1. Complete This Cute Kitties Story

    poopiecryptocats , 03 April 2018 20:33

      poopiecryptocats , 03 April 2018 20:33

      I can see in 3D with 3 eyes. It will be usefull when CK pictures will become in 3D. Cause now, it's impossible to reproduce in a 2D world !! ^

      zolette , 04 April 2018 12:24

  2. Article: In Defense of CryptoKitties by Richard Chen (Blockchain analyst at 1confirmation. Stanford CS)

    geraldbauer , 04 April 2018 20:56

      great articles yes it,s possible crypto games like cryptokitties and crypto collectables like cryptopunks could be a huge market in the coming years but a lot of new games are coming new competition axies is getting popular it,s the next generation blockchain game. cryptokitties has to come with new features if it,s doesn,t want to lose market share in the coming months

      franckgant , 04 April 2018 22:42

      FYI: Find (more) commentary about the "In Defense of CryptoKitties" article in the hacker news post @ https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=16756488.

      geraldbauer , 04 April 2018 20:58

  3. Kittymoon: dapp for CK to play with kitties on the MOooON (more info)

    zolette , 04 April 2018 12:07

      Sounds like a scam.

      cyphergaiden , 04 April 2018 19:51

      That address we need to send our kitties to is not a smart contract.

      Which means this "dapp" is not trustless and someone can just steal your kitties.

      It can still work but I'm warning you it is not trustless.

      jimjimvalkema , 04 April 2018 14:26

      No Kitties :(

      Dwite , 04 April 2018 18:58

      Hello breeders, Can someone help me to create the smart contract?

      zolette , 04 April 2018 20:54

  4. I'm glad the Dev's are asking for feedback on the fancy system.

    helium_bet , 03 April 2018 18:44

      A lot of good points here, I think it depends on the perception though

      It’s not fun and expensive just because you decided to get as much fancies as possible, if you don’t like the process that much why not let other people spend their money?

      If someone wanted to monopolize the fancy but as the result have no money and a lot of cats no one wants to buy for more than the breeding fee, maybe it’s a lesson not to be greedy and not to rush next time? If you believe the fancies are special and should worth more, just hodl, right?

      The problem is actually similar to any other kind of cats in the game, people breed more than they can sell, then start undercuting each other and complaining :)

      It’s a game, the most players will spend more than they will ever earn, so maybe we just should adjust our expectations?

      NARW_Bombard , 03 April 2018 19:32

      I also believe that “prepared” players should have advantage, it will support players how don’t want to hurry and focus on exact trait instead

      You can buy purebreds relatively cheap when there is no demand for them, get few of each trait - you will support the game economy and be better prepared for the next fancy/mewtation

      NARW_Bombard , 03 April 2018 19:38

      My hope is that with the new fancies, they utilize later GEN's. Pushing the Gen's people want from 0-2 from 0-5 and so on so that even if you don't have a GEN 0 CK you can still breed something cool that someone else might buy at 1 ETH at GEN 5.

      TherealTmoney33 , 03 April 2018 22:00

      noob-breeder , 03 April 2018 23:36

      Does anyone have a well explained breeding sustainability strategy?

      kdblond , 05 April 2018 01:31

  5. New color "frosting" same as old "azaleablush".

    RollDiceClub , 03 April 2018 23:18

      Thanks for sharing this, I did not even see it yet :)

      DERPYBASTARD , 04 April 2018 00:57

  6. #666666 concept art leaked

    tabsa , 03 April 2018 13:50

      lol, would be nice to bathe in blood with this baby

      adventuresociety , 04 April 2018 15:54

      Hi, I'm a bot for linking direct images of albums with only 1 image


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      imguralbumbot , 03 April 2018 13:50

      Looks creepy as fck :D i hope developers will make this magic number kitty a satan

      zimukas , 03 April 2018 13:53

      .....Satans pretty cool

      imCaptdan , 03 April 2018 18:55

      maybe needs elk + bloodred + crazy

      kryptofan , 04 April 2018 06:41

  7. CryptoKitties Weekly Update: We're Now On YouTube!

    DERPYBASTARD , 03 April 2018 11:19

  8. CryptoKitties and the AVO Token Connection

    hodlandfodl , 03 April 2018 01:48

      What If u use metamask where can i See them?

      joshuaboon1994 , 03 April 2018 12:59

      Can't see AVO on ForkDelta :/

      k_unger , 04 April 2018 01:08

      This is fantastic! What a neat surprise! I will definitely be checking my wallets and letting my fellow CK lovers know. Thank you so much!

      skigirlv , 03 April 2018 02:01

      I have gifted some AVO tokens and call this experience as the first reverse ICO of the world :-) Thanks and good luck again!

      wtamanaha , 03 April 2018 02:32

      Hey! Why was this post removed? It had the links we needed.

      skigirlv , 03 April 2018 02:40

  9. Best Fancy / Worst Fancy? Why?

    nigerianprincessa , 02 April 2018 23:55

      Best: Momo-Chan Worst: Berry

      just look at them

      ekwenzu , 03 April 2018 02:35

      the best fancies are the dogcat and the fortune cats the worst maybe ducats

      franckgant , 03 April 2018 15:55

      Best: Momo-Chan Worst: Berry

      ekwenzu , 03 April 2018 00:01

      the ninjas are the coolest, dogcats are most rare pussfp, berry, and that green thing are sorta stupid

      and would be cool if the fancies did not all look identical but rather had the costumes on top of whatever looks their cattributes call for

      etherdomainames , 03 April 2018 18:52

      worst : Yuri, looks like a hamster . cool: The Alien

      kryptofan , 04 April 2018 06:43

  10. Attributes of a tokenized DFS lineup

    blipdfs , 03 April 2018 00:34

  11. How I Beat CryptoKitties

    deleted , 02 April 2018 21:53

  12. Anyone wants to sell their CryptoKitties for Steam items?

    cuqer , 02 April 2018 17:27

      i have a gen 5, snappy. Worth 0.003 eth, pm me and we can talk more!

      _SHWEPP_ , 02 April 2018 18:08

      Ya, I'll do it. I have a couiple old ones I'll trade for skins.

      Wobstep , 03 April 2018 00:12

      kdblond , 03 April 2018 04:08

  13. Community Easter Egg Hunt!

    poopiecryptocats , 01 April 2018 18:00

      We've added 10 more egg clues to the hunt. The first 10 clues have been claimed in less than 30 minutes.

      poopiecryptocats , 01 April 2018 19:01

      Update: It's over! 82/100 eggs were found!

      poopiecryptocats , 02 April 2018 04:13

  14. How are pure breeds created?`

    cyphergaiden , 01 April 2018 09:47

      2/4 + 2/4 produces 3/4 or 4/4 if lucky (roughly 50% for each slot, so ~6% to hit a 4/4)

      Then 3/4 + 3/4 higher chance for 4/4 (25%, minus the shuffling)

      Use this tool to search for 3/4+ onyx for example: https://cryptokittydex.com/genes/search?gene%5B4%5D%5BD%5D=r&gene%5B4%5D%5BR1%5D=r&gene%5B4%5D%5BR2%5D=r&for_sale=false

      You can usually pair up some mewtations on other cattribute slots as a bonus.

      noob-breeder , 01 April 2018 10:24

      You will be counting on

      D0 + D0

      One D0 is selected (50%) and the other D0 is shuffled to R1 (25%) and then selected (50%) to get a D0+R1 (2/4)

      That’s 6.25% to make a 2/4. You will likely be broke before you get a pure bred, and the resulting cat will likely be many gen higher.

      noob-breeder , 02 April 2018 02:54

  15. Kitty411 is going to have a contest for K4C starting Monday

    jodiferous11 , 31 March 2018 19:53

  16. *Last Ducat born*

    MechlerMX , 31 March 2018 19:37

      I dont see it happening. Everything is so cheap right now. Myabe the ios/android app will bring new life.

      Dupontgoer , 31 March 2018 22:18

      the cheapest ducat is already more expensive than the cheapest gen1

      NARW_Bombard , 01 April 2018 02:35

      Price ain’t rising anytime soon

      OSU_OSU , 31 March 2018 23:16

  17. quick noob question: What is the currency that kitty is listed at?

    TomPain1776 , 01 April 2018 02:02


      hash_kitty , 01 April 2018 08:07

      this is an eth game. All actions require eth

      cyphergaiden , 01 April 2018 09:44

      Not sure if trolling..but give this a read!


      ---Mercy--- , 02 April 2018 05:07

  18. To the person who bought the cat I stayed up watching until 4am

    Ikol76 , 31 March 2018 17:46

      International maybe?

      hswick , 31 March 2018 18:12

      Why dis you stay up watching it and how did he beat you to it? Give us more details

      angel091276 , 31 March 2018 19:01

      if a cat has broken genetics and you find value in it, others probably will too!

      helium_bet , 01 April 2018 09:47

  19. What price to sell at?

    Brotestant , 31 March 2018 16:58

  20. New Home for Awesome CryptoKitties Page @ New CryptoCopycats Orga(nization)

    geraldbauer , 31 March 2018 12:22

  21. Found a Marvel fancy

    noob-breeder , 30 March 2018 13:19


      LucidDrDreams , 30 March 2018 15:36

      You should enter that into the fancy contest

      cyphergaiden , 30 March 2018 19:22

      Maybe change the eyes to sass? Feels like it would fit wolverine a bit more with the tips of the eyes

      ADHDownsyndrome , 30 March 2018 19:29

      Kitty ID?

      poopiecryptocats , 02 April 2018 19:19

  22. #K4C Kitties for a cause charity campaign

    BellasKittyDen , 30 March 2018 23:01

      Where can i donate to this? Im on my phone now but I want to donatie first thing tommorow morning.

      joshuaboon1994 , 31 March 2018 01:50


      have fun and i hope u aucttion alot for the kids

      joshuaboon1994 , 01 April 2018 13:43

  23. Last day to enter the Fancy-Recipe contest!

    jodiferous11 , 30 March 2018 19:39

  24. Welcoming new members to the CryptoKitties team!

    Bojakn , 29 March 2018 19:37

      Congrats everyone 👍🏼

      twitchtvbitcoinlouie , 29 March 2018 21:33


      TherealTmoney33 , 30 March 2018 01:45

      WelCome bro ! Let do great job :)

      bluebmt , 30 March 2018 06:03

      Those guys are super great. But is this the end of kitty calc and kitty hats? Alan, say it isn't so......

      I was ready to make designing kitty hats a homeschool project for this spring. (don't worry. professional quality is part of the project)

      dont_hate_scienceguy , 30 March 2018 07:04

      Come on, let's give this game another try!

      jetsignin , 30 March 2018 18:35

  25. Race CryptoKitties, win ETH

    phl3x , 29 March 2018 19:19

      Hi everyone! We just launched KittyRace, a DApp that enables CryptoKitty owners to combine skill and chance, and race their kitties for a winner-take-all pot of Ether.

      We built KittyRace to add a new dimension to CryptoKitties gameplay, and see what's possible with the Ethereum blockchain.

      Please check it out and let us know what you think!

      phl3x , 29 March 2018 19:28

      That was fun for about 2 races. Spoiler alert: the game has been "solved" with every entrant having all 4 of the desired traits to make for a "fast" cat.

      carloslucia , 30 March 2018 05:20

      Why don't you change the traits for every few races? That way more people will be involved! Right now its the few kitties with your selected traits that win! Also I suggest making the pool of traits with an advantage larger!

      cryptohiwatari , 31 March 2018 22:59

      I was looking at entering a kitty and searched through mine and I have a particular one I want to enter. But when i hit join it only gives me a selection of 9 of my own kitties to choose from and none of those is the one i want. How do I select a particular one of my kitties?

      lion9327 , 04 April 2018 03:45

      I was also playing/ then spectating you will see the same player won every race

      Dupontgoer , 29 March 2018 23:21

  26. Dealing with the excess?

    TherealTmoney33 , 30 March 2018 02:09

      No longer useful as a breeding kitty? Catatonic kitties are awesome! You can breed them whenever you feel like it and not feel bad, and then in a week they give you a present! [This may be a little tongue in cheek, but I do have an unhealthy appreciation for Catatonic kitties and one week waiting periods.]

      AtAlanfalcon , 30 March 2018 12:59

      you mean some kind of a social welfare for used up kitties?

      joebabana , 30 March 2018 07:03

      You can reclaim all the breeding fee by sending giveBirth transaction. Upon successful giveBirth, breeding fee is transferred to sender of transaction whoever he is. So it's not owned by the CK team. This kind of scheme is needed for few reasons:

      • new kitties appear smoothly from user perspective - you don't have do anything to claim your new borns

      • no one (including kitty owner or CK team) controls when new kitty is actually born. It is import for genetics algorithm to be unpredictable.

      There are couple of discussions on that around or check auto-birther channel in discord for more technical stuff.

      hash_kitty , 30 March 2018 08:53

      The breeding cost goes to the network, not the devs.

      cyphergaiden , 31 March 2018 18:50

  27. 9 gemmed cattributes is that rare? I know its Gen 15, but gem should matter .... RIGHT??

    TherealTmoney33 , 29 March 2018 06:14

      There are many cats that we think they have a price of more than 1 eth, because of X or Y characteristics, but the true is that possible buyers are just in our imagination

      kryptofan , 29 March 2018 14:44

      i sold a 9 gem kitty because it had 9 gems for a good bit. more than most fast gen0's go for. check out discord. there is a buyer who buys these. nice work!

      ddddddjim , 30 March 2018 04:00

      Well, surely it should, but... I have a 8 gemmed (full set, no wild genes) kitty for sale and no one is interested. Hope you'll have a better luck!

      CatCreators , 29 March 2018 13:06

      People want kitties for: 1) breeding 2) selling to breeders later 3) ultra rare low gen 4) fancies

      Anything above gen 5 atm is likely 100% worthless UNTIL a new fancy comes out.

      cyphergaiden , 30 March 2018 03:40

      No one wants these. You should have saved your money unfortunately. I wasted about $150 on cryptokitties that will probably never sell now lol

      pythonhugs , 29 March 2018 16:56

  28. New "hidden" cattribute - wild_f

    RollDiceClub , 28 March 2018 21:57

      Very interesting! Hmmm Easter is just around the corner.

      TherealTmoney33 , 29 March 2018 03:42

  29. How to start?

    imrer , 29 March 2018 04:21

      http://kitty411.com if you prefer English

      https://blog.kotobaza.co if you prefer Russian

      never spend more than you are comfortable to lose :)

      NARW_Bombard , 29 March 2018 04:36


      yeetyeetyeetyeetie , 29 March 2018 04:22

      Are you looking to play for fun or profit? It is very hard to recoup your costs unless you have quite a bit of Eth to drop at the start AND get lucky with breeds.

      groovesquirrel , 02 April 2018 19:50

      kdblond , 03 April 2018 04:08

  30. # of Cattributes?

    TherealTmoney33 , 29 March 2018 03:58

      12 groups, 32 values in each

      for 8 groups, all values are presented in the cat image and profile

      for wild group, tier0 values (0-15 integer values) are not visible, but mutations(16+) are visible, at least, existing ones - elk and tricolous

      for last 3 groups no visible value hasn't been found yet

      NARW_Bombard , 29 March 2018 04:26

      There are 11 visible in the gene code only 9 are known what they attribute too, most have 8 unless they have elk (only visible wild gene) then they have 9

      mobmen , 29 March 2018 04:30

      You can find a list of all known (and unknown) cattributes / traits at copycats, for example. Cheers.

      geraldbauer , 29 March 2018 10:36

  31. CryptoKitties March Madness fancy cat battle! Each round is a 30 minute poll.

    DERPYBASTARD , 28 March 2018 19:27

      The linked tweet was tweeted by @CryptoKitties on Mar 28, 2018 16:09:28 UTC (5 Retweets | 12 Favorites)

      The CryptoKitties March Madness Event is starting at 9:30AM PST today. The first round will have Mistletoe and Santa Claws going head to head. Each round will be a 30 minute poll. Who will out-claw the rest?

      Attached photo

      • Beep boop I'm a bot • Find out more about me at /r/tweettranscriberbot/ •

      tweettranscriberbot , 28 March 2018 19:27

      great fancies contest winner dogcat second fortune cat but momo chan negato lion and earnies are also cool fancies

      franckgant , 28 March 2018 21:54

      Great idea. Love them all! I've put together a list / page with all fancies (and exclusives) on a timeline (with limits and quick search shortcut) at copycats. Cheers.

      geraldbauer , 29 March 2018 10:44

      Fortune cat is best cat.

      cyphergaiden , 28 March 2018 22:14

  32. Crypto kitties use tokens?

    cyphergaiden , 28 March 2018 18:03

      Yes, CryptoKitties use the upcoming non fungible token (NFT) "standard" on the ethereum blockchain - see Awesome CryptoCollectibles for more. And yes, the buy & sell (auction, bid) services are public "independent" contract services - see Awesome CryptoKitties / Contracts for more. Cheers.

      PS: How are cryptokitties stored?

      /// @dev An array containing the Kitty struct for all Kitties in existence. The ID ///  of each cat is actually an index into this array. Note that ID 0 is a negacat, ///  the unKitty, the mythical beast that is the parent of all gen0 cats. A bizarre ///  creature that is both matron and sire... to itself! Has an invalid genetic code. ///  In other words, cat ID 0 is invalid... ;-) Kitty[] kitties; 

      Source: https://github.com/openblockchains/awesome-cryptokitties/blob/master/contracts/KittyBase.sol#L102

      geraldbauer , 28 March 2018 19:10

  33. Create-Your-Own-Fancy-Recipe Contest

    jodiferous11 , 28 March 2018 06:39

      RollDiceClub , 30 March 2018 01:33

      Already entered with “The Aviator”. Good luck everyone. And thanks /u/jodiferous11 for the great contests.

      SomniaStellarum , 28 March 2018 08:06

  34. Physical CryptoKitties

    DanDarden , 27 March 2018 22:21

      So trying to sell person the a wallet with instructions on how to play with a few cats? Might work actually. Could unload a few worthless cats for above market rate (but not too high) 5 bucks for 4 cats? Don't see why not

      cyphergaiden , 28 March 2018 00:56

      Soooo, a none interactive Tamagotchi?

      Dreurmimker , 27 March 2018 23:13

      ownership of kitties is granted by ownership of private key for ethereum address. So you can use existing hardware wallets (e.g. ledgerwallet or trezor) to store keys to your kitties. It would be interesting to see HW implementations specific to CryptoKitties, e.g. if it could have a small display with kitty image or smth, but I don't think there is much demand for that.

      hash_kitty , 28 March 2018 10:55

      Great idea. It's like "casascius kitties".

      Bibo7 , 29 March 2018 01:07

  35. Interesting... recent CryptoKitties $12 Million investment.. any thoughts on what they're up to?

    eattheinternet , 27 March 2018 21:56

      One lambo $200k so they probably bought 60 lambos

      crypto_bro , 27 March 2018 23:36


      Professa333 , 28 March 2018 09:23

      I'd say it's all about creating new markets with tradeable tokens (for virtual and real goods), that's why I started the Awesome CryptoCollectibiles page to collect more pointers / information. Today trade (virtual) cats, tomorrow trade (real) cars incl. lambos (of course), apartments, etc. It's all about (certified / signed / trusted) open data and open data (micro/web) services (a.k.a. contracts/transactions/functions). Cheers.

      PS: And yes, most crypto (gambling) games (like the initial coin offerings) are scams (that is, money grabbing / get-rich-quick schemes). Compared to CryptoCelebreties or CryptoCountries the CryptoKitties team looks good :-).

      geraldbauer , 28 March 2018 10:43

      more devs and more expansión to make cryptokitties a mainstream blockchain game famous artists are going to make fancies collectors series and they will develop VR and AR on cryptokitties

      franckgant , 28 March 2018 21:58

  36. How on Earth do cryptokitties make sense?

    Brazzi079 , 27 March 2018 22:16

      The same reason why a post stamp can be worth of 75k$ (It’s just a piece of paper after all, right?)


      NARW_Bombard , 27 March 2018 22:26

      I think the fact alone that you are here asking this question shows how CryptoKitties makes sense. The real elephant in the room, as stressed by /u/Ryan_JK, is why in-game items have value.

      As fiat currencies, in-game items can be printed by a central authority - CryptoKitties as tokens on a proper blockchain can´t. It´s a cultural shift if you want to see it that way. CK is for in-game items what Bitcoin has been to fiat currencies.

      I wouldn´t overrate it though - in the end it is also "just" a game. But as I said, the flabbergasted reactions that should better be directed at those centralized entities printing money (but for some reasons are not) are the real "sense" that is going on here.

      artiscience , 28 March 2018 00:01

      Can someone explain how or why there is any difference between cryptokitties, and say, buying/selling unique items or characters on any other game (thinking WoW or Diablo)?

      Blizzard can print off as many in-game items as they want and sell them off. In CK, each cryptokitty is unique and has an identifier on the blockchain.

      Is it like art, where the value can go up or down based on fads or trends?

      Yes, prices are dictated not only by rarity but by demand. You can have a trait that 10k kitties have but everyone wants that trait so it may be more valuable than a trait that only 1k kitties have that no one wants.

      When other blockchain games start, like cryptopuppies or cryptofishies, who is the first person that buys (and pays the fees) the generation 1s and hopes that people want to buy more?

      The people who find it first and decide to invest

      Ryan_JK , 27 March 2018 23:27

      To me it’s like a game for bored millionaires.

      1 E = $459

      Biko666 , 28 March 2018 00:04

      Can someone explain how or why there is any difference between cryptokitties, and say, buying/selling unique items or characters on any other game (thinking WoW or Diablo)?

      Blockchain! Blockchain! Blockchain! The kitties are public data / tokens (on the blockchain) and all contract scripts are public (open source) services (on the blockchain), see https://github.com/openblockchains/awesome-cryptokitties/blob/master/contracts/README.md for a write-up / more commentary.

      geraldbauer , 28 March 2018 10:49

  37. Breeding Kitties, Price finding Hi, I am quite new at this game and I have no idea how to find the right Price for my new kitties. Has anybody a clue what Price I can take for the above Kitty? Thank you for your Support!

    lekunberri , 27 March 2018 19:17

      between .002-.003

      OSU_OSU , 27 March 2018 19:35

      IMO, the generations is too high to be valued by anyone ATM. That cat can only produce gen 18 or higher kitties. Having that diamond for the ragdoll is nice, but it really doesn't say all that much IMO.

      If you are buying cats and plan to breed them I'd stay under gen 7

      cyphergaiden , 28 March 2018 01:08

  38. Developer Corner - Inside the CryptoKitties Blockchain Contract Scripts - Thanks to CryptoKitties for the Commentary!

    geraldbauer , 27 March 2018 20:09

  39. is it possible to dev a smart contract instead of the official contract with 3.75% commision inside?

    JamesChiang01 , 27 March 2018 16:05

      Sure, such is the beauty of blockchain. If you create a smart contract that can transfer ERC-721 tokens, then yes!

      DERPYBASTARD , 29 March 2018 09:11

  40. Can I transfer my cryptokitties to MEW or exchange address?

    JamesChiang01 , 27 March 2018 13:14

      I wouldn't recommend sending your kitties to an exchange wallet, unless they are ERC-721 compliant (they're probably not).

      You can send your kitties to any wallet you have full control over, but exchanges never give you a private key for your wallet. They tend to use centralized wallets.

      If you were to send your kitties to any wallet you do have the private key of, you can usually just interact with the CK smart contracts through myetherwallet. Simply go to https://www.myetherwallet.com/#contracts then select the CryptoKitties Core contract and select the transfer function. If you have one of these wallet access options you should be fine: https://imgur.com/3bkP9ED

      DERPYBASTARD , 29 March 2018 00:00

  41. CryptoKitties Completely Demystified!

    arnav_vohra , 27 March 2018 00:41

  42. Fancies / Exlucsive Timeline / Updates "Cheat Sheet" Page Incl. Limits, Exlusive Ids, Quick Search Link, Picture :-) and More

    geraldbauer , 26 March 2018 10:19

  43. Less than 9% Chance Kitty!?

    cyphergaiden , 25 March 2018 22:10

      I wasn't going for this style of cat, but I got it. It had less than 9% chance of being created out of the cats I bread together. Is this cat worth anything? Even if it isn't, I think it looks GORGEOUS


      cyphergaiden , 25 March 2018 22:11

      It's definitely a pretty cat!

      Ikol76 , 26 March 2018 01:22

      The patteren is know as ganado. As of right now there are 7,265 of this cat patteren across all generations across all other cattributes


      For my particular patteren color (lemonade), body color (shadowgray), and color (icy), there are 19 across all generation.


      Edit: I pointed out the main traits that dominate it's look. We can drill down further on body type, but this gives a good idea how rare this particular set up is

      cyphergaiden , 26 March 2018 07:17

      nice kitty! ganado is recessive but you can find it fairly cheap at gen1 right now. if you breed it with rascal you might make thunderstruck!

      ddddddjim , 26 March 2018 11:00

      It has value in the sense you can make thunderstruck from it, and use it for a future fancy where Ganado will be necessary. I think lemonade mutates with coffee to make sky blue. Shadowgrey mutates with salmon to make cloudwhite. If you were super lucky you can make a Gen 2 Thunderstruck, Skyblue, Cloudwhite. Now that's a kitty worth a penny ;)

      helium_bet , 29 March 2018 04:11

  44. Gen 0 ethnicity

    Ikol76 , 26 March 2018 01:36

      Safe to assume the Chinese bios aren't permanent - it's just for the duration of the Chinese launch. Chinese app is still in beta right now (had a limit of 5k users) so might take a few months to get English gen0s again. Complete speculation though.

      rocketleaguebr0 , 26 March 2018 02:16

  45. Bug or Intended: Chinese Kitty born to American IP

    cyphergaiden , 26 March 2018 03:08

      Intended i think your cats can be from anywhere. i heard they plan to implement alot of languages so your cats can be from anywhere all over the world.

      Slabmason710 , 26 March 2018 03:09

      I only want 'English' CK because this is an 'universal language', many people understand English, so CK are more easy to trade. National languages are just limited for few buyers.

      kryptofan , 26 March 2018 22:40

      ethereum doesnt know your ip

      cryptohodl , 26 March 2018 23:05

  46. why some kitties have red serial number, what is that? thanks

    dimitar99 , 25 March 2018 20:13

      Chinese kitties

      DDelphinus , 25 March 2018 20:23

      yes chinese kitties check out the fancies made for china

      franckgant , 26 March 2018 15:28

  47. Catatonic and higher gen cats

    cyphergaiden , 25 March 2018 21:13

      if they continue to release fancy cats following the release of all gen 0 cats, lower gens with shorter cooldowns will still hold more value

      OSU_OSU , 25 March 2018 22:08

  48. Ducat Countdown

    MechlerMX , 25 March 2018 14:19

      There're just too many of them. People like these https://www.cryptokitties.co/profile/0xcf6ada95c6d258d7ca41a4ac6c50f3f26b623aca are kidding themselves.

      addictedtoibuprofen , 25 March 2018 14:25

      292 left.

      MechlerMX , 25 March 2018 17:03

      I don't think price goes up immediately, demand will only increase when more people join the game, current demand for fancies is quite low, so prices are fairly at the bottom.

      hash_kitty , 25 March 2018 18:34

      Maybe rare combos of mutations in low gen are better than fancies, a Trioculus/Ganado with turtleback/babypuke is now extremely rare and difficult to achieve in gen1 or 2, and no-limits

      kryptofan , 26 March 2018 19:12

      they are too much supply of ducat fancies they won,t go much up in value

      franckgant , 26 March 2018 15:26

  49. Berry?

    nigerianprincessa , 25 March 2018 00:11

  50. Top 11 Things New Players Should Know

    AtAlanfalcon , 24 March 2018 19:38

      nice guide. more information makes it easier for new commers.

      helium_bet , 24 March 2018 21:37

      'Every time a kitty breeds, its cooldown time increases.' - not always true

      ekwenzu , 24 March 2018 20:16

  51. Fancy Prices?

    cyphergaiden , 25 March 2018 03:21

      yes, generation and number of children matters. If low gen virgin and high gen catatonic are offered for the same price, I would definitely prefer low gen. So if market has offers for low gen fancies, seems that high gens should be sold at lower price (which is true now).

      However breeding is not the main reason to buy fancies - they are mostly bought for collections. And it makes sense to buy high gens for collections, if there is no similar offers for low gens. So as low gen fancies are sold and gone from market, prices for low gen will grow. Main factor for price is "supply and demand" and fancies are good from this point - limited supply by design and demand for them seem to be quite good (comparing to non-fancies).

      hash_kitty , 25 March 2018 11:48

      Lower generation will sell for a lower price, but imo fancy prices will go up in the future.

      Bibo7 , 25 March 2018 17:51

      If generation matters, what's the avg generation of fancies?

      cyphergaiden , 25 March 2018 18:26

      the prices of fancies will go up in value in the coming months but it,s supply and demand right now there isn,t much demand for fancies there are too much stocks on the market

      franckgant , 26 March 2018 15:25

      aesthetically speaking, yes. practically - no.

      helium_bet , 27 March 2018 07:08

  52. What do you think of the way https://kitty-bargains.herokuapp.com/ ranks kitties?

    balkie91 , 24 March 2018 17:00

      I think it’s goofy. Raw rarity isn’t very interesting, even if it is easy to calculate. This article nails it: https://cryptokitties411.com/2018/01/19/which-traits-are-rare/

      WeAllMagic , 24 March 2018 18:55

  53. Mobile?

    joshuaboon1994 , 24 March 2018 12:06

      The reason the game has too few players is because it's expensive to play casually. This will remain as long as breeding cost are over .002-.001 imo

      cyphergaiden , 24 March 2018 16:12

      I heard that hey are working on it but I don't know how far. But the iOS app for China should be done but isn't launched yet.

      But you can install a mobile wallet like trust wallet on your phone to play. Works pretty well.

      jimjimvalkema , 24 March 2018 14:10

      I play mobile using the Toshi app. I think it’s essentially just a wrapper around their web version though.

      groovesquirrel , 02 April 2018 19:58

  54. Bitcat - New (Free, Open Source) Tool - Bit catalog kitty browser - browse your digital bit(s) collections; browse your CryptoKitties and more

    geraldbauer , 24 March 2018 16:58

  55. What's the 12 million for?

    ginsualimig , 24 March 2018 10:33

      It must be legit since Andreessen Horowitz is the one putting it up.

      ginsualimig , 24 March 2018 10:33

      it,s for hiring more devs and expansión they will work with famous artists on fancies collectors series and they will develop VR and AR on cryptokitties

      franckgant , 26 March 2018 15:23

  56. So how’s it going in China? – CryptoKitties – Medium

    DERPYBASTARD , 24 March 2018 02:29

      ...well we always knew it was going to be like this..China has pretty much closed the door to crypto and i wouldn't expect that to chnge near term...Japan and Korea are the obvious major markets to focus on imo...perhaps an update on the market penetration in these countries in the near term???

      McDuff_71 , 24 March 2018 04:11

      Eth is super huge in Korea. Do you mind explaining why China (not eth friendly) was chosen over Korea ( crazy for eth)? Was it because Koreans can already purchase CryptoKitties?

      dont_hate_scienceguy , 26 March 2018 07:51

      China was done well but lots of headwind there. I also would be interested in rest of Asia strategy

      Steven-Patrick , 25 March 2018 03:03

      the launch in china is very slow too bad for the game althoughts axiom zen did the right thing with a great marketing campaign the fancies made for china are the best fancies maybe japan and korea would be better markets

      franckgant , 26 March 2018 15:32

      It seems its time to move. CK team is putting to much effort and hope in China but there are many other countries and markets as well

      kryptofan , 26 March 2018 14:32

  57. CK wallet - open source community "wallet" for cryptokitties

    hash_kitty , 23 March 2018 23:49

      Great initiative. I've started building an open source kitties library for easy sharing traits, gene readers & calculators, database tables and more. See the copycats project for more. Keep it up. PS: Also would be great to have a public kitties dataset - I started on here /kitties.

      geraldbauer , 24 March 2018 13:21

      Just a suggestion: maybe change the name? "CK" immediately reminded me of Louis CK and he's not getting the best rep lately 😅 Still, overall project looks cool!

