Ritesh Kakkad, Blockchain Strategist
Sameer Dharap, Vice President, Blockchain Applications
Peter Yeo, Co-founder, Early Investor, Advisor, Blockchain Architecture
Karan Bharadwaj, Chief Technology Officer
Atul Khekade, Early Investor & Ecosystem Development
Omkar Nene, Business & Ecosystem Development
Aakash Kakkad, Compliance Officer
Afrikanus Kofi Akosah, Business Development and Core Community Member, XinFin Africa
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Official XinFin Website | Official XDCE Website | Our TradeFinex Platform | Community Forum | MyContract |  AlphaEx | Kramaa


What is XinFin?

XinFin (  is a Hybrid Blockchain technology company focused on international trade and finance. We have developed a highly scalable, secure, permissioned and commercial grade Blockchain architecture. XinFin blockchain is powered by XDC01 protocol, which is built over the first of its kind Hybrid Blockchain architecture to eliminate the inefficiencies in global trade and financing and to enable institutions to provide real-time settlement as well as enabling cross border smart contracts. XDC protocol is architected to support smart contracts layer, KYC/AML layer and price stability using its hedge pool for existing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin BTC, Bitcoincash BCH, Litecoin LTC, and Ripple XRP on its platform. The XDC protocol also supports FIAT payment methods and will support upcoming nationally issued cryptocurrencies.

XinFin Videos:

Video explanation of XinFin:

Video explainer on TradeFinex Usecase:

Video explainer on MyContract Usecase:

Video explainer on InFactor Usecase:

Chris Neill, Head of American Development, XinFin interviewed Roger Ver. (Use your headphones):

Short XinFin Hybrid Blockchain and XDC Protocol Explanation Youtube-video:

TradeFinex on XinFin Hybrid Blockchain enables Unbanked Population with P2P Trade Finance:

TradeFinex Explanation Youtube-video:

Financing of Solar Plant Using XinFin Hybrid Blockchain and IoT:

Latest News:

QuickBooks Users Can Connect Their Invoices Seamlessly With XinFin Blockchain Network

XinFin Partners With AiX, A Leading AI Trading Platform Backed By Major Regulated Financial Institutions

TradeFinex Launches An Updated Website Supporting Financial Instruments

XinFin Releases New Address Prefix Starting With XDC:

XinFin Blockchain Network at TreeHacks, Stanford University’s Premier Hackathon:

XinFin Partners With R3 Corda, A Consortium Blockchain Platform With Over 200+ Financial Institutions:

XDC: XinFin Network Launches Bounty Programs For Community:

Vietnam based SotaTek partners with XinFin Network:

For Global Developer’s Talent, XinFin presents Open Hackathon:

XinFin Presents Blockchain Proof of Concept For Land Registry To Maharashtra Government:

Atul Khekade presents Powering the India Ecosystem with Blockchain at Hackference India 2018:

XinFin becomes the official participant of Abu Dhabi Global Market Sandbox to live-test TradeFinex Platform:

XinFin Introduces Project Sandbox for Infrastructure Asset Tokenization (IAC): kick starts Blockchain Engineering and Business development Lab at University of California, Berkeley USA:

Important Links:

Contribute as per your skill set and get rewarded with bounty.
Find more details at

Refer to friends and earn free XDC using Alphaex Referral Program.
Find more details at

XinFin changes energy-intensive Proof of Work (PoW) to XDPoS.
Find more details at

XinFin-XDC & XDCe Utilities are available here.
Find more details at

XinFin masternode gives incentives and rights to write transaction on the network.
Learn how to set up your node here:

Do you know that buyers and suppliers can now become XinFin partners?
They can now share KYC & projects data and deploy Project Bonds by setting up XinFin Masternodes. Financiers can trade these project bonds in regulated secondary markets.

Learn how to start a PoC here:

XinFin is disrupting the Invoice discounting industry with inFactor
(a decentralized Invoice Discounting Platform) by setting up XinFin masternodes.

Learn how to start a PoC here:

Assets can now be monitored real-time using Kramaa, an IoT stack built on top of XDC Protocol?
XinFin partners who are running the nodes can now help to make projects and physical assets friendlier for financial institutions and insurance companies by running IoT stack.

Learn how to start a PoC here:

Connect your IoT Device to blockchain using Kramaa Platform, powered by XDC protocol.
Find more details at

Become a certified blockchain professional.
Get free access to courses at

Check XinFin Network Status here.

Find XinFin Developer Resource at

Subscribe to XinFin Community Newsletter here.

Have any questions? Let’s discuss here!
Also, feel free to provide your feedback, comments or
how you can contribute to XinFin at

Beta Version of TradeFinex Is Already Launched

The primary objective of XinFin is to minimize global infrastructure deficit by enabling peer to peer financing between Governments, corporations, buyers, and suppliers to make efficient use of capital and deploy projects. TradeFinex platform will help buyers secure capital at globally competitive rates, give suppliers visibility on global tenders & customer base and gives financiers real-time visibility on their investments using digitization and IoT integration of their assets. Using TradeFinex platform governments can undertake critical public infrastructure projects for the economic well being of the citizens without burdening the treasury. XinFin has rolled out Beta version of TradeFinex platform at the 2nd Global Summit on P2P Digital Asset System Summit held in India. As a part of this association, XinFin will extend its TradeFinex platform to Assocham's network of 300+ trade associations and 450,000 members to minimize inefficiencies in trade and finance. Started with the World's fastest growing economy, TradeFinex platform will be rolled out globally to all leading trade associations in coming weeks. XinFin has already expanded its client base across Singapore, India, USA, Europe and currently working on 10+ pilot projects across aviation, travel, banking, supply chain management among others.

