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Crypto S 01 Jan 1970 03:00

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#1 Blockchain Network for sensitive file management.

Market overview

The Enterprise File Management Market size is expected to grow from USD 31.66Billion (2017) to USD 67.14Billion by 2022, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 16.2%. The complexities of managing exponential data growth and the goal to secure confidential data have led to the adoption of the Enterprise Content Management solution. With the expected increase in the adoption of cloud ECM solutions and services among Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), the ECM market is likely to gain considerable traction during the forecasted period. Currently, major vendors offering ECM solutions and services across the globe are the Microsoft Corporation, IBM, Hyland Software, OpenText, Oracle, Alfresco Software, Everteam, Fabasoft, M-files, Laserfiche, Xerox, and Newgen Software technologies! Major vendors offer services that utilize the cloud, software, and costly centralized databases. Information is spread on one or just a few computers, which places data at a huge security risk. The risk that information is leaked or stolen, as well as the cost to ensure that such systems remain secure, has dramatically increased with information becoming digitalized.

Despite the explosive growth of the Enterprise File Management market, companies often find it difficult to track documents. It is taxing to track where precisely they originate and the entities who view them. Every business amasses thousands of documents, and many find that managing said documents puts a strain on the company's resources. Large corporations currently utilize software and cloud-based systems to manage internal and third-party documents. This is the case for companies such as SalesForce, Oracle, IBM, SAP, Microsoft, etc. Currently, it is easy to duplicate or print documents and lose track of the hard copies. It is dangerous if those copies are intended to be confidential. In fact, in the case of both hard copies and digital files, transfers are not written down or recorded, so it is not possible to punish or prevent fraudulent use. Competitors' networks are not closed, clauses files use are missing or they are just theoretical so systems are not able to apply them independently if the file is sent out a specific software or cloud (e.g. If it is downloaded or sent to another PC). Currently, there have to be rules, regulations, and guarantees in place between the customer and a third company that could have access to that information and could, in theory, transfer it over an unsecured cloud server. Today, the FMM faces 2 major problems: building trust between companies, whereas the process is centrally governed by a monopoly of large companies. This poses a high risk and is one of the major causes of data manipulation.

VeryFile Solution

VeryFile will provide an unrivaled solution to companies and freelancers who value the security of their confidential information. We will offer the most secure technology, making use of smart contracts that make it possible to automate countless business services, the transfer of documents p2p( user-user or entity-entity). Access to such documents will be controlled and tracked, and the cost of doing so will be drastically decreased. It is inevitable that the current centralized system will become obsolete in favor of our faster, decentralized network. In terms of transactions per second, we can match the system speed of our main competitor, Oracle. However, we can do so guaranteeing optimal security and without the currently unsustainable costs of centralized warehouses and server maintenance. Significantly, we also do not require the customer to entrust data privacy to a third party. VeryFile is creating a global blockchain network for high quality, sensitive file management. Customized smart contracts will operate borderless and connect businesses worldwide. The VER token will enable an on-demand system that solves the pressing problems of tracking, securing and monitoring sensitive files and documents as well as solving issues of data accessibility and payment risk. Below you may find the characteristics of our solution:

Lower cost, Fewer intermediaries, Lower execution risk, Accelerate the processes, Reliability, Customization of the service/flexibility, Reputation, Proof of Existence*, Access Control.

*Please note that VeryFile provides anonymous, secure and distributed data storage. Your documents will never be stored in our database. They are all stored in a cryptographic format inside the blockchain network, and the system certifies specific data existing at a given moment. Furthermore, you can demonstrate data ownership without publicly revealing any data or document time stamping. This allows one to check document integrity at any moment from any device. Common use cases: demonstrating data ownership of a document without revealing actual data to their parties; document time stamping; check for document integrity by any authorized user(like authorized individuals or regulators)

Competitor Analysis

System Description

VeryFile will allow you to store files via decentralized cloud storage and manage them using a simplified user interface. It will guarantee smart use of its features and the ability to track any transfer, ownership, verification, and signature of customer documentation by a decentralized and encrypted ledger. In addition, a smart contract network will guarantee the possibility of automating the processes of creation, transfer of the files in question as well as complete corporate procedures and daily tasks. Secondary functions such as the messaging service, email, call, and video call will allow you to perform daily tasks and manage everything within the platform in an encrypted and secure way, without the need to transport confidential information outside the VeryFile ecosystem. The main system will be developed on a private blockchain and small ecosystem within the blockchain itself will guarantee independent data management of the various client companies. The system will not have transfer fees on its private blockchain and the ones validating them will be the administrators themselves chosen by the company which will validate the transaction for the transfers. VeryFile will not have direct access to the data but will represent a node with variable authorizations on the management of the system and the individual services dictated by the needs and priorities of the client. Further unique features are: Decentralized storage, Smart Contracts, TestNet, Regulator entities, Web App and iOS app, Email and messaging, Different format files, call and video call, etc.

VERY Token = 0.2USD

Our token is distributed for sale in the Private and Public phases and it is an TRC-10 compliant token. VERY has many utilities inside the blockchain such as exclusive access to the VeryFile platform. Reserved for holders that will allow them to use our system’s potential in the post-ICO phase. Opinion rights towards implementation of future features inside the platform, discounts in the next phases, purchase premium features to remove limitations(calls, emails, more storage, etc), whereas also users will be able to trade p2p the token in exchanges shortly after the ICO. However, according to our Roadmap, a migration on a private blockchain developed on Hyperledger Fabric platform will be carried out. Tokens will be swapped then with a 1:1 ratio and will convey the same utility rights on the VeryFile private blockchain. Token ID: Total supply of 442.500.000 will be converted.

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VeryFile is a blockchain network aims to create a service of file management with a vision to 'leverage the power of immutable blockchain to provide a virtual infrastructure for business and individuals’. Essentially, all internal documents are encrypted and stored within decentralized blockchain network that eliminates all the risk from data leaking, and excessive cost due to the absence of intermediaries. It exploits peer-to-peer file management with utilization of smart contract which gives user an ability to automatize entire business procedures, enhancing efficiency of internal management while maintaining an ability to trace the origin and transfer of the documents without giving away privacy to those outside the network. The services offered by VeryFile also come with internal ecosystem management to help accelerate every business task in a more secure way where all activities will be recorded and monitored within network.

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