      PermaStoner , 24 March 2018 13:42

  58. Catfolio not working. Any alternatives?

    cyphergaiden , 24 March 2018 02:03

  59. any thoughts on lapps?could there be crosschain blockchain between bitcoin and ether?

    franckgant , 23 March 2018 16:35

      ...interesting time in the crypto space re off chain txns like lightning and Eths version too...what I'm interested in is how to be able to off chain digital assets vs crypto...if the asset data represents a static point on the blockchain and the 'moving part' is simply the address associated with it then the only thing that needs to move in an off txn mode is the address association...the issue I have is wanting to keep the assets fluid enough 'off chain' to not have to keep on reporting them back until desired to allow fast and fluid trading with mininmal txn tine and cost...ni doubt great minds are already on the case ;)))

      McDuff_71 , 24 March 2018 03:20

  60. What are your thoughts on the rate of new fancy cats? Vote on our Twitter poll!

    DERPYBASTARD , 22 March 2018 23:44

      I hope CK won't make a decision based on the poll alone. CK can make a more informed decision by looking at the market data.


      The fancies are not searchable by new players at the moment, hence no sales. How many new players can type "fancy:phuziqaat" into the search bar? Please make a fancy tab and make it easily searchable/discoverable.

      I need the CryptoKittyDex fancy tab to find them, some people bookmark all fancies, or visit 411. Super high friction at the moment.


      Concentration: power players discover the first fancy after hints, that's fine.

      Pure breeding (fancy + fancy = 30%+ chance) to the limit of 200, that's tough for new/casual players to catch up. Imagine a new player spending 0.5 eth and gets nothing after 50 tries, and the limit is reached, do you think this player will ever come back for the next fancy?

      CK should investigate the dynamics of power breeders/farmers, how many wallets make what % of the fancy within how long? Try to introduce balance here. If only the top 5% make a return, the 95% will lose interest in fancy chase because it is not rewarding at all.

      All fancies should be on cooldown 13 (catatonic) no matter their gen imo.


      New trait then immediately a new fancy with that trait.

      Not everyone can afford a Gen0 at 0.3. If CK releases a new fancy with the requirement of the new trait on the same day, the fancy will be tightly controlled by the power players again. Further alienating casual players, and fancy will become a 1% whale game (same 20 players buying and selling to each other, and bob).


      More RNG (this is a suggestion, it doesn't solve the fancy issue)

      If you look at the Bearbrick collectible, which has been around for 15+ years. The way they do fancy is there's a 1/64 or 1/128 chance to get a fancier fancy. For example, Elmo fancy has a 1/64 chance to be a Cookie Monster. That's RNG and rare. https://imgur.com/a/WLO1n

      This is hard to implement code side, but nothing rare is easy.

      (edit: formatting)

      noob-breeder , 23 March 2018 02:24

      I'm not on Twitter. But I would vote for less.

      My thoughts on fancies from most passionately felt to least:

      1. Please please please make the target traits visually complimentary! I realize that this has the downside of potentially making a fancy a) easier to stumble upon and b) easier to put together from existing cats. However, think of all the poor bastard cats left in the aftermath of a fancy hunt! Nobody wants those ugly mutants. At least if the colors coordinated, breeders would be stuck with a bunch of cats that they either a) wanted or b) had a chance of selling. I personally enjoy sitting out the fancy hunt and picking up cheap reject cats with interesting traits. But so many of them are too hideous to touch.

      2. Please make all fancy cats catatonic at birth. This would help quell the dominance of 'fancy factories' without being so draconian as making fancies sterile.

      3. Wild fancy cats are cool. I like that there would be these cats out there that a total noob could stumble upon. Almost to the point where it would be cool to have a fancy that changes trait requirements every time it's found. That way you could only ever find it accidentally. Unicorn cat anyone? And no, this would not violate my first point (visually complimentary traits) because there would be no incentive to try to breed any more of that same trait combination once the cat was found.

      4. While I like the excitement of the fancy hunt, I think it should be done sparingly (once a quarter?). This is a) to keep it special, b) to give us time to recover financially and c) to let us focus on breeding some normal cats with traits we really enjoy.

      dont_hate_scienceguy , 23 March 2018 08:02

      The real problem with fancy cats is that they aren't that fancy. This severely limits the fanciness, imo.

      If you look at a page of regular cats, they're all completely unique and interesting in their own ways: for good or bad

      BUT... if you look at a page of fancies, they are almost all exactly the same: see what I mean?

      Would it be possible for fancy cattributes to be drawn like regular cattributes so that we have unique kitties that have rare traits that are based on the "fancy" combinations? (Like wings or vampire fangs/widow's peaks or spaceships or sailor suits, just not all the same.)

      mistersplice , 23 March 2018 22:48

      yes fancies are collectors kitties less is better for the market.There isn,t any market for one new fancy every week there are plenty of the old fancies that are still not breeded and plenty fancies that are not sold.There should be one new fancy once every 2 week less fancies will bring more value to cryptokitties

      franckgant , 22 March 2018 23:59

      ...scarcity = rarity ... ;))

      McDuff_71 , 23 March 2018 00:27

  61. Mewtations?

    cyphergaiden , 23 March 2018 01:40

      Basically, when you breed cats that have two traits that can mutate, there's a chance that the child will have a new trait as a result of the mutation (there's some randomness involved). Here you can check how it works: https://cryptokitties411.com/2018/01/09/mutations/

      Sb0g , 23 March 2018 02:51

      Mewtations happen when a child expresses a trait not expressed in either parent. It can happen a few different ways a. A recessive gene passes into the child and becomes dominant. b. Two gene pairings create a new gene (see : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ShiBKSglFAB2vJe4Uow3iF09FBVq6ZAaOzTCIECf4iA/htmlview ). c. A combination of both a recessive passes into Dominance and then mutates because of gene pairing.

      mobmen , 23 March 2018 03:29

      If I may add something - I added a mewtation / mutation pairs (16x2) chart to the traits page at copycats:

      Tier I    Tier II   Tier III  Tier IIII  Tier V  (1-g)     (h-p)     (q-t)     (u,v)      (w) 1+2 = h   h+i = q   q+r = u   u+v = w 3+4 = i   j+k = r   s+t = v 5+6 = j   m+n = s 7+8 = k   o+p = t 9+a = m b+c = n d+e = o f+g = p 

      The gene code is in kai / base32, that is, 32 values for traits running from 1,2,3,...a,b,c...x (32 altogheter). Happy gene mixing. Cheers.

      PS: The tier (I,II,III) just means that tier II are mewtations of tier I genes, tier III are mewtations for tier II genes and so on. Only tier I get "released" into the wild in gen 0 kitties - all other tiers are mewtations over time (generations).

      geraldbauer , 23 March 2018 11:02

  62. New CryptoKitties Instagram - please give it a follow!

    DERPYBASTARD , 22 March 2018 23:43

  63. Counter Gen 0 Released?

    joshuaboon1994 , 22 March 2018 19:13

      Also, to find exactly how many Gen 0’s are out you can go to the marketplace and select all cats. And filter by Gen 0.

      SomniaStellarum , 22 March 2018 19:26

      Hi you can find the count here on line 33. gen0CreatedCount 10421


      The gen0 clock is set to stop in November 2018 according to the FAQ

      DERPYBASTARD , 22 March 2018 19:27

      That is over in November and probably even before it hit 45k limited by the contract

      NARW_Bombard , 22 March 2018 19:16

  64. what is the strategy on the next fancies releases?what are the new projects about?

    franckgant , 22 March 2018 21:58

      I think we have to breed some combos, like trioculus with a rare tier 2 mutation plus a new trait just released, plus something popular

      kryptofan , 22 March 2018 22:22

  65. New Trait- Springcrocus

    Mr_Frodo_Cat , 22 March 2018 06:23

      Thanks for the update - Added the new trait to the traits timeline page that incl. the type (fur, pattern, eye shape, highlight color, ...) and gene code (in kai/base32 notation).

      geraldbauer , 22 March 2018 10:46

      That's going to be a hard color to pair with... probably going to be in a spring themed fancy though

      cyphergaiden , 22 March 2018 15:55

  66. Been thinking of getting back into CK, are breeding costs still high?

    yummyscarlet , 21 March 2018 22:20

      The breeding fee is 0.008 Ether, it's never higher or lower. I've notified the team about this query in the FAQ so we can get that changed. :)

      DERPYBASTARD , 21 March 2018 22:23

      yea the devs were supposed to make it dynamic in the long term, and adjust manually in the short term responding to the change in gas price. neither happened since the change to 8fin a long time ago.

      addictedtoibuprofen , 23 March 2018 07:33

      dev team taking the money

      xboxerdude , 23 March 2018 16:55

  67. Buying strategies?

    cyphergaiden , 22 March 2018 05:21

      buy gen 0. gen 1 if you cant afford gen 0.

      JamesGatz_thehomie , 22 March 2018 18:21

      Cute ones are the best.

      cryptojesse , 22 March 2018 06:09

      I try to buy each possible trait but just for low gen.

      kryptofan , 22 March 2018 07:30

      I'm still going a little haphazardly atm, but I think I've found my groove by focusing on cheap gen2. Once I start breeding seriously, I'll figure out where I go from there. My first purchases were really dumb though

      cyphergaiden , 22 March 2018 15:51

      Gen 0, virgin, cheap, HODL till November 2018 when there will be no more released they will spike in price (IF at this point in time anyone does remember cryptokitties)

      Swingfish12 , 22 March 2018 07:05

  68. CryptoKitties Raises US$12M Series A From Top Investors As It Spins Out Into Separate Company

    inserhci , 21 March 2018 13:55


      ripper2345 , 21 March 2018 23:55

  69. Traits Timeline / Updates Incl. Type (Fur/Eye Shape/Pattern, ...) , Gene Code in Kai / Base32 (1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,a,b,c,..)

    geraldbauer , 21 March 2018 23:34

      Hello, I've put together a timeline for traits and another for fancies / exclusives. What's different from the official timeline / updates all-in-one page? The traits include the type (fur, eye shape, pattern, ...) and gene code in kai / base 32 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,a,b,c ... x) and the fancies / exclusive include limits (e.g. 888, 1 000, 2 000, etc.). Cheers.

      geraldbauer , 21 March 2018 23:39

  70. Any working Rarity Scanners?

    AleRosa , 21 March 2018 18:06

      Freakitties apparently fixed it in his fork. Works for me at least

      Tm1337 , 21 March 2018 20:08

      Yeah, I've been having troubles too. I tried to download a different scanner and was getting the same issues. I can get all the overall stats on the side, but the hover feature just keeps showing a kitty. I'm wondering if it's a communication issue between CK and the apps...

      uxbecks , 21 March 2018 20:03

      On https://kitty-bargains.herokuapp.com/ you can find kitties with rare cattributes, it is not an extension though and it costs a little bit of ether for up to date data :(

      balkie91 , 24 March 2018 14:58

  71. CryptoKitties receives $12M in funding

    DERPYBASTARD , 21 March 2018 02:01

      HOT DAMN

      Bojakn , 21 March 2018 04:28

      Will most of the 12m be used to develop a new game or will it be funneled into CK?

      As Axiom Zen Itself isn’t mentioned as far as I can tell, I would imagine/hope it’s the latter.

      syd430 , 21 March 2018 08:56

      Just streamed the news on my daily twitch show. 3pm PST

      • ends plug*

      twitchtvbitcoinlouie , 21 March 2018 04:43

      Oh baby! Just when I was deciding to start a daily CK stream at 3:00pm weekdays 😸🙀😻

      Let’s goooo!

      twitchtvbitcoinlouie , 21 March 2018 04:44

      this is where the big money is going to go to with digital animals in the future

      Marquszar , 21 March 2018 08:31

  72. Sunk Cost: Trials and tribulations super thread

    cyphergaiden , 21 March 2018 10:17

      just look at the transaction history for the first week of December 2016 - gen0's were getting sold at 5-7 ETH each, that's around 700 sob stories right there

      nigerianprincessa , 22 March 2018 03:52

      I'm a new player myself, made a few investments already but not sure how well they will turn out down the road. Just bought my first breeding pair and put the first baby for sale, I may have overestimated the demand but I'll have to see what how much it can go for: https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/634759

      gorillajoe , 21 March 2018 11:32

      NIce kittie.. and rare.. only 6 thunderstruck dali's in the game. hope you're not selling too cheap

      ennis_guy , 21 March 2018 19:09

      Oh yea I have a heartbreaking story about a gen1 violet kitty.

      Bought one back in late december for 0.05 Eth. Bred it a few times to make a gen2 wolfgrey kitty. Sold both of these for barely any profit.

      A few weeks later I found out gen1 violet is super hard to make. The market prices had already quadrupled at least by that time. There are only 60 gen1 violet kitties to this day.

      Now I don't sell cats anymore without looking into their rarity. Lesson learned :-(

      DERPYBASTARD , 21 March 2018 19:24

  73. Fancy Kitties

    cyphergaiden , 21 March 2018 10:01

      Hey there!

      As far as we're aware fancy releases are fairly irregular, and even when they are released it usually takes awhile for the community to figure them out, which adds even more randomness to the equation.

      Regional fancies can be bred by anyone, good luck and have fun! :)

      Kitttyverse , 21 March 2018 10:11

      Is there a schedule for when these come about or is it just random?

      I've put together a timeline for fancies / exclusives incl. limits (e.g. 888, 1 000, 2000, ...) that gives you an overview about the past schedule all the way back to beginning (genesis). Cheers.

      geraldbauer , 21 March 2018 23:42

  74. VC Union Square Ventures invests in CryptoKitty

    hyperhappy2 , 21 March 2018 01:38

      Guys, what do you think is the larger strategy here?

      Are they building tech for other games companies (platform)?

      Are they expanding this tech to other things like digital music and art,

      Is it something completely different?

      Please share your opinions and views.

      hyperhappy2 , 21 March 2018 01:38

  75. Price of first fancy kitty of a species that has only 1000. Speculatively?

    gokukingsta , 21 March 2018 07:47

      Are you asking if it'll be speculative? If so, yes. If you are asking how much it'll cost, that all depends on how many people actually end up playing this game.

      cyphergaiden , 21 March 2018 08:05

  76. Is there a list for DOMINATE genes

    cyphergaiden , 21 March 2018 01:17

      You can find an alternative genes / traits list @ https://github.com/openblockchains/copycats/blob/master/GENES.md.

      geraldbauer , 21 March 2018 10:33

      kryptofan , 21 March 2018 01:36

      I think there are some genes that dominate others in the same category, in the same gene list. For example: cyan and sapphire are eye colors. If you breed two cats with those two traits as dominate, I believe that one has a higher chance of taking the eye color than the other. I'm looking for that information

      cyphergaiden , 21 March 2018 01:45

  77. Names in red and a little round symbol?

    JessAnd1 , 20 March 2018 18:23

      If the ID is in red it means the kitty is Chinese.

      playfulexistence , 20 March 2018 18:44

      those are kitties made for china but the launch have been delayed but the fancies for the chinese market are the best fancies made by axiom zen

      franckgant , 20 March 2018 19:05

      I believe the thought behind it is to show how much of a global market kitties really is. I like the idea of each country/continent getting their own. My kits have a thing for Latinas 😋. Plus reading the same bios get boring after awhile and you stop paying attention.

      matteblackale , 20 March 2018 21:57

      I really like to rear kitties, but unfortunately my phone isn't supported. Uh!

      Oratile13 , 22 March 2018 00:43

      I have the first one ever if someone is interested in buying it

      xboxerdude , 23 March 2018 17:09

  78. New FANCY: Berry limited at 200

    tabsa , 20 March 2018 14:04

  79. Cryptokitties is ranked #6 by ETH volume in the last 24h, this 5 DApps are up to 10x bigger now

    kameliax1 , 19 March 2018 22:32

      The word "revenue" sounds cool for sure but when profit is just ~2% it's not that cool. Read more on Medium to get the view of what is happening.

      Andeni6u , 19 March 2018 22:55

      I really do not understand the land grab games. It feels like wagering money on a game of "not it" or hot potato. Eventually somebody will be stuck with something priced so high that it's actually worthless and you're just gambling that it won't be you. Can anyone explain to me the draw of these games? They seem to be taking over.

      knoxjl , 20 March 2018 02:12

  80. CryptoKitties geneScience.mixGenes - "magic" sooper-sekret gene mixing operation forumula (Ruby Script Edition)

    geraldbauer , 19 March 2018 23:51

      Hello, I've "converted" the pseudo-code published by Sean Soria in "CryptoKitties mixGenes Function" into a running (working) ruby script. Try:

      mgenes_hex = 0x000063169218f348dc640d171b000208934b5a90189038cb3084624a50f7316c sgenes_hex = 0x00005a13429085339c6521ef0300011c82438c628cc431a63298e3721f772d29  mgenes = Kai.encode( mgenes_hex ) p Kai.fmt( mgenes ) # => "ddca 578k a4f7 949p 4d11 535k aeea 175h 846k 2243 aa9g fdcd"  sgenes = Kai.encode( sgenes_hex ) p Kai.fmt( sgenes ) # => "c9am 6556 7ff7 b9gg 1d11 3853 9f77 6475 77k4 6784 f9gp fcaa"  babygenes = mixgenes( mgenes, sgenes ) p Kai.fmt( babygenes ) # => "9dca 5586 aff7 b99p 1d11 33k5 aea7 67h5 74kk 6744 aafg ffaa" 

      Happy CryptoKitties gene mixing. Cheers.

      geraldbauer , 19 March 2018 23:58

      Hi! it seems to be a nice tool...But I'm not expert user on programing lol Could you explain how to run this code as ruby script? I was looking for some help on google, but I still cannot launch it!! Thanks!!!

      garlicoinboss , 20 March 2018 03:42

      Hey, do you have a tool to show the cat if I provide as input the string of DNA??? Now do you know guys how many possibles visual outcomes has a breeding operation?? I have this: (4 x 3 x 2 x 1) x 2 x 8

      So 8 traits, by 2 (sire and matron) by the combination of each gen 4! ... total: 384 possibles CK. I don't know what the 3 unknown genes are neither the wild thing. So with those traits the total is 4! x 2 x 12 = 576. (I omited the mewtations maybe is (5 x 3 x 2 x 1) x 2 x 12 = 720

      kryptofan , 20 March 2018 21:48

  81. Toshi overcharging?

    ghostfracture , 19 March 2018 08:24

      There's a breeding fee of 0.008 eth, it gets added to every breeding you do. https://www.cryptokitties.co/faq#faqs.g4.q2

      DERPYBASTARD , 19 March 2018 08:34

      The full amount should be 0.001536 if I'm not mistaken... Not 0.009536

      ghostfracture , 19 March 2018 08:25

      toshi is a great app they have a great selection of dapps the 2 best are cryptokitties and cryptopunks

      franckgant , 19 March 2018 18:07

  82. The Kitty Tournament has began!

    jodiferous11 , 17 March 2018 23:38

      This is really cool. Thanks for taking the time to put it together.

      dont_hate_scienceguy , 18 March 2018 02:21

      dystodesi , 18 March 2018 14:08

      And thanx jodiferous for giving my losses a reason lol :P

      adinalini , 18 March 2018 17:22

      Best of luck to every kitty!

      adinalini , 18 March 2018 17:22

      How do you sign up for the tournament?

      toywithtoys , 19 March 2018 08:00

  83. Fancy Cat Dracula - Max 2,000?

    MechlerMX , 18 March 2018 02:26

      exactly, all Fancies are limited edition

      nigerianprincessa , 18 March 2018 02:36

      did you notice the price of fancies go up after the announcement?

      toywithtoys , 19 March 2018 19:49

  84. *Fixed: Table for Momo-Chan & Negato Valuation by gen and 'virtue'

    ekwenzu , 17 March 2018 21:46

      momo-chans have more virgins but more of those virgins are higher generation than negatos

      also, this is just a theory since I have not look at it that closely yet, but it appears that more negatos were bred from normal cats vs more momo-chans were bred from other momo-chans

      now which ones are more valuable - 'purebred' or bred from two normal kitties - up for a debate, on one hand the latter is much harder but others would say ninja parents look cooler - beholders eye and all that I suppose

      ekwenzu , 17 March 2018 21:48

      Why did you use "-" for no Momo-Chan and "0" for no Negato? thinking

      dystodesi , 18 March 2018 21:47

  85. Not possible read smart contract information via etherscan.io

    RollDiceClub , 17 March 2018 22:24

      etherscan.io seem to have issues reading contracts today

      hash_kitty , 17 March 2018 22:53

  86. Raising awareness for CryptoKitties

    Cryptokittybot , 17 March 2018 21:24

      Good bot.

      playfulexistence , 19 March 2018 11:37

  87. New to Crypto. and kitties

    xpwnx4 , 17 March 2018 07:22

      You get the price you listed the cat for sire in eth, minus a siring fee equal to 3.75% of the sire amount, minus network transaction fee associated with putting your cat up for sire. This is all only if someone chooses your kitty to be a sire.

      You should make sure your cat has valuable and sought after genes before putting it up for sire. Otherwise, if you list a random cat with common genes, it's highly unlikely people will pay you to mate with your cat.

      In general, it's very difficult to make profits in this game. There's too many players looking to sell their cats, of which more and more are being created all the time. So they do not hold their value very well. Would not recommend this game unless you are prepared to drop money into it purely for the joy of the gaming experience, with no intention of earning an adequate return on your invested money. You'll likely walk away disapointed if you're looking to make money here.

      elbak283 , 17 March 2018 08:15

      Non-Mobile link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Efficient-market_hypothesis

      HelperBot v1.1 /r/HelperBot_ I am a bot. Please message /u/swim1929 with any feedback and/or hate. Counter: 160830

      HelperBot_ , 17 March 2018 19:52

      New here too, was wondering if anyone knows the difference between regular kitties, and the ones with little round symbol (and the name in red). What's better?

      JessAnd1 , 20 March 2018 18:20

  88. Want to give away 205 kitties.

    Overwatch_Falcon , 16 March 2018 22:19

      Almost removed this before getting the joke 😅

      ---Mercy--- , 17 March 2018 05:59

      This experiment has succeeded in proving that most people simply do not read past the headline before commenting.

      nigerianprincessa , 17 March 2018 01:03

      Hey yo its me

      ActuallyJohnOliver , 17 March 2018 01:15

      i will legally change my name to John Oliver just for you for 5 minutes OW_Falcon

      Edit: please give me my first kitty :3

      xpwnx4 , 17 March 2018 03:57

      jonathan olivious

      _SHWEPP_ , 17 March 2018 19:50

  89. Wth is a KnightKitty and when did they come around?

    ekwenzu , 17 March 2018 07:38

      Knight Kitties were given out to most of the founding mods fairly recently as a present from CK for the time we dedicated to the project when it came out. :)

      Kitttyverse , 17 March 2018 08:35

      Check out the name of #107 lol

      twitchtvbitcoinlouie , 17 March 2018 10:33

  90. what about the launch in china?what,s going on?

    franckgant , 17 March 2018 00:59

      We have this recent announcement but we'll be sure to share any new information with the community as it comes in.

      DERPYBASTARD , 17 March 2018 03:14

  91. Search Tool

    ennis_guy , 16 March 2018 13:39

      Same problem, I found a wild gen 7 dominant, but because I was interested in gen0, 1 or 2 I had to search thru many kitties most of them with no sales auction, It took me a lot of time.

      kryptofan , 16 March 2018 17:24

      You can use the kitties dataset import it into an (offline) SQLite database (using the kitty copycats tool) and than use SQL to query as you like. Example:

      SELECT * FROM kitties WHERE gen IN (1,2) AND wild='3' 

      (Update) The next kitty command line update will include a new (built-in) query builder. For your kitty search use:

      kitty wild=3 gen=1 gen=2    # or kitty wild=3 gen=1,2        # or kitty w=3 g=1,2             # with shortcuts (w=wild, g=gen) 

      geraldbauer , 16 March 2018 18:31

      You can use search tool at http://www.rolldice.club/cryptokitties. Results sort by gen.

      RollDiceClub , 17 March 2018 21:48

  92. Account not accepting kitties at this time..

    nigerianprincessa , 15 March 2018 23:10

      The future is now. My 10 and 12 year olds have eth accounts. For the past month they've wanted allowance in eth so they can breed their cats. So, your point is relevant.

      dont_hate_scienceguy , 16 March 2018 00:27

      I really don't think there's a huge security risk here. My kids have email addresses and that could allow much worse. I suppose this simply requires the same vigilance on my part. Honestly, my kids would be thrilled to get a free cat from somebody. They would just change the name.

      Really, I think this possibility of pranking people with cats is a funny one.

      It could also brings up the possibility of cat-vertising (sending cats for marketing purposes) which could be a possibility for corporations at some point. Febreeze cats anyone?

      dont_hate_scienceguy , 16 March 2018 01:28

      Technically it is not possible to restrict transfer of ERC721 tokens by recipient. Issue is that unlike traditional transfer (which include sending on one side and accepting on the other side), ERC721 token (read cryptokitty) transfer is just rewriting owner address in smart contract. Recipient of the token is not actively involved in the process anyhow, so cannot prevent it "receiving" it. On the one hand it gives you uncensored transactions (which are so loved by cryptopunks), on the other hand issue that you described.

      On a positive side ERC721 is just a set of numbers, so it is really hard to harass anyone with those (unless you are super sensible mathematician). Kitty names which can be offensive indeed exist only the CK site, so it is work for CK team to filter and remove those. Your concern is valid, but as others stated, currently there are much easier cheaper and effective ways to offense people, so it is unlikely someone would harass you using kitties. Also I find it is really smart marketing move to advertise smth by sending kitties (like airdrops of ERC20 token to get people interested).

      hash_kitty , 16 March 2018 17:49

      we should coin the term now - 'CAT BOMBING'

      nigerianprincessa , 16 March 2018 03:19

      Well, anyone can send an e-mail or call a phone number and say anything they want to say. It's still up to a parent to make sure they are responsible about what their children are exposed to and have access to, right? This doesn't mean that harassment is right, or even legal. But it isn't your e-mail provider's job to make sure you only receive nice e-mails. That said, some phone providers and some e-mail providers probably do offer some kind of filtering or blacklist features, so it might be interesting to discuss what sort of technological solution might be possible - but really I'm not sure this hypothetical you've laid out is not a societal/behavioral problem that requires a societal/behavioral solution.

      Overwatch_Falcon , 16 March 2018 00:56

  93. mismatch of price

    stk30000 , 15 March 2018 15:50

      It charges you the price of breeding + whatever the person siring price is

      ALB269 , 15 March 2018 16:09

      So all breeding has a flat fixed price no matter if it's your kitties or other people's?


      stk30000 , 15 March 2018 17:50

  94. Thanks CryptoKitties

    A_Stoned_Wookee , 15 March 2018 00:17

      🙌 thanks for the awesome feedback

      the team works day in day out for players and collectors like you

      we are committed to making CryptoKitties the best community and ecosystem on the blockchain and everywhere else!

      aazen , 15 March 2018 08:29

      Yeah, the collecting and breeding, and trying to make certain kinds of kitties is so much fun. Any kind of "profits" I ever make are just a way to be able to buy and breed more kitties!

      Overwatch_Falcon , 15 March 2018 06:52

      when you get familiar with cryptokitties, you adopt it, you love it, you can't stop ! thanks for the job CK team

      zolette , 16 March 2018 01:02

      The game is amazing, though the breeding cost is a little too much imo, I'm not complaining as of now but I read somewhere that as ethereum scales, breeding cost will go down and that will be unfair. I have no problem that earlier the cost was cheap but the fact that the game could become cheaper in some years is unsettling. :( I am here to enjoy and if I'm lucky to make some profit too, quite a loss I'm having.

      adinalini , 15 March 2018 11:38

      That's the spirit! This is a game. Have fun.

      Steven-Patrick , 15 March 2018 18:16

  95. Someone bought this cat for 5 eth?!? Mind=Blown

    MayorAdamWest1 , 15 March 2018 01:15

      ..love it!! ;))

      McDuff_71 , 15 March 2018 06:01

      I understand its gilded as 1st mutation but still... 5 eth?! I had a hard time selling a serpent that was gilded first 10 mutations. I think i got .015 maybe... and it was gen 2.

      MayorAdamWest1 , 15 March 2018 01:23

      Crazy, I just saw this cat shortly after it was born and before it was on the market...

      dystodesi , 15 March 2018 02:10

      It's the color that does it. Dragonfruit is a gene that so far has only been found as a recessive gene in Gen-0 cats, and from what I can tell the earliest it mutated was Gen-2. It's also literally the only Dragonfruit cat that the owner has let go of. Still, 5 ETH is a lot of space jewels, no doubt.

      Ikol76 , 15 March 2018 05:13

  96. Myetherwallet blocking cryptokitties?

    Ikol76 , 15 March 2018 05:22

      no still works. you just need to manually copy paste it. join their discord if you are having trouble, someone will explain.

      helium_bet , 15 March 2018 09:40

      Have the same problem

      JankoBachev , 15 March 2018 09:48

      It still works just fine. You need to manually paste the contract address on the top left and paste the contract ABI in the large text box below.

      You can find both of these here: https://etherscan.io/address/0x06012c8cf97bead5deae237070f9587f8e7a266d#code contract address at the top of the page and the ABI is self explanatory.

      DERPYBASTARD , 15 March 2018 19:01

      Anyone know why it fell off the dropdown?

      Overwatch_Falcon , 16 March 2018 02:39

  97. Rare Artwork for Cryptokitties!

    JamesGatz_thehomie , 14 March 2018 15:36

      “Sure, an impoverished enthusiast might make a digital copy of the image and set it as her desktop, but without the token, she doesn’t own an original. She can’t sell the image, because the image itself is not rare. It’s the token that’s rare. The Ethereum community has agreed to treat ownership of the token, not simple possession of the image, as a marker of property rights. Everyone gets to use and enjoy the image — that’s just the nature of the internet. But the token gives the holder a right to exclude others from asserting ownership and in turn, a right to the profits that result from the asset’s appreciation.”

      While the profit potential is not what interests me personally about all of this, I still find that passage immensely interesting. (Full disclosure, I am a member of the KittyHats team though not a Dada artist. I did draw that beret though.)

      AtAlanfalcon , 14 March 2018 15:46

      I wish I had some spare kitty monies to buy all these artwork; they are SO beautiful! <3 I love the collaboration with Dada and getting to support actual artists IRL. What a wonderful addition to the CK game! :D

      uxbecks , 14 March 2018 18:21

      Love the idea of personalizing our cats with clothing, items, and now unique collectable art! You guys are brilliant. Keep it up!!

      ParanoidLunatic , 14 March 2018 19:37

      Beautiful original. We should expand to Saatchi Art to open our kitty horizons.

      jenn_blockfolio , 15 March 2018 03:44

  98. Anyone found a site that lists the Cattributes that have sold for the highest prices recently?

    jaywalholl , 14 March 2018 21:53

      xpwnx4 , 16 March 2018 13:28

      i use kittyexplorer and rolldiceclub

      JamesGatz_thehomie , 18 March 2018 04:19

  99. Update on the Kitty Tournament contest

    jodiferous11 , 14 March 2018 20:02

      Just gifted a kitty! -CloudwhiteKitties (aka CW🐳)

      Jrskow , 14 March 2018 22:47

  100. CK Team Launches John Oliver Account!

    Jrskow , 14 March 2018 04:26

      Official confirmation that we do indeed own the address https://www.cryptokitties.co/profile/0x9523a3bed7249616a819b70fa6eb45975e1fd342

      DERPYBASTARD , 14 March 2018 04:42



      twitchtvbitcoinlouie , 14 March 2018 04:31

      the best thing is reading those cat names

      hash_kitty , 15 March 2018 10:34

      Good luck!

      uxbecks , 14 March 2018 05:21


      glitterchoke , 14 March 2018 07:51

  101. Interesting Bio question

    Neekyme41 , 14 March 2018 22:37

      Just guessing, but it could possibly be that its parents or grandparents were born on the Chinese market and that gets passed on just like the genes? maybe it was a recessive.

