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TUTellusICO 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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Tutellus is the leading collaborative educational platform (EdTech). Working without interruption since 2013, currently the company has over 130,000 video courses, one million students in 160 countries, and agreements with over 80 Universities and Business Schools. Our main product is the video course. A user or school of any kind can create a video course on any topic and, after a quality check, publish it in Tutellus, with the users getting access to it by paying a price established by the teacher.

Tutellus launches an ICO with the aim of growing through a tokenized business model integrating its platform in the NEM Blockchain.

Problems that aims to solve: 1) Poverty and lack of job opportunities. 2) Low student motivation. 3) Low teacher rewarding. 4) Weak link with the job market

How do Tutellus solves that problems with blockchain?


We want to empower the Community and let them to lead main decisions. We believe the stronger the Community are and the more valuable the token become, the better for the company.
As a colaborative, peer-to-peer platform, Tutellus firmly believes in decentralization. A community where users have direct communication with each other is stronger than a community that relies on middlemen.

Blockchain technology can monetize the interactions inside the community, allowing the users to reward each other, with users seeing a direct benefit for actions that add value to the platform. This is done through the use of tokens, that flow inside the community and keep it alive.

Add value for everybody
Imagine a platform that pays its students for learning. The logic is simple: the better the training the student gets, the higher the value of the student for both the community and third-parties.

Imagine a platform in which teachers are rewarded for the excellence of their students: the more relevance the students get, the more money their teachers will receive.

Imagine a platform where companies may find the perfect fit for a position or contract. Both cheaper risk-minimizing, the candidates can use the platform to prove their value in any specific skill.

This is the vision of Tutellus: a novel educational model that creates a new system of incentives by which all users get rewarded directly according to the value they provide to the community. This model is possible today using blockchain, and particularly NEM technology.

**Important info about Tutellus ICO**

Tokens & Utility
2 tokens: TUT & STUT

What do you do with TUT Token
The TUT token is an tradable token that can be used to buy products or services in the platform.
1) Buy products (such as courses) in the platform.
2) Buy services, such as promotion and marketing for teachers, access to the students’ profiles, and other third-party services.
3) Influence in governance decisions associated to user Relevance.
4) Transfer money to other people, inside or outside the platform.
5) Trade it for other cryptocurrencies.

What is STUT Token
The STUT token measures the Relevance of the user inside the platform, and is not tradable. It is a way to quantify the value of each user in each skill, and position the user in respect to the others. Users earns STUT by multiple ways, all of them related to learning or helping other users to learn, and the number of STUT tokens gives a measure of the relevance or importance of the user inside the platform. A reward system will grant additional benefits for holding high values of STUT tokens.

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ICO info

Pre-sale: 10th May 2018

ICO: The official ICO has started on 12 June 2018

Hard Cap: 20MM USD
Tokens Distribution: 40% Token sale ; 40% Reserve (Pool); 10% Team; 10% Bounty y Advisors

Accepted purchase payment: ETH, BTC, XEM, LTC, BCH, ZCASH, DASH
Vesting: Yes. Big Investors and Team (1 year)


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Education,​ ​the​ ​pending​ ​asset

Education has hardly improved in the last thousand years, and most importantly: no educational model lets people without resources earn money while they study. On the contrary, they have to invest in their own education hoping to earn this money back in the long term.

There are, as we see it, four main problems in education:

  1. People cannot earn money​ studying, only spend it.
  2. Students often lack motivation​, so they leave education behind.
  3. Teachers cannot earn money depending on the value of the students that they generate, and that’s not fair.
  4. There’s a huge gap between employment and education, and millions of jobs ready to be covered without enough people to do it.​ ​A​ ​New​ ​Paradigm

Tutellus aims to break the status quo, introducing a new paradigm in the student-teacher relationship by the creation of a new decentralized system to strengthen the commitment of both students and teachers. Tutellus is the first educational platform that pays the students for learning (proof of learning) and remunerates the teachers according to their impact in the success of their​ ​students​ ​(proof of teaching). solves the problems we have identified in a very simple way:

  1. Students can earn money​ learning, without paying.
  2. Students gain the motivation​ to help others to learn.
  3. With the success of their students, teachers themselves get more value​ out of teaching.
  4. Companies ​can hire employees with a matching process and in an efficient way as never before.

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