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Fedechka 19 Sep 2018 07:51

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Token and blockchain economics

A plan of ICO campaign, fundraising, and token distribution

At the moment, the Vion development team is working on the platform and preparing a fundraising campaign.

Since the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) warned investors about the risks associated with investing in the digital currency, in the recent past, banned some ICOS and intends to more broadly regulate the US cryptocurrency market, the token Issuer Company is registered in Estonia.

Features of the distribution of tokens

In order to conduct a fundraising campaign, A VION Ticker (the full name of VIONcoin) will be issued under the Ethereum standard (ERC-20) with a limited issue. The number of VION tokens is limited by Hard Cap. The distribution of tokens will be carried out through a smart contract. The collected funds will be used for the construction and launch of gas stations, for management, for the financing of advertising and marketing, as well as for the legal regulation of the work of gas stations.

For best results, the two planned main stages of the sales token – ICO and PreICO. The initial price of the token during both stages is 0.1 US dollar.

The campaign for the distribution of VION tokens (PreICO) is scheduled to start from "15" September to "15" October 2018.

Tokens available within PreICO will be distributed no later than within 1 month after the start of the crowdfunding campaign, or until the moment when Hard Cap PreICO is collected.

The launch date of the PreICO campaign will be presented on The official website, in social networks and other information channels.

Soft Cap Pre-ICO — $ 250 000 *
Hard Cap Pre ICO $ 1 800 000*

* Indicators Soft cap and Hard cap are calculated based on the financial model and the bonus program.

If Soft Cap PreICO is not reached, all funds will be returned to investors.

Part of the funds collected at the PreICO stage will be directed to the promotion of the VION ICO project. The duration of the advertising campaign is 1 month from the end of the PreICO stage.

If Soft Cap PreICO is reached, an ICO will be held, the launch of which is scheduled for "15" November 2018, the period of 3 months until "15" February 2019.

Soft Cap of ICO is $ 3 750 000 *
Hard Cap of ICO is $ 35 700 000*

The total amount of funds planned for Hard Cap PreICO and ICO
makes 1 800 000 + 35 700 000 = $ 37.5 million
* Indicators Soft cap and Hard cap are calculated based on the financial model and the bonus program.

The currency of PreICO and ICO-ETH, BTC

If Soft Cap ICO is not reached, all funds invested within the ICO will also be returned to investors.

Bonus system

At the PreICO and ICO stage, the bonus system will operate:

1. The PreICO stage is divided into 5 time stages:
- September 15 – 16 - 1 token = 0.1 US dollar + 50% discount%
- 17-September 24 - 1 token = 0.1 US dollar + 40% discount%
- September 25-October 02 - 1 token = 0.1 US dollar + 33% discount%
- 03-October 10 - 1 token = 0.1 US dollar + 30% discount%
- 11-15 October - 1 token = 0.1 US dollar, + 25% discount %
At the first stage, on September 15-16, only participants who have signed up for Whitelist and have left preliminary applications for the purchase of tokens can purchase tokens. You can sign up for the first stage, leaving your data on the site.

2. The ICO stage is also divided into 5 time periods:

- November 15-December 04 - 1 token = " 0.1 " US dollar + 15% discount%
- 05 December - 24 December-1 token = " 0.1 " US dollar + 15% discount%
- December 25-January 13 - 1 token = 0.1 US dollar + 10% discount%
- January 14-February 13 - 1 token = 0.1 US dollar + 5% discount%
- February 14-February 15 - 1 token = 0.1 US dollar, no discount= 0 %

Token Sale

VION tokens will be issued on the Ethereum blockchain in the form of ERC20 tokens.

Public sale of tokens VION in conducting PreICO will be 15.09.2018 on 15.10.2018 G. the Minimum level of required investments (Soft cap), will make 250 thousand dollars., the maximum bar (Hard cap) will be $ 1.8 million.

In conducting the ICO selling tokens will be 15.11.2018 for 15.02.2019 G. the Minimum level of required investments (Soft cap) will be 3.75 million, the maximum bar (Hard cap) will be $ 35.7 million. The nominal value of the token in both cases is 0.1$.

If the volumes of Soft cap are not reached during the PreICO and ICO, as a result of which the collected amounts will not be enough to launch the VION project, the funds already collected will be returned to investors.
In the case of Soft cap conditions, but not achieving the Hard cap values during PreICO and ICO, all unsold tokens will be withdrawn from circulation.

Official Documents

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Our mission is the development of a modern cargo transportation infrastructure on the North American continent. The realization of the project starts with the construction of stations along the main US transport routes (principally Interstate Highway System) with a length of at least 1,600 km (1,000 miles)

The stations are planned to be located along the routes of cargo transport at a distance of 600 km (400 miles) from each other. At this stage, it is planned to build 40-50 stations.

Taking into account the declared volumes of sales of highway electric cargo vehicles, the start of the project is planned for 2019, the period of implementation of this stage is 1 year.

The project can be expanded in the future by opening additional stations covering almost the entire Interstate Highway System network, as well as the most commercially interesting motorways and the roads of the National Highway System and the main highways of Mexico and southern Canada.

Given the length of the roads is 80-90 thousand km, the distance between the stations is approximately 600 km, then it is possible to build about 250 charging stations at this stage. The project's market potential, if all major highways of the US, Mexico and southern Canada will be covered, with the length of the motorways up to 400,000 km, is 1500 or more charging stations.

Rate Name
B- AgroTechFarm
B- Qurrex
B- United Traders
B- Extrabit
B- Dona
B- Centaure
B- healthbank
B- TokenGo
B- Involve
B- AIgatha
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