      MayorAdamWest1 , 15 March 2018 01:26

      if you look at the actual bios of the parents it would suggest they are from UK and India

      maybe adopted from China? is it a girl?

      nigerianprincessa , 15 March 2018 07:22

      Huh. Yeah, that goes against how I understood international bios to work!

      Overwatch_Falcon , 16 March 2018 03:09

      I think you got a Bruce Lee there like my Don Corleone the real mafioso https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/498537

      peucoz , 16 March 2018 20:55

  102. Who would have seen that coming

    hash_kitty , 14 March 2018 12:16

      These are supposed to be bunnies...?

      dystodesi , 14 March 2018 12:44

      just some CK really look like cats. Many of them look like hamsters or rats.

      kryptofan , 14 March 2018 12:55

      it,s just a cheap knock off people should invest in the real things with real value

      franckgant , 14 March 2018 17:52

      im sure they will get tired of the clone and head on over here.

      helium_bet , 15 March 2018 09:38

  103. Can't be done.

    ThatLeftClick , 13 March 2018 23:21

      If your kitty is royalpurple amur this should be a quick conversation :-)

      WeAllMagic , 14 March 2018 00:21

      One of my first born kitties is royalpurple amur. I liked it. Now I hate it. But I‘ll keep it.

      dystodesi , 14 March 2018 11:30

  104. Kitty Tournament! First 96 kitties get to play.

    jodiferous11 , 14 March 2018 03:19

  105. Interested in buying a Gen 1 Purebred Gerbil...anyone gots?

    jaywalholl , 14 March 2018 07:59

      Not exactly, but check this: https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/494407

      barruntado , 14 March 2018 11:06

      What does this mean?

      As far as I am aware there are no Gen 1 purebred gerbils in the game and there never will be. Maybe I'm confused about your question. What exactly do you mean by a "Gen 1 purebred gerbil"? Can you link to an example?

      playfulexistence , 14 March 2018 23:42

      120 pure bred Gerbil for sale now. Just need to sift through the listings to find a gen1 that fits your budget


      noob-breeder , 16 March 2018 01:51

  106. We are doing some minor maintenance on Wednesday, March 14th, at 11 am PST.

    DERPYBASTARD , 14 March 2018 02:18

  107. Favorite or Funny or Best Cat Name...?

    glitterchoke , 13 March 2018 18:48

      I have some:

      'The fantastic machine gum': https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/544429

      'Recessive Gambler': https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/539631

      'Amethyts Puker': https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/526248

      kryptofan , 13 March 2018 19:00

      Ninja Parents - 💎Turd Child: https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/548475

      we had such high hopes..

      nigerianprincessa , 13 March 2018 18:50

      glitterchoke , 13 March 2018 18:52

      glitterchoke , 13 March 2018 18:56

      Duke Nukem: https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/566212

      ok, hopefully that gets people started ;)

      glitterchoke , 13 March 2018 18:57

  108. Cryptokitties can help endangered big cats and help stop wild game hunting

    LettersFrNorway , 13 March 2018 11:55

      I would donate a cat to an account that promised to use proceeds for something good

      1234qwert , 13 March 2018 18:36

      I also already thought about this, how the game really could help (small and big) cats. I would like to get a Big Cats series as Fancies... snow leopards <3

      Or some special traits representing different cats. For example claws on the paws. Or big serval ears...

      dystodesi , 13 March 2018 22:47

      Check out this subreddit to donate your kitties to a great cause! 😻 https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoKitties/comments/849jsy/ck_team_launches_john_oliver_account/

      Jrskow , 14 March 2018 05:07

  109. For many hours, search hints do not work and "all cattributes" page is empty.

    RollDiceClub , 13 March 2018 22:49

      Problem solved :)

      DERPYBASTARD , 14 March 2018 03:07

      I was trying to figure out why KittyExtension was not working for me either and I am guessing this may be why

      lion9327 , 13 March 2018 23:36

      We're well aware of this problem and it's being fixed.

      Could you clarify what you mean with "search hints"?

      DERPYBASTARD , 13 March 2018 23:41

  110. Some long awaited updates about the China launch!

    DERPYBASTARD , 13 March 2018 04:20

      Great news. Happy to hear progress is being made and love the transparency.

      twitchtvbitcoinlouie , 13 March 2018 09:32

      what do you mean "Note that their kitty sales don't directly influence market prices."?

      hash_kitty , 13 March 2018 12:23

      great news but it,s going to take a few months for cryptokitties to pick up in china but the game could be a big hit overthere

      franckgant , 13 March 2018 16:31

      Well, the whales market is not a 'black market' or illegal. At the moment I don't know anything about 'stolen' cats. We have to remember that a CK is an ethereum token. These tokens have a lot of potencial to build any kind of applications. Now I prefer going with the official site to trade cats.

      kryptofan , 13 March 2018 18:40

      You wrote: "In other news: an Android app is in the works!" Can I link to the Android application? or its name in the application store. Thank you.

      ant200709 , 13 March 2018 10:44

  111. Something shady seems to be going on...

    kittynonsense , 13 March 2018 10:56

      I wrote an article to try to help players still interact with the Smart Contract and be able to perform actions even if the front end of the website is down: https://medium.com/@cryptokittyhawk/playing-cryptokitties-on-the-blockchain-b15ceb6269d7

      Because this game is on the blockchain, it never stops even if the website is necessarily down for maintenance (every website goes down for maintenance) so the best thing you can do is the same thing the whales do, which is spend the time to learn how to use the blockchain directly. They've invested not only a ton of money, but an incredible number of hours in learning about the market and every tip and trick, so of course they use them all. The cool thing about Cryptokitties in my opinion is that any one of these players is almost always willing to share with you exactly what they're doing and why! Watch JiHoZ stream and he tells you his exact strategy. He will link you to the tools you need to buy kitties the way he does.

      If using the blockchain doesn't appeal to you, then there are still other solutions out there like https://opensea.io/assets/cryptokitties and other third party marketplaces. Again, because this game is on the blockchain, these marketplaces continue to function even when the front end website is down for maintenance. Let me know if there's any questions you have about all this or any way I or others in the community can help! I've spent literally hundreds of hours (I'd estimate a minimum of 50 hours a week since mid December) getting to know and understand this stuff, and as with building KittyCalc.co to help spread that knowledge and share it with the community, I'm absolutely here to help anyone learn whatever they want to learn.

      AtAlanfalcon , 13 March 2018 11:12

      Once gen0s are on sales auction it cannot be normally stopped or cancelled. Also it may seem shady, but I am sure it is just an unfortunate coincidence. It is most likely that buyer was using a script to interact directly with the contract, so downtime did not affect him. In fact, if you can buy directly from contract site maintenance is a great time to buy on auction - for obvious reasons there are less buyers at that time. I can also imagine that some shady player could DDOS CK site to knock other players out of auctions, but I believe we are not at that stage yet.

      So as /u/AtAlanfalcon pointed out - best thing you can do is to learn how to buy from the contract. So you do depend on site availability, which is really not great lately. But it is really hard technical task to keep it synced and running under heavy load - so I would not expect situation to change soon. You can start by using myetherwallet and etherscan - there was a tutorial on that somewhere around.

      hash_kitty , 13 March 2018 11:50

      Opensea.io/assets/cryptokitties is the way to go when the site wont let you buy

      Slabmason710 , 13 March 2018 17:29

      Of course...as soon as I post to Reddit I refresh and the CK site and it’s back up. Who bought it...one of the whales.

      C’mon CK...you need to figure this shit out because that’s just straight up unacceptable.

      kittynonsense , 13 March 2018 11:00

      Hey hey hey.... wazza wassa waza wasaaaaa

      meadowpoe , 13 March 2018 18:11

  112. Who wanna get some twin-clones?

    Hecatonquiro , 13 March 2018 12:49

      gen0 gens are set directly by creator (devs), so it is definetly possible to have fully duplicated gens. Full list of twin-clones is longer than you might expect:

      • 73246 0xC925E6DC73C28C60C618A518808C49E49853C0282EA5E44C08E794B256420000
      • 73278 0xC925E6DC73C28C60C618A518808C49E49853C0282EA5E44C08E794B256420000
      • 149753 0x89AD961C62C78831C619658CC15C4BE408C21863690C95861BA79893185B0000
      • 149989 0x89AD961C62C78831C619658CC15C4BE408C21863690C95861BA79893185B0000
      • 160165 0x6DAD94124A6784314C398604E35C72E418C118630E0CE4860BA494C2165B0000
      • 160577 0x6DAD94124A6784314C398604E35C72E418C118630E0CE4860BA494C2165B0000
      • 160799 0x2DB1955E72C784304C318410C0CC5AE49CC3186369A0315248869083D85A0000
      • 161039 0x2DB1955E72C784304C318410C0CC5AE49CC3186369A0315248869083D85A0000
      • 161221 0x2DB1955E72C784304C318410C0CC5AE49CC3186369A0315248869083D85A0000
      • 161500 0x2DB1955E72C784304C318410C0CC5AE49CC3186369A0315248869083D85A0000
      • 175455 0x89B9E69E43251C338A198400C0145B8410C118606E00954608E41892D6420000
      • 176006 0x89B9E69E43251C338A198400C0145B8410C118606E00954608E41892D6420000
      • 176553 0x8DB594D243418431CE188100E0184AE6885358616A80618271879083525A0000
      • 176574 0x8DB594D243418431CE188100E0184AE6885358616A80618271879083525A0000
      • 182444 0xC9ADE51E72458831C620010083544BC608C200636AA4648209A71892565A0000
      • 182659 0xC9ADE51E72458831C620010083544BC608C200636AA4648209A71892565A0000
      • 193727 0xADB195DC7BC50831C6304411621652E61CC20A63CE8D118C31A690B2185B0000
      • 194021 0xADB195DC7BC50831C6304411621652E61CC20A63CE8D118C31A690B2185B0000
      • 204207 0x2D31F7D84B650C31C619831062904BE41C030660CE0D374230E4989252420000
      • 204563 0x2D31F7D84B650C31C619831062904BE41C030660CE0D374230E4989252420000
      • 268523 0xEFBD94DE7BE308318E19A49482584B061CC0063B6E20E74C70E6189316630000
      • 268795 0xEFBD94DE7BE308318E19A49482584B061CC0063B6E20E74C70E6189316630000
      • 292332 0xAF3D951C7BA28833CC20A19082D872C408C0183B6E38955C30A79082D25A0000
      • 292467 0xAF3D951C7BA28833CC20A19082D872C408C0183B6E38955C30A79082D25A0000
      • 292671 0xAF3D951C7BA28833CC20A19082D872C408C0183B6E38955C30A79082D25A0000
      • 305289 0xEFB5979C4BE318638631AA04C2987284007040392F8D144630A610B2105A0000
      • 305701 0xEFB5979C4BE318638631AA04C2987284007040392F8D144630A610B2105A0000
      • 305715 0xEFB5979C4BE318638631AA04C2987284007040392F8D144630A610B2105A0000
      • 306562 0xEFBDF79C4BA59863C6194011825A5B0600C04E61090C90924BA51093564A0000
      • 306793 0xEFBDF79C4BA59863C6194011825A5B0600C04E61090C90924BA51093564A0000
      • 313121 0x29BDE75842C584304E298180E29A530600C0D861EE29604630841CC212630000
      • 313144 0x29BDE75842C584304E298180E29A530600C0D861EE29604630841CC212630000
      • 324049 0xADBDF71C43421831C638248CC01843040070CA616ABC91423086988312620000
      • 324192 0xADBDF71C43421831C638248CC01843040070CA616ABC91423086988312620000
      • 328932 0xEFBD979852E184614E1986106294530104C0D8612E29E5921BC418C358620000
      • 329043 0xEFBD979852E184614E1986106294530104C0D8612E29E5921BC418C358620000
      • 329198 0xEFBD979852E184614E1986106294530104C0D8612E29E5921BC418C358620000
      • 329414 0xEFBD979852E184614E1986106294530104C0D8612E29E5921BC418C358620000
      • 617062 0xEF8D129E420FBCE18A3AE09DC746414CA9538048C909939C338414B3D05B0000
      • 617077 0x678012C22160BDE51C0BEF9162C4184EA95344014FB810421AE49C92D8420000
      • 617101 0x0194401E2BEB2DE398788F1467D86ACA35C70460622D904C0A869494187A0000
      • 617221 0xEF8D129E420FBCE18A3AE09DC746414CA9538048C909939C338414B3D05B0000
      • 617235 0x678012C22160BDE51C0BEF9162C4184EA95344014FB810421AE49C92D8420000
      • 617252 0x0194401E2BEB2DE398788F1467D86ACA35C70460622D904C0A869494187A0000

      hash_kitty , 13 March 2018 13:06

  113. CryptoKitties on “Last Week Tonight!”

    Jrskow , 13 March 2018 05:02

      as someone who works in marketing, they should take you up on this idea. also, i'll totally send a cat.

      glitterchoke , 13 March 2018 05:03


      Jrskow , 13 March 2018 05:07

      They need to do this. CK sucks at this kind of thing tho. Users should spam john oliver with cryptokitties

      i_love_mnml , 13 March 2018 06:19

      You guys, the John Oliver account is now live, and in the hands of a CK team member, so you know it’s safe! Let’s get CK on Last Week Tonight! https://www.cryptokitties.co/profile/0x9523a3bed7249616a819b70fa6eb45975e1fd342

      Jrskow , 14 March 2018 00:15

      CK needs a press release with a press pack inviting all elements of the press to a press day. They need to create a story that people are interested in, like advertising the 888 kitty along with the app. It'll probably get that press when the app is fully launched then you'll see it everywhere. Late night weekend shows are always late to the party, it starts with the news and twitter.

      ALB269 , 13 March 2018 05:45

  114. And we are off the the races.. 18 left in Kitty Clock..

    boom603 , 13 March 2018 13:44

  115. gen774 kitty? How is that possible?

    decentraal , 13 March 2018 10:17

      Owner is trying to reach gen1000

      kryptofan , 13 March 2018 14:45

      50-60 eth + a lot of patience and dedication )

      hash_kitty , 13 March 2018 10:32

  116. Anyone else experiencing slow CK website?

    jaywalholl , 13 March 2018 08:16

      DB slowed down to a halt, so we are doing some maintenance on it to get it back up as soon as possible 👍

      flockonus , 13 March 2018 10:04

      same here, api.cryptokitties.co responds slowly or timeout, so kitties not displayed in My Kitties/Market Place

      hash_kitty , 13 March 2018 08:30

      yep ;)

      decentraal , 13 March 2018 08:34

      The website won't load my profile. I had to reload my MetaMask wallet (new PC) and the webpage is stuck on "Updating Profile..."

      BLKMDNA , 13 March 2018 08:48

      Says they're working on it now, so guess it's down

      jaywalholl , 13 March 2018 09:11

  117. How to Make ETH in CK and Why Fancy Breeding is a Race to the Bottom

    glitterchoke , 13 March 2018 00:32

      axiom zen is doing great with cryptokitties but some players spent huge amounts of eth on cryptokitties it,s going to be hard for them to make a profit

      franckgant , 13 March 2018 01:31

      Another way: Buying gen0s at low price (under 0.2 eth) and holding for the 2019 scarcity times... I agree with your ideas about the fancy economics, for example a fancy of 4 traits: in order to have chance of success we need a couple of 3/4 of that traits. Creating the 3/4 cats from zero, is very expensive task: We need 4 initials cats to build each 3/4. Usually only fancies of gen 4,5,6 have good prices (more than 1 eth), gen 7,8,9 (under .5), so the 4 'founders' for the 3/4 has to be gen 0 to gen 3 or 4. Only people with more than 200 cats have all the ingredients ready or people full of high gen cats

      kryptofan , 13 March 2018 02:09

      Oh, and Axiom Zen makes their ETH by taking a % of every transaction. So, the more breeding and selling the more ETH they make.

      glitterchoke , 13 March 2018 01:13

      glitterchoke , 13 March 2018 02:16

  118. What is your least favorite Cattribute?

    matteblackale , 13 March 2018 02:24

      I was just thinking about this...! I equally dislike saycheese, alien, and serpent. tho my thought is always: KILL IT WITH FIRE, KILL IT WITH FIRE ;)

      glitterchoke , 13 March 2018 02:28

      Spangled: Cats look kind of sick

      kryptofan , 13 March 2018 02:47

      I think many traits linked to fancies might end up being on this list. you grow to hate seeing the same (wrong) traits pop out. i think it's probably bad for certain cat traits overall...

      glitterchoke , 13 March 2018 02:34


      nightporter , 13 March 2018 03:13

      Totes basic, amur, Ragdoll, Selkirk, Sandalwood. I've owned them, I still own them and I hate them.

      ALB269 , 13 March 2018 05:48

  119. Bad timing

    duuren , 13 March 2018 00:17

      You think it's bad for crypto? Most ethtraders complain that new ico's suck ether out of the market. I would think a China ico would do quite well. I'd try to get on the whitelist!

      dont_hate_scienceguy , 13 March 2018 10:43

  120. Is it possible to buy a kitty "manually" or directly through the smart contract? (Without the UI)

    hackedieter , 12 March 2018 18:07

      Yes, it is but you have to use the CryptoKittieSales contract, not the CryptoKittiesCore contract, and the Function is "bid".

      weareallfungi , 12 March 2018 18:39

      Yep. You sure can.

      gacbmmml , 12 March 2018 23:59

  121. Etherbots/WorldOfEther/Ethercraft - Is anyone worried about alt-games?

    ALB269 , 12 March 2018 08:02

      Your crystal ball would show you that etherbots is an endless hole of money, have any etherbots sold for 150eth? Do they have heaps of fan created content? Do they have legit partnerships? Do they have derpy? Theses and many other questions will need to be answered before anyone can judge.

      pirahnatsunami66 , 12 March 2018 08:45

      yes too many games but cryptokitties is the best game a lot of crypto games will flop cryptokitties will go up in value along with cryptopunks the first cryptocollectables concept on the blockchain

      franckgant , 12 March 2018 16:37

      But what about crypto soccer? Rabona.me launched yesterday too

      SavannaZeigler , 12 March 2018 17:31

      I am not worried about new games. Actually, this is the best way to increase popularity among all of them and compare which ones are the better. Cryptokitties will last forever as it was the first one and people love cats. Actually, I am so building a game. I am a soccer fan and decided to build a prediction game for the World Cup with also ERC 721 tokens. The name is www.cryptocup.io. The most interesting thing, is that you participate for a pot made by the users who decide to buy the ticket to participate

      I love ethereum games, and hope all of them keep growing. My 4 cats increased around 20% in value

      fgoldberg1 , 12 March 2018 21:58

  122. What's up with the Chinese kitties?

    slickd0g , 12 March 2018 07:23

      It's only been 4 days since Chinese kitty's appeared and what's wrong with Chinese kitty's? Are you a kittyist?

      mobmen , 12 March 2018 08:02

      yes there is a lot of marketing going on with china it,s a huge market but it,s going to be hard for the game to pick up in china maybe axiom zen should also market the game in japan korea and western europe

      franckgant , 12 March 2018 16:32

      I like it. Hope there will be more bios in different languages. I already like my kitty saying "Guten tag!"... although it should be "Guten Tag!".

      dystodesi , 12 March 2018 22:01

      Nothing wrong other than I don’t speak mandarin and can’t read their descriptions.

      slickd0g , 12 March 2018 08:04


    ChuckFresco , 12 March 2018 03:18

      Hi Everyone,

      This is an interview with Mack Flavelle one of the founders of CryptoKitties where he discusses the origins of the game and everything Cryptokitties. Thanks to /u/twitchtvbitcoinlouie for hosting the interview

      Topics Discussed:

      • Origins of CryptoKitties
      • Possible VR in Cryptokitties
      • Kitty Sink
      • Collectibles

      ChuckFresco , 12 March 2018 03:21

      Great job chuck!

      twitchtvbitcoinlouie , 12 March 2018 09:55

      great interview yes axiom zen should team up with others Companies for AR and VR contents that would really be cool. So much possibilities about the new fancies it,s great they are plenty new directions new fancies can take.All the news fancies are really great. and yes cryptopunks are really amazing cryptocollectables nobody knows about the concept they are so cheap

      franckgant , 12 March 2018 21:56

  124. New! (Free, Open) SQL Database Schema / Tables for CryptoKitties for Easy Stats / Queries / Analytics and More - Tables incl. kitties, genes, traits, ...

    geraldbauer , 11 March 2018 23:15

      Hi, I think that's a great initiative, totally support it. I run my own DB with CK data so here it its schema https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ai4P81xJXMTQa0E-aKVasF5ONZc

      Few comments on your schema: 1) May add extra tables for market analytics: auctions and owners. So one may query sales data and check kitties distribution among players. 2) May add some extra fields to kitties: owner, children count, next action at - those are important in some queries.

      In my DB, I keep genes as binary(32) and that's not the best approach for querying on genes - so like your approach with queryable genes and traits, but not sure if it is a big overhead for storage.

      The most difficult thing is to keep DB with the chain, I have limited resource dedicated to DB, so cannot use very aggressive sync. I use following approach: have a script running 24/7 on schedule (every 10-20 mins), script reads new events from the CK smart contracts and push them (with bulk inserts) to DB without pre-processing (those tables are in upper part of diagram). Once events are imported, script launches few stored procedures to "parse" event data and insert new rows to Kitties, Auctions and Owners tables (lower part of diagram). Then I can query those tables easier. This approach works quite stable and does not consume resources, event import can be more aggressive but not faster than once per minute in my experience.

      hash_kitty , 12 March 2018 16:36


      I've put together a (free, open source) SQL database schema / tables for CryptoKitties. Still early and suggestions more than welcome on how to make it better, easier, faster, etc. The tables incl. kitties (of course), genes, traits and more. The idea is to make queries easy (thus, all 48 genes of a kitty in a "flat" genes tables along with all others).

      Example SQL query to find all kitties with two traits - let's use the trait savannah (fur) with the id 0 and the trait tiger (pattern) with the id 33:

      SELECT id FROM  kitties           WHERE body_id = 0 AND pattern_id = 33 

      Find the database schema source (will generate SQL flavors for SQLite, PostgreSQL, etc.) at the Copycats project. Cheers. Prost.

      geraldbauer , 11 March 2018 23:22

  125. Hello I'm new to crypto kitties and my transactions keep failing. What can I do about this?

    DemonyxCG , 11 March 2018 21:45

      Which function are you calling? Check transaction input data. If you call bid for CryptoKittiesSalesAuction contract, most likely that kitty is already sold (it may be not reflected on the site) or transaction value is not enough to buy.

      You can check actual price here: https://etherscan.io/address/0xb1690c08e213a35ed9bab7b318de14420fb57d8c#readContract. Enter kitty id next to getCurrentPrice and click query - you will get price in wei, 0 means that kitty is sold.

      hash_kitty , 11 March 2018 22:00

  126. So was the china launch a bust? Gen0's keep dropping with nobody buying

    xboxerdude , 11 March 2018 17:52

      So far it's just a beta release in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong but limited to 5000 iOS users. Not fully released in the app store and then we still have android and the rest of the world. Patience is a virtue unless you enjoy panic selling :)

      Isa_ak , 11 March 2018 19:21

      Buy gen0s, after nov/2018 each gen0 will be priceless, maybe 3 or 4 eth. Last time cryptowhales waited until the price was under 0.1 eth. So I think in less than 48 hours another whale is going to buy many gen0s

      kryptofan , 11 March 2018 18:46

      yes people could be stuck with huge stocks of cryptokitties for months it,s not going to be easy for cryptokitties to pick up in china and elsewhere but the app could be a game changer for the game long term

      franckgant , 11 March 2018 20:08

      What's the best website to check the prices of recent trades of cats of a certain generation?

      Zyj , 13 March 2018 11:49

      Maybe an opportunity to buy on the dip?

      boom603 , 11 March 2018 18:15

  127. Weird Ideas about recessive genes and cooldown time

    kryptofan , 11 March 2018 19:04

      making catatonic cats fast again will lead to the fast population growth and fast inflation, so cats with generation 1 and higher will cost almost nothing (as it is now).

      On the other hand when gen 0 are not produced any more and all of them become catatonic (at some point), production of gen 1 will decrease significantly and price for those will go up if demand remains. Then same thing happens to gen 2 and so on. Production for lower generation will decrease and value will move to higher generation. So I would say that economy of a game is well thought and limited population is growth is important aspect and not be changed.

      hash_kitty , 11 March 2018 22:14

  128. New tools at RDC - Family Jewels!

    RollDiceClub , 11 March 2018 03:56

      That's my kitty!

      Slabmason710 , 11 March 2018 06:01

      Amazing! Thank you very much for building this :-)

      Overwatch_Falcon , 11 March 2018 07:14

      Great feature! Thank you!

      CatCreators , 11 March 2018 10:10

      Awesome. Any idea why this cat is coming up with no wild, wierd genes? http://www.rolldice.club/cryptokitties/wkt_kitty.php?id=611593

      glitterchoke , 11 March 2018 17:38

      This tool is BEAUTIFUL. This provide another dimension to ck. I tested many of my cats. Just I would like to know how to differentiate the mewtations from family jewels in this tool.

      kryptofan , 11 March 2018 18:53

  129. Has anyone here personally used a firefly? Just wanted to see how it is before i decide on building one

    ADHDownsyndrome , 11 March 2018 04:31

      I ... what... how... this... I want this.

      Overwatch_Falcon , 11 March 2018 07:17

      I've ordered the parts a couple of weeks ago... still waiting for them to arrive.

      Zyj , 13 March 2018 11:50

  130. Full set of Family Jewels (all 8) - how rare is it?

    CatCreators , 11 March 2018 10:03

      if you could get all the jewels to match that would be cool. like 8 diamonds or 8 gilded. im not too sure if people care much about family jewels yet other than diamonds and gilded. I make 8 diamond kittys and its a really niche market so i dont imagine 8 jewel cats to be much of a large market.

      Slabmason710 , 11 March 2018 10:11

      I think that family jewells add value to a cat. Now Mewtations are really serious thing: Diamonds are priceless, Gilded are ok. Amethyts and lapis looks good in your cats. All of this are tools to evaluate a particular cat. Try to find similars cats like yours and try to sell the thing for a price like 1 Ether for 1 month just to see what happen.

      kryptofan , 11 March 2018 14:44

  131. Kitties on the Blockchain - Open Dataset in comma-separated values (CSV) format (in blocks of a thousand kitties each)

    geraldbauer , 10 March 2018 22:30

      Awesome. I'm sure some interesting stats could come out of all that data!

      rocketleaguebr0 , 10 March 2018 22:41

      Amazing job. Just a question: The notation is binary or Kai? So for the '1', in Kai is '00000' and for axiom zen is '00001'.

      kryptofan , 11 March 2018 03:34

  132. axiom zen did a great job on the new fancies they are all great any thoughts?

    franckgant , 10 March 2018 23:01

      there are so many different of them.. too many. sorry.

      Asgeisk , 11 March 2018 01:23

      ...too many too soon...encouraging for the value of our low gen high value trait cats though ;))...dragon cat (888) and the 88 dog cats the exception and the most collectible out of the bunch (imo)...we have cats in circulation with traits in the general pop that have far fewer brethren than 88 or 250/500/1000/2000 and imo therein lies near term/long term value...have fun -we await ;)))

      McDuff_71 , 11 March 2018 03:48

  133. Cattribute/breeding

    _Hnnng_ , 10 March 2018 19:59

      It depends which kitties you have, as it costs 0.008 eth every time you breed you can sometimes buy a kitty cheaper.

      nightporter , 10 March 2018 21:52

      IMO I would read up on (https://cryptokitties411.com/home/) before you start investing and spending ETH on "accumulating more kitties".

      weareallfungi , 11 March 2018 08:32


    ChuckFresco , 09 March 2018 20:51

      Hi Everyone,

      This is an interview with Elsa and Layne from the CryptoKitties team where they discuss their roles in the team and everything you would like to know about Fancies. Thanks to /u/twitchtvbitcoinlouie for hosting the interview

      Topics Discussed:

      • Layne's Role with Fancies
      • Future Ninjas
      • Earnie's Future
      • Family Jewels Purpose
      • Possible Changes to Future Fancy Hunts

      ChuckFresco , 09 March 2018 20:54

  135. The REAL rules to win in collectibles in the long term.

    AleknaJul , 09 March 2018 20:17

      With every new Fancy... old, supposedly useless, traits become valuable again. My useless bearded calicool didn't sell at 0,005 for quite a while, but since the latest fancy they are sold at multiple 5. It's all in the combinations, common traits today will be scarce tomorrow (aka months). I think that's some unique daring fun part of CK. Take care all

      veselyr , 10 March 2018 00:49

      yes you a right low id cryptokitties up to 10000 are going to go up in value.right now market is slow and eth price is down investors should buy up all the stock available for cheap before the launch of the app in china and the rest of the world

      franckgant , 09 March 2018 20:28

      I agree, however I would like to add that the 'Date' a coin was minted or an Auto Produced, or the Date a Paper, Ticket or Stamp was printed is of utmost importance and currently overlooked by most of the community, as I am sure the first Inverted Jenny was in 1918.

      boom603 , 09 March 2018 23:11

      How about this pair?

      Gen99 Momo-Chan + Gen99 Negato?

      The only gen99 pair out of the 500 ninja.

      gen99 momo + negato

      noob-breeder , 10 March 2018 13:58

      I just bought Kitty 6969 for .5 Eth Thank you for mentioning this in your listing. Not only is it in the top 10,000 but it may also be a collectible number for some

      kdblond , 10 March 2018 00:41

  136. 600000 is the magic number. O numbers - do they matter? Apparently, yes.

    berzelis , 09 March 2018 21:12

      I have witnessed everything with my own eyes. It was hilarious! ;D especialy that Joey guy and Public Prostitution Promoting Program. Haha PPPP ;D sounds legit

      SteveBorneo , 09 March 2018 21:17

      Moreriversplease , 09 March 2018 21:22

      marketing at it,s best there was the 500000 hype the china hype the new fancy hype the app hype what will be the next hype anyway there are still some great deals to be made but don,t follow the hype follow the investment

      franckgant , 09 March 2018 21:23

      what about cat 666666????

      kryptofan , 09 March 2018 22:14

  137. Noob here. What am I looking for?

    deviantkindle , 10 March 2018 04:29

      You are looking for kitty411.com and Jody’s awesome posts

      NARW_Bombard , 10 March 2018 04:39

      The point of the game is to buy a cat, breed it with another cat to get a rarer cat that you sell for more ethereum. Cats have cattriubutes, some are worth more than others, the bad ones could be worth more in the future if they are needed to make a fancy or a rare cattribute. Look for kitties with Mewtations or a few Gems, I personally try and make new cattributes and make the cats people are going to need for the fancies i.e. 3/4 Lion (googly manx starstruck royalblue) or 4/5 Fortune (swampgreen calicool harbourfog beard sapphire).

      If you want more info on cattributes check out https://kittycalc.co/traits/ It's a little out of date rn but it'll give you a basic idea on where to start. Reading the reddit posts help too. Good Luck 👌😁

      ALB269 , 10 March 2018 14:06

  138. Likу. Spam. Today I noticed: !!!

    ant200709 , 10 March 2018 04:18

      This does seem to be an issue but rest assured that these kinds of 'bot-liked' cats cannot win official competitions.

      ---Mercy--- , 10 March 2018 11:48

      Devs shut this down. Now an account has to have a cat before it can like other cats. There were bots that opened new accounts and liked cats...over and over and over again. The cats on the most liked page have not changed since mod so I think like bots are officially dead

      Steven-Patrick , 11 March 2018 01:48

  139. Kittens not showing up

    Xen626 , 09 March 2018 21:41

      Whenever you import your DEN you need to re-enter your email address and username. Have you already been prompted with this after going to https://www.cryptokitties.co/ and logging in on metamask?

