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Your Data Safe
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CryptoMobster 20 Jul 2018 21:36

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Your Data Safe (YDS) is the world’s first decentralised data management platform powered by blockchain technology. YDS Platform users can monetise their GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant data by sharing it with 3rd party organisations for marketing purposes.

“Your Data Safe will put the control of personal data back into the hands of the data owner, and furthermore, reward the data subjects for sharing it”





The Problem

At YDS we believe that consumers would share more of their personal data for marketing purposes if they were to be rewarded for it. Advertising spend is not currently distributed to the data subject (YOU). Instead, only Data Management Platforms (DMPs) and Publishers are rewarded for sharing consumer data which raises the question as to why consumers would be willing to share their personal data now GDPR legislation is now in full force across force for anyone dealing with any EU citizens.

YDS is addressing the needs of these consumers by giving control of their personal data back to them and creating a fair and sustainable model for sharing data that redistributes the value back to the consumer.

YDS fundamentally disagree with the way that large organisations are profiting from the data of individuals, who are unaware that they are doing so. YDS believe that there is a better and fairer way for the world’s data to be shared and monetised.

The data ecosystem (for target marketing purposes) are typically made up of many different Data Management Platforms, Data Aggregators and Publishers, all commercialising consumer data from services such as data profiling, segmentation, analytics and data modeling. The commercialisation of this data is not currently shared amongst consumers.

YDS and the GDPR, with the introduction of the GDPR within the EU on May 25th 2018 the way personal data has to be handled changed forever creating a total paradigm shift in data management. Failure to adhere to the new regulations will result in fines of up to 20m Euros of 4% of global annual turnover. Companies across the globe are taking GDPR very seriously, for example, the RNLI decided to completely delete the personal information held within their entire database than risk any potential fines for non-compliance of consumer data.

Companies need a complete solution that offers them GDPR Compliant Personal Data for marketing purposes at the same time as eradicating the risks of non-compliance and fines from the ICO (Independent Commissioners Office).

The Opportunity

Your Data Safe is understood to be the worlds’ first Blockchain-based Educational, Training and Data Management Protocol Platform using Distributed Ledger Technology.
YDS will build a GDPR Compliant Data Management Platform that will collect and maintain a “Pure Data Source” that is self-managed by a data subject’s personal profile.

Why does GDPR need decentralisation and blockchain technology? Your Data Safe aims to enable artificial intelligence (AI) to manage and maintain one of the worlds’ most powerful personal data networks and cloud-based GDPR Compliance Platforms.

Hundreds of thousands of companies are willing to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to have access to your data.

“Why would you freely give away your personal data? With Your Data Safe, you no longer have to”

Your Data Safe has 4 key areas for blockchain implementation and development:

The YDS Network - A reward based GDPR Compliant Pure Data Sharing Network.

The YDS Academy - Cloud-based awareness training and education platform for businesses and individuals wishing to learn more about GDPR and Data Privacy / Protection.

The YDS Cloud - Blockchain-based encrypted cloud facility for file sharing and storage.

The YDS DPO - Secure organising and updating of your GDPR Policy's and Procedure's along with a Virtual DPO (Data Protection Officer)

“According to the European Commission, by 2020 the value of personalized data will be 1 trillion Euros, almost 8% of the EU’s GDP”

Rewards with Your Data Safe

Your Data Safe will reward platform users for sharing their data with third party brands or companies.

Rewards will be paid in YDS Tokens which may then be exchanged for fiat currency or gift vouchers, products or services within the YDS Platform.

Your Data Safe (YDS) Token

Coin Name: YDS Token – Your Data Safe Token
Token Type: ERC20
Total Coin Supply: 741,300,000 YDS Tokens
Circulating Supply: 296,520,000 YDS Tokens
Our Public Sale Soft Cap target is $3,705,000.00
Our Public Sale Hard Cap target is $17,568,810.00

Token Sale

Private TGE: 1st - 30th September 2018
Pre-Public TGE: TBC
Public TGE: TBC


Phil Chapman
CEO Co-Founder & GDPR Specialist.

Mark Morgan      
CBDO Co-Founder & Early Crypto Currency and Blockchain Adopter.

Richie Pindor
COO Co-Founder & Ex Experian Data Management Consultant.

Rob Newell
CMO Head of Marketing & Brand Development.

Peter Bell
CFO Corporate Accountant & Data Start Up Specialist.

Alex Jefferies
Data Analyst & UX & UI Developer.

Ash Davidson
Community Manager & Crypto Adviser.

Adrian McManus
Digital Developer & UI.

Ian Welch
Ex Call Credit, Corporate Data Consultant.

William Troup
Consultant Software Engineer

Blockchain Solution Specialists

The Block3 team consists of, but is not limited to;

Jonathan Millett   

Luca Loscalzo

Connor Howe
Core Blockchain Engineer

Joseph Pindar
Strategic Advisor & Data Tech Consultant

*This Post is subject to change to include;

Updated Documentation
Updated and finalized roadmap
Updated Token Sale Dates
Bounty Details
Inserting of images

All Rights Reserved Copyright Your Data Safe.

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Your Data Safe (YDS) is the world’s first decentralised data management platform powered by blockchain technology.

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