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HappyMod 29 Jun 2018 11:13

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WatermelonBlock harnesses the power of AI to scan social and global media platforms, ranking the market sentiment of top cryptocurrencies and ICOs.





A New World
In a world full of data and new opportunities, making the right decisions about cryptocurrency and ICO investment at the right time requires keeping a constant eye on markets.
While many skilled investors spend day and night researching and analyzing their portfolio choices, millions of retail consumers are looking for trustworthy insights.

WatermelonBlock is designed with retail consumers in mind,
making cryptocurrency and ICO investment simple enough to fit any lifestyle by leveraging the power of big data and Artificial Intelligence.

Without knowing the sentiment of the market, investors are missing crucial information required to make informed, accurate investment decisions.
This is why WatermelonBlock collates technical and social big data sets in real-time.
WatermelonBlock applies specialized criteria to:
Discern the tone and credibility of media sources and authors.
Factor in their level of influence on the market.
Identify and weigh opinions based on the credibility of their market influence.

Why Blockchain?
Providing seamless trading to a high volume market requires technology that can handle large throughput and constant scaling whilst providing assured data integrity.

WatermelonBlock Tokens (WMB) are built on the NEM platform, leveraging its track record for robust and scalable blockchain architecture.
The WatermelonBlock Token (WMB) is a utility token used purely to pay for optional premium products made available under Phase I implementation,
in addition to products available under Phase II implementation, including trades using WatermelonBot.

NEM blockchain is the perfect complement to the WatermelonBlock network, as it provides low latency scalability,
secure decentralizaton and is based on the same blockchain that global banks use.
WatermelonBlock utilizes a closed group of nodes deployed across enterprize infrastructure services.
Record credibility at node level is of key importance to WatermelonBlock in making sure all investor data and transaction values are secure.
The NEM Consensus Protocol ensures that WatermelonBlock’s blockchain can provide adaptive record security at all times.[size]

How does the WatermelonBlock Technology work?
WatermelonBlock’s business logic and algorithms leverage the IBM Watson AI platform.

In Phase I, Watson gathers mass social big data, such as opinions surrounding cryptocurrency topics and issues, to score cryptocurrencies and
ICO investment data in order to provide summarized insights for investors and traders.

In Phase II, WatermelonBlock will utilize machine learning in conjunction with generated data to help predict market outlooks.

WMB Token Facts
Total number of tokens to be issued: 400,000,000
Tokens for contingency fund, team, and advisors: 20%
Hard Cap USD/ETH: $19,000,000
Minimum buy-in:
Round 1: Private Sale - 15 ETH minimum (ongoing)
Round 2: Public Pre-sale - 5 ETH minimum (starts July 27th)
Round 3: ICO Public Sale - 1 ETH minimum (starts TBD)

Rate during token sale: 11.6¢ per WMB

Come and meet the team! We would happily welcome you in our Telegram Channel.
Our team exists of experienced and intelligent people from all over the world.

Earn WatermelonBlock tokens in our Earndrop Campaign!
WatermelonBlock chose to host an Earndrop campaign, making it easier for the users to be rewarded for activities you'd normally already do!
In total there are 2,000,000 WMB Tokens to be earned by participants on the easy-to-use Earndrop platform.
The Earndrop platform is currently in Beta and has over 23,000 registered users!

So, what are you waiting for? REGISTER on the Earndrop platform, connect your social media profiles,
submit your public Ethereum wallet address & earn WMB Tokens!

Bounty programs made easier! The Earndrop platform is fully automated, meaning it is hassle and worry free for you! Your stakes are automatically submitted and tracked, your rewards automatically sent to your wallet by the team after the campaign finishes (distribution details will follow later)


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Access to information is just one hurdle investors face when participating in cryptocurrency and blockchain markets. Investors spend countless hours sourcing information and trading all based on extensive market data; a challenging and time-consuming process. WatermelonBlock is a data analytics company with a suite of products that provide cryptocurrency insights to the consumer FinTech market using a combination of sentiment analysis, taken from social media, in addition to traditional technical analysis. WatermelonBlock evaluates the degree and volume of positive or negative sentiment. Weight is added to sentiment by social media content, posts and author influence. WatermelonBlock’s AI then creates a ranking of coins and ICOs based on an internal system unique to WatermelonBlock. This known as the Melon Score. The initial app will include token use, WMB. WatermelonBlock operates on the NEM Blockchain and co-operates with IBM Watson’s AI to process and analyse big data.

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