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The goal of the Vena Network project is to create a decentralized digital asset financing network through the Rocket Agreement. The book protocol is divided into two layers: 1) The basic protocol layer is mainly for the registration, configuration, routing, and management of the upper-level financial services. 2) The asset agreement layer, based on assets, completes the user-defined financial business by implementing the terms contract interface. For example, mortgage clause contracts and repayment terms contracts can be written to realize mortgage loans; inheritance of ERC721 standard to realize value-added mortgage of asset portfolio; establishment of personal credit contract model and injection of chain-chain data to achieve open and transparent credit. In the Luoshu Ecology, we have realized a loop of circulation from token-issued asset issuance to asset-to-point lending or transaction through the blockchain, that is, after the digital asset issuance, the peer-to-peer transaction can be directly carried out through the Luoshu Agreement, or in the mortgage. Digital assets are then collateralized for collateral transfers and collateral (only stable cryptocurrencies are supported). All operations are controlled by smart contract codes and cannot be artificially intervened to prevent fraud. Users joining the Vena Network can benefit from the development of the cryptocurrency market, achieving asset financing in a cost-effective, secure and efficient manner, while mitigating the risks posed by cryptocurrency price fluctuations and dishonest financial intermediation.

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Get the list of the fastest-growing ICO projects in your email