainment. Most media conglomerates are profit driven where stakeholder interests come before public interests. The industry has been subjected to crisis due to monotony. Film making is structured in a way to increase revenue rather than the overall development of the entertainment industry. Hence, the audience choice of content and movie selections are not significant anymore due to that fact that concentration of media ownership is in the hands of these conglomerate firms.

Spokkz empowering viewer communities
In view of these pre-existing problems encountered in the traditional media industry, Spuul has launched its own blockchain platform called Spokkz, a crowdfunding mechanism that allow the community to select and fund streaming content projects. The team behind the Spokkz initiative is committed toward creating a decentralised ecosystem that can promote and facilitate community engagement between different stakeholders in the marketplace. This will be the next step toward disrupting the traditional media landscape.
Spokkz is regaining the rights and access that stakeholders should have to engage in the media space. Currently, these conglomerate media firms are in control to an extent neglecting the presence and opinions of smaller players in the market. If the fate of the media industry gets to be decided by just a few large media organisations, shouldn’t we all be concerned?


[Bounty] Bitcoin Talk:

Spokkz Empowers Content Creators with Blockchain Tokenised Crowdfunding

Original Article:

Imagine creating an entire twenty-episode TV series but having dismal viewership. Furthermore, an even worse scenario is to face your hard work getting lost in today’s saturated content shuffle and never finding its way to an audience. With other streaming platforms set to release a whopping count of 700 original shows in 2018 alone, filmmakers must now fight tooth and nail to reel in committed viewers and a stable paycheck.

Enter Spokkz, Spuul’s attempt to protect its filmmakers by securing them a committed audience and a stable profit flow. By introducing Spokkz, an ICO, to its content streaming platform, Spuul is forging a close collaboration between content creators and their audience. Content creators will be pre-funded by SPKZ tokens; they can focus on producing their best hits with a peace of mind while having a committed audience awaiting their releases.

Content creators working with Spokkz will enjoy the security of tokenised pre-funding, viewership profits and an appreciative audience to support their finished works — just about everything a creator could possibly dream of.

To find out more about how Spokkz protects its content creators, follow its social media sites:

[Bounty] Bitcoin Talk:

What the Spokkz ICO Brings To Spuul’s 60 Million Viewer-Strong Content Streaming Platform

Original Article:

Spokkz — Spuul’s latest ICO addition to its over-the-top media streaming platform, has just unleashed a new way of consuming entertainment: it’s no longer a solo streaming activity.

By buying Spokkz tokens to use on Spuul’s content streaming platform, you can now do so much more than just watch videos.

Fund your favourite content — before it is even created

Become directly involved in the content creation process as a valued stakeholder and become a pillar of support for your favourite content creators. You can use your Spokkz tokens to pay to watch content and to crowdfund content that is still in production. Without your help — there’s no content!

Receive bonuses when the content you funded does well

As a stakeholder, you receive benefits if the movie you helped to fund becomes a big hit. It’s a win-win scenario for both parties!

Get rewarded for sharing your favourite movies or interacting with other streamers

Spuul appreciates the film enthusiasts, chatterboxes and friendly people who help make the Spuul community a vibrant and tight-knit one. “Community engagement” gets you bonus Spokkz tokens!

Become a content-streamer-turned-cryptocurrency-trader in exchanges

With Spokkz, content-streaming couch potatoes can now become cryptocurrency traders in exchanges by changing Spokkz tokens for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currency.

To join Spokkz on its move to revolutionise the way we watch content, follow their social media:

[Bounty] Bitcoin Talk:

Read more

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Spokkz will use Blockchain Technology to disrupt the $2 Trillion USD traditional Media Industry by creating a decentralized ecosystem and marketplace where film lovers will join advertisers, stars, content creators and merchants as stakeholders. Fundamentally Spokkz will transform the media consumption business from being a purely transactional play to a community driven economy. Users will get rewarded Spokkz for reviewing, sharing or recommending content and will be able to use Spokkz to fund content projects of their choice. How’s this going to work? Spokkz is being issued by Spuul, a pioneering and established OTT player with over 60million users in 180 countries generating revenues of close to USD15mm. Spuul has decided to migrate some of its solutions to the blockchain and to tokenise it’s business with Spokkz. Spuul is recognised to be an innovative, full stack, pure play tech company that has built it’s enterprise in collaboration with premium providers like AWS ( for whom they are a case study). Because the volumes of transactions will be significant ( 60,000 per day in its current state , going up four fold post tokenisation) it was imperative for Spuul to forge a collaboration with Zilliqa, the world’s first high throughput public blockchain platform designed to process thousands of transactions per second. This partnership between Spokkz and Zilliqa, where scale meets speed, will be another transformational force in the blockchain economy. A live platform, an experienced tech and business team, deep connections into the media industry and an influential advisory board puts Spokkz way ahead of the competition. Spokkz is dedicated to Mr Spock of the Starship Enterprise and hopes to represent all that he stood for – clarity of thought, cold/hard logic and the courage “ to boldly go where no one has gone before.

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