● XDC Specifications

XinFin (XDC) has derived a fork out of Ethereum blockchain to enable the following features :

  • Hashing Algorithm: same as in Ethereum, keccak-256
  • Dev Language : Go, Java, NodeJs
  • Block time: 2 seconds
  • Type: XDPoS
  • Difficulty re-targets each block
  • ERC 20 compliant token to evolve into it’s own XDC01 standard with security and scalability
  • Fully Auditable
  • One coin is divisible down to 5 decimal places (divisible up to 10-5)
  • Total coins: 100,000,000,000 XDC
  • Pre-mine : 100% (80% in Escrow)

  • Gerant Nodes/Master nodes for quick processing
  • Lite Nodes/Wallet
  • Multi-Sig Contracts
  • API connectivity to IoT devices
  • Lowest latency times upto a few seconds
  • Hybrid Public/Private architecture with connectivity to Ethereum and Bitcoin public blockchains

XDC Explorer:

● What is XDCE?

XinFin moved 15 Billion XDC tokens (out of 100 Billion Max supply of XDC tokens) to a swappable token under the ticker, XDCE, which stands for XinFin ERC20. This 15 Billion XDCE token supply will allow 1:1 swap for all existing 15 Billion XDC tokens out in the circulation. All existing holders of XDC tokens will have an option to exercise 1:1 swap between XDC and XDCE at any point in time. As part of this swap, the user will have to surrender XDC tokens and XDCE tokens, received in lieu of the swap, will be transferred in Ethereum Wallet by the user. Vice a versa, a user can swap XDCE tokens purchased from other listed exchanges against XDC tokens using same 1:1 swap.

So, what's the difference between XDC and XDCE?

XDC has its own token standard called XDC01. XDC is the underlying token for major use on the Tradefinex platform that will be adopted mainly by Financiers, Suppliers, etc to foster industrial and governmental projects.

XDCE will be the liquidity gateway for XDC, that's its main use. Since inevitably speculation and trading on many exchanges factors liquidity, XDCE will be the ERC-20 token for that. The supply of XDCE is derived from XDC so XDCE liquidity equals liquidity for XDC. And they are swappable 1:1.

For further information please have a look at our FAQ:

We have sold 3B XDC Tokens during our Pre-ICO in mid-2017. (Hardcap hit)
We also sold 3B XDCE Tokens during our ICO (ended March 2018, Hardcap hit). We raised around 15$ Mil USD.

● XDCE ERC20 Specifications:
Circulating Supply: 6,000,000,000 XDC/E
Total XDCE coins: 15,000,000,000 XDCE
Max Supply: 100,000,000,000 XDC/E

● Contract address XDCE: 0x41ab1b6fcbb2fa9dced81acbdec13ea6315f2bf2 ; Etherscan

● Business White Paper :

● Technical Summary and Architecture Overview :

● Visit our Team:

● Our Advisors:


XDC Ecosystem:


The full list of Exchanges can be found here:

And many more coming...

XDC to XDCE and XDCE to XDC Swap able here:

Wallets Supporting XDCE

● Token Allocation:

Founders Pool (25%) - Locked for 1 year and 1% only can be released every year. This ensures that the founders are committed to the project for the long term

Ecosystem Development Pool (15%) - Locked and not more than 2.5% can be released every year

Pre-Placement and Follow on token Offerings (10%) - Locked and Milestone based release

Ecosystem Participation Incentives for masternodes (32.5%) - The payout for masternodes and institutions running their applications on the network. Not more than 3% to be released every year.

Hedge Pool (10%) - This supply absorbs the liquidity back in the pool or releases it effectively keeping it constant as a measure against price volatility.

Philanthropic and Social causes (5%) - Not more than 3% can be released every year. If not required to be released, it is locked.

Contingency Supply (2.5%)

What will be total combine open supply in the market for XDC and XDCE every year?
Not more than 2.5% each year in reducing balance from ecosystem Development pool of 15% and not more than 3% each year in reducing balance from 32.5% of masternodes rewards pool which comes around to not more than 1.25B per year added every year.

Why does XinFin have a huge combined supply of 100 Billion coins for XDC/XDCE?
Proof of Work driven public networks to consume a huge amount of electricity, have high transaction costs and has huge latency times. This makes them unsuitable for any real-world mission critical applications. In the long term, more practical consensus mechanisms will be built on Stake driven consensus. XinFin network is currently designed on PBFT+stake driven consensus which means participating entities such as masternodes and institutions have to stake their tokens. This simply means that in spite of having 100 Billion tokens, most will be staked and locked for running masternodes, private subnetworks, and various financial applications. Also, the tokens have a release schedule.

●For further information, please visit our FAQ section

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Xinfin has released a swappable token under the ticker, XDCE. Releasing an ERC20 token has a wide array of benefits for traders, private investors and institutional level partners. The XDCE token will largely be for traders to compete against other ERC20 tokens across exchange boards making Xinfin's reach more versatile in the open Crypto Market and can be swapped with the standard XDC token. The XDCE token will be available and will be tradeable on most exchanges. This means traders will reap the benefit of high volume and quick trades through multiple exchanges. Traders, by using the XDCE token, will allow for the XDC01 (XDC) token to be used primarily for institutional level partners. Most importantly, this will also allow the XDC01 to grow strictly from use cases, all the while keeping traders, using XDCE, connected and benefiting from the growth of the XDC01.

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