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UNIFOX.IO 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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Quote from: UNIFOX.IO on June 11, 2018, 03:40:10 PM

Imagine MasterCard for cryptocurrencies

UNIFOX represents an entire crypto-friendly ecosystem which will help to adopt blockchain technologies into todays world. UniFox helps with all crypto transactions, from buying, money transfer, exchange, storing, spending and withdraw back to FIAT. The project is divided into 5 parts, which are 100% autonomous. However, its connection is what helps us to fulfill our vision. Our project consists of:

  • Online Exchange Platforms
  • ATMs
  • Stable Cryptocurrency (Unicash)
  • POS Terminals
  • Decentralized Exchange

Our vision is to make the cryptocurrencies useful for the people.

  • We are making cryptocurrencies achievable all around the world
  • We are making cryptocurrencies spendable
  • We conduct FIAT & Crypto to one common cryptocurrency
  • We will help cryptocurrencies to stay independent and decentralized


Unifox – The Concept

The Unifox blockchain ecosystem is composed of 5 independent parts interconnected by the blockchain ecosystem. These are the following parts:

4 out of 5 products are already made and ready to be used, Unifox has already invested $7,000,000 into development and has been building entire crypto ecosystem (infrastructure). The reason for this layout is the link to all transaction options in the current economy. These options make up 3 basic pillars of Unifox:

I.   Exchange offices and ATMs represent the infrastructure for purchase and sale cryptocurrencies
II.  Unicash and POS terminals represent a pillar for the use of cryptocurrencies
III. The Unifox Exchange is a pillar for holding and trading cryptocurrencies

By linking these 3 pillars in one system, the cryptocurrencies become available and usable

         Exchange Network

As apparently possible to see from the scheme, the exchange network has the main mission to serve as a gateway to cryptocurrencies from the FIAT world in the form of bank accounts and online wallets (and back). The exchange network is one of the cornerstones of the entire Unifox system, each exchange office in the network is connected to different currencies and different payment methods, this ensures that it will be possible to buy cryptocurrencies on local markets using local payment systems. Exchanges are already functional finished products.

         Network of Payment Kiosks


Similarly, as exchange offices in the system represent a gateway between electronic money and cryptocurrencies, the kiosk network represents a similar function in cash. Small transactions between cash and cryptocurrencies are, as it results from the background part, one of the very demanded services. Therefore, payment kiosks operating as cryptographic ATMs form one of the basic inputs to the Unifox ecosystem. A Payment Kiosk is a hardware device that is designed as a multifunctional payment terminal. At the first glance it reminds you of a regular ATM, but its features are far more widespread. All kiosk transactions are processed through the Unifox blockchain.


         Unicash – Cryptocurrency and Payment System

Unicash (UXC) is a common accounting unit for the entire Unifox ecosystem (not an ICO coin) that is stable in comparison with FIAT. Unicash will run on Unifox blockchain, performs the role of a unit that is the only one fully compatible with the world of cryptocurrencies (and therefore applicable within smartcontracts) and also the FIAT world money. The Unicash payment system is a user-friendly web wallet, whose unit, which is held here, is the universal Unicash cryptocurrency. For even greater user’s comfort, however, the account status is also displayed in the FIAT currency (the customer chooses). The main added value of the wallet is its interconnection with the network of Exchange Offices, Kiosks, POS Terminals, the Unifox Exchange and Credit Cards. Unicash forms the main link of all parts of Unifox and thus also link to FIAT currencies.

         POS Terminals

A POS terminal (or Point of Sale) serves as a medium that mediates customers acceptance of money to retail traders. Most of the terminals are currently old-fashioned and have no capacity to receive cryptocurrencies, Unifox comes with a solution of high-quality POS Terminals connected to Unicash, Unifox POS Terminal is an exit point, in which the user makes use of the option to pay in cryptocurrency when purchasing. The terminal will ensure the acceptance of cryptocurrencies (as well as regular cards) in the shop for customers, the trader gets his/her chosen FIAT currency into his/her account (the settlement takes place via a link with a partner exchange office). Unifox, thanks to its capability to use cryptocurrencies in stores, carries out a whole range of projects integrating cryptocurrencies into the economy. These terminals are not only developed but also ready for mass sales.