      DERPYBASTARD , 10 March 2018 00:40

      I have same problem as OP. I did re-enter my credentials, but when I go to My Kitties, there's nothing there.

      jaywalholl , 13 March 2018 08:18

  140. NEW FANCY: Puss For Progress 🚺 SafetyVest/PoisonBerry

    ALB269 , 09 March 2018 17:04

      poisonberry is not mutant trait, so there is no recipe: https://cryptokittydex.com/genes-kai/20/4

      hash_kitty , 09 March 2018 18:02

      Great, I got a Himalayan Peach Gerbil Kittie and no ETH to buy or breed anything. So close. :(

      dystodesi , 10 March 2018 15:55

  141. What Can We Learn From CryptoKitties?

    Jelvix , 09 March 2018 19:01

  142. I've figured out how to unlock this secret My Kitties feature.

    AtAlanfalcon , 09 March 2018 03:59

      wait wait wait...I think I know what's going on here. Alan just photoshopped that search feature into My Kitties so we'd all freak out and ask him how he did it, and then the developers would realize how desperately we all want it, and then they'd make it for us. right???

      In that case, let's just fill up this thread with a ton of requests, shall we? Because I want to search my kitties! WHO'S WITH ME?!!!

      jodiferous11 , 09 March 2018 04:30

      Please reply to this comment or post a new comment if you want access to the search feature on the My Kitties page!

      AtAlanfalcon , 09 March 2018 04:05

      https://www.cryptokitties.co/my-kitties/all?search=spock+cymric ..... just replace SPOCK & CYMRIC with the traits you like ;)

      decentraal , 09 March 2018 08:13

      how?! need so bad lol

      JamesGatz_thehomie , 09 March 2018 04:04

      We need THIS, right now!

      vanitasCG , 09 March 2018 04:05

  143. 400 kitties left to breed for KITTY 600000!!!!!

    berzelis , 09 March 2018 12:33

      God damn it my timing was slightly off.

      pileofusedneedles , 09 March 2018 13:50

      Only 3 minutes or so

      pileofusedneedles , 09 March 2018 13:51

  144. Wooh my first cat up for sire

    ThatLeftClick , 09 March 2018 06:29

  145. Public Prostitution Starts Now! Please wonk this ''Purr'' anyway you like Sire!

    adventuresociety , 08 March 2018 18:00

      lol at a crazy ridiculous price

      OSU_OSU , 08 March 2018 18:13

      HAHA that's wonderful

      AleknaJul , 08 March 2018 19:05

      Lol, aint this epic :D

      NationalGrass , 08 March 2018 18:13

  146. I think the Bad Date/Say Cheese combo might make for the most uncomfortable looking kitty

    Ryan_JK , 08 March 2018 22:40

      don't bother me - I'm pooping

      nigerianprincessa , 08 March 2018 23:48

      Looks like it's about to burst into tears.

      Mr_R_Andom , 08 March 2018 23:23

      Oh man you're right hahaha

      DERPYBASTARD , 09 March 2018 02:16

      lol, that one definately needs a Missmuffet to cuddle with ;-)

      veselyr , 10 March 2018 00:51

      This isn't my kitty but baddate starstruck elk is a pretty weird one... Looks like the antlers have grown in its head overnight and it's just seen itself in the mirror: https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/554221

      ALB269 , 12 March 2018 16:56


    Jrskow , 09 March 2018 07:33


    ALB269 , 09 March 2018 01:26

      that doesn't mean they were bred in China......That means in the virtual world of CK the kitty is "from" China and has a Mandarin bio. The red writing just signifies that it has a Mandarin bio. There are many many westerns that are breeding and producing cats with red writing. Heck I even made lions kitties and they have red writing and I am from Colorado.

      weareallfungi , 09 March 2018 01:45

  149. CryptoKitties iOS App launch in China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan - TNW (The Next Web)

    adeldemeyer , 08 March 2018 16:49

      cryptokitties is getting are lot of media coverage it,s great news

      franckgant , 08 March 2018 20:19

  150. Would you bet your Crypto Kittie on your favourite team/sport?

    cryptosportz , 08 March 2018 18:24

      cryptokitties as collateral it,a great idea give it a try it could work

      franckgant , 08 March 2018 20:24

      Ok, I have some kitties for that idea. So the winner is going to get more kitties?

      kryptofan , 08 March 2018 20:55

      Love it! Hard to compare relative value of my favorite kitty vs your favorite kitty, but I’m sure there’s a way to make this work!

      WeAllMagic , 08 March 2018 21:33

      great ider

      CheapKitty , 09 March 2018 04:33

      Thats great idea bro :)

      bluebmt , 09 March 2018 09:12

  151. Kai notation, missing oportunity

    kryptofan , 08 March 2018 14:11

      The official name of the notation is base58 but the guy who introduced it is called Kai. Base58 is slightly different from base64 as it leaves out a few characters to avoid human error. In base58 the following are left out: 0, O, I (capital i), l (lowercase L), + and /.

      DERPYBASTARD , 08 March 2018 16:26

      It makes sense that developers are using hex notation not kai for fancies. Kai is "unofficial" and easier for people to read so you don't mix 0-o 1-l. I would let them coexist as they now. I guess people who try to breed fancies in advance, should understand the risk because all assumptions on fancy traits may go wrong. I myself totally failed few times on that, but I don't blame kai ) Maybe just keep in mind that devs not using kai next time.

      hash_kitty , 08 March 2018 14:42

      If it helps - over at the copycats and the awesome cryptokitties pages I always include this cheat sheet / quick reference for kai:

      Kai (Base32) Notation

      |Kai|Binary |Num|Kai|Binary |Num|Kai|Binary |Num|Kai|Binary |Num| |---|-------|---|---|-------|---|---|-------|---|---|-------|---| | 1 | 00000 | 0 | 9 | 01000 | 8 | h | 10000 |16 | q | 11000 |24 | | 2 | 00001 | 1 | a | 01001 | 9 | i | 10001 |17 | r | 11001 |25 | | 3 | 00010 | 2 | b | 01010 | 10| j | 10010 |18 | s | 11010 |26 | | 4 | 00011 | 3 | c | 01011 | 11| k | 10011 |19 | t | 11011 |27 | | 5 | 00100 | 4 | d | 01100 | 12| m | 10100 |20 | u | 11100 |28 | | 6 | 00101 | 5 | e | 01101 | 13| n | 10101 |21 | v | 11101 |29 | | 7 | 00110 | 6 | f | 01110 | 14| o | 10110 |22 | w | 11110 |30 | | 8 | 00111 | 7 | g | 01111 | 15| p | 10111 |23 | x | 11111 |31 | 

      Note: The digit-0 and the letter-l are NOT used in kai (same as in base 58).

      PS: And yes, kai is base-32 - it uses 5-bit, that is 25 = 32 (digits from 0 to 31). In Ruby a conversion looks like:

       ALPHABET = "123456789abcdefghijkmnopqrstuvwx"  BASE     = ALPHABET.length   ## 32 chars/letters/digits   # Converts a base10 integer to a base32 string.  def encode( num )     buf = String.new     while num >= BASE        mod = num % BASE        buf = ALPHABET[mod] + buf        num = (num - mod)/BASE     end     ALPHABET[num] + buf   end 

      Source: https://github.com/openblockchains/copycats/blob/master/lib/copycats/base32.rb

      geraldbauer , 08 March 2018 17:52

      so does this mean the gene calculators are wrong?

      xboxerdude , 08 March 2018 20:26

  152. Does the gene calculator lie? -Ganado + Norwegian Forrest-

    ALB269 , 09 March 2018 00:20

      Norwegian Ganado is the bomb dot com, but there’s a difference between a website providing a subjective cuteness rating and a kitty having value (and being easily sold!) on the marketplace. Cuteness/aesthetics is just one factor, and probably the least important between the big three factors of utility, scarcity, and appearance. Wait for the forest or ganado fancy to appear and then be glad you have some great kitties ready to offer up to kick off that market.

      Also, people cannot buy your kitties if they have a rising auction price unless they happen to use huge gas prices and get lucky. Don’t do that even the game lets you. (The transaction fails because by the time it goes through the blockchain process the selling price of the kitty is too high for the amount of ETH sent with the bid.) So even if people wanted your kitties at those prices, they probably couldn’t even buy.

      Good luck, and remember not to rely on any tool to tell you what to do. Don’t smash your TV just because you have a hammer that tells you it’s good at hitting things. Look at the market and your budget and your priorities and make your own choices in the game! :-)

      WeAllMagic , 09 March 2018 00:43

      Such a perfect combo! One day people will realize it and pay decent prices for these kitties :-) Not outrageous prices, but 0.015 seems reasonable for most of these Norwegian Sass Ganados :-) Have you seen Roseheart, my perfect Club💯 kitty? https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/507300

      She will never be reasonably priced, haha.

      AtAlanfalcon , 09 March 2018 03:48

      It's such a shame, never thought of the Sass combo, it looks amazing! Might get on trying to get some Royalblue Neckbeard in there just for the fluff of it 👌😂 I got this weird Ganado Neckbeard Bobtail and it kinda looks like an old man wearing a waist coat 🎩😁 https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/590803

      ALB269 , 09 March 2018 05:09

  153. How do i get one cat free?

    vojtik__ , 08 March 2018 21:06

      Easy - Go to fantasy Land and ask for Santa.

      boom603 , 09 March 2018 13:53

      Have you registered for an account? That’s the first step. Then share your profile url here. You will still need SOME ETH to do anything with your cat, even just to sell it or breed it with a sire, so get registered on an exchange where you can buy some ETH as well.

      WeAllMagic , 08 March 2018 21:35

      There are no free cats. You just buy yourself one. Cheap cats go for around 5 $

      artiscience , 08 March 2018 22:25

      Nothing in life is free home slice.

      mantiss87 , 08 March 2018 23:30


      SWATSON410 , 09 March 2018 00:50

  154. CryptoKitties to Launch Chinese-Language iOS App - Live interview with Co-Founder Benny Giang

    DERPYBASTARD , 08 March 2018 01:44

      Watching Benny answer every question so smooth. Props! Well done.

      twitchtvbitcoinlouie , 08 March 2018 16:48

      yes great interview it,s a big channel

      franckgant , 08 March 2018 20:27

  155. Kitty 888

    ALB269 , 08 March 2018 03:38

      It looks freaking amazing!!!

      ---Mercy--- , 08 March 2018 04:32

      ..unreal ;))

      McDuff_71 , 08 March 2018 06:04


      Jakenumber9 , 08 March 2018 09:49

      Want to decipher the "magic" genes of the Mother of Dragons Kitty :-). Use the kitty (copycats) offline genome / genes reader / reporter (†)! Try $ kitty 888 (and add to your datafiles: 888,0,a9ca 8875 7f44 ggfg 1616 7555 ddee 1224 8667 6634 f9gf fccf). Cheers. Prost.

      (†): https://github.com/openblockchains/copycats#kitty-command-line-tool

      geraldbauer , 08 March 2018 17:43

      How about making smart contract for collective buy of 888? So people would send some ether to the contract and when contract has enough to buy, it does. 888 is owned by the contract and ones who send ether own "shares" of that, so they decided what to do with it next.

      hash_kitty , 08 March 2018 22:14

  156. How much money did the creators make?

    cryptoshito , 08 March 2018 09:08

      Way too mux!

      meadowpoe , 08 March 2018 09:43

      You'd have to go through each of the contracts that actually make money, and look for any triggers of the withdrawal function... good luck to you. I'm sure someone could make a bit though.

      deathlyblack , 08 March 2018 13:52

      3.75% of all sales. Check the Whitepapurrrrrr! :)

      ---Mercy--- , 08 March 2018 14:00

      I am glad i don't do there taxes...

      boom603 , 08 March 2018 14:13

      One word. Lambos.

      CorkCrypto , 08 March 2018 13:49

  157. NEW FANCY: Dragon Kitty!

    ALB269 , 08 March 2018 03:20

      Manx Googly RoyalBlue Starstruck

      nigerianprincessa , 08 March 2018 04:57

      It looks like someone from Bolivia or Peru

      kryptofan , 08 March 2018 06:33

  158. Livestream Schedule!

    auroria-b , 07 March 2018 23:33

      The Stream link would help...

      RenaldoGouws , 08 March 2018 19:36

  159. New interface is nice, but can you search by price

    SlickMcFav0rit3 , 08 March 2018 08:03

      You can, its just a little different. I couldn't figure it at first..

      nightporter , 08 March 2018 15:23

      I think it's just glitchy. Every time you search on "for sale" then go to "all kitty's" the search clears so you have to type it out again as well... Super annoying but I think they'll fix it.

      ALB269 , 08 March 2018 09:59

  160. 18 Hour Livestream leading up to iOS launch in China!

    ddddddjim , 07 March 2018 20:22

      huge cryptokitties pump incoming from china make your bets sell your inventory before the market goes down again best buy gen 0 and 1 low id number up to 10000 and fancies

      franckgant , 07 March 2018 22:19

      Amazing!!! ❤️

      arthurcamara1 , 08 March 2018 04:01

      does anyone knows when is the full reléase of cryptokitties in china?any roadmap?

      franckgant , 07 March 2018 22:37

      We need some CK with number 8, like cat 8, 88, 888, 8888, 88888 those guys will be a lot of eth in China

      kryptofan , 07 March 2018 22:51

  161. Chinese cats can only breed with Chinese cats?

    ant200709 , 08 March 2018 04:28

      I believe to pass down the Chinese Bio a Chinese cat has to breed with a Chinese cat. I believe the Chinese and English cat can breed, but the Chinese bio won't get past down.

      weareallfungi , 08 March 2018 06:41

      decentraal , 09 March 2018 08:22

  162. kitty command line tool - CryptoKitties and Copycats Offline Gene Reader and Mix Gene (Matron+Sire) Breeding Reporter

    geraldbauer , 07 March 2018 22:13

      FYI: I've put together a new (free, open source) command line tool (use Ruby and $ gem install copycats) to install.

      Kitty Genes Reader / Report

      Pass in the id (e.g. 1, 43, etc.) of the kitty to print a genes report. Example:

       $ kitty 1 


       # Kitty #1   genes (kai): ccac 7787 fa7f afaa 1646 7755 f9ee 4444 6766 7366 cccc eede   Fur (Genes 0-3)   |Gene| Binary |Kai (Tier)| Trait      |    |  |----|--------|----------|------------|----|  | 0  | 01101  | e (I)    | **sphynx** | d  |  | 1  | 01100  | d (I)    | munchkin ) | r1 |  | 2  | 01101  | e (I)    | sphynx     | r2 |  | 3  | 01101  | e (I)    | sphynx     | r3 |   d = dominant, r1 = 1st order recessive, r2 = 2nd order recessive, r3 = 3rd order recessive [...] 

      Kitty Mix Genes (Matron + Sire) Report

      Pass in two ids for the matron and sire kitties to print a mix genes report. Example:

       $ kitty 2 43 


       # Kitty #2 + #43   genes (kai) 1: ca9c 7575 f442 af9g 6664 5557 7777 4444 6686 8667 cccc ffec  genes (kai) 2: ca9a 7588 72a7 fa9f 4111 5555 dedf 4444 5888 4666 cccc fded   Fur (Genes 0-3)   |Gene|Kai|Trait (Matron) |Kai|Trait (Sire)  |    |  |----|---|---------------|---|--------------|----|  | 0  | c | **himalayan** | d | **munchkin** | d  |  | 1  | e | sphynx        | e | sphynx       | r1 |  | 2  | f | ragamuffin    | d | munchkin     | r2 |  | 3  | f | ragamuffin    | f | ragamuffin   | r3 |  [...] 

      Enyoy. Cheers. Prost.

      geraldbauer , 07 March 2018 22:18

      Very nice and clean tool. I am looking for something similar to get the 'sales history' of a Cryptokitty

      kryptofan , 07 March 2018 22:46

  163. Earnie without the Earnie :(

    ennis_guy , 07 March 2018 18:48

      you and your wife appear to be some serious cat people with a very respectable catfolio

      nigerianprincessa , 07 March 2018 19:05

      Very cool looking cat indeed

      arthurcamara1 , 08 March 2018 04:03

      oh my goodness.... so a 'failed' Earnie, I think it has some value, hotrod is not common. People think 'failed' fancies are worthless but this is not true. Failed fancies are not common at all, even there are less failed Ernies than good Earnies

      kryptofan , 07 March 2018 20:21

      Omg I had the same issue with the Phuziqaat, Spent a load of ethereum on wouldabeen Phuzzi's, finally got one, sold it for 0.15 eth making hardly a profit then the cap came in THE NEXT DAY 😳The guy who bought it bred another 2 Phuzzi's out of it before I even got a chance with my catatonic's. Moved onto breeding cool cats now 👌😁 https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/592223 https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/590803 https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/558163

      ALB269 , 08 March 2018 02:25

  164. Attention Cat Breeders! We're happy & thrilled to announce a brand new Cryptokitties Bingo Game to Win Kitty #600000!

    adventuresociety , 07 March 2018 12:26

      Just wanted to weigh in, there's no official info about a special 600k kitty. It'll probably just be a cool number.

      DERPYBASTARD , 07 March 2018 16:14

      100.000, 200.000, 300.000 and 400,000 were not exclusive cats, so 600.000 is just going to be a normal cat but cat 888.888 will be 100 eth for china gamers. In some way cats with the 888.xxx serial will be 'rare' just 1000 of them, just put more 8's in the 'x' to increase price.

      kryptofan , 07 March 2018 14:24

      Time to bot?

      yolo_tuna , 07 March 2018 14:57

      E sera sera. What ever will be will be, the future is not for us to see e sera seraA

      zimukas , 07 March 2018 14:51

      here we go again!

      vardasss , 07 March 2018 12:28

  165. It official. China launch tomorrow!

    Steven-Patrick , 07 March 2018 01:40

  166. Breeding new traits for Aesthetic... More Profitable than Fancies?

    ALB269 , 07 March 2018 06:53

      "New" traits are new just for 1 or 2 months. Fancies are limited edition cats. But you are doing something good, Aesthetic is needed in this game, a good mix of colors is always welcome. I hope a black eye color as background.

      kryptofan , 07 March 2018 14:18

  167. helping real cats with crypto kitties?

    dystodesi , 06 March 2018 21:16

      Hi, welcome to Reddit! Yes, I think this is a great idea, and I think it would attract a new audience to play Cryptokitties, as well as promote Cryptokitties. All while helping real-life cats.

      I put forward a similar idea on the suggestion site, of having special "Big Cat" kitties, where special exclusive kitties would resemble endangered big Cats like Tigers and the money used to buy that cat would go to the World Wildlife Fund. I think the concept of charity kitties is something a lot of players would get behind. :) So I second this.

      AquaGoblin , 06 March 2018 22:08

      Great idea! If they implemented something like that I'd head back in.

      SeaOfDeadFaces , 06 March 2018 22:10

      Heya! We (2 of the mods) actually tried to set up something like this a month or two ago called "Kitties for Causes".

      Initially we had planned to donate %90 of every sale to local animal rescues, but it worked out to where the kitty floor was so cheap and the gas costs so high that it wouldn't have been able to sustain itself just in gas costs alone.

      So, we've been reworking the idea to where kitties donated to the account by the community are still sold at the original split, but we sell our own kitties on the same account at a %10 donation split to make up the cost, and to participate ourselves. :)

      Kitttyverse , 07 March 2018 03:11

      What if we all just donate unwanted cats to an account and that account can then maybe post the cast for sale. So the people who would buy these cats would be "rescuing" a cat in the game and IRL....

      1234qwert , 07 March 2018 18:59

  168. With China being Android-heavy, why the focus on iOS approval for the Chinese release?

    island-cats , 06 March 2018 02:46

      This move is done with Ethereum's capacity in mind. We don't want to flood the network by doing simultaneous world wide releases on all platforms. Remember early December? 80 gwei to get your transaction through wasn't fun.

      DERPYBASTARD , 06 March 2018 03:31

      I've heard because China is Android heavy...not as many people pissed off when website crashes then brings down ethereum network with it :) Plus Apple users have more Eth to spend

      Steven-Patrick , 06 March 2018 03:16

      Probably because there is a IOS MetaMask SDK to build ethereum aware mobile app, but there is no such thing for Android.

      CryptoPuppies , 06 March 2018 19:24

      This matter is really two separate things. Though ios has a better interface then Apple the problem is that the network is often clogged and cannot fulfill its purpose in the long term without some serious scaling it,s a problem for cryptokitties or any others blockchain games using ethers for transaction and usability any thought?

      franckgant , 06 March 2018 20:54

      IOS >>>>>> Andraid

      meadowpoe , 06 March 2018 10:18

  169. Help to determine worth for new user

    ardq67 , 06 March 2018 09:16

      maybe $35 bucks for the lot.

      helium_bet , 06 March 2018 10:47

      Don't sell anything less than 0.008 Eth if you've bred it yourself... eventually if we all do it, none of us will lose any money 👌😂

      ALB269 , 07 March 2018 06:44

  170. New gene wild "a" is first seen as recessive-3

    RollDiceClub , 06 March 2018 00:57

  171. New coloreyes "cyan" (g)

    RollDiceClub , 06 March 2018 01:00

  172. We are doing some minor maintenance on Tuesday, March 6th, at 10 am PST. Service will return within 30 minutes.

    DERPYBASTARD , 06 March 2018 00:07

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      timee_bot , 06 March 2018 00:07

  173. Price my Kitty & Thoughts on CryptoKitty Future

    YoungBootySensei , 05 March 2018 18:43

      I am thinking in Dec/2018 it seems gen0 will be very expensive at that moment 3 or 5 eth for each one. In 2019 CK will be less and less fun. So try to sell your kitty before 1 year from now.

      kryptofan , 05 March 2018 20:00

  174. Breeding experiment: difference between Dame and Sire tested

    CatCreators , 05 March 2018 11:35

      The wikileaks cats are 2 gen0, they breed every week one gen1, matron and sire roles has been interchanged many times, and every gen1 is totally diferent from its siblings.


      gen0's are 363461 and 301923

      kryptofan , 05 March 2018 20:07

      One could do such experiment for "free" by reading genetics smart contract. Just call mixGenes functions passing your sireId, matronId and block number which is not older than 200 blocks from current - you will get same result as if you breed your kitties and specificed block. It cannot be done with etherscan, since contract source is not available but simple script can do it.

      hash_kitty , 05 March 2018 21:12

      Out of curiosity I've made a small research on it. Here is the deal.

      Currently there are 15951 kitties born from parents with unique dominant body trait, meaning that parent dominant body trait is not repeated in recessive gens of itself or other parent also dominant body trait is not mutant.

      Each of those 15951 got dominant body trait from one the parent, out of which 7946 got it from mother and 8005 from sire. So seems like there is slightly less chances to get dominant body trait from mother, like 0.5% but that's a normal error for this sample size I guess.

      hash_kitty , 06 March 2018 19:00

      According to various breeding calculators there is no difference between Dame and Sire, but we all know that it is not that simple, so we decided to run a test. We took 2 nice kitties and bred them twice, changing their roles. While waiting, we kinda expected to get almost identical twins but it didn't happen. The result strengthened our feeling that MOMS RULE! If you are interested in the numbers (our kitties genes, etc.) you are welcome to visit them at home https://www.cryptokitties.co/profile/0x90c33130079cc7dee629a51e460bf4fb4a1053a3. Likes are appreciated!

      CatCreators , 05 March 2018 11:41

  175. Kitty Clock Traits

    elfmachine100 , 05 March 2018 12:47

      I agree, but i cant think of another way to do it, any suggestions?

      pirahnatsunami66 , 05 March 2018 13:25

      I designed the UI/UX for KittyCalc. Maybe I can help figure that side of things out. I agree it needs to be user friendly.

      Overwatch_Falcon , 05 March 2018 17:59

      Thats how it works? pay to get in on something early or wait till its not in demand. be positioned well and trade someone with the new traits. the first one is the hardest the rest arent so bad

      Slabmason710 , 05 March 2018 13:31

      Not a hard problem to solve. New traits and high demand traits should have a starting bid at 100 ether. Bots can be our guests to be the first buyer. The higher the rich pay, the bigger CK treasury have to develop this game.

      WiseGrub , 05 March 2018 15:23

      Anyone else notice that OP really hates CK and just creates FUD posts. If you hate the game so much, just stop playing it.

      weareallfungi , 05 March 2018 17:55

  176. Let's Talk OG Artwork!

    ALB269 , 04 March 2018 21:14

      No idea. I'm hodling and praying.

      The last gen-1 OG serpent sold for 0.366 ETH. This is good for me because I got mine for 0.1 ETH. http://www.kittyexplorer.com/kitties/449923

      poopiecryptocats , 04 March 2018 23:37

      Breed new combos and see if you find a fancy

      matteblackale , 05 March 2018 00:11

      They will be getting rarer as time passed. There will be hundreds fancies, but not much misprints in the future.

      vanitasCG , 05 March 2018 06:51

      How many OG serpents exist? According with my calculations there are 3346 of 7113

      kryptofan , 05 March 2018 13:28

      What kitty number did OG pouty stop at? ...What other OG traits are there?

      Jrskow , 06 March 2018 12:25

  177. Inside the CryptoKitties Genome - New Traits Charts for All Genes in Kai (Base 32) Notation incl. Fur, Pattern, Eye Color, Eye Shape, Base Color, Highlight Color, ...

    geraldbauer , 04 March 2018 14:36

      FYI: The charts get built (auto-updated) with a script - the open source is @ https://github.com/openblockchains/copycats/blob/master/lib/copycats/traits.rb

      Alternate trait charts (in kai/base32 notation) include:

      geraldbauer , 04 March 2018 14:43

      RollDiceClub , 04 March 2018 17:31

  178. Problems with the site when solved ??

    ant200709 , 04 March 2018 16:49

      Solved now, tech support is from Canada and it's night time there. 24/7 support is a longer term plan but it's certainly in the works.

      DERPYBASTARD , 04 March 2018 17:00

      the prices are dropping the gen 0 are so cheap right now what was the technical problem?

      franckgant , 04 March 2018 17:15

      The site is not synchronized again with the blockhain I canceled the sale of several cats. The network has already blocked more than 60 confirmations. And nothing is displayed on the site !!!

      ant200709 , 04 March 2018 21:24

  179. What's happening to dogcat counter?

    hash_kitty , 04 March 2018 10:21

      They just took them off display for now

      Slabmason710 , 04 March 2018 12:04

  180. Ooops, looks like this transaction is invalid.

    ant200709 , 04 March 2018 12:29

      It means someone already bought the Kitty, the site is lagging today. Some kitties look really cheap but they've been bought already but sites not updated. Very frustrating.

      nightporter , 04 March 2018 12:55

      cats have already bought! but on the site they are on sale!

      ant200709 , 04 March 2018 12:57

      Similar problem here. Listed a Gen 0 cat for sale 1.5 hours ago. Went through on the blockchain within minutes, but still not yet showing on site. So - can't buy anything, can't sell anything.

      Really hope they fix these sorts of issues before the China launch, because if the site becomes dysfunctional right after launch then that will probably kill any buzz and interest generated by the launch.

      elbak283 , 04 March 2018 13:27

      This game just keeps getting harder and harder to play!

      boom603 , 04 March 2018 15:03

      the site still does not work !!! I bought 2 x cats, they passed in the block, and the site is still on sale !!! Also a big minus is that the prices from KittiKloсk ⏱ are served and the calculation of the prices of newly appeared kittens is going wrong !!! https://www.kittyexplorer.com/kitties/582046 https://www.kittyexplorer.com/kitties/581658

      ant200709 , 04 March 2018 15:25

  181. How to sell my kitties?

    IIMadScientistII , 04 March 2018 01:23

      Use the market to find a similar kitty with same attributes: breeding speed, cattributes, generation -> List your kitty with the same price.

      ---Mercy--- , 04 March 2018 04:27

  182. are the koala cattributes kitties needed for new fancies? are there a limited supply of koala cattributes?

    franckgant , 04 March 2018 01:02

      Yes and no. There could be a fancy out there that needs it but I don't think many people try to breed koala pairs. You'll find most of us breeding it with oldlace in order to create onyx.

      matteblackale , 04 March 2018 01:52

      koalas were used for ninja since you need koala to make onyx

      I had a gen 1 koala and used it to make 150 ninjas

      JamesGatz_thehomie , 04 March 2018 20:51

  183. Classic traits basically useless?

    elfmachine100 , 02 March 2018 22:55

      Well considering they said there will produce hundreds of fancies, all traits will most likely be used, many times. Also there are only a handful of fancies out and there are many repeats of traits; Henna, onyx, wolgrey, strawberry, cymric, spock, crazy, and potentially Wild (d) with the dogcat. I don't think it's fair to criticize a company when they are planning on releasing hundreds to maybe a thousand fancies based off the information from 13 fancies.

      Also many classic traits have been discontinued (Except for Totesbasic), so when fancies will require those traits. Those traits will have a higher premium since kittyclock isn't producing more of them.

      weareallfungi , 02 March 2018 23:15

      they don't, it's only financially feasible for them.

      Ouruborealis , 02 March 2018 23:06

      What I see happening is a bunch of fancies being lost because we aren't breeding old traits. They are perceived as having low value but are still necessary for the game. Hence Tabby being found.

      matteblackale , 03 March 2018 01:30

      old traits are worth alot man. go and look at Gen:0 orange soda gen:0 aquamarine gen:0 salmon. they have been very good about discontinuing traits and bringing in new ones to keep the game fresh and to help the earlier investors cats raise in value. old cats are definitely the furthest away from worthless as possible. lol. unless you invested in high generation cats then that was obviously a bad speculation made by yourself. and the fancies will literally be innumerable they will keep making as many fancies as we cap out till the end of time if the game stays relevant. no traits are worthless, some may be undervalued in the current market but that doesnt make them worthless.

      Slabmason710 , 03 March 2018 04:15

      I think every fancy breeder needs at least 50% of all traits released in order to compete in the fancy market, it seems for most recipes you need: 1 new gen, 1 mutation, 1 old trait, 1 easy trait . New players don't have old traits, for example is not easy task to get jaguar in gen0 or 1 (even 2,3). The best generations to buy for a fancy breeder are 4,5,6, all traits are there, some cats are under .008 eth. So we can create fancies at least gen 6,7 or 8

      kryptofan , 02 March 2018 23:35

  184. Hunt for a Dog !!!

    RollDiceClub , 03 March 2018 03:23

      Too fast ((

      Body: Birman Pattern: Tigerpunk Eye Type: Sweetmeloncakes Body Color: Bananacream Pattern Color: Barkbrown Secondary Color: Periwinkle Mouth: Yokel Wild: Wild_d

      RollDiceClub , 03 March 2018 04:01

      One cup of coffee ... 99

      RollDiceClub , 03 March 2018 03:31

      Wow!! This is fantastic! Great job, thank you!

      jodiferous11 , 03 March 2018 03:31

      weareallfungi , 03 March 2018 03:48

      Idk man, I just sold a Gen5 Yuri for 4 ETH today (only 250 Yuris). There will only be 88 DogCats ever.

      weareallfungi , 03 March 2018 06:03

  185. Missing Assets in CK Land: Mewtations, Cattributes, Fancy Breeding, and The Future of Blockchain Contracts

    glitterchoke , 02 March 2018 18:42

      I’m just a player with a deep obsession with this game, so please take my comments in that context. I certainly don’t expect people to spend the thousands of hours that I have spent learning about this game. But when investing in any blockchain asset, it’s good to know what you’re actually investing in and what is only a promise, and especially what might appear to be a promise but turns out was never actually promised by anyone. On the other hand, when playing an online game, it’s pretty standard to know that the rules will change and what is valuable and powerful one day will become old and worthless another day, and the only constant is change.

      Overall, this seems largely an issue of educating the community what aspects are a blockchain collectible and what aspects are an online game, and which set of rules and promises apply to each aspect.

