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wtxhub 16 Oct 2018 09:07

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WTX Hub is a fully comprehensive ecosystem for the Alcoholic Beverage Industry, including Social Media, Product Exchange, Direct and Targeted Advertising, Provenance and Authentication functionality, and crypto currency, WTXH, based specialised payment systems.

How Does WTX Hub Work?

WTX Hub works to improve and enhance the Alcoholic Beverage marketplace. It improves both the profitability and efficiency for Trade participants and the drinking experience for all consumers.

Also Technology shall be a key element in the Alcoholic Beverage Industries future engagement with Generation X, Generation Y and Generation Z customers and WTX Hub aims to be a driving force in this engagement.

WTX Hub ecosystem aims to facilitate International Trade. The alcoholic beverage market is one of the most internationalised marketplaces in the world, blockchain technology is ideal to solve the various difficulties that result from globalised international trade.

The WTX application’s functionality includes;

· Allow use of WTX as an international trade payment method

· Eliminate local banking stress

· Provide a reliable and less expensive method of trading and payments when operating in less reliable markets

· Enjoy ease, speed and low cost of payment to send money in and out of countries

· WTX Hub Hops to Hand Provenance Tracking and Authentication software.

· Multiple uses of WTX Hub smart contracts to enhance Trade efficiency and profitability, and WTX Hub trade software premium specialised packages to aid auditing, shipping and customer order fulfilment.

Game Changing Real Time WTX Hub Retail and Distribution Technology

The WTX Hub project Retail and Distribution software can process sales and payments in bars, restaurants, hotels and retailers, and also for Importers, Distributors and Wholesalers.

Stage 1

The trade can see in real time when each of their products are bought around the world on an individual basis, a game changing step for the industry.

Stage 2

The trade can use WTX Hub Consumer App to advertise in real time to consumers.

Stage 3

Free Consumer WTX Hub membership entitles consumer to getting individually tailored offers via the WTX Hub App, that are in their own language, tailor-made to them as they drink, eat and/or buy.

Stage 4

Each Trade customer can have their unique promotions uploaded to their advertising deck on WTX Hub to be sent via Targeted Advertising to the individual consumer.


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WTX Hub creates an entire blockchain based eco-system for the alcoholic beverage industry with a purely peer to peer alcoholic beverage exchange that facilitates online exchange of goods and services from one party to another without having to go through a third party. Also the crypto currency, WTXH, shall facilitate transactions, act as a quantifiable means of exchange and accurately define the criterion of the required exchange of items. A key part of the WTX Hub is our game changing blockchain distribution and retail technology and our consumer focused App. The eco-system is completed by a comprehensive social and community functionality along with tailor-made blockchain provenance authenticity and smart contract technology. Access WTX Hub and see into the window to the future of the Alcoholic Beverage industry.

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