         Decentralized Unifox Exchange

Unifox already has its own blockchain technology and decentralized Unifox exchange running on it. Unifox exchange will be the ultimate platform for the entire above-mentioned ecosystem. All of the above-mentioned projects thus form the infrastructure for linking the exchange with the economy. The exchange works on the Unifox blockchain technology and all transactions are managed through smart contracts. The exchange is fully accessible through the Unicash stable cryptocurrency. Regardless of the technological difficulty of processing transactions on the exchange, the user environment is extremely friendly. Even the novice user should be able to make a deposit, exchange and withdrawal.

Such an application is available in 3 basic ways:
I.     Basic NODE and PC applications (maximum security + anonymity)
II.    Electrum wallet + Mobile APP
III.   Web wallet – desktop or mobile – on-line client

         FOX Coin

FOX token is a utility and security token at once - FIRST TOKEN OF ITS KIND. The FOX Coin will play a very important role in the Unifox system, is a base unit of the Unifox blockchain and also has a crucial role to play throughout the project – it is the key to executing transactions across the entire Unifox ecosystem, fees have to be paid in it. In addition to being a token that makes use of technologies available, it is also a security token through which FOX token holders will be included in the entire Unifox business and would profit from the business’ success. Token holder will be eligible for dividends, 100% of net profit of the company is divided among the holders of FOX.

Presale To Be Announced!

Presale is planned for Q4 2018


Advisory Board

Blog Posts

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Weekly Update: Achain Partnership Drives Media Coverage and Community Growth

UniFox Expands Through Partnerships

UniFox Signs Contract to Deploy in Canada

UniFox Releases Details Regarding Canada Contract and Signs Partnership with Credits

BOOM! UniFox Continues Expansion into North America

FOX Presale Dates Announced, with $11.2M Expected in Community Contributions!


Official UniFox ICO video has been published! Let us know what you think about it!

UniFox ICO video

Past and Future Events List

You can meet the UniFox team by approaching us at any of these events.

Airdrop & Bounty is Live!

The UniFox team is excited to present you the official airdrop & bounty program. Over the next weeks, we invite you to participate in our campaign and help us spread the word about UniFox. We have reserved $1.250.000 for this campaign!!! For details, check the Bitcointalk thread:

FOX Presale Dates!

After extensive planning, we are happy to announce the dates for the official FOX presale, which will be held from October 28th to November 25th!!! For details, check the blog post

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FOX an utility or security token?
FOX is security and utility token at the same time. It means that FOX is used for paying fees in the entire Unifox system but as a token holder you are eligible to receiving DIVIDENDS from entire business’ profit!

What features will ATM have?

  • Buy/sell crypto (Unicash/BTC/ETH, DASH, FOX token)
  • Insurance processing
  • Micro loans
  • Documents (id card, passport) reader and verification
  • Paying invoices

Which is a difference between Unicash and Tether/Dai?
Unicash is a stable currency backed by real assets and pegged to money index (strongest fiat currencies). Unlike Tether or other “stable” currencies, you can spend Unicash at shops and stores, buy/sell thru Unifox ATMs or via online local exchanges.

Which is the difference between Unicash & FOX token?
Unicash - stable currency (UXC), you can pay at shops, stores. Backed by real assets.

FOX token - you can buy FOX in the ICO, utility and security token at once. All fees in the Unifox system are paid in FOX and also dividends are paid in this token.

When new blog post?
On Monday!

Why is Unifox Decentralized exchange better than others?
-   Cross chain transactions.
-   Truly decentralized exchange with real infrastructure behind it.
-   Most user-friendly decentralized exchange.
-   You can deposit/withdraw thru ATMs/online exchanges.
-   Store your crypto in the safest wallet ever.



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Unifox was created to solve the issue of availability and usability of cryptocurrencies. The project was created through the interconnection of several independent projects, where each project solved usability and availability in another area (cash, online market, shops). Thanks to solid foundations today, almost all products are functional and ready to enter the market. A global start and market entry will take place after the end of ICO (Initial Coin Offering), an event that will enable the public to purchase FOX coins from the company, which will fund production and development of the mentioned technology.

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