      The actual blockchain assets that were bought and sold have not changed. The information is readily available that the asset you own when you buy or breed a cryptokitty is a 256 bit hex string representing a certain kitty gene sequence which in turn has a representation in-game (on the centralized website) that follows certain rules, rules which were always intended to be somewhat mysterious and therefore never guaranteed. To put it plainly: you own the string of hex characters, but everything that makes the string fun and interesting is currently controlled by CK in a centralized fashion. (Players have the option to do anything they want with those strings since they own them, inclusing making a whole secondary alternate universe game. That’s one thing that blockchain and ownership makes possible, and maybe one day a community will build that. Then where will your value come from? The status of your owned string as a crypto kitty? Or whatever form it takes in the other “universe”? Value is what someone is willing to pay, and that will always change. The game updates tend to keep people engaged which tends to help keep kitties valuable overall/on the whole. Keep that in mind—a stangant game probably costs players far more than one where changes affect the relative value lf individual kitties.)

      CK has traditionally been good about making the in-game image be consistent (for the most part) even when a “printing error” means the wrong inage is assigned for the kitty’s genetics or the auto generated graphic components themselves are updated (sometimes in subtle ways like the versions of cymric, sometimes not suvtle like the newer pouty), so that has created a sense of trust and comfort that what we see in the centralized game is as immutable as what lives on the blockchain. (CK has promised to find a way to make the bios and kitty image live on the blockchain somehow, and are working on the best solution to that. If you ONLY play this game because you think it is completely decentralized, it is not and you need to know that. Also, to my next point, even when they add this hash to the blockchain it will still have many components which affect kitty value on the open market which are 100% centralized and correctly so.)

      However even this apparently inmutable kitty appearance has never been true: when new eye colors are released, on several occasions this resulted in kitty background colors (which most would consider to be part of the kitty’s appearance in game) being incorrect for a time and then later updated. This is because while the kitty image is hosted on Amazon’s servers and generated only one time at birth, features like the background color are programmatically/dynamically set by the website, and the website did not have data on the new eye colors (possibly to prevent data mining of new traits... because when they set up new traits like “parrot” in the system, people like me can pretty easily read them and see what they may look like. It’s a wonderful green color, by the way.) What is the correct move here? Expose future traits? Or have a short period where the website shows something incorrect that can and will easily be changed?

      But CK is a game, and games get updated to add new features and try to make existing features more fun or just different in order to keep players engaged. Necessarily, these new features have largely been “front-end” or website only “centralized” features like kitty appearance and kitty background color. And then we got the new family jewels feature which also definitely affected the relative value of all kitties in the game. The underlying blockchain asset is 100% the same as it ever was, but now some of those strings have in-game centralized expressed implications that (should) result in new graphics being displayed on the website (jewels and mutations). This kind of thing will almost certainly always be front end only. That means that, like background colors, they are suvjevt to change. I trust CK not to change these arbitrarily, but I also expect them to be correct. And so it is: when a front end bug is discovered, ot tends to be fixed. That’s how things work in online games, and CK os no exception. Which means it is important to understand that the relative value of your kitties will always be changing as a direct result of in-game front-end changes. The newer those changes, the more likely they are to have a bug (despite everyone’s best efforts, bug free code can never be 100% guaranteed, especially as it becomes more and more complex). Buying and selling based on new (or even announced or inferred) updates to the game is and always will be a risk/reward calculation that you will have to make. In this case some players took a risk that family jewels would work the way they seemed like they should work and some players took a risk that family jewels would act like kitty images and be “permanent”.

      The biggest problem is I don’t think most players knew they were taking a risk at all. Both had reason to believe that their expectations for how things would work were correct. But the existence of the bug meant that one set would turn out to be wrong because either the bug would be allowed to continue or the bug would be fixed. As a game mechanic, I personally hope the decision would be to make the fix, and so it was. In other online games there is often no kind of compensation when an item you purchased because it behaved super powerfully gets “nerfed” because it turns out to be too powerful (whether due to a bug or a poor game design decision), though there are certainly cases where compensation was made available. I agree with requesting some kind of compensation for changes to the game that negatively affected your items especially when you feel you had no reason to believe you were taking a gamble when buying those items. I don’t think compensation should be guaranteed or common, but in extreme cases I hope it would and could occur. (CK has compensated early adopters who had kitties whose genes and/or expressed cattributes did not match they kitty image, for example. This is great. No compensation was offered or even requested from what I understand when the first sapphire kitties had topaz background colors. This is also great.)

      This brings us to a messier change, which is the change to all fancies being limited. Family jewels were a relatively new feature when the bug was discovered and fixed. Fancies have been a part of the game from the start and the rules were absolutely never explicitly stated and CERTAINLY never promised to be a certain way. But of course humans are pattern matching machines and we discovered patterns and tested theories which continued to “prove” true, then made a lot of value judgements on the basis of those theories. Then everything changed with only the smallest hints that things would or could change. And this affected almost everything and everyone in the game. This more than anything has probably helped show everyone that there exists (remember: there has always existed) a divide between what you own on the blockchain and what only exists as a game within CK. The game is where kitty value is created based mostly on player expectations and theories about how changes or non changes to the game will affect future kitty value. And this distinction had been mostly academic for most players until now. [1/2, continued in reply.]

      AtAlanfalcon , 02 March 2018 19:53

      I think a reasonable question here is what is the point of CK being built on the block chain? If all of the new, interesting changes are going to be centralized why build on the block chain to start with? If the block chain is central to what makes CK the great game it is, why stray further and further from the block chain?

      Steven-Patrick , 02 March 2018 23:21

      This cat had Four lapis mewtations, yes FOUR !!!


      All of them have been removed because he was a child of two fancies. I had great hope to sell this cat around 1ETH (only 250 cat with four mewtations in the whole game) and now this is a shit-cat among other shit cats.

      I am very very disapointed by this update ...

      I don't think breaking the family lines was a big deal, but losing such a unique cat is.

      bibdieu , 03 March 2018 00:13

      Lets make a small experiment to illustrate the fact that with EVERY decision to change (fix) something, Axiom Zen is causing some pain and moves value from one catholder to another. And with every announcement Axiom Zen creates expectations. And every tinkering creates a need for further tinkering.

      From blog post:

      "We’re going to make sure all the CryptoKitties that were supposed to get Family Jewels and mewtation gems will get them. We’re putting the fix in as soon as we can, probably as you are reading this or even before."

      So as we now know that Axiom Zen has taken a path to fix all injustice done to supposed jewel/gem owners, lets try to capitalize on it. There are several cats on the market carrying wrong jewels, and in some case selling cheaper than they should. First 10 mewtations, for example, currently sell rarely below 0.1, but some of them are on the market cheaper, because they do not carry the supposed golden "gilded" mewtation badges. While it looks like Axiom Zen fixed several earlier mistakes, new cattributes are still buggy.

      From the quote above - Axiom Zen is going to fix it, so I am buying kitties 573059 and 573855 and wait until the fix is done. They would sell for 0.1 each, so I will win, sellers will lose. One loses 0.02 eth, the other 0.06 eth.

      I am not doing this (currently) for gain, so once the fix is done, I will transfer to sellers the difference to the price I would be ready to pay, as noted above. Or they can have the cats back, if they insist and reimburse the cost.

      Technicals: kitties have variable for each cattribute showing the id of kitty they inherited it from and rank of this ancestor kitty. If this ancestor id coincides with kitty id itself, it means that this is mewtation - cattribute is not inherited. So these 2 kitties, I just bought, show their position of 'buzzed' as 11 and 12. But if you look the first 'buzzed' cats - there are numbers 5 and 8 missing, so the real numbers should be 9 and 10. Even if you don't look under the hood - kitty 573059 is 10-th kitty EVER with 'buzzed', so how can it have 11+ mutation badge?

      papaCK , 03 March 2018 13:15

  186. Sold kitties but not received payment

    Mr_R_Andom , 02 March 2018 22:16

      Nope, it's an "Internal transaction" since eth is trasnfered by Sales Auction smart contract. Check Internal Transactions tab.

      hash_kitty , 02 March 2018 22:33

      The blockchain does not lie. If you kitty sold you received your ETH, you need to check 'internal transactions'

      weareallfungi , 02 March 2018 22:43

  187. Make fancy cats sterile or limit kids

    noob-breeder , 02 March 2018 08:05

      I think it's a good idea and can help, but we also don't know CK's plans for fancies in the future. Will there be 6 to 8 traits fancies that can only be bred from fancy + fancy? Who knows? If they have this planned then making them sterile or catatonic to start really ruins those plans.

      Also, just from a different perspective. I'm not a huge whale, but I think I'm pretty well situated in the game with over 1,000 kitties. Once I realized there was a Yuri cap I went farming and only bred one pair that was Fancy + Fancy. The rest of my pairs for 3/4 or 3.5/4. That fancy + fancy pair did give me 4 Yuri's which I was happy about, but with the 3/4 pairs I was able to pop out 16 more Yuri's in a 24 hour window. So, from a "non-whale" if whales wanted to farm fancies they can still do so, pretty well with just 3/4's and 3.5/4.

      weareallfungi , 02 March 2018 08:26

      You can't change the core game mechanic of any kitty being born ready and able to breed with their normal cooldown. As far as the smart contract is concerned, a fancy is just another cat same as any other cat. All you can do is change the rules for producing a fancy. There have been many suggestions, most of which probably fall apart in practice. But one that MIGHT work (or, yeah, might just fall apart in practice) is introduce a fancy lockout restriction for children and grandchildren of fancies. Figuring out how to communicate this to players and display it in the UI is an exercise for another time, but as a gameplay mechanic it makes it much more expensive to make a fancy farm, which helps even the odds a bit on breeding near misses together. It's still not a perfect solution even if the UI issues could be solved, but it is something new and different to think about which is at least theoretically possible given the realities of the game/blockchain (as I understand them). [Also, weareallfungi has a good point in another comment that this probably doesn't significantly change anything.]

      AtAlanfalcon , 02 March 2018 08:30

      it caught me so off guard I sold my mistletoe gen 1 that I bred for 1.25 eth a month ago im crying now

      xboxerdude , 02 March 2018 09:25

      One solution: Allow breed fancy with fancy, but never show in the front end a new fancy, because at least sire or matron has to be a normal cat.

      kryptofan , 02 March 2018 13:21

      Like the idea of sterilizing the fancies - increases difficulty breeding, slows down the farms, adds more value to the fancies themselves. But I'm afraid that would upset this next thing with the catdog dragons so probably not.

      ekwenzu , 02 March 2018 09:06

  188. What is happen? I lost 1 cat?

    icesnowday , 02 March 2018 16:11

      Its Siring Contract, if u look carefully :)

      bluebmt , 02 March 2018 16:19

  189. What is up with this cat's eyes?

    dont_hate_scienceguy , 02 March 2018 09:32

      Several early kitties around that ID number appear to have had their graphics swapped around due to a bug of some kind. Misprints!

      WeAllMagic , 02 March 2018 09:39

      It also has tigerpunk which is impossible as a Gen0 since it is a mutation. Just a misprint

      weareallfungi , 02 March 2018 09:49

  190. What we know so far about DogCat, the special fancy

    jodiferous11 , 01 March 2018 22:11

      yes what the récipe to breed those dogcat?this is a collectors ítems

      franckgant , 01 March 2018 22:34

      weareallfungi , 01 March 2018 22:51

      all 16 dogcats are already created. Some of them are just not visible on the site so far (https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoKitties/comments/8148bf/its_time_to_open_pet_semantary/). You can check genes on cryptokittydex - all 16 share those 8 traits, so need to wait for first bred kitties or clues from CK team.

      hash_kitty , 01 March 2018 22:55

      are the dogcat for the chinese market?

      franckgant , 01 March 2018 23:19

      Great post as always

      Steven-Patrick , 02 March 2018 16:50

  191. Is this likely to coincide with the launch of the app in Asia?

    syd430 , 02 March 2018 11:59

      To be clear, the above link is a countdown for a new kitty, but I was curious on thoughts on whether this lines up with the date of the app launch?

      Also, any word on how they got around the App Store’s limitations on using cryptocurrencies for payments?

      syd430 , 02 March 2018 12:01

      I care because I want to offload my 10 or so remaining kitties for a decent profit. That’s probably not going to happen until demand picks up substantially, something I can’t see happening until they move away from MetaMask and there’s an app that people can buy directly from.

      syd430 , 03 March 2018 06:49

      Tabby was discovered by a player breeding old traits together because they looked good. So.

      WeAllMagic , 03 March 2018 08:26

      That mouth up there looks like starstruck, right?

      dont_hate_scienceguy , 03 March 2018 09:32

  192. Hey new players, I need some help.

    jodiferous11 , 02 March 2018 01:06

      Hey Jodi,

      I think (I hope?)I covered much of what new players would ask about the game in my Starter Guide on http://kittyhelper.club/starter-guide/

      You can check it out and see if any of the info there is useful for you. :)

      jezztharipper , 02 March 2018 01:43

      The greatest issue seems to be consolidating and distributing detailed information about kitty genes, sale history, etc. A number of people have put together different tutorials but as a community it seems like we have failed to bring that all together into a wiki. In addition, it's good to point to any media related sources but CK's website already does a decent job of this.

      Since the game involves a market, it's important to do the best we can to highlight what data is mutable and what data isn't. As this relates to the technology, we are referring to data stored on CK's servers versus the block-chain. This isn't necessarily an issue for a new player in there first moments playing but a kind of "debt" that can be accrued because they didn't understand what aspects of a kitties value may be changed by technical changes (e.g. fancy number, mewtations).

      Why_is_that , 02 March 2018 01:42

      Why do they give exclusive cats to people who dont deserve them?

      OSU_OSU , 02 March 2018 01:47

  193. transactions not going through

    bushdiv3r , 02 March 2018 02:01

      Rather than create another post, I'd like to chime in here saying I'm having the same issue. I have 11 transactions that have been pending for about 11 hours now. Here is the first transaction that's pending.


      IamKevio , 02 March 2018 20:13

      We got this fixed on discord. If you are having similar issues, join discord and the community should be able to help you understand the complexity here with the blockchain. Cheers.

      Why_is_that , 05 March 2018 19:06

      Hiya can you send a link to your address on etherscan?

      Transactions that have a low gas price can be pending for quite a while and sometimes the transactions get dropped from nodes.

      DERPYBASTARD , 02 March 2018 06:01

  194. Its time to talk breeding fees

    xboxerdude , 01 March 2018 22:51

      Changing the breeding fee now would be cat-astrophic for the game IMO. There may be ways to help alleviate the cost in other ways though, ones which increase the value of kitties rather than cause them to plummet.

      WeAllMagic , 02 March 2018 01:03

      Yeah I often feel like getting back into it but with those breeding fees, forget it. I'll go battle robots.

      OMGaNewAccount111 , 01 March 2018 22:54

      That irony when you use "blow up" and lower breeding fees at the same time.

      artiscience , 02 March 2018 20:16

  195. Asset Based Confederations for Crypto Collectibles - DAO based on CryptoKitty Holdings

    WeaponizedMath , 01 March 2018 22:37

  196. Reverse Engineering

    jkingyens , 02 March 2018 00:14

      DERPYBASTARD , 02 March 2018 00:50

      Because the fancy status is not in the smart contract or in the block chain. It's something the devs decide.

      playfulexistence , 02 March 2018 00:30

  197. how much value of my kitties today.how about tomorrow.

    zrwd , 01 March 2018 22:28

      i spend 20eth

      My condolences.

      syd430 , 02 March 2018 07:43

      As I said before, If the team continued put "NEW Fancy" on the market, it is a terrible idea.

      But, if the team only cheer people up for the chinese marketing, that is ok.

      But wish the team hear something, less fancy then can make fancy as "FANCY", otherwise the fancy cats are just "NORMAL"

      icesnowday , 02 March 2018 01:36

      they can only make 5000 gen:0's not 15000

      Slabmason710 , 04 March 2018 15:29

      I can give you fancy advantage buy first fancy Kitty 4054 id chaepest old fancy 10 eth the others 16 ant more.

      Or keep virgin fancy whit 250 cap Yuri or tabba virgin. Only virgin.

      The release gen 0 1 time fore Asia lanch The did the same whin game started 3 gen 0 snipshat. Ant night are for te people that supported form day 1. So this is the end

      End buy som old fancy whit idd under 5000 undiscovered chaepest 10 eth then 16eth ..,

      niels056 , 01 March 2018 22:39

      Spending 20 ETH on virtual might not be the smartest idea. High risk, high reward or big loss ...

      But I have the same struggle xD

      k_unger , 01 March 2018 23:28

  198. New fantasy 汪 星爷 !!! Why all in one hand ??

    ant200709 , 01 March 2018 15:33

      Read the smart contract before you bash something that's been laid out since day one.

      weareallfungi , 01 March 2018 17:20

      The account is the account the devs use for giveaways, also the devs can create 5000 gen0 for promotions in the contract

      pirahnatsunami66 , 01 March 2018 16:01

      The developers have a set number of promo kitties they can create and sell or give away as they choose, which was laid out from day one. It's actually kind of funny because they've chosen to give away Gen 1 "promo kitties" as well during Benny's World Tour, which makes a lot of sense. But the funny part is that to generate these gen 1s they have to breed a bunch of gen 0s together like the rest of us, and pay the breeding fee and wait for cooldowns and everything :-) So this is just everything working A) Exactly as intended and B) Exactly as they've said it would work from day 1, with a little extra creativity thrown in on their part!

      AtAlanfalcon , 01 March 2018 16:11

      I see nothing wrong here. Currently 3016 promo cats have been created - 3000 founder cats and 16 dogcats, I suppose. Also any new gen 0 can only be created by an account in control of the dev team. So issuance of gen 0 was always centralized and controlled by devs. Smart contract only limits total supply of gen 0s and sets starting auction price, which is calculated from previous auctions (if it is not promo cats that's are transferred straight to owner without auction). So prices of normal gen 0s are not controlled by devs.

      hash_kitty , 01 March 2018 17:32

      Just to confirm: the account is in our hands so there is nothing to worry. These kitties still need to be given out.

      DERPYBASTARD , 01 March 2018 17:52

  199. It's time to open pet semantary?

    RollDiceClub , 01 March 2018 13:08

      This bug increase or decrease the cat price?

      kryptofan , 01 March 2018 14:13

      Probably nothing wrong with the Kitties, just a site issue.

      You could donate 'shit cats' here and i'll look after them. ;-)


      nightporter , 01 March 2018 16:30

      I dont know what kind sick fetish shit you are into, but this sub reddit does not need talk of seman-tary

      BoomBapSunk , 01 March 2018 17:15

      There are actually few interesting things about that:

      1) 56xxxx-57xxxx are 8 dogkitties (created as promo kitties by CCO account) that I suppose to be distributed later. You can check with cryptokittydex that those have same 8 traits as other 8 dogkitties that are owned by "World Tour" account.

      2) 328932, 329198, 329414 are more interesting I guess those 3 kitties which were created like normal gen 0s and bought on auction by CCO account. Those kitties have exactly same genes and there is 4th kitty with the same gens, which was not bought by CCO (https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/329043). I guess those 3 kitties will be use as promo someday later or there was some kind of testing.

      3) 332410, 290426, 211679 - seem to be normal cats owned by 2 different accounts, pictures for 2 of them can be seen - nothing fancy, but no pages on the site.

      4) Another interesting cat is 559805 - picture for that can be seen, but not page on the site. It is just a failed attempt to breed stiches - was bought by CCO account for 0.002 eth - who knows why..

      hash_kitty , 01 March 2018 17:22

  200. what the bug on the [email protected]

    icesnowday , 01 March 2018 13:00

      I understand what happens. While the oldest data in my database, I was able to compare. Your kitty 558733 has gene mutation at coloreyes - pumpkin. http://www.rolldice.club/cryptokitties/wkt_kitty.php?id=558733 In OldJewel version it makes new blue gem Mewtation (position:420). In NewJewel your gene mutation at coloreyes does not create blue gem Mewtation, but receives blue gem (position: 372) from kitty 548760.


      Link between 558733 and 548760:

      558733 <= 552685 + 544781

      552685 <= 552590 + 548147

      552590 (Stitches) <= 548697 + 548760

      Kitty 552590 grandmother of 558733 and daughter of 548760 is Fancy. In OldJewel version fancy broke the inheritance chain, and 558773 has not received a blue gem from 548760, and has created new gem Mewtation. In NewJewel version 558773 has received "higher grade" 372 gem, instead 420.

      Remember, gene mutation is not always "Mewtation". In my opinion it's wrong, but Axiom Zen set rules. https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoKitties/comments/7y2uwa/diamonds_are_a_fake_here_is_an_example/

      RollDiceClub , 01 March 2018 16:14

      RollDiceClub , 01 March 2018 13:06

      Tell your kitty ID's. I will check it.

      RollDiceClub , 01 March 2018 13:18

      Can’t you make your own website and include all the gems you want? All you own is a string of alpha numeric characters on the blockchain. Why get up in arms over what one website displays?

      gacbmmml , 01 March 2018 20:55

  201. New fancy 汪星爷. Name in chinese - "good" idea!!!!!!!

    RollDiceClub , 01 March 2018 11:01

      Birman - tigerpunk - sweetmeloncakes - bananacream - barkbroun - periwinkle -wild_d(santa) - yokel?

      It's hard to breed. Only if 2 fancy.

      RollDiceClub , 01 March 2018 12:19

      RollDiceClub , 01 March 2018 16:34

      It's gen0 only?

      RollDiceClub , 01 March 2018 11:16

      Good, now release the app in Asia. I'm hoping that Apple and/or Chinese authorities didn't push it back.

      syd430 , 01 March 2018 15:16

  202. Kitties answering pageant questions is my new favorite thing.

    jodiferous11 , 28 February 2018 20:12

      Dang, it’s really hard to choose just three. Great work everyone!

      WeAllMagic , 28 February 2018 20:16

  203. Fancy cats broke the line of Family Jewels. Not anymore!

    DERPYBASTARD , 01 March 2018 00:47

      So many of my kitties have lost their Mewtations as expected. I have to say, this does seem quite unfair. As I did spend money on those Kitties for the reason that they had Mewtations, some with multiple. And now the vast majority have lost them. Will there be any kind of compensation for this? I wouldn't have gotten these Kitties if I knew they would be devalued with this update. I'm counting about 20 Mewtations lost overall. That's so disappointing. :(

      AquaGoblin , 01 March 2018 03:07

      How are more people not upset by this? Or perhaps they just haven't noticed? The point of ethereum based contracts is that they're suppose to be contracts. A contract once executed is suppose to be unchangeable. And yet many of us just had what we 'bought' changed into something we wouldn't have bought. How is that fair...?

      glitterchoke , 01 March 2018 07:35

      20 of my cats have now lost their MEW gems. So much for trusting blockchain and this game. This is very upsetting.

      glitterchoke , 01 March 2018 03:09

      Awwwww, I lost a lot of Mewtations. :'(

      Haveagreatdaysir , 01 March 2018 03:25

      This is deeply disturbing. I hope developers reconsider the decision.

      1. What will happen with other "mistakes"? With those cats carrying 12-16 cattributes, for example?

      2. As your technical architect dete73 declared on earlier post here - you are committed to make metadata immutable. Your current decision goes right against this pledge. Does current decision mean that you reserve the right to play around with metadata, and we should not trust any information outside the blockchain?

      I am losing a bit with the decision, but bigger loss is loss of confidence. Don't do this, guys, really.

      papaCK , 01 March 2018 11:35

  204. Join our Discord family: https://discord.gg/WbT7UXR Why does it give an error?

    ant200709 , 01 March 2018 02:00

      It looks like you were banned for "spamming international channels with sales". I can unban you if you promise not to do this in the future.

      DERPYBASTARD , 01 March 2018 02:45

  205. New! Search tool with jewels filter at RollDiceClub

    RollDiceClub , 01 March 2018 00:18

  206. any information on the 888 dragon kitty?what is the récipe for breeding it?

    franckgant , 28 February 2018 20:28

      I'd read somewhere that it will have royalblue, but maybe it's just rumours. On other hand royalblue sales were increased slightly, so probably need to observe

      Hecatonquiro , 28 February 2018 21:07

      ok look every gen number 8: emeraldgreen Nanochees Thiccbrowz Strawberry Spangled

      kryptofan , 28 February 2018 22:05

      mouth seems to be Yokel -- and i would say one of the parents a gen 7 so that result will be a gen 8.

      rabah127 , 01 March 2018 04:34

      Lucky is the person who breeds the first!

      IamKevio , 01 March 2018 06:13

      aquamarine, royalpurple, crazy, totesbasic, kittencream, sizzurp, cymric, dali (with dali Mewtation)

      peucoz , 01 March 2018 11:35

  207. Ooops, your request failed. Try again later.

    RytechApps , 28 February 2018 10:07

      The "Ooops, your request failed. Try again later." auction problem has been fixed. Happy selling!

      If you get a 404 error, please hard refresh your page by hitting Ctrl+F5 on your keyboard.

      DERPYBASTARD , 28 February 2018 16:44

      their internal service issue. crap

      dimitar99 , 28 February 2018 10:41

      At me too most, I can not expose a kitten on sale !!!

      ant200709 , 28 February 2018 11:43

      twice in a week, this is not good.

      pnjsilver , 28 February 2018 13:29

      this is happening to me too for some reason.

      coffeegoddd , 28 February 2018 16:05

  208. I cant put kitties on sale.

    Poluektor , 28 February 2018 05:38

      NVM just looked and I get that as well. I think they are updating the site as there are recent UI updates. I would give it some time and try later.

      weareallfungi , 28 February 2018 05:41

      terrible timing.. right during the last few hours of shipcat. Now I can't sell any of my 'nearly shipcat parents' to anyone wanting to try and grab one of the last ones.. not to mention they'll be worthless if sales aren't available soon. Just turrible.

      derekmudd , 28 February 2018 09:59

      The "Ooops, your request failed. Try again later." auction problem has been fixed. Happy selling!

      If you get a 404 error, please hard refresh your page by hitting Ctrl+F5 on your keyboard.

      DERPYBASTARD , 28 February 2018 16:44

  209. 2/27 CryptoKitties Email - New Dragon Fancy & More

    poopiecryptocats , 27 February 2018 22:45

      Ok. Dragon speculation anyone?

      Will you be the first to find this Fancy? 888 is wait, wait, waiting for you to find him. He's not feeling blue, though, he's too royal for that. Stiff upper lip and all that!

      Royal purple? Pouty?

      dont_hate_scienceguy , 27 February 2018 23:07

      So if a dragon can be a Kitty on this game soon will be a robot kitty right ?

      peucoz , 28 February 2018 12:32

  210. Any way to search my own kitty collection

    atheistftwins , 27 February 2018 23:40

      poopiecryptocats , 28 February 2018 00:25

      Join the discord, too - lots of people to answer questions over there :)

      cris-de-tabarnak , 28 February 2018 00:57

      The normal filter tools work too if you want a visual UI instead of typing searchs in toolbar.

      Steven-Patrick , 28 February 2018 03:22

  211. Can't list kitty for sale or sire except default prices

    Steven-Patrick , 28 February 2018 07:00

      Hat tip to Jodi and Lucy. But I couldn't find a tutorial on sales contracts.


      ChesterKedi , 28 February 2018 07:16

      The "Ooops, your request failed. Try again later." auction problem has been fixed. Happy selling!

      If you get a 404 error, please hard refresh your page by hitting Ctrl+F5 on your keyboard.

      DERPYBASTARD , 28 February 2018 16:44

  212. Transaction Error. Exception thrown in contract code.

    playfulexistence , 19 February 2018 02:57

      same here. happened a few times today on gift action, in morning & afternoon. transaction status is success. however, gifting failed. error message: The ERC-20 Token Transfer might have Failed (ErrCode: unable to locate corresponding Transfer event log), check with sender.

      CheapKitty , 28 February 2018 05:30

      fail too

      icesnowday , 28 February 2018 06:35

      Too high gas limit miners won't put it in the block

      NotABothanSpy , 28 February 2018 12:04

      7600000 units is way too high for any CK transaction, just change it manually to 300000 it should be enough for breeding or auction creation.

      hash_kitty , 28 February 2018 13:03

      the error message of gift/transfer still comes up: "The ERC-20 Token Transfer might have Failed (ErrCode: unable to locate corresponding Transfer event log), check with sender." However, one transfer went through, the other failed.

      Function: transfer(address _to, uint256 _tokenId)

      MethodID: 0xa9059cbb

      CheapKitty , 28 February 2018 13:30

  213. Why time-limited fancies are technically not that great

    hash_kitty , 27 February 2018 16:17

      As the technical architect and lead designer of the CK breeding algorithm, let me tell you that we feel your pain. And I can also assure you that we felt that pain before we even launched.

      Limiting the number of Fancies was one of our goals from the moment we conceived of the idea. And we tried REALLY hard to find an efficient way to test for Fancies (and enforce limits) in the smart contract. In the end, we couldn't get it to work. You know those birthing fees that seem so unreasonable? They'd need to be double, or even triple, what they are today to properly check for Fancies on the blockchain. (Short explanation: Every Kitty that is born needs to be tested against every possible Fancy recipe. We couldn't think of any short cuts that didn't require looping over every Fancy recipe for every new kitten.)

      At the same time, we really love the Fancy Hunt. As most of you know, we didn't even tease the necessary ingredients for the first Fancies, we just waited for them to pop randomly and then left it to the community to try to figure out the triggers. Of course, we've taken to teasing cattributes these days, which is it's own kind of Hunt. (But not for every Fancy! There are some Fancies that are attainable right now, with currently available genes, that haven't been uncovered yet...) The Fancy Hunt wouldn't be possible if we checked for Fancies on-chain, because the recipes would need to be right out there on the open blockchain. (Even if we had some way of obfuscating the code, folks would be able to brute force the recipes just by trying every possible combination using an Ethereum Virtual Machine running locally.)

      So, unfortunately, that means that the release of Fancies is going to remain centralized for the foreseeable future. We know (and hate) that this makes the experience less pure, but this was a case where we had to choose between "pure" vs. "fun and practical". "Fun and practical" had to win. (We also hate that we've had Printing Errors like Santas 1001 and 1002. Thankfully, we appear to have squashed that bug!)

      It's worth noting (for those that aren't aware) that we have committed to putting Kitty metadata (which will include bios, images, gems, and badges) into IPFS, and then storing the content hash on the blockchain. This is not as easy as it sounds (IPFS isn't as robust and mature as you might hope, and storing things on Ethereum is pretty slow and expensive, even something as small as content hashes), but it will happen. The system for determining which cats count as Fancies can stay centralized (and therefore surprising and fun) while the Fancy Kitties themselves will become trustlessly immutable.

      dete73 , 27 February 2018 23:57

      Yeah, the centralization aspect kinda sucks. After those big plans to have even the images on the blockchain, it's starting to look like they change anythin they want on the whim. I mean, we always knew that, but if they want people to believe in kitties permanence, they shouldn't really do those inconsistent, frontend-only changes - like changing the art of the cattributes, changing text of the bios or fancy limits, none of which is set in the kitty's code.

      The limits, while enhancing the FOMO, are also greatly limiting the people who can get to the fancies...if you just wanted the fancy and couldn't spend so much, you could just wait a bit until the ingredents were cheap enough. And you could make your own from catatonic cats...now the limit is hit before it's born, even if you were among the first to guess the right combo. While it makes fancies more exclusive and increases their price, it also makes the ingredient-kitties prices plummet the minute they're no longer needed, which was a much bigger market than those few actual fancies.

      firecz , 27 February 2018 17:44

      Things only on website bad. Blockchain good. Look at likes. That was a mess.

      Steven-Patrick , 27 February 2018 21:19

      Just make the fancies non breedable between 2 of the same type

      kryptofan , 27 February 2018 16:24

      Where is the transparency ?

      peucoz , 27 February 2018 19:37

  214. How accurate is Catfol.io for rarity calculations and portfolio estimations?

    mistersplice , 28 February 2018 00:10

      I don't think it is that accurate at all

      weareallfungi , 28 February 2018 01:59

      I would say its a start. I ran a portfolio through it and it looked like a decent place to begin figuring out prices if you aren't experienced enough to set prices on your own yet.

      Steven-Patrick , 28 February 2018 03:17

      not accurate

      Slabmason710 , 28 February 2018 10:06

  215. New Fancy: Tabby

    thattanna , 27 February 2018 10:54

      it's so cute i could cry

      UncordialPen , 27 February 2018 11:23

      Grats to Caleido and cryptokittyhub.com for finding the first three!

