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alexroud 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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Hello, forum users!
I want to share the idea of our team!

Since 2015 had been being developed a project of a factory for the processing of waste into electricity and endogas. By 2016 it was fully developed, but we had some financial problems. Our team didn’t have enough money to project implementation.
Today we want to raise money for the construction of the plant.
Nowadays many cities have problems of disposal of waste. Our project is aimed at solving this problem by recycling waste into electricity and endogas.

Since the digital economy has been actively developing recently, our team has developed a project of Mining shop for cryptocurrency mining . In our project ,we will build a workshop, which will be located the latest equipment Mining farms for the production of cryptocurrency , as well as for the sale of servers Mining shop, thereby extracting additional income. Since the farm will mine using both ASIC and GPU, the revenue will not depend on the performance of a single coin.

Today the cryptocurrency is actively developing, so our team made a decision and we developed the project on Blockchain.

Our main goal is to offer our investors the most profitable option of earning and become co-owners of a large-scale project. We offer a joint business: ownership of waste processing plant, which produces endogaz and electricity, ownership of a Mining farm, which will generate income, a transparent system of distribution of income between the holders of our Tokens with the help of a smart contract that will distribute the income from the plant and Mining farm .We can guarantee you an ever-growing income and you will be able to profit from our project.

Anyone investing in the project becomes a part of the company and can enjoy the benefits: for example, Tokens can be paid for mining operations on a Mining farm, as well as receiving dividends in the form of Tokens, they can be exchanged for Fiat money .

By investing in the project, Token holders will be entitled to a share of the profits:
- For the sale of electricity
- For the sale of endogas in the metallurgical industry
- For heat supply of the nearby city
- For mining cryptocurrency (Mining farms).
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Our company in 2015 began to develop an environmental project in the field of waste processing industry. The project is based on the resolution of two social fundamental problems of modern society: excess waste and energy shortage. The company will build a plant for processing waste into electricity and endogas, thus improving the environment in cities and mining plants for mining cryptocurrency.

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