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tcoinnetwork 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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Tcoin Network
IoT and community token

i.e 1ETH = 10,000 + 8000 = 18000 per ETH

We're not here to create best looking website but we will soon create one, We're here to try and give best experience to the people & by the people (our community). Now everyone can submit the idea, get maximum votes on your idea and get the technology implemented by the community, but remember core of the technology will remain intact. Developers in our team are creating application such P2P Tcoin Network system in order to allow people to store their tokens.

Why are we here ?
Each and everyone here tries to prove that we're huge company and here to build amazing technology etc. etc. but no-one is ready to hear what do people expect from the industry. We're here to break that communication gap between people and blockchain world.

What is the whole idea ?
The idea is to give direction to blockchain world as well as people. The more the idea is appreciated by the people it will be developed and built by the people from the community with the live status of the idea. Where people with the idea and developer community both will be rewarded.

Do we have the idea portal ready ?
Yes, We're ready with the portal you can find at the footer (bottom) of Click on Idea Submission but since it is raw looking we will unveil the whole whole look and feel soon.

Who can view the idea ?
The whole world can view the idea and give the feedback, votes, comments etc.

Who will implement the idea ?
This blockchain industry is walking in darkness and it cannot see people and only money. People have to rely on the industries idea and wait for its success.

People will give the idea the most appreciated will be picked up by our community it can be a group of companies, single company, a group of developer connected with our community or may be even us.

Who will reward people with idea ?
The tokens will be given as reward which can be huge or even small reward depending on the potential and the type of implementer since it is community the community has potential to reward the idea as well.

To build the community, to improve our pace, to improvise our awarness, to reward our developers, to reward the ideas for us and many more.

  • ICO - 225000000
  • Company Reserve - 90000000
  • Developers - 45000000
  • Bounty - 22500000 - Registration required
  • Bonus - 67050000 - You need to participate in sale to receive bonus
  • Test tokens - 450000
Total Supply Max = 450,000,000

Total amount of coins which eventually will be there with people eventually
ICO Issued + Bounty Issues + Bonus Issued = Max 314,550,000 i.e 69.9%

Airdrop/Bounty Update:

What about exchange listing ?
We're talking to exchanges and soon will be listed on exchanges.

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"Tcoin" is the main internal crypto-fuel of Ethereum, and is used to pay transaction fees. In general, there are two types of accounts: externally owned accounts, controlled by private keys, and contract accounts, controlled by their contract code. An externally owned account has no code, and one can send messages from an externally owned account by creating and signing a transaction; in a contract account, every time the contract account receives a message its code activates, allowing it to read and write to internal storage and send other messages or create contracts in turn. Note that "contracts" in Ethereum should not be seen as something that should be "fulfilled" or "complied with"; rather, they are more like "autonomous agents" that live inside of the Ethereum execution environment, always executing a specific piece of code when "poked" by a message or transaction, and having direct control over their own Tcoin balance and their own key/value store to keep track of persistent variables.

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