      All three kitties have these traits in common: ragamuffin, cheeky, otaku, and morningglory

      No guarantees, but it looks like we've figured out the recipe! Be sure to use a breeding calculator like https://kittycalc.co/ to help you maximize your odds of breeding the fancy if you decide to try for it, and good luck! :-)

      AtAlanfalcon , 27 February 2018 13:00

      Beautiful. A real fancy like Genesis and Cathena art. I don't have any of those traits, so at the end of the Tabby rush, I am going to buy that traits to expand my personal collection

      kryptofan , 27 February 2018 16:22

      Fancy will be limited ?

      peucoz , 27 February 2018 19:39

  216. So I see the "very first" fancy cat is for sale for what seems a crazy "shoot for the moon" price, but how can you see how much exceptionally rare Kitties are actually selling for?

    WhatForLife , 27 February 2018 04:50

      The "special feature" thing is nice. Adds a lot of perspective to how rare something is. For example, as far as I can tell, this is the first "fancy cat" and number 1 in 2000. Cool. That's truly rare. I get it. Although you'd need to be crazy ETH rich to even consider buying it.

      But how can I find out how much really rare Kitties are actually selling for, say in the last couple of weeks.

      WhatForLife , 27 February 2018 04:55

      Check out this list of tools from the sidebar https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoKitties/wiki/sidebarsites

      Kittysales and Kittytools good place to start

      Steven-Patrick , 27 February 2018 05:04

      What about a gen 100 Negato?

      noob-breeder , 28 February 2018 17:26

      999 ETH you wish dude you wish ... may be this : https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/285297 but not 999 ETH rofl

      peucoz , 27 February 2018 19:41

  217. Launching a CryptoKitties breeding co-op on smart contracts - A DAO for CryptoKitties breeding

    bijansha , 27 February 2018 03:07

      Hey there! We're always on the lookout for cool 3rd party integrations, I'd be happy to check it out! :)


      Kitttyverse , 27 February 2018 04:32

      This is super interesting to me!

      WeAllMagic , 27 February 2018 10:00

  218. Better to sire or sell?

    confusedkittyowner , 27 February 2018 02:38

      Of the two options, selling is more likely to work out best for you if you can figure out the right price. The problem with siring it is that there is no good way to search for gene purity in sires other than checking one by one which gets old fast. So nobody is likely to pay a premium to sire with your kitty.

      IMO the best thing to do is to breed it out yourself when the mewtation pair comes out and sell successful mewtations. This definitely costs you more and is riskier since even in the best case you have a less than 25% chance of a mewtation with each breed and could miss 8 times in a row. But it should have a higher expected payout overall.

      As to your second question, I would jump on whichever comes first. The ideal would be a fancy that requires the mewtation off sizzurp.

      So it depends entirely on your goals and circumstances.

      WeAllMagic , 27 February 2018 10:47

      Discord is great for this type of question. Everyone has an opinion and more active than Reddit for breeding discussions.

      Check out my latest post at https://steemit.com/cryptokitties/@steven-patrick/why-ck-set-limits-on-fancies-and-how-to-play-cryptokitties

      Steven-Patrick , 27 February 2018 03:44

      There's a list of 3rd party sites here https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoKitties/wiki/sidebarsites

      And log into Discord. Very helpful

      ChesterKedi , 27 February 2018 04:59

      Is the sizzurp triait really that big a deal, i saw this cat selling on opskins for over $11K and am wondering if im missing something or if the seller is just trolling https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/346625

      Raddog124 , 28 February 2018 21:06

  219. SantaClaws #1002/1000. What it is?

    RollDiceClub , 26 February 2018 22:12

      2 extra Santa Claws was an interesting issue, the last 3 Santas (1000, 1001, 1002) were all born on the exact same second. The team is exploring solutions to this.

      DERPYBASTARD , 27 February 2018 00:52

      Steven-Patrick , 26 February 2018 23:10

      waiting for the last 3 negatos, let's see how that goes:


      nigerianprincessa , 26 February 2018 22:34

      this what happens when developers add rules which are not supported by smart contract - it fails.

      hash_kitty , 27 February 2018 16:20

      I told about overlimit SantaClaws

      RollDiceClub , 27 February 2018 00:22

  220. First 8 diamond cat. Descendant of 64 different Diamonds.

    Slabmason710 , 26 February 2018 12:10

      nice one slabmaiiison

      Aleksleon , 26 February 2018 12:57

      And it’s a beautful Ganado to boot!

      Congrats, Slab!! :-) I know that was a very, very expensive kitty to make, haha, but the good news is that you should have a lot easier time making a million more 8 diamond kitties now, and offering up 8-diamondable sires. When will you join Club 100 with the first 8 diamond gen 100?

      To everyone who doubted the utility of “high gen” kitties, you’re now looking at the prime example. This is not possible at your coveted low gens, haha. Though of course the race is still on to see how low can you go on a carefully crafted 8 diamond kitty!

      WeAllMagic , 26 February 2018 14:25

      Slabmason710 , 26 February 2018 12:28

      Slabmason710 , 26 February 2018 12:31

      How is mine different besides jewel colors? I've yet to figure that out...lol


      jjinmi , 26 February 2018 19:16

  221. Will ownership incentives increase?

    coffeegoddd , 26 February 2018 04:09

      I can't talk specifics, but more functionality for your kitties is definitely being explored. :)

      DERPYBASTARD , 26 February 2018 07:06

  222. Interactive Animated Kitties... Owning Static Kitties is becoming boring fast!

    TacticalAli , 26 February 2018 07:18

      ...mate i reckon that's all coming - the IP/Copyright issue needs to be bottomed out imo and then lots more will flow...so many obvious ways to make these cats dynamic ;))...

      McDuff_71 , 26 February 2018 07:51

      I was promised hover boards. Where are they?

      artiscience , 26 February 2018 09:28

      I hope to see this soon cause there is other games heading out that already do more than "just kats". A lot of people I know playing cyptokitties is already on the move & these games r not even out yet.

      TacticalAli , 26 February 2018 07:53

      CK is about breeding at its core. Other stuff will come...when breeders want it.


      Steven-Patrick , 26 February 2018 23:16

  223. Gifting kitties failed with error

    rabah127 , 25 February 2018 23:58

      Hey, this warning pops up on every kitty transfer. The transfer always succeeds, there's nothing to worry. :)

      DERPYBASTARD , 26 February 2018 01:21

  224. Anyone else notice the spike in KPD yesterday? Any ideas as to the who, where and why?

    boom603 , 25 February 2018 14:09

      fancy rush!

      Aleksleon , 25 February 2018 14:34

      yes fancy rush prices will be much higher to buy a fancy

      franckgant , 25 February 2018 20:21

  225. Limits and Recipes for Fancy Cats

    jodiferous11 , 24 February 2018 22:02

  226. So confuzzled...

    bryanp1259 , 24 February 2018 22:30

      I actually just started up today myself, and I have managed to get 3 kitties, but I can't do anything yet! I tried to connect my credit card to my account, but apparently I messed up the part where you put in the two transaction amounts they charge to your account, so I have to wait 24 hours. :(

      I'm excited to start breeding and selling though!

      IamKevio , 25 February 2018 01:03

      jump in discord - link in the sidebar.

      ddddddjim , 25 February 2018 05:36

      Specifically, check out https://cryptokitties411.com/table-of-contents/ for a list of all the Beginner's Guides.

      jodiferous11 , 25 February 2018 03:23

      I think the 'official' information is SCARCE.

      kryptofan , 24 February 2018 22:53

  227. Some difficulty starting out...

    IamKevio , 25 February 2018 03:21

      I had the same experience. I bought from opskins before buying in the CK marketplace because coinbase was giving me problems. I had to log into coinbase and verify my account.

      poopiecryptocats , 25 February 2018 04:25

      I just tried authenticating the card for a second time and I KNOW that I entered the two charge amounts correctly this time and it STILL isn't letting me link my card. Unbelievable.

      I've sent an email to support. I hope they can get me going.

      IamKevio , 25 February 2018 06:26

      That why you need first to make one account at Bitstamp ( like i did ) and get approved for transactions, after that deposit with your card in Bitstamp (or other platform you chose ) , you can buy ETH , BTC or XRP . After this send ETH to your Kittie account wallet. Done !

      peucoz , 25 February 2018 11:16

      Some CC Companies are refusing Crypto purchases... Make sure yours isn't on the list. If it is dump it.

      boom603 , 25 February 2018 14:19

      As much as I don't want to ... its easier to use Coinbase with bank account. My credit card worked but even if you get past that there are limits on credit card purchases. And some credit cards that don't outright ban crypto purchases charge higher fees for transactions.

      follow me on Steemit https://steemit.com/cryptokitties/@steven-patrick/fancy-cats-limit

      Steven-Patrick , 26 February 2018 03:49

  228. Can't breed my kitties with public. Anyone else experiencing this?

    leema_ , 24 February 2018 18:07

      i get the same thing

      ParanoidLunatic , 25 February 2018 01:19

      it's most like a metamask issue - sometimes it sets gas limit too high indeed. You can just manually change Gas Limit to "300000" units that should be enough for most CK transactions including bidOnSiringAuction. Also consider changing Gas Price value according to https://ethgasstation.info/ standard price or a little above it (by default it usually set about that value) to minimize transaction cost. For example currently standard gas price is 2 gwei, so you can set it to 2.000001 gwei so your transaction gets ahead of those with standard gas price. It usually would take 2-3 minutes to confirm that transaction, so it's unlikely that someone else will bid before you.

      hash_kitty , 25 February 2018 16:26

      I have tried all the suggestions mentioned above but unfortunately nothing seems to work and I keep getting the same error. I can breed my kitties with each other and I can put them for sale/siring but I cannot buy a kitty or sire with one in an auction. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

      leema_ , 27 February 2018 22:21

      Yes you must first buy this kitti https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/285297 put the GAS to 5 and after that you can breed your kitties with public :D:D:D

      peucoz , 25 February 2018 11:26

  229. Question to the administration of the forum! On the release of the application in China!

    ant200709 , 24 February 2018 17:31

      As much as we'd like to annouce a date, we have no insight in the approval process. It will be a surprise when it comes out. :)

      DERPYBASTARD , 24 February 2018 19:49

  230. CryptoKitties Is One Of The Best Communities There Are!

    1CryptoCollector , 24 February 2018 04:18

  231. ALL Fancy Cats are now limited edition!

    Kitttyverse , 24 February 2018 02:15

      Did they really think this through? Of course they made “fancy hunters” happy but what they did is

      1. Concentrate power in the hands of a few rich (which of course happens anyway in life but it was extremely exasperated) who could breed fancies together like this guy whose account is a Santa farm https://www.cryptokitties.co/profile/0x48386386f3bdf3c6dc0de6f53bc5957fc4e1e30d/all/1. At one point he had 4 consecutive number Santa cats. It is so much easier to make a fancy if you can breed the fancies together

      2. In an attempt to stabilize the economy, they devalued all the failed fancy cats which of course didn’t have too much value but now there’s so many more than there were and they are worthless now.

      3. There are people, myself included, who were slowly acquiring low gen parts to make a fancy later down the road that got screwed over in this because like my point above those cats are useless now.

      4. Caused massive panic in the community. I’d guess a significant number of people did not get much sleep the last two days.

      I think they could have accomplished their goal in a more fair manner (or maybe they just don’t care but they seem like they kinda do) if they thought about it a little more.

      1. They could have made new fancies moving forward limited so that everyone is on the same playing field.

      2. They could make fancies sterile moving forward so there’s no advantage to already owning tons of fancies.

      3. They could make it a time limit instead of a cat limit because again you just get a whale in there and they blow the number limit very quickly. Of course with a time limit, you still have whale problems but there will always be whales and bots so at least in this case other people have more of a shot. Plus in this case, people can get some damn sleep instead of worrying about whether or not the cap has been hit!

      Of course I wouldn’t be posting this if I didn’t feel screwed over so there’s my disclosure but I honestly feel like something like this should have been thought out more. Did they really think the limits wouldn’t start being hit within a couple days? That’s what makes me think that they didn’t think it through.

      Pencilboy22 , 25 February 2018 21:28

      picked up 3 negato and a momo last night on the cheap when their test glitched out negatos being able to breed. best fomo ever.

      ddddddjim , 24 February 2018 03:22

      Goodbye, Santa. At first it was like there were too many of you. Now it is like there will never be enough.

      WeAllMagic , 25 February 2018 13:46

      All the cheapest Yuri has been sold!! In a matter of seconds... price was like 0.1 eth gen 10 or 9 ... now are gone forever... In this moment the person is breeding the 'cheap' yuris between them, getting more and more yuries... In less than 24 hours the limit will be reach. (same for the other categories of fancies).

      kryptofan , 24 February 2018 04:51

      This is the best news since CK was released. Now collectors know exactly how many will be made and there are no guessing games or waiting for more info from the source. BRAVO CK. Breeding has enough variance. The community that I am a part of is very happy with this update.

      8trackbagholder , 24 February 2018 21:36

  232. Will new types of Fancy’s be continuously released?

    syd430 , 24 February 2018 07:47

      They've told us there are hundreds of fancies planned, and that they intend to continue to support the game for years. I'm excited. The fact that they're now okay with having limited edition fancies means that they can introduce fancy recipes that overlap with existing trait combos -- anything after X id number until the limit is reached would be a fancy, so it won't matter if there already exists, say, a norwegianforest ganado azaleablush sass: that could still be the new "Miss Purrfect" fancy recipe.

      Overwatch_Falcon , 24 February 2018 12:37

      We have numerous Fancies planned and there are a few Fancy Cats currently in the game that users have yet to discover.

      ResidentCoolCat , 27 February 2018 00:19

      it seems one of the main goals for a player of the game is to become a 'professional fancy breeder'. Now there are 3 trojan gens not used yet.

      kryptofan , 24 February 2018 09:13

  233. Weekly 411

    jodiferous11 , 24 February 2018 00:41

  234. Who owns the Image Property of my cats??

    McDuff_71 , 24 February 2018 01:06

      DERPYBASTARD , 24 February 2018 05:14

      ...important quote from the article...

      "Unfortunately, copyright and legal terms of service are blunt instruments. We know that the way things are now is not good enough, but defining “good enough” takes longer than we’d like.

      What I can do is make a firm commitment for early next year: We are going to store all Kitty images in IPFS, and store an immutable hash of that image in the blockchain. Once this happens, no one — not us, not you, not some black-hat hacker — will be able to change or destroy the image of your Kitties. Access to the image of your cat will not depend on our servers or our Amazon account. This is a top priority for us now, and was a part of our plan from the beginning"

      "We are also working to “change the terms to grant you a limited license to use the specific arrangement of graphic elements defined by your Kitty’s DNA,” just as Greg proposed."

      ...I personally would be interested in understanding how to remove the "limited license" and making it unrestricted...my real world cat is unrestricted, I'd hope the virtual ones to be as well...

      McDuff_71 , 24 February 2018 06:19

      The artist who drew the cat.

      gacbmmml , 24 February 2018 01:35

      i am curious about this as well. i assume we own the image as the owners of the digital asset which would include the image itself, but you know what assuming things often makes you..

      ddddddjim , 24 February 2018 03:24

      Great question.

      Artsy_Farter , 24 February 2018 04:02

  235. How do i estimate the rarity or price of my kitty correctly?

    de_stroyed88 , 23 February 2018 20:57

      This resource may help - it doesn't give you a value estimate, just shows you what some desirable elements of your cats are that you can't see at a glance. https://cryptokitties411.com/2018/02/16/how-to-value-your-kitties/

      Beyond that, the best way I've found is to read up on the game (cryptokitties411 has a TON of helpful information) and learn which traits are more desirable than others, then price kitties based on the most desirable trait or trait combo it has. In general, the main considerations are generation (lower is better), rare traits, being part of a desired mutation or fancy, and purebred genes. Jewels may also be a factor, and virginity definitely is.

      Here's an example - Jaguar is a pretty rare trait, so if I had a virgin gen 2 cat that had it, I'd generally search for "gen:2 jaguar," sort by cheapest, and price it similarly regardless of its other traits.

      But if it was a purebred jaguar, or had the jaguar trait in at least one recessive gene along with the dominant one, I'd price it higher than others of its gen that don't.

      And if it had traits that were part of any of the fancies that use jaguar mutations (momo-chan and negato use henna, earnie uses hotrod), I'd price it even higher.

      BUT if it were, say, the only cymric azaleablush jaguar on the market, it might seem extra rare, but that additional rarity isn't worth anything. Lots of cats are one-of-a-kind - unless that kind includes extra value, that doesn't really matter.

      ashkestar , 24 February 2018 01:44

      pricing is always difficult, especially if they are not gen zeros, because it is so dependent on a variety of factors (e.g., market/volume/rarity/generation/cooldown). i'd recommend checking out (https://opensea.io/assets/cryptokitties) to see if you can find similar kitties to compare current prices.

      as for your kitties, while adorable I do not think they are worth much at the moment (personal opinion <$5 USD) as they are mostly high generation count with slow cooldowns. if you ever do want to turn a profit, focus more on obtaining kitties with low gen/cooldowns with attributes that have yet to be paired/mutated to create a new attribute. whale breeders (they do exist) snap up these kitties without much regard for the price as they want to be the first to breed the new mutation or fancy.

      this is my personal opinion as i am not an expert either, but i have profited from the game with gen zeros. best of luck!

      pparkie , 23 February 2018 22:21

      high gen cats aren't worth much right now even though you have some good traits like onyx, otaku, and elk, for example. what you do have that is of value to some collectors is low numbered cats. the ones you have below 37k should sell better than the ones you have at 300k+ for no other reason than the low ID number. what are they worth? use https://www.kittyexplorer.com/ to get an idea based on traits. value based on ID may be harder to determine.

      ddddddjim , 24 February 2018 03:35

  236. Addressing the Kitty-Equivalent of Insider Trading – CryptoKitties Blog Post

    Bojakn , 23 February 2018 02:20

      Ahh transparency. Trusting people is so much easier on the blockchain.

      boom603 , 23 February 2018 13:45

      -Trust comes in one form: mathematics. -Loose lips sink ships

      8trackbagholder , 23 February 2018 21:50

  237. I got a Failgato! (Onyx + Henna + Wolfgrey + Slyboots)

    ThatWordChick , 23 February 2018 10:27

      Hi guys, interesting discussion going on here but let's move it over to /r/CryptoKittiesMarket next time.

      I will leave this post up due to the interesting nature of the kitty although it is technically in violation of rule #3.

      • No trading posts, kitty appraisals or profile advertisements.

      Thanks :)

      ---Mercy--- , 24 February 2018 09:27

      Will buy that cat on stream lol and you can also look through my profile for a trade if that fancies you.

      Lit lit lit lit lit

      twitchtvbitcoinlouie , 23 February 2018 11:09

      Too bad that they are capping the Negatos at 500, all other cats after that will be Onyx + wolf + sly + henna. Which will make these no longer a rare cat as other can make them as well.

      weareallfungi , 24 February 2018 21:38

      thats dope!

      Slabmason710 , 23 February 2018 19:12

      maybe they are putting a limit for the number of fancies. Are new negatos after your 'misprint'? This and other 'bugs' had happen this week, maybe there are many other bugs waiting. So what happen if they fix the problem? you are going to have a normal negato

      kryptofan , 23 February 2018 19:57

  238. Bitcoin_Louie & The US Treasury Live! (Owner of 14+ Founders)

    poopiecryptocats , 23 February 2018 08:44

      Ahaha give me founders

      ChuckFresco , 23 February 2018 08:47

      those guys are the whales of cryptokitties amazing portfolio cryptokitties are already valuable collectibles

      franckgant , 23 February 2018 17:51

  239. Anybody know how ETH games get around Apple's policies about in-game currency on iOS?

    dont_hate_scienceguy , 23 February 2018 07:35

      Interesting. I wasn't aware Apple had this policy. Now that I think about it, it makes sense - allowing crypto payments in game would be a huge threat to their lucrative app store revenue stream.

      Couple this with the fact that all mobile games in China must get government approval for release, and I'm beginning to think we may never see CK on mobile released in China.

      And Animoca seems as new to blockchain games as anyone else by the looks of it. Their history is as a publisher of mobile games based on licenced brands, such as Garfield and Mattel's brands. CryptoKitties appears to be the first time they've done anything related to crypto/blockchain.

      Would love to get more insights into this Apple policy as well. On the surface it doesn't bode well for their China release.

      elbak283 , 23 February 2018 09:43

      I'm super curious about all of this as well. Maybe you just pay Apple a 30% surcharge on your crypto fees and people will still do it because it's so convenient?

      AtAlanfalcon , 23 February 2018 11:17

  240. Watch out! JokeCat is running free! Hide your pretty kitties!

    jodiferous11 , 22 February 2018 19:29

      Hah! I was cracking up when you explained this on Louie’s stream the other night. So happy to see The Bat Lady bred with him and managed to get such a PERFECTLY TERRIBLE kitty offspring! Can’t wait to see where he ends up next and I hope it isn’t in my profile.

      AtAlanfalcon , 22 February 2018 22:11


      twitchtvbitcoinlouie , 23 February 2018 02:39

      I think this is stupid and scammy.

      TerryFlapFolds , 22 February 2018 23:08

  241. Fixing "bun in oven" and "resting"?

    mistergou , 22 February 2018 15:07

      but is there a way to submit a Sire Auction while the cat still has the "resting" pictured. (its been way passed the time so the cat is ready)

      mistergou , 22 February 2018 20:11

      You can do direct breeding at: http://kitties.love

      madogvelkor , 22 February 2018 16:50

      These resources are very useful. Does anyone knows an etherscan command, to get the 'sales history' of a particular cat? I know the info is in cryptokittydex, but I would like to see that in json or directly on the blockchain.

      kryptofan , 23 February 2018 20:34

  242. How to breed using MEW and the smart contract (useful if the website is lagging, or you have too many kitties to use the interface easily!)

    AtAlanfalcon , 22 February 2018 10:20

  243. Help! Does anyone have a problem buying a kitty right now?

    mrs_glitternose , 22 February 2018 19:09

      Common inconvenience in the beginning. Are you adjusting the gas price in anyway?

      matteblackale , 22 February 2018 23:51

      Try this https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/285297 and say me if you can buy , just put GAS to 4

      peucoz , 25 February 2018 11:25

      No but I have two for sale if you want them!

      duncandonuts36 , 23 February 2018 03:57

  244. Gold Gen 0s

    xboxerdude , 22 February 2018 18:39

      They won't make any more, that is why it is good to understand what traits aren't in production anymore. This is kinda of like rewarding the early adopters as they had the chance to buy this trait cheap and have it grow in value over time. Other traits that are common now should stop production as well (look for amur to be stopping, and other similar to when that came out).

      weareallfungi , 22 February 2018 19:44

      NARW_Bombard , 22 February 2018 18:44

  245. All 9 jewel Cats

    Dupontgoer , 22 February 2018 16:41


      for example this is a high gen unvaluable kitty but it has 9 jewels

      Dupontgoer , 22 February 2018 16:50

      I'm going for gen:24 with 64 diamonds in its bloodline so people will be able to pick and choose what kind of 8 diamond cat they want to have.

      Slabmason710 , 23 February 2018 03:06

      I guess jewels are not much valuable. Jewel just mean that some ancestor of the kitty was among first to discover the trait. Since jewels are inherited by all descendants, total supply of jewels for each trait is potentially unlimited, so inflation is high and value is low. On the other hand Mewtations for each trait have limited supply, so should have some more value.

      hash_kitty , 22 February 2018 17:24

      i would say yes. here's a Gen7 with 9 Gems - beautiful cat as well - https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/533206

      ddddddjim , 22 February 2018 18:35

  246. Do you get a notification if someone outbid you for a sale?

    mrs_glitternose , 22 February 2018 13:02

      If someone else buys the kitty after you sent your bid but before it is confirmed, then when your transaction gets mined it will fail (TxReceipt Status: Fail) and your money will be returned (minus the gas you paid). You don't get any other more specific notification.

      playfulexistence , 22 February 2018 13:11

  247. what is the recipie for harborfrog ?

    rabah127 , 22 February 2018 02:15

      3 tbs of garlic, 1 tsp of butter, and a pinch of salt.

      lookitsme14 , 22 February 2018 04:00

      it comes as a recessive in gen0

      kryptofan , 22 February 2018 04:33

      It's not a mutation, so you can't breed two other traits together to get it. You just have to inherit the gene from a parent kitty.

      jodiferous11 , 22 February 2018 23:25

  248. New bug? Put kitties for sale but no changes on site!

    CatCreators , 21 February 2018 16:34

      Yeah... TimeStamp:2 hrs 31 mins ago, website still doesn't show it's for sale...

      firecz , 21 February 2018 17:25

      The site has just been lagging. Transactions have been getting processed, just not showing up right away.

      eddpastafarian , 21 February 2018 17:46

      i'm experiencing this too.. sigh

      leema_ , 21 February 2018 18:48

      Site lagging badly. There are kitties listed still that sold over 3 hours ago.

      nightporter , 21 February 2018 18:53

      Same to me, I breed a couple of cats and cancel an auction but no changes, this is taking too much time. Site is not working properly since 1 week ago

      kryptofan , 21 February 2018 19:15

  249. Mr Purrfect limit

    Hecatonquiro , 21 February 2018 15:26

      Lol, then it is not rare at all. I was thinkin it is something like 1000 at all or 30 days limit, but yeah seems to be tons of valentines.

      Hecatonquiro , 21 February 2018 16:06

      More details will be given somewhere this week.

      DERPYBASTARD , 21 February 2018 18:57

      The most logical way to create a holiday fancy tradition is to turn on the fancy-button 1-2 weeks prior to said holiday and turn off 1-2 weeks following. No one wants to breed Santa in June nor do investors want their prized kitty's devalued to rubbish.

      This also creates a new category of fancy gens to be named something cute. It could also be dashed, but thats not fun (i.e. Purrfect gen7- year2)

      8trackbagholder , 22 February 2018 00:51

      Will we know when the time limit is reached? That would be nice. Sucks to breed for something you can't get anymore...

      dont_hate_scienceguy , 22 February 2018 02:20

      Speculation is

      Time limit : Valentines Day 2019 (still 360 days to go, breed now)

      They also say they will announce “way before” the limit is reached. We are at 400+ now, and still no announcement, so we are not even “way close”. So another speculation:

      Number limit: maybe 50k (just like gen 0) or 8327 (as rare as Ducat).

      noob-breeder , 21 February 2018 15:45

  250. Cats out of sync with geth again...

    McDuff_71 , 21 February 2018 14:16

      Ethereum wallet has to be the buggiest wallet. Of all the cryptos.

      saiyansteve , 22 February 2018 06:07

      happens quite often recently, is that because of new geth release?

      hash_kitty , 21 February 2018 16:56

      same here, I did 3 transactions all success on etherscan but nothing happens

      kryptofan , 21 February 2018 19:17

  251. OpenSea.io Marketplace released a CryptoKitties Wiki

    jbd1986 , 21 February 2018 07:15

      This totally reminds me of neopets.

      saiyansteve , 21 February 2018 08:25

  252. CryptoKitties Pt. 2 (Also Is It Time To Buy More Crypto?) I still need help in figuring out how to play this game without going bankrupt lol

    1CryptoCollector , 20 February 2018 23:46

      You should check out these guys stream. They go over how to breed successfully and all the news about CK. Definitely one of, if not, the best streams out there for CK https://gaming.youtube.com/channel/UCGFhryOTQnSdAKlRbe0qDKw

      weareallfungi , 21 February 2018 01:42

  253. is cryptokitties prices and volumes are going up or down?what is axiom zen estimations?

    franckgant , 20 February 2018 20:03

      TheMadPrompter , 20 February 2018 23:44

  254. Can we get flair? My reddit and discord aren't the same and I'd like to set my discord id as my flair

    thedavidmurray , 20 February 2018 11:10

      Could you try clicking on the flair edit button on the sidebar? It should be enabled.

      DERPYBASTARD , 20 February 2018 16:41

  255. Is there a tool to search the marketplace for kitties with mewtation jewels?

    leema_ , 20 February 2018 16:44

      No, not yet.

      nightporter , 20 February 2018 19:01

      I have a tool to do that. Please PM me if interested.

      callmemabel , 21 February 2018 06:03

      At page http://www.rolldice.club/cryptokitties/wkt_market.php you can see 100 Recent Sale Auctions with jewels info.

      Search tool coming soon.

      RollDiceClub , 21 February 2018 15:58

  256. Discord Splash Page Contest!

    Bojakn , 20 February 2018 02:36

      My submission!

      Fun Fact! some kitties were randomly grabbed from the market but various members from chat submitted their kitties as well. Felt only right to include the community players in the image!


      My Litter address: 0x35e2268306aab43014da143f110431ec0140957a

      Edit* I almost forgot! I u/ParanoidLunatic give CryptoKitties all rights to use my image!

      ParanoidLunatic , 21 February 2018 04:13

      SCRATCH THAT LAST PART LIKE A CAT HOMSKI. I'll give the winner my cat. Here it is

      PronounciationIsKey , 20 February 2018 02:53

  257. Does the creator of cryptokitties make any money from this? How?

    jonbristow , 20 February 2018 14:03

      3.5% of every transaction and 100% of the sales from gen:0 kittyclock

      Slabmason710 , 20 February 2018 14:09

      Here's a copypaste from a comment I wrote about the money flow:

      • The gen 0 kitties are created by a smart contract owned by the creators of the game. The profile that holds these kitties is called "Kitty Clock". Any Ether used to purchase kitties from this clock goes to the developers.
      • There is a 3.75% commission on every transaction that goes through the CryptoKitties smart contract. This commission also goes to the developers.
      • There is also a similar account called "CK COO" which owned the first 100 cats, called the Founder cats. Any purchases from this account also went to the developers. All of these cats have been sold somewhere around the launch of the game.

      And things not for the developers:

      • The flat breeding fee (currently 0.008 ether) goes towards the people who call the giveBirth function when a matron is ready to give birth. This system was created so people can get rewarded for helping the blockchain and CryptoKitties.
      • Transaction fees used to process your transactions go to the Ethereum miners.

      DERPYBASTARD , 20 February 2018 16:39

      They’ve made a couple hundred thousand bucks. Which is why there’s so many copycats.

      gacbmmml , 20 February 2018 18:35

      2018 is definitely going to be the year for crypto collectibles. I think we're still to see the most absurd things coming up yet. I found this one yesterday: http://richestman.io. the world is going mad... so much potential for blockchains, and we're trading digital cats, celebrities and who knows what else...

      _andre_sousa , 23 February 2018 15:24

  258. Insider Fancy Secrets going on???

    weareallfungi , 19 February 2018 20:09

      This is a very interesting observation.

      Sounds like it warrants some form of actual investigation.

      Good catch!

      Thunderfish8 , 19 February 2018 21:23

      Anyone on the CryptoKitties team with knowledge of the breeding formulas is effectively banned from buying and breeding. We made this decision before launching to avoid this exact issue.

      What's the player's profile? We'll take a look from there.

      ResidentCoolCat , 19 February 2018 21:55

      UPDATE: We've yet to find anything incriminating, but we're going to continue investigating. We'll keep you updated on what we discover.

      If any of you find anything that seems nefarious, please let us know via [email protected], a comment on this message, or via a DM.

      ResidentCoolCat , 20 February 2018 04:55

      IMO it would honestly better to not reveal hints. It gives a MASSIVE advantage to those who already have a good portion of the new CK mutation and fancy market corner because they have hundreds of low gen, multi-trait cats from the profits or initial investment that now collaborate with lots of the bigger CK fan sites.

      They have virtually unlimited eth to breed and enough low gen cats, and even with 2 revealed traits or pretty obvious hints they are bound to have a HUGE upper hand on breeding the first / one of the first few of the new fancies with no repercussion since within the current economy the .008 eth to breed for a cat that will sell for close to 1eth is such a negligible cost to someone with the amount they are holding.

