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Fire Rabbit 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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Decentralized cloud platform for everyone

UNCHAINET is the decentralized cloud platform connecting providers with spare computing resources and clients who need them. Providers are existing cryptocurrency miners, small-medium hosting companies and enterprises with unutilized "zombie servers" (research shows that 30% of servers in private datacenters are consuming energy but not used). UNCHAINET clients can be any existing cloud users. Our platform's important differentiator from competing decentralized cloud platforms is familiar open source technology and bridging interfaces which completely removes friction associated with staff training and allows easy migration from existing platforms.

UNCHAINET first cloud niche is spot pricing infrastructure, which is growing in popularity on traditional cloud platforms. It's essentially a bidding platform where clients set the price they are willing to pay for resources - this allows them to save up to 90% of costs. We are uniquely positioned to provide this service in decentralized cloud space, with very short time to market. (prototype launched, full MVP by the end of May 2018)

UNCHAINET has partnered with experienced advisors and with several Cloud cost optimization companies, which utilize spot pricing infrastructure for their existing clients, giving UNCHAINET immediate clientele after integrating with them.

Using blockchain technology (QoS chain and UNET chain) brings trust and transparency between clients and providers and fast peer-to-peer contracts and transactions. It's just a backbone technology for platform users, but very important for the community to see the network size, volumes of contracts and tamper-proof quality of providers.
Computing resources are traded in UNET cryptocurrency. All UNETs will be distributed during ICO, and new clients will need to purchase them from token holders through exchanges. Growing number of contracts on the platform will raise the value of the UNCHAINET network.

UNET starts as the ERC20 token, but our roadmap includes building custom blockchain based on modularity of Tendermint blockchain and fast speeds of Red Belly blockchain while achieving better decentralization on algorithm layer (Proof of Beneficial Work algorithm) and even geo distribution of voting nodes. This will allow us to migrate UNETs to our native blockchain and launch modular "blockchain as a service" offering for 3rd party dApps.

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Tom092 26 May 2018 00:22
Can the one who offers storage place access the files (which might be classified) that client wants to store?
hamstal 07 June 2018 04:48
Double blockchain system means double protection. This product seems very reliable to me.
MikeMak 08 June 2018 17:19
This concept looks serious and should be attractive for every participant of the process of this platform. Blockchain may critically cut the prices for cloud storage.


UNCHAINET connects providers with available computing resources and clients who need them. The PoBW protocol governs the network, aligns provider incentives with computing resource quality, and adds transparency to the cloud market.

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