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For too long the film and series industry has put up barriers between fans, films and filmmakers. In a digital age primed for innovation, the industry has instead forced multiple subscriptions on its fans without providing freedom to choose content nor convenience. The core idea of the White Rabbit Token (WRT) is to bring about choice of content and convenience by ensuring access. Access to more films and series, films and series from across the globe, more filmmaker and fan interaction and more content, extras and merchandise to offer fans. WRT is the future of maximizing IPR.

The White Rabbit ecosystem consists of users (token holders), content rights holders, streamers, third party developers and White Rabbit. Once WRT is accepted by the CRH, it opens access for fans to the high quality version of the film in the Rabbit Hole plus all the extras, behind-the-scenes, deleted scenes, fan and filmmaker interaction and third-party innovation. WRT can be used to access all of this additional content. A cult film with 20,000 fans in 50 different countries can hold a VR cinema screening in the Rabbit Hole with half a million fans from all over the world. Filmmakers and fans can interact – live in the VR cinema, merchandise can be bought, new fans can join. What was once a niche film that was difficult to monetize due to geographical barriers, becomes a very viable business model.

WRT does not distinguish between the rising star and the established filmmakers. The film itself, its resources within its own habitat, its ingenuity or cash, it´s fans and the campaign strategy will make the difference between success and failure, not control over distribution. It is no longer about who you know, it´s about what and how you deliver. It´s about innovation in communication as much as technology. It is a much more even playing field. WRT enables users to gently nudge the CRH to join White Rabbit and give users access to their art and entertainment – but on the fans terms. The film industry should not demand fans to change their habits, the film industry should adapt. That is the sum of the collective power of token holders. When a film or series is popular enough among fans, it will be difficult for CRHs to resist pulling all the collective tokens on offer (by entering into a smart contract with White Rabbit). WR thereby gives users the power and responsibility to prove their willingness to pay and show the industry that it´s a matter of access and convenience. We are after all talking about fans, not pirates. Fans stream as they do now, where they prefer, but WRT will show that monetization via P2P offers more potential than current distribution models. Once the CRH go down the Rabbit Hole, they will realize P2P opens up more doors for their fans, thereby maximizing the IPR potential.

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