      This really just ends up perpetuating the big CK accounts making 300+ eth off CK to keep netting money and giving the smaller accounts or those without the contacts they have a serious disadvantage that a lot of the time ends up leading to CK becoming a money sink where a player will end up with a bunch of useless gen 8s they breed for another useless cat that won't even net close to the breed fee.

      There's definitely groups of the wealthy in CK who collaborate and have an insider group (not neccesarily affiliated with the devs, but keep in mind the CK fan sites do speak with the dev team as well to help develop tools) to continue to profit using information that isn't as quickly readily available even for someone of those active in the discord.

      Ultimately I don't think there's a good solution. Most of those people started with a lot of available capital to invest or learned how to profit early on, which was smart on their part, but now is really creating a severe issue that I could see driving away new players when they see the same 3-4 people selling off their useless gen 1s for the cheapest price and constantly be churning out new, valuable kitties even if they have a few failed trials while they get stuck with failed cats that they can't even get .002 eth for.

      X__JTR__X , 20 February 2018 16:42

      Whats the account ID? Just curious where his account is

      ChuckFresco , 19 February 2018 21:48

  259. "Miss Kitty" International Beauty Pageant

    jodiferous11 , 19 February 2018 20:16

      I love your contests. I have a wild card for this one.

      kryptofan , 19 February 2018 23:16

      How are you confirming the country?

      Jrskow , 19 February 2018 20:38


      Jrskow , 19 February 2018 21:27

      not interested

      dimitar99 , 20 February 2018 01:05

  260. Unknown Traits

    ccchalfant , 20 February 2018 03:12

      ccchalfant , 20 February 2018 03:27

      Mystery, secret and unknown, Well maybe are reserved for the future, maybe is metadata, only I know they just released few gens in each of those categories.

      kryptofan , 20 February 2018 03:19

  261. Sir Fees

    ccchalfant , 20 February 2018 01:30

      When you breed your own cats the breeding fee is 0.008 ETH. When you breed with someone else's cats it's 0.008 ETH plus whatever price they charge.

      voiplabs , 20 February 2018 03:15

  262. ICY, ELK, Tiger - What would be the fourth attribute?

    rabah127 , 19 February 2018 22:12

      Ok, this could be my thing, I am a Tiger specialist so icy elk tiger and cymric????

      kryptofan , 19 February 2018 23:12

      Someone should try Yokel!

      Jrskow , 19 February 2018 22:42

      it isnt icy. 3rd one seems to be cymric.

      ddddddjim , 20 February 2018 09:07

      no tuft on top though. i agree with your observations, but the whales hint apparently means cymric. CK shot down the idea of ICY buy didn't steer us away from cymric.

      ddddddjim , 20 February 2018 09:28

      on and off discussion about this all day (and still going) on the Discord general chat if you wanna get up to speed and try to solve it with everyone.

      ddddddjim , 20 February 2018 09:32

  263. What is audible about the release of the application on phones in China ???

    ant200709 , 19 February 2018 17:33

      No one knows for sure. I believe the app has been submitted to Apple for review, but no one knows exactly when it will be approved. It could be today, it could be three weeks from now. It's up to Apple.

      jodiferous11 , 19 February 2018 18:01

      Who first finds out. that the application came out !!! Big request, write here !!!!! Or create a theme! Thank you in advance!!!

      ant200709 , 19 February 2018 18:08

      voiplabs , 20 February 2018 03:18

      Did the app just launch??

      Jrskow , 20 February 2018 19:40

  264. Buying My First CryptoKitties And Successful Breeding! Comment to teach me how to be successful please lol

    1CryptoCollector , 19 February 2018 07:25

      Fantastic video! Welcome to the community! It's so great to re-experience what it's like to be thrown into this game and then find yourself completely lost. Hahaha. I have many things to say. :-)

      I've been waiting to find the perfect kitty to name Napoleon Hill, and you went there with your first -- sorta! For some context, I have no fewer than 21 pages of kitties. And I promise I have never robbed a bank or stolen a credit card :-) I'm just someone who was lucky enough to get into a little Crypto early, watch it multiply, and then watch myself turn it all into pictures of cats on the internet.

      And I don't regret a moment of it!

      Here is my account: Fantastic video! Welcome to the community! It's so great to re-experience what it's like to be thrown into this game and then find yourself completely lost. Hahaha. I have many things to say. :-)

      I've been waiting to find the perfect kitty to name Napoleon Hill, and you went there with your first -- sorta! For some context, I have no fewer than 21 pages of kitties. And I promise I have never robbed a bank or stolen a credit card :-) I'm just someone who was lucky enough to get into a little Crypto early, watch it multiply, and then watch myself turn it all into pictures of cats on the internet.

      And I don't regret a moment of it!

      Here is page 21 of my account: https://www.cryptokitties.co/profile/0xd75bb1e6ef53d0c65bcf53ecb19d8c64a7026c58/all/21

      I bought Cucumber there for twice your starting budget when I first started, and pretty quickly learned that I needed to learn A LOT to continue to play this crazy new game.

      Learning about gas is vital to this game, and also a key part of learning how to properly use Etherium. Some key points: NEVER change the GAS LIMIT. Almost AWLAYS change the GAS PRICE. You can use the website https://ethgasstation.info/ to find a safe gwei price to change the Gas Price to that will allow your transaction to still complete in a reasonable about of time. Paying the default of 20 gas right now means that your transaction will complete very quickly, but also will be more expensive than necessary. Currently you could safely pay 1/10 that in transaction fees by using 2 gwei as a gas price.

      Also: this is a collectibles game. One truth about most "blind" collectibles is that it's always cheaper to just find some common already opened items than it is to buy a blind bag and open the common item yourself. Of course people buy the blind bags because they want to get lucky and open the super rare item that they could turn around and sell for 10-100x what they paid for it -- or else put it on their shelf and feel good about themselves. (I'm describing myself here.) So that's why you're able to buy kitties pretty cheap on the market, but it costs you about $10 to create a new one -- breeding kitties is like buying a blind bag, and the resulting kitty is very very likely going to be common and worth a fraction of what you paid for it. Unlike other blind bags though, this kitty could have special value to you: YOU MADE IT! From your own parent kitties! And it's unique and special in that if you hadn't made it exactly when you did from the parents you used, it would NEVER EXIST! But there's also one super important way in which this differs from buying a blind bag collectible in the real world. You get to control your odds. A little. But it's enough that there are some of us with twenty, thirty, or fifty pages of kitties and that's all self-funded through meticulously researched and planned out breeding of kitties. (I'm no longer describing myself here. To self fund more kitties I'd have to be willing to sell my kitties. I'm a hoarder. Oh well.)

      So how do you manipulate your odds? The first thing to do is use a breeding calculator like kittycalc.co (disclaimer: when I ran out of Ether I helped make this tool because I'm obsessed with CryptoKitties and if you can't play then the next best thing is to help other people play, right?) where you can enter your parent IDs and see exactly what kind of kitty is possible:


      You can see that you had a chance to have the broken whiskers with the teeth (that's the mouth type called "saycheese" -- click the name to see a picture in KittyCalc), and that you actually "mewtated" that bloodred belly (called accent colour) with a less than 4% chance -- neither of your parents had a bloodred gene, but it turns out that if you breed kittencream and emeraldgreen together, they have a small chance of turning into bloodred, and through the magic of Gene Science one parent tried to pass on an emeraldgreen gene, one parent tried to pass on a kittencream gene, and then you got lucky again and bloodred came out! How do you know which traits can combine to create band new traits? KittyCalc.co has you covered again:


      So does that mean that little glazed eyes is a super valuable kitty? Well, sadly, no, not really. I noticed that you had Kitty411.com open in a tab, and there are a ton of really good articles that help explain all this stuff, but I know it's a lot of reading. For some people, it's well worth taking the time to read as much as possible before spending your $30 or whatever budget you've allowed yourself to test the waters with. For others, they can afford to just YOLO it. But I definitely think you can have more fun, and your budget will go much farther, if you are able to take the time to read the articles that are out there. Or else just feel free to keep posting videos like this -- I loved it! -- and we can continue to provide tips and advice here in the comments!

      I have a lot more I could say. Be careful when buying the cheapest kitty available because it's likely someone else is also considering buying it, and if their transaction is approved first then you're not going to get the kitty and you'll lose your transaction cost. But you won't be charged the price of the kitty -- just the cost of submitting the bid. The "max transaction cost" in metamask is just an estimate. You need at least that much ether to submit the transaction, but it is likely only going to cost you part of that. This depends on how much gas is used by the transaction, which is affected by how much processing power the etherium network needs to spend to process it. Some things like breeding a new kitty use a lot of gas. Some things like gifting a kitty use very little. Any excess fee beyond what the miner actually uses will be refunded (or really, it will never even leave your account). You could have turned off the "Fast" filter by clicking the word "Fast" again. Your best bet with a siring auction is to set it to go to 0.0 over a period of time. It's possible that you end up giving away a breed for free (actually it costs you ether just to list it, so you lose ether in the end) but if you're using the lowest possible gas price then the fee is relatively negligible and for the most part someone will come along and want to breed with your kitty for a small fee before it gets to 0. It looks like it's cheaper to use the siring market than it is to breed with your own kitties, but as you saw it actually still costs the fixed 0.008 ETH breeding fee (which essentially goes to the miner who runs the "expensive" gene science algorithm that generates your new kitty in a decentralized, fair way) in addition to the siring fee (which goes to the owner of the sire). What's likely to happen with your current kitties is that they will drop to the minimum sire cost you set and then stay there for the rest of time until you pay another small fee (nothing in this game is free, other than naming your kitty, such is the nature of the blockchain) to cancel the listing. If this all sounds awful ... well, I can see that. But really it's all part of a steep learning curve that leads to a point where it's possible to have a lot of fun collecting a lot of kitties. Are you going to get rich on the Asia launch? No. Some people will, because of thousands of hours they've spent learning everything and creating and testing strategies, and because of the massive bankrolls they have that allow them all kinds of flexibility in adapting to market changes. But for you and I, this is a game we can play to have fun and learn more about Etherium and the blockchain and the crazy world of crypto. I think this is the future. And it excites me!

      Good luck! I hope you continue to play, and continue to make and share videos. And who knows? Maybe now that Glazed Eyes and his bloodred belly are internet famous, someone will seek him out and happily breed with him! In case anyone is interested, here's the link:


      AtAlanfalcon , 19 February 2018 17:41

  265. Bob_3 Hit me up

    JamesGatz_thehomie , 19 February 2018 05:56

      Urgent kitty business to take care of!

      DERPYBASTARD , 19 February 2018 06:21

      Yo Imma let you finish, but bitcoin_louie has the some of the greatest cat's of all time.

      twitchtvbitcoinlouie , 19 February 2018 07:19

  266. newbie wants to sell his kitties

    Skelky , 18 February 2018 22:33

      Give https://www.etherbay.com/category/cryptokitties a shot -- it is safe, simple and secure. And it allows you to add descriptions and it allows you to easily promote your listing on social media. You can see the smart contract code here: https://etherscan.io/address/0x94eb295ec89d759bf803628d2c58de09d8f67950#code

      efolio , 19 February 2018 00:26

      What is your address?

      justwater , 19 February 2018 04:45

      Hold your cats for a few days/a week and get over double, devs are about to release an Asia expansion.

      rocketleaguebr0 , 18 February 2018 22:59

  267. Let all newborn kitties be fast!

    CatCreators , 19 February 2018 08:29

      It's a game design. Gen:0 have more value because they can breed out genes and breed faster than the higher gens. I don't think this would make sense in the original game design and indirectly drop the value of gen:0

      ChuckFresco , 19 February 2018 09:42

      Nah, it would mess up the game economics. The more you make a gen 1 equivalent to a gen 34, the more it turns it into a two-tiered game of gen 0 vs everything else. There has to be perks to having your kitties closer to gen 0, to incentivise efficient breeding instead of brute forcing until you get what you want.

      The other thing it prevents is the kitty population exploding way too quickly. They would have to rename the game to CryptoRabbits.

      syd430 , 19 February 2018 10:06

      The high gens have value exactly because of that - there just isn't so many of them. If a gen 90 could breed every minute, there would be a flood of gen 100 and there wouldn't be any return of value, the rarity would be gone. Obviously. This is like the most basic stuff of CK.

      firecz , 19 February 2018 09:49

      No thanks. Perfectly happy with CK exactly as it is.

      DivineFlora , 21 February 2018 19:03

      Make sterile / infertile the kitties after more than 10 children. But allow then to try breeding

      kryptofan , 19 February 2018 14:49

  268. Official 0xff03376e874ad0478ccd7b624e46a832fcddc974 hate thread

    syd430 , 18 February 2018 15:03

      I'm happy about his visit. I once bought a gen 0 for .1 eth, sold it to him for 1.5 eth, then later bought a new gen 0 for .34 eth.

      thank mr whale

      DERPYBASTARD , 18 February 2018 15:12

      I'm also happy that someone has spent the kind of money he has on the game.

      It benefits those who hold Gen0's, as well as the devs themselves because higher sale prices of their Gen0's means more money to fund CryptoKitty development.

      It has surely inconvenienced those who wanted to buy cheap Gen0's for breeding, which is unfortunate, but the large inflow of new money into the game is a huge plus as well.

      elbak283 , 18 February 2018 16:03

      I cant wait for his friends to show up with their money. This was a half million dollar purchase (estimated).

      boom603 , 18 February 2018 16:04

      Wow harsh. I love this whale, he bought 3 of my Cata Gen0's for 1.5ETH each :) I hope his kittens sell high

      weareallfungi , 19 February 2018 06:06

      Don’t confuse what’s good for the whole community with what’s good for your “pockets”

      Think bigger. Have fun with it. This has legs to change the future I’d blockchain games.

      twitchtvbitcoinlouie , 18 February 2018 20:35


    Jrskow , 18 February 2018 21:34

      I recently did this. The easy part is putting your Kitty on your hardware device; the hard part is getting it off.

      Putting it on is as simple as getting the public Ethereum address of your Ledger and then "donating" your cat to that address from the UI on CryptoKitties.

      Getting it off is trickier if you ever wanted to sell it. We'll be adding some features to https://www.etherbay.com to help support this soon...

      efolio , 19 February 2018 00:28

  270. So... Just how "exclusive" are MisterPurrfect's?

    Carlini8 , 18 February 2018 14:41

      IMO as a poor player the only people who are worried about this are big whales who want to take all the stock of the fancies for themselves. They probably aren't telling you the limit so one of you 1%'s can't just hurry and breed them all and take the entire market for yourself because you're loaded.

      Not knowing the limit was the risk you decided to take when creating it.

      i_love_mnml , 18 February 2018 14:58

      It would be great if CK could add a serial number to the limited fancies in the future. Announce in advance what the limit is.

      88 of 1,000 for example.

      Initially I thought it was going to be limited to 99 because “99 roses”.

      If this is going to be a yearly thing I guess it may be limited to 2,018 cats. Which is 3x current Santaclaws count = fail. Santa was selling for 0.012 slightly above breeding cost at one point...

      Disclosure: I own 23 of the 194 MisterPurrfect as of typing.

      noob-breeder , 18 February 2018 15:14

      What is that new trait, recessive in Gen:0s?

      kryptofan , 18 February 2018 15:03

      I'd also like to use this time to highlight how difficult it is to search for fancies in the market right now. I've been playing since December 4th and the only way for me to check the Negato/Momo market quickly is to click on one of my own. Not sure how I'd do it if I didn't own them.

      KittyHats-Official , 18 February 2018 17:49

      I spent all my money breeding Phuziqaats and now no one wants to buy them despite there being less of them than the newer exclusives... It depends how much people are willing to pay for them. Ended up selling one of my fancys for 0.02 ETH and now listing a Virgin Gen:6 Phuzi at 0.1 ETH but no one is interested. Its been up there for over 2 weeks.

      As long as they keep bringing out exclusives, the exclusives will become less "exclusive". I'd sell up now at dirt cheap prices and get out.

      ALB269 , 18 February 2018 20:51

  271. www.cryptokitties.co does not work?

    ant200709 , 18 February 2018 18:13

      Site seems down, or working very bad

      kryptofan , 18 February 2018 18:20

      Same for me. It doesn't show activities, infinite loading.

      YoVeenz , 18 February 2018 18:34

      ...stuck :((((

      McDuff_71 , 18 February 2018 18:35

      down down down

      dimitar99 , 19 February 2018 00:17

      Back to normal now

      nightporter , 19 February 2018 02:56

  272. Kitten fantasy! What are the advantages of buying and breeding?

    ant200709 , 18 February 2018 15:12

  273. A speculator from China will win? or lose?

    ant200709 , 18 February 2018 14:55

      I want to say that this investor: He is not a miner, since he can not even put it right, he has: Gas Price 1.3 GWei, Gas Limit 7,503,715. He's stupid, he's been busy all day with the transient transactions, and he's not learning anything :-))).

      ant200709 , 19 February 2018 22:16

      why china? why not andorra or western sahara? or nigeria?

      Asgeisk , 18 February 2018 14:59

      Ethereum miners. This people always win

      kryptofan , 18 February 2018 14:59

  274. Everything CryptoKitties Live Stream!

    poopiecryptocats , 18 February 2018 07:03

      This was another very fun stream. Poopie was chasing his entry into the all-inclusive “exclusive” Club 💯, Chuck and JiHoZ were hitting some insane breeds, and I got to share how insanely lucky I’ve been with CryptoKitties contests this week—plus a lot more. Check out the video on demand if you missed it live, and share what you learned or liked, and don’t forget to ask your questions so we can cover those topics on the next live stream!

      AtAlanfalcon , 18 February 2018 18:33

      Thumbs Up! Learn a lot from you guys on discord, in addition this stream is great!

      veselyr , 19 February 2018 01:16

  275. Im missing over 40 cats and my account shows no information on these cats even leaving my posession?

    MayorAdamWest1 , 18 February 2018 00:46

      Hey guys. Discord mod(Psycheout) here. Devs have been made aware of this and hopefully will come back with a solution asap. Definately not the way it should be so hold on tight, your cats should be back soon™

      update: https://i.imgur.com/1r9etsv.png
      We found that it's only a database issue. The cats ownership is secure because it's on the blockchain So nothing to worry too much about but our engineers are on it right now. No cats have been lost, but the API is currently giving the wrong response We will also put a quick banner on the site the make sure people are aware

      Aleksleon , 18 February 2018 01:53

      Our DB was rolled back by mistake with geth, ownership is safe on the blockchain and we are working on restore sync. Sorry about the mislead data, more details to come.

      flockonus , 18 February 2018 03:15

      I just lost 12 more... 148 cats.. only 13 pages.. what is happening? Id think im getting hacked but my etherscan is showing no actions from my account!?

      MayorAdamWest1 , 18 February 2018 00:52

      never realized people had 100 of kitties until reading these comments.

      will anyone with this many CKs share their story? why do you have so many?

      griptography , 18 February 2018 05:25

      I have the same! Almost 100 kitties are missing. But when I check the pages they are not actually missing and there is no trace on etherscan

      Daandeen , 18 February 2018 00:56

  276. McDuff I want to buy a cat from you

    weareallfungi , 18 February 2018 06:03

      /u/McDuff_71 << this is his profile

      vanitasCG , 18 February 2018 06:17

      gen 3 onyx sass not allowed

      KittyHats-Official , 19 February 2018 05:56

  277. Newbie here, what is the best way to start?

    ThatLeftClick , 18 February 2018 04:15

      Crptokitties 411 contains loads of valuable information and tools to get started https://cryptokitties411.com/

      You can download a good extension here to see traits and rarity which you run as a script inside Tamper Monkey for chrome: https://github.com/HaJaeKyung/KittyExtension

      Someone posted a question about getting starting with $20. Some of the answers they received might be helpful to you. https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoKitties/comments/7xnkle/worth_starting_now/

      As far as getting the ETH goes, you could make an account with Coinbase, for example, and buy ether with fiat. https://www.coinbase.com/

      A quick google will show some guides on how to install Metamask, send ETH to your wallet and play. https://coinsutra.com/cryptokitties-cryptocollectibles/ https://mashable.com/2017/12/04/how-to-play-cryptokitties/#HcZygzbwFsqI

      Have a good browse through /r/Cryptokitties as well if you haven't already. There have been plenty of people starting out like you with similar questions and you might some helpful tips there. The amount you put in is up to you. $20 - $30 will let you buy some cats and have a go at playing the game, ie breeding.

      Great time to start, have fun and good luck ! :)))

      CountChicoban , 18 February 2018 07:23

      Hi Newbie,

      I am a Youtube Content Creator for this game and I have made some videos to help out with this game www.youtube.com/chuckfresco

      1. I make videos for beginners on youtube this game this would be the video I would start with: https://youtu.be/FT3CKqBjAfc

      2. ETH costs are relative but I would think about .2 ETH to buy some nice gen:1 adn breed them

      3. Your ETH vendor depends where you live.

      ChuckFresco , 19 February 2018 09:56

      Best way to start is not to start at all unless you are willing to switch your money for a cat picture.

      meadowpoe , 18 February 2018 19:07


    Jrskow , 18 February 2018 00:15

      I lost 1 cat

      kryptofan , 18 February 2018 04:27

      yes, it was down, and i went to sleep

      rabah127 , 18 February 2018 09:04

  279. Trade

    matteblackale , 17 February 2018 23:28

      We need a feature to interchange cats

      kryptofan , 18 February 2018 04:28

      Sorry, but a Gen1 Violet is worth A LOT more than a Gen1 Nacho

      Gen:1 Nacho's lowest are going for lowest 0.09 while the lowest Gen1 violet goes for 0.55 (fast) and I believe a snappy one was bought for 0.22 today (http://www.kittyexplorer.com/kitties/327762). Considering the R2R3 Violet recessive has also been discontinued Gen1 violets will continue to increase in price while nachocheez recessives are still being produced and will out supply the violet gen0 recessive cats.

      weareallfungi , 18 February 2018 07:33

      i do but how do we trade

      Dupontgoer , 18 February 2018 00:08

      Check out https://www.etherbay.com/category/cryptokitties -- a decentralized exchange for buying and selling cryptokitties. Smart contract is published and can be read here: https://etherscan.io/address/0x94eb295ec89d759bf803628d2c58de09d8f67950#code

      efolio , 19 February 2018 00:23

  280. MethodID: 0x3d7d3f5a What does this mean in the transaction ???

    ant200709 , 17 February 2018 22:55

      From https://www.4byte.directory/

      Function calls in the Ethereum Virtual Machine are specified by the first four bytes of data sent with a transaction. These 4-byte signatures are defined as the first four bytes of the Keccak hash (SHA3) of the canonical representation of the function signature. Since this is a one-way operation, it is not possible to derive the human readable representation of the function from the 4-byte signature. This database is meant to allow mapping those 4-byte signatures back to their human readable versions.

      DERPYBASTARD , 18 February 2018 15:08

  281. Big delay only for me,???

    grimdiam , 17 February 2018 22:26

      Delayed a couple hours here! Gifted myself cats and contract is telling me it went through.

      poopiecryptocats , 17 February 2018 22:43

      Sorry for that, DB has been misbehaving today and rolled back out of sync from the blockchain. Because of that we displayed old data.

      Ownership is safe and will always be as the only way to transfer is using your private key (we can't ever override it)

      flockonus , 18 February 2018 03:23

      Anybody knows what's happening?

      grimdiam , 18 February 2018 00:17

      For me is working right now

      grimdiam , 18 February 2018 00:54

      I'm having the same issue. Bred 2 cats a couple of hours ago and I'm still waiting.

      izen448 , 18 February 2018 00:08

  282. Catatonic Cats

    matteblackale , 17 February 2018 18:03

      What’s the breeding fee these days?

      Thunderfish8 , 17 February 2018 19:12

  283. Mewtations

    peucoz , 17 February 2018 16:37

      Thank you ! So in your opinion what kitty i must take from those 2 where i give example since i can get for free ?

      peucoz , 17 February 2018 18:00

      Cryptokitties 411 have some advice and made a helpful valuation tool https://cryptokitties411.com/

      Out of these two cats I would suggest 87375 is more valuable, considering all factors such as Gen, Genes, Mewtations, Age etc.

      CountChicoban , 18 February 2018 07:38

      Try to look all the genes for each cat.

      kryptofan , 17 February 2018 18:41

  284. Only 4 left on the... Make that 3 left.. on the Kitty Clock.

    boom603 , 17 February 2018 14:52

      Currently only 370 Gen 0 fast for sale. If this buyer was to purchase as many as in the last buying spree we could be out of Gen 0's soon.... Then the fight for the 1 Kitty every 15 minutes begins.

      boom603 , 17 February 2018 15:30

      Yep, same account from the last few days is buying up everything again. Just 10 hours ago you could easily buy a brand new gen 0 with several mewtations for 0.3 ETH.

      They’re going to make a small fortune within the next couple of months when they flip them all.

      syd430 , 17 February 2018 14:55

      Down to 2

      boom603 , 17 February 2018 15:13

      Im confused? I thought kitty clock was producing gen 0 until Novemeber, did this change?

      Dupontgoer , 17 February 2018 18:26

  285. The application in China already came out ??? or not yet ???

    ant200709 , 17 February 2018 18:36

      I think China has come to us by the looks of things.

      boom603 , 17 February 2018 19:05

      Is this the app? Who knows!


      Jrskow , 17 February 2018 19:57

      so someone will answer exactly ??

      ant200709 , 18 February 2018 01:24

      Now 2weeks wait myby

      niels056 , 17 February 2018 18:54

  286. Anyone make money on this game?

    okharif , 16 February 2018 22:44

      Hello, I started with .8 Ethereum and have made around 10 eth with around 550 cats left to breed/sell.

      I quit working full-time in september to dabble in the crypto markets and ride the US equity bull market without distractions. I'm also part of a team, Kittyhats that has built an application on top of CK that allows players to attach erc 20 accessory tokens(thinks hats, shoes, etc) to their Kitties!

      I graduated from Yale, I'm 27, and host a stream for this game catered towards veterans and new players alike. Would love for people to hear my story, if possible.

      You can email me at [email protected] if you'd like to set up a call!

      KittyHats-Official , 17 February 2018 02:50

      I got in this game really late, spent way to much eth on way to many shitcats and high transactions and now hold those shitcats as they are not worth anything. 10 out of 10 will definitely fomo again

      cryptocoinmining , 17 February 2018 00:38

      Hey Olga,

      I read all the ost on the channel and just want to add a different perspective you are possibly missing. The notion of just "making money on CryptoKitties" (or any other digital token respectively) is inherently flawed, since it doesn´t take into account the value as a whole.

      Only recently I decided to sell two of my older gen0 cats for 3 ETH, which is basically what I put into the game. I did this because I wanted to buy other tokens. In strongly believe that gen0 cats will sell for more than 1.5 ETH, I just needed liquidity.

      So atm I didn´t "make money", but I still own cats at a current value of around 10-15 ETH.

      Having said this, there are a lot of player who entered in December who believe to have "lost all their money", since they entered the game when gen0 costed around 6 ETH (I believe that was the spark price, I might be wrong). If you read older post from December you get the notion of anger of these people who believed that they were tricked into a Ponzi scheme. Being in crypto for quite some time, this happens all the time to newcomers who didn´t experience the hypecycles (i.e. Bitcoin running all to 20K USD and then down to 7K). If these people don´t panic sell, I believe, will have valuable Kitties in the future. At least more than they currently expect.

      However, if all players would play just "to make money" out of CryptoKitties the prices would drop to 0 quickly. The game lives on players like me, who don´t seek to "cash out" even before the first quarter ended.

      artiscience , 17 February 2018 09:32


      I am a full time gambler - since December I have made most of my money through Crypto Games moving away from the online gambling.

      In the original December rush I made roughly 100 ETH, a lot of which I sold when ETH was about $1200ish.

      Yesterday I sold about 40 Kittens for 1.5 ETH. CK is my most profitable game for sure.

      Carlini8 , 17 February 2018 00:21

      No money, only more cats 😎

      kirroyale , 17 February 2018 00:13

  287. Kitty Evaluator Tool

    jodiferous11 , 16 February 2018 22:28

      Thanks for the tool Jodi! Love the mutation match-up sheet too :D I'm curious, how Low Gen is low, to you now? For example, given the difficulty (or near impossibility - I haven't calculated it) of a kitten inheriting a full set of diamond family jewels at say Gen 1 - 5, would Gen 20 - 30 still be considered low? I can't find the breeder profile now but I've seen at least that one person so far who appears to be chasing diamond sets and breeding cats with high jewel combos into the 70 - 150 Gen range. For me, atm the Gen would not really be an issue if they bred a full set of diamonds with mewtations as well, for example. Obviously if they did it at a lower Gen it would be a more impressive feat, but curious to see what other people's take is on this, and how low gen other jewel/mewtation chaser people are currently breeding at.

      CountChicoban , 17 February 2018 01:10

      Cool tool. Thank you for sharing!

      fractalchemist , 17 February 2018 03:42

      Great tool! Thanks!

      cryptoshyte , 18 February 2018 10:45

      Gen0 #539024 that came out this morning has 'totesbasic' cattribute that has been said to be 'retired' followed by #539079 & #539189. So totesbasic does not appear to be gone yet.

      nigerianprincessa , 23 February 2018 19:50

  288. When you trying to find your place in the market

    hash_kitty , 16 February 2018 22:45

      love, I don't have any high generation.

      kryptofan , 17 February 2018 01:40

  289. ATM is there a way to find out how many original mewtations exist of a certain trait?

    CountChicoban , 17 February 2018 05:22

      The position in the json file of the youngest hotrods maybe is the key:

      last one now is kitti 521553, position 418. .... ex:


      but it seems you have to look many of them to find the max number, if the enhanced attribute has a -1 is no-jewel, if the id is the same of the cat and a positive position number is a mewtation, a new bloodline. I am not sure, but maybe is the right way.

      Try to find, the youngest with the mewtation for hotrod

      kryptofan , 17 February 2018 06:35

  290. Last day to submit kitties to the Purebred Contest!

    jodiferous11 , 16 February 2018 19:28

      Awesome idea! Let's bring back purebreds!

      poopiecryptocats , 16 February 2018 22:23

  291. Where are you finding success, siring or selling?

    coffeegoddd , 16 February 2018 20:19


      MisterChoky , 16 February 2018 21:22

      Mine have been up to sire for like almost a month 🙃 but I can’t afford to take them down so they’re just chillin 😂😂

      goldenflames15 , 16 February 2018 21:33

  292. What do you think this attribute is ?

    rabah127 , 17 February 2018 00:05

      Jrskow , 17 February 2018 00:50

      i was thinking icy...

      coffeegoddd , 17 February 2018 01:11

      Scope that spelling of deer...

      ResidentCoolCat , 17 February 2018 01:16


      kryptofan , 17 February 2018 01:37


      ekwenzu , 17 February 2018 05:43

  293. Diamonds are a fake !!! Here is an example.

    RollDiceClub , 17 February 2018 02:26

      Traits that are lost and then return in later generations still get gems.

      ashkestar , 17 February 2018 06:05

      the diamond sent me to kitty 3002 . Diamond is bigger that any other family jewel. If you want to get a mewtation, has to be in a totally different family (different ancestors).

      kryptofan , 17 February 2018 04:43

  294. Me trying to sell my gen 22 shit-cat with no redeeming attributes for 0.5 ETH

    syd430 , 15 February 2018 21:04

      Insurance scam cat.

      al1sly8 , 15 February 2018 21:48

      Someone will pick it up eventually...

      bushidolab , 16 February 2018 07:10

      Insurance scam cat.

      fobica8n , 15 February 2018 21:48


      banananutss , 15 February 2018 23:55

      try to breed with a diamond cat

      kryptofan , 15 February 2018 22:06

  295. CryptoKitties Cattribute Charts - KittyCalc.co

    poopiecryptocats , 16 February 2018 18:40

      These charts are lit.

      twitchtvbitcoinlouie , 16 February 2018 19:22

      I love these charts!!!

      jodiferous11 , 16 February 2018 22:07

  296. i can haz kittie?

    Efex83 , 16 February 2018 21:56

      You need 2 kitties to start breeding, you need eth to breed (.008 eth per breeding, specifically), you need eth to pay for transaction fees to sell... you can't play this game with nothing but gifted cats.

      ashkestar , 16 February 2018 22:39

      Add eth to metamask. Buy two kitties. Breed them. Watch videos and read faq. Too much info to spoon feed you and doubtful anyone will gift you a cat as it costs eth to send them.

      CryptoMustang , 16 February 2018 22:10

  297. Trouble getting an earnie!

    rabah127 , 16 February 2018 01:41

      Well it seems like you are breeding 3/4 of the same traits (2 grims, 2 orangesoda, 2 birman). Where is the hotrod?

      EDIT: You might want to link the cats so people can help you out better.

      weareallfungi , 16 February 2018 01:57

      try dominant tiger and recessive hotrod.

      kryptofan , 16 February 2018 02:37

      Check your kitties here to make sure you have a decent chance of hitting the fancy, and if not then try some different breeding pairs: https://kittycalc.co/

      Good luck!

      Overwatch_Falcon , 16 February 2018 15:10

  298. China. While take 3 days an maybe up to 3 weeks

    niels056 , 16 February 2018 08:08

  299. I just saw I sold 2 gen 0 kitties ???

    Soulforcer , 15 February 2018 21:22

      syd430 , 15 February 2018 21:45

      He is buying up al gen 0?

      Soulforcer , 15 February 2018 21:45

      should have priced higher haha

      weareallfungi , 15 February 2018 22:14

      I could have made 10x gains :( I thought CK was dead so i didnt pay attention. I already deemed my eth lost hahah

      Soulforcer , 15 February 2018 22:16

      now that you have ether is time to play seriously this game.

      kryptofan , 16 February 2018 00:35

  300. Family Jewels - what I am looking for and investing in...

    McDuff_71 , 15 February 2018 15:34

      Which would you value higher - Gilded Mewtation or Diamond Catribute? It seems like the Gilded Mewtation could be worth slightly more because it has that 1 in 10 element to it, but the idea of coming from the source is also pretty cool.

      ddddddjim , 15 February 2018 16:32

      I wonder if at some stage another feature will come out which shows the cat's lineage in relation to founder cats. ie: 99 different stamps relating to each founder, which also appear on directly related kitties, with the style of stamp changing to reflect generations. Children and grandchildren would receive a much higher stamp, the next 5 generations a high stamp, and so on. This is originally what I took the 'Family jewels' to mean before it came out.

      CountChicoban , 16 February 2018 00:13

      Loving the new feature too. I started to put emoji in my kittens titles to identify them by their jewels until someone brings out an add-on. This makes breeding some really cool high gen cats worthwhile too. I pm'd you also.

      CountChicoban , 15 February 2018 16:10

      is there a way to search for jewels? I'm not finding it.

      dont_hate_scienceguy , 15 February 2018 22:27

  301. How Rare Will Diamond Mewtation Cats Be?

    northeastpole , 15 February 2018 16:12

      ...very very valuable, even more than the fancys imo...

      McDuff_71 , 15 February 2018 16:25

      Diamond mewtation is the first 10 kitties to have a new trait, yeah? So 10x the number of traits (ie, super dang rare). If I did the math right, 2480 total.

      ashkestar , 16 February 2018 22:42

      there are so many cats with these mewtations, doesn't seem like it will add so much to the value right meow

      smtpbay , 17 February 2018 00:07

  302. Are they now worth more? How do jewels work?

    kakbald , 15 February 2018 19:14

      Mewtattions are the new rarity indicator officially , the cat is out of the bag the hacker did monitor those genes in cat for about 1 month thats all the breeding of new traits exploded. Now we have a new ranking in this area. Family gems! Means if your cat has a diamond mewtation it is one of a kind for ever.

      ReavonGO , 15 February 2018 20:10

      Could someone give me a rough idea of price for this guy.


      Thanks in advance.

      pulse184 , 15 February 2018 23:48

      ant200709 , 15 February 2018 21:51

  303. First Known Full Set Family Jewels Crypto Kitty With All Cattributes As First 100 Jewels

    adeldemeyer , 15 February 2018 14:16

      First known....by you. Asking for 30 ETH lol

      cheap shills

      artiscience , 15 February 2018 14:37

      razedaze , 15 February 2018 21:07

      smashncrash1 , 16 February 2018 09:18

      weareallfungi , 21 February 2018 09:55

      I think it's better to invest in exclusive kittens, fantasy. These kittens are also the best !!!

      Buy my cryptokitties !!! Fancy Momo-chan!!! Fancy Earnie!!! https://www.cryptokitties.co/profile/0x704670c7cb1ff387686451f290352543c8f09da3

      ant200709 , 15 February 2018 17:34

  304. Highest Jewelled kitten found so far.

    CountChicoban , 15 February 2018 08:31

      https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/22511 Its acutally a Diamond itself

      northeastpole , 15 February 2018 09:21

      razedaze , 15 February 2018 21:22

      Very nice! I actually own a kitty with a full set of jewels - putting it up for sale later today :) https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/495050

      adeldemeyer , 15 February 2018 09:53

      Cool just checked, one of my kitties has two diamonds! yippee! https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/305981

      johnandbuddy , 16 February 2018 03:17


      5 x Diamond 1 x Gilded 1 x Amethyst

      Which others have you found with high jewel stats? Any kittens with a full set yet?

      CountChicoban , 15 February 2018 08:35

  305. RDC Update. Trait chart now available.

    RollDiceClub , 15 February 2018 14:33

  306. Wow - Average Kitty Price by Day Chart

    boom603 , 15 February 2018 14:09

      the person collected 5-6% of all released cryptocotens with the gene 0. !!! he bought them up to the price of 1.5 and 1.6. I think he knows what he's doing. we'll see when he sells them and for how much. I think he will double or triple his capital.

      But he made the mistake of not collecting fantasy kittens, there are very few of them :-))). Here such as mine: https://www.cryptokitties.co/profile/0x704670c7cb1ff387686451f290352543c8f09da3

      ant200709 , 16 February 2018 00:49

      RollDiceClub , 15 February 2018 14:12

      he's just swimming ahead of his pod

      ddddddjim , 15 February 2018 16:37

  307. Do All Kids Of This Cat Have A Diamond In Their Family Tree?

    northeastpole , 15 February 2018 15:44

      Only if they also have the mainecoon trait

      Thunderfish8 , 15 February 2018 16:14

      ...all I know is that Mew is worth a ton!!! - nice ;)))...siring for 10E??...hmm maybe not but the cat as the first example in the entire genome of the game??..ca-ching!!! :)))

      McDuff_71 , 15 February 2018 18:50

      Lol they are charging almost 10 eth for siring...

      kirroyale , 15 February 2018 17:32

  308. Will the west be able to use the Chinese app?

    rabah127 , 15 February 2018 18:24

      I doubt it, maybe through jailbreak means. But a worldwide app should come out shortly after the Chinese app :)

      The Chinese app is set to be submitted to the app store tomorrow, but when it comes out completely depends on when Apple approves the app.

      DERPYBASTARD , 15 February 2018 18:26

  309. Can't breed or sell cats.

    BLKMDNA , 15 February 2018 18:16

      I tried to buy a cat couple of days ago, and I can't,,I just got a red message of 'invalid transaction' or failed transaction on eterscan. Cat is still for sale...

      kryptofan , 15 February 2018 19:59

      I had issues trying to sell or sire my own cats. I could breed or buy just fine.When I hit the done button on the sell page nothing happened. I was using firefox. I switched to Chrome and that seemed to solve it.

      lion9327 , 15 February 2018 23:01

      peucoz , 16 February 2018 01:16

  310. KittyCalc.co Update - Clickable Traits & More!

    poopiecryptocats , 15 February 2018 05:25

      I'm clicking them and nothing :)

      firecz , 15 February 2018 08:38

  311. Worth starting now?

    BL4C_KN1GHT , 15 February 2018 05:59

      Yes. With $20 you absolutely can.

      In my experience you can profit from siring fees on good kittens, in order to buy more kittens or do what you like with the ETH. So what you should do is:

      1) Buy the best possible kitty you can for ~$19

      Such a kitty would be something like: Low Gen, some jewels and rare traits, one that visually appeals to you. If it has lots of jewels it is probably more valuable even at a higher Gen. See: @jodiferous Jewel explanation: https://cryptokitties411.com/2018/02/14/how-do-family-jewels-work/

      Since you'll be siring your kitty in order to make a profit to buy more kitties, it will help you see quicker returns if you pick one with a cooldown speed of fast/swift/snappy, as it may be sired multiple times a day. With a slower cooldown, you just have to be more patient before you can sire it again, but it also means you might be able to afford a cat with better traits and therefore it will be more desirable to people wanting to breed from it. It's a trade off and up to you.

      2) Look at the marketplace to see what price similar kitties to yours are being sired out for. Decide on a price for yours which is at the low end of that range, ie 1st page in the marketplace for similar traits, so that people will see your kitty easily. I find 0.003 - 0.005 works best for nice kittens with a couple of rares traits and low gen, but it is dependent on what kind of kitty you find and how urgently you're hoping to sire it.

      3) When gas price safe low is at or below 1 or 2, list your kitty in a siring auction: make sure you change the GWEI to 1 (or whatever the safe low is at the time) in the Metamask dialogue that appears. Safe low gas price can be found here https://ethgasstation.info/

      That way, listing in the siring auction should cost you no more than ~$0.20

      4) Relax and wait ! Take a nap... Browse some kittens. Eye up your next purchase.... ;)

      5) When you receive the funds from your first successful siring auction, list your kitten to sire again. Repeat this process, until you have enough ETH to buy another kitty, and sire that too. Or maybe you'll want to breed your two together? Just always make sure you leave enough ETH to list in the siring auction.

      This works in my experience, and you'll be able to grow your empire :) Good Luck!! Hope you find some good kittens.

      CountChicoban , 15 February 2018 08:14

      you can buy a few cats for $20. cryptokitties is good for learning about Ethereum, ETH, smart contracts, using a cryptowallet (metamask in this case) and using gas on the network. all good lessons to learn if you don't already know and well worth $20. plus you'll get a couple cats you can show off to friends. Count Chicoban gives a good sumary of how to actually make money with the $20 in kitties though.

      ddddddjim , 15 February 2018 08:57

      Right now only Gen 0 kitties are going up like crazy. Nobody knows if or when the price will go down again.

      $20 is probably not enough. You can buy kitties, but obviously no rare ones and breeding costs about $7 so you can guess how much you can do with $20.

      Earning ether is very hard with a low investment, especially now that nobody pays for siring anymore.

      Tm1337 , 15 February 2018 06:22

      I think it's better to invest in exclusive kittens, fantasy. These kittens are also the best !!! Buy my cryptokitties !!! Fancy Momo-chan!!! Fancy Earnie!!! https://www.cryptokitties.co/profile/0x704670c7cb1ff387686451f290352543c8f09da3

      ant200709 , 15 February 2018 12:54

  312. is my cat rare with 9 attributes?

    dimitar99 , 15 February 2018 11:19

      It has nine cattributes because it has the wild elk cattribute.

      playfulexistence , 15 February 2018 13:20

  313. Added Search by ID with gene data

    mhazoldt , 15 February 2018 09:56

      Why base32 over base58 (kai) everyone is using?

      firecz , 15 February 2018 10:55

  314. All Time Highest Average Price For CK Today (so far)

    FiatFeline , 15 February 2018 13:32

      RollDiceClub , 15 February 2018 14:01

  315. The second coming of CryptoKitties

    Letmebeyour_fantasy , 15 February 2018 00:29

      Great write up. Would be great if this thing catches on in Asia.

      weekev , 15 February 2018 06:06

      I think it's better to invest in exclusive kittens, fantasy. These kittens are also the best !!! Buy my cryptokitties !!! Fancy Momo-chan!!! Fancy Earnie!!! https://www.cryptokitties.co/profile/0x704670c7cb1ff387686451f290352543c8f09da3

      ant200709 , 15 February 2018 13:11


    Jrskow , 14 February 2018 22:27

      ...such a great addition and suddenly some sort of worthless gens looking pretty good!! ...nice one

      McDuff_71 , 15 February 2018 02:10

      Hopefully adds value.

      Murdoc_Atl , 15 February 2018 00:01

      Wow that is a beautiful kitty!! Very excited about the jewels feature -my kitty has a full set of jewels under the first 100 :) https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/495050

      adeldemeyer , 15 February 2018 10:03

      What is the purpose of the jewels?

      playfulexistence , 14 February 2018 23:30

      This is the highest jewelled one I've seen so far https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/365957

      CountChicoban , 15 February 2018 08:45

  317. New Sponsor welcome! >500 ETH at one day!

    RollDiceClub , 15 February 2018 11:17

      same comment in 3 different threads? enough with the spam.

      ddddddjim , 15 February 2018 16:36

      Been very exciting tracking the big activities the last two days :)

      adeldemeyer , 15 February 2018 14:19

      Myby the partner of cryptokitties pumping price up?

      niels056 , 15 February 2018 19:22

  318. Gen0 has crossed the 2 ETH threshold, someone is on spree shopping!

    rabah127 , 15 February 2018 02:54

      Only on kitty clock. Still 1 eth on marketplace

      nightporter , 15 February 2018 03:30

      All my sells were killed... dang

      artiscience , 15 February 2018 09:15

      The son of the last russian zar reportedly to get into crypto few days ago!

      meadowpoe , 15 February 2018 09:59

  319. CryptoKitties Launches Much Awaited Family Jewels Feature

    btcgeek_rule , 15 February 2018 03:09

      Great post love it!

      So excited about my one kitty having a full set of family jewels and all in the first 100 :)

      adeldemeyer , 15 February 2018 14:09

  320. "How do Family Jewels work?" - explanation by Kitty411

    jodiferous11 , 15 February 2018 01:02

  321. Site seems down, 404 is all that shows?

    rabah127 , 15 February 2018 02:18

      Probably has something to do with the gear up for the app launch in Asia this weekend.

      lordofboards , 15 February 2018 02:41

  322. The US Treasury - Owner of 24 Founder Jaguars - Everything CryptoKitties

    poopiecryptocats , 14 February 2018 10:54

      Interesting. I sold a couple of my Founder Cats to US Treasury for a tidy profit.

      dApperKittie , 14 February 2018 11:35

      Would two founder holders in one stream :O. US Treasury

      ChuckFresco , 14 February 2018 10:57

      1:27:30 is when US Treasury comes on

      poopiecryptocats , 14 February 2018 11:27

      i was winding down for the night and about to jump off the stream when you guys had him on. excellent conversation and really appriciated UST giving his point of view on the situation. looking forward to the next stream!

      ddddddjim , 14 February 2018 16:54

  323. Over 199 24hr ETH volume! More than a 7x increase from a few days ago

    rocketleaguebr0 , 14 February 2018 14:12

      Gen0s have also gone from 0.1 to 0.9 in a few days. The site is slightly delayed right now so you might still see 0.3's for sale - check here for recent sales: https://kittysales.herokuapp.com/

      rocketleaguebr0 , 14 February 2018 14:13

  324. Kitty owner “Vibao”?

    Jrskow , 14 February 2018 19:47

  325. Price for GenO goes up !

    Bibo7 , 14 February 2018 05:23

      Look at player 0xff03376e874ad0478ccd7b624e46a832fcddc974 activity.

      He bought more than 400 kitties Gen0 at one day.


      RollDiceClub , 15 February 2018 10:45

      feb 15/ 5:30 EST. youngest: 2.2442 / cheapest: 1.0053 // 1 eth = 913 usd

      kryptofan , 15 February 2018 13:32

      Yeah, it's up to 0.3273 eth (for cheapest gen-0 virgin) right now, when I remember it was dipping below 0.08 eth a week or so ago.

      spigolt , 14 February 2018 06:39

      what about gen1? It seems they remain about 0.02 and 0.03 eth, no change during the same period of time. So now gen0s are the real game.

      kryptofan , 14 February 2018 12:20

      right now: youngest gen0 = 0.5542 eth. cheapest = 0.2959 eth

      kryptofan , 14 February 2018 12:24

  326. New Fancy: Earnie!

    ashkestar , 14 February 2018 09:14

      Earnie’s traits are Orangesoda, Birman, Grim and Hotrod. He’s a pretty easy breed, so go nuts!

      ashkestar , 15 February 2018 04:44

  327. Ooops, looks like this transaction is invalid. Why?

    dont_hate_scienceguy , 14 February 2018 09:33

      Congrats it seems like you did this during publicly announced maintenance time

      weareallfungi , 14 February 2018 19:49

      im having the same problem, can't buy any cat (Ooops, looks like this transaction is invalid.)

      vhaG , 14 February 2018 20:39

      I am also having this problem and it's been happening all day. I've been trying to sell my own kitties and breed one, but it tells me its an invalid transaction, or it does nothing all together.

      Halp :(

      BLKMDNA , 15 February 2018 06:45

  328. OpenSea: a secondary marketplace for cryptokitties (and other cryptogoods)

    dfinzer , 14 February 2018 05:46

      If i list kittys on your site are they listed on main ck site?

      pirahnatsunami66 , 14 February 2018 07:40

  329. CryptoCuddles: A CryptoKitties Battle Game!

    OptimisticOnanist , 14 February 2018 03:05

  330. How do I breed a Golden CAT!!!?

    dont_hate_scienceguy , 14 February 2018 08:59

      Birman, hotrod, orange soda and grim

      ADHDownsyndrome , 14 February 2018 10:05

      I'm selling an erini cat !!!

      Fancy Earnie!!! https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/513446 and also: Fancy Momo-chan!!! They are only 53 pieces out of more than 500 000 kittens.

      ant200709 , 14 February 2018 22:55

      Kiuerty , 15 February 2018 08:19

  331. Cryptokitties in China

    kakbald , 14 February 2018 00:05


      They should submit the app on february 16th but there is no hard release date since the app still needs to be approved.

      And things should go up, imo :)

      DERPYBASTARD , 14 February 2018 00:36

      hm, 6 of my kitties (all Mistletoes) sold tonight, to 2 accounts with user names: 猫神再世 and 纪志能

      FiatFeline , 14 February 2018 08:25

      Didn’t exchanges get blocked in china?

      avgazn247 , 14 February 2018 04:24

      Prices will rise sharply !!! Especially it will affect kitten fantasy! Buy my cryptokitties !!! Fancy Momo-chan!!! Fancy Earnie!!! https://www.cryptokitties.co/profile/0x704670c7cb1ff387686451f290352543c8f09da3

      ant200709 , 14 February 2018 23:44

  332. The cat was successful in selling, but did not receive the ETH

    CSBIrd34 , 14 February 2018 07:09

      Go to your address on etherscan and click on the Internal Transactions tab. It does not show up in the main tab, but the ether is definitely added to your balance. (Minus a 3.75% commission for using the marketplace)

      DERPYBASTARD , 15 February 2018 01:24

  333. Android easter egg vs. Cryptokitties

    kakbald , 13 February 2018 19:38

  334. Featuring CryptoKittties on Instagram

    goldcoffee450 , 14 February 2018 05:00

      Follow @cloudwhitekitties on Instagram as well!

      Jrskow , 14 February 2018 11:08

  335. Cryptokitties Blockchain-Based Game is Getting a Lot Bigger

    Laughter4health , 13 February 2018 22:33

      Can someone please explain how this will work on a mobile app? Will prices be in ethereum? Or is there some intermediary in game currency that will be used?

      Once again, I’m super impressed with Axiom Zen for pioneering in this space.

      dont_hate_scienceguy , 15 February 2018 03:21

  336. Updated Kitty Body Chart

    jodiferous11 , 13 February 2018 19:46

      • The background colors match the kitties' eyes.
      • I apologize that yesterday's chart accidentally included a word that's offensive in certain dialects.

      jodiferous11 , 13 February 2018 19:49

      Love this chart!

      Overwatch_Falcon , 13 February 2018 20:21

  337. how to start

    anorexia08 , 14 February 2018 00:51

      eddpastafarian , 14 February 2018 01:38

  338. how to calculate how rare is a cat?

    warggg , 13 February 2018 23:28

      it is kinda rare. mostly because the wuvme trait is fairly new. it looks like that trait will be fairly popular. it also has cerulian which isn't a very common color. that said, there is nothing particularly special or rare about it that would make it worth more than other cats with the same traits. it is just a normal cat with a couple cool traits. i'm no expert, but that's my take.

      ddddddjim , 14 February 2018 00:01

      being gen5 makes it less rare as others can also work from gen1 cats to make a similar cat. However, if that was gen2 it would be a tough cat to duplicate. And if it was gen1, really really tough cat to duplicate and would be extremely rare.

      weareallfungi , 14 February 2018 01:46

      Buy my cryptokitties !!! Fancy Momo-chan!!! Fancy Earnie!!! https://www.cryptokitties.co/profile/0x704670c7cb1ff387686451f290352543c8f09da3

      ant200709 , 14 February 2018 23:32

  339. Why do you play CryptoKitties, not CryptoCelebrities?

    JakeBresnan , 13 February 2018 22:05

      "They are about..." there you have it :)

      Btw. what makes you think that people here play CK only? I have stakes in other games, too, but CryptoCelebrities is just a cheap copy cat, nothing really genuine there. It´s crypto punks with stolen pictures instead of real art.

      artiscience , 14 February 2018 00:00

      this is your 2nd post here attempting to shill a subpar game. can we remove this? it isn't a very active sub and he clearly posted this just to drive traffic to a different game.

      ddddddjim , 14 February 2018 16:32

      shit game

      wharblurb , 13 February 2018 22:25

      I run out of money, so all my ethereum goes to cryptokitties. I am here just to recover some cents

      kryptofan , 14 February 2018 00:37

  340. Everything I know about the 7 undiscovered fancies (and 2 exclusive ones)

    jodiferous11 , 13 February 2018 00:34

  341. Why do you play this game?

    coldbeats , 13 February 2018 03:16

      This is my playstyle:

      1) Finishing up my collections. And custom watch/buy lists, Hope to showcase them next month.

      2) Preparing for the bingo of kitty #555555, less than 45k kitties left. Replenish my breeding stocks after i tried but failed to win Cathena :)

      3) Gifting five dollar kitties to afk people who love crypto, but are too afraid to start somewhere - best feeling ever!~

      tabsa , 13 February 2018 11:42

      I have an ETH wallet on my phone. When I'm visiting friends, I like giving out $10 of ETH to people who've never used it before & have cryptokitties be their first ETH experience. Fun way to introduce ETH transactions, gas price/gas limit/ethgasstation.info/stuck transactions/etc.

      I've personally put about 1ETH into this game. I mostly just check the gen0 market every few weeks. If the prices seem lower than usual, I might buy one. (I have 3 gen0s atm) I'm planning on reselling most of them closer to/after November once the last gen0 comes out.

      I think a lot of people had their intro to ETH via cryptokitties. And a lot of these people will value their cryptokitties well into the future. Some who later become ether-rich will likely want a gen0 to remember how they started and there's a very finite supply of them.. We'll see whether or not I come out ahead here but idgaf because I've learned a lot and had a lot of fun!

      bohendo , 13 February 2018 21:49

      Ya... See no one does lol. Are people making money? I doubt it. I bought my girl and I some when it first came out. Wasted about $100. Are you making money?

      kingp43x , 13 February 2018 09:24

      I am here just to try something new, then I lost 0.7 eth in many type of cats, now I'll try to recover something

      kryptofan , 14 February 2018 00:40

  342. New Mouth Cattributes Now Available

    AtAlanfalcon , 12 February 2018 19:08

      tier-2 starstruck

      tier-3 yokel

      RollDiceClub , 12 February 2018 20:41

      The new tier-2 trait has been discovered, and it's the same mouth the pink kitty on the CryptoKitties.co homepage has. I'm calling it "jawdrop" until it has an official name. Nobody has yet successfully mutated that with cheeky to discover the tier-3 as far as I can tell! Who will be the first?

      AtAlanfalcon , 12 February 2018 19:09

      Where do I find the latest version of all these charts? These things are great.

      dont_hate_scienceguy , 14 February 2018 01:33

  343. breeding price vs cheapest price = why this difference!!

    rabah127 , 12 February 2018 22:51

      Some people are breeding kitties together in hopes of getting a rare cat or a fancy cat, but get a cat that isn't valuable instead. They sell it off at a loss to get some of the ETH back. When they do breed a fancy cat, it will repay their losses.

      madogvelkor , 12 February 2018 23:55

      If all cat were sold >0.008 ETH then there will be no risk playing the game and 100% of people would be profitable. Fortunatelly this is not the case and when there is a 25% chance to have a cat worth a lot, there is also a 25% chance to have a cat worth minimum price.

      No risk no gain, IMHO the minimum price will always be <0.008 ETH unless there is so many demand that offer can't sustain it

      bibdieu , 13 February 2018 00:52

  344. How much money have you guys spent on this game?

    Jakenumber9 , 12 February 2018 16:18

      I am with profits currently.

      vanitasCG , 12 February 2018 16:22

      $100 cash ... plus $2500 worth of crypto at today’s rates!

      WeAllMagic , 12 February 2018 18:21

      Don't want to say the amount, but definitely more that people who already posted. While my ETH is wrapped up in kitties, I have rare kitties and firmly believe I could sell my account for easily 100% profit of my total investment. I also know several larger players who would consider buying my account as well.

      weareallfungi , 12 February 2018 18:58

      ...lots! ;)))...but I was early in ETH so no fiat to date..love the game and it's getting better all the time imo ...

      McDuff_71 , 13 February 2018 10:09

      750 euro. Ant have at back now whit nice sales. Have 6 nice kitties over for china ar few yaers later.

      niels056 , 12 February 2018 17:22

  345. Got a fancy cat, and now?

    MudkipzPT , 12 February 2018 09:47

      your cat looks great

      arthur5052018 , 12 February 2018 10:44

      Now you realize you probably won’t be able to sell it for more than the cost to breed. Hopefully the market for fancies will improve but once the combination of traits is discovered it is pretty easy to create the fancy if you use the tools in the sidebar.

      spareamatch , 13 February 2018 19:15

      Hold it through this week at least. It’s not worth much right now, but CK is launching in China soon. No one knows how that will affect the fancy market, but if there’s a gold rush there like there was here, a lot of stuff may go up in value.

      ashkestar , 13 February 2018 22:02

  346. Purebred Kitty Contest

    jodiferous11 , 11 February 2018 22:55

      P.S. Would anyone willing to donate a kitty for the honorable mention prize? I would be most grateful.


      -- Jodiferous

      jodiferous11 , 12 February 2018 00:17

  347. The rise of the GEN 0

    nightporter , 11 February 2018 18:44

      Dude sick!

      Zachincool , 11 February 2018 21:13

      Noticed the same....

      dont_hate_scienceguy , 12 February 2018 01:57

      Gen 0 now 0.22 eth

      nightporter , 12 February 2018 03:04

      ...keep hodling the gen0's and decent 1's&2's imo...price appreciation is already happening...with some of these categories having say 150-200 examples int he entire kitty population >500k rarity is obvious...future low gen breeders will repay handsomly imo...waiting for the founder cats to start breeding too!!!

      McDuff_71 , 13 February 2018 10:13

      GEN 0's just under 1 ETH. KittyClock almost sold out,

      nightporter , 14 February 2018 19:45

  348. number of users

    gEM_x , 12 February 2018 06:23

      For example

      2017-12-09 Active players: 14386 (higest!), ETH volume 3125 ETH

      2018-02-11 Active players: 817, ETH volume 52 ETH

      Active players whose operations are fixed in blockchain.

      In the near future I will add information about active players to my page http://www.rolldice.club/cryptokitties

      RollDiceClub , 12 February 2018 12:25

      Good question! I'll show you this in a couple of hours.

      RollDiceClub , 12 February 2018 10:15

  349. Cat breeding gone backwards?

    dont_hate_scienceguy , 12 February 2018 02:32

      So sire owners are getting the new CK???

      kryptofan , 12 February 2018 04:01

      I got same issue couple times yesterday :D

      bluebmt , 13 February 2018 02:59

  350. can dev add multiple filters?

    dimitar99 , 12 February 2018 05:35

  351. Can catatonic kitties still breed?

    weiiew , 12 February 2018 05:21


      firecz , 12 February 2018 05:32

      ...yep...love some of the decent gen catatonics and actually seek a few out based on their offspring from time to time...

      McDuff_71 , 13 February 2018 10:14

      Yes. Once every 7 days.

      gacbmmml , 12 February 2018 08:26

  352. 🐾CHATUX🐈

    Jrskow , 11 February 2018 18:30

      why? Because you wanna buy all her kitties?

      6packcoming , 12 February 2018 08:17

  353. how many users/wallets exist on cryptokitties?

    hashflare-250ths , 11 February 2018 16:13

      RollDiceClub , 12 February 2018 12:43

      RollDiceClub , 12 February 2018 12:48

      More and more of these games are going to keep coming out now..


      icoblogme , 13 February 2018 12:48

  354. why the first fancy kittens will be worth more than first gene 0

    niels056 , 11 February 2018 11:32


      Slabmason710 , 11 February 2018 12:24

      News Flash: Rare kitties are rare!

      spacesticks , 11 February 2018 23:30

      Nothing is worth anything now. It's not even worth spending £5 to try and list them for sale. Just give up and move on.

      2_Genders_I_am_1 , 11 February 2018 18:08

  355. Is selling kitties getting easier or did I get lucky?

    Dupontgoer , 11 February 2018 15:06

      Someone forgot to sort properly I guess...

      Instead of cheapest kitties, he just bought the newest I guess.

      DDelphinus , 11 February 2018 15:44

      What's the most expensive kitty sold?

      I came across this new one like crypto kitties.. it says the legendary egg is worth 100 ETH.. do you guys think that's possible?


      icoblogme , 11 February 2018 16:35

  356. Come watch a live stream as we Fancy Hunt the Golden Kitty and discuss Everything CryptoKitties Poopie hosting, ChuckFresco + WittyKitty guest appearances.

    ChuckFresco , 11 February 2018 05:35

  357. Crypto Sprites - earn more Ether from your Crypto Kitties

    mrsoliditydev , 11 February 2018 07:23

      Https cert error

      vanitasCG , 11 February 2018 07:58

      Hi, I attempted to "Adjust Sprite Price [Or List For Sale]" and got this error in the metamask popup:

      "Transaction Error. Exception thrown in contract code. Gas limit set dangerously high. Approving this transaction is likely to fail."

      I know about gas limit, but didn't want to adjust it due to the exception error, so I cancelled transaction. Gas was something like 750k

      Using metamask firefox extension.


      PS, good luck, good idea!

      pnrrr , 11 February 2018 16:44

      I had the same problem as pnrrr. Using metamask chrome extension.

      ennis_guy , 11 February 2018 22:57

  358. Don't seem to be able to buy

    EuSouAssimReddit , 10 February 2018 20:58

      same thing with me too

      FromtheJupiter , 10 February 2018 21:13

      same here :(

      Bibo7 , 10 February 2018 21:53

      Seems like only really expensive ones are buyable

      EuSouAssimReddit , 10 February 2018 21:54

      if you click on the button to buy a cat and it doesn't work, that means someone else has purchased it already but the database hasn't removed it from the cats available for sale. this is not unusual if you are sorting by cheapest and are trying to buy the least expensive cat. keep trying, you will find one you like at a good price.

      ddddddjim , 11 February 2018 02:41

      Is nothing at all happening when you press the button?

      I've noticed in the last couple of days that metamask has gone glitchy on CK (in my browser anyway). Press the buy button a few times. I've found pressing it 5 or 6 times over a minute or so will eventually bring up metamask. (You won't be paying multiple times! You confirm the purchase in the metamask popup).

      (I'm using Firefox extension).

      If someone has beat you to it but it's still on the marketplace, there's usually a message along the lines of "are you sure you want to proceed, you may not receive the kitty you're purchasing".

      pnrrr , 11 February 2018 03:29

  359. No new cats on the site cryptokitties.co! 11 hour delay!

    RollDiceClub , 10 February 2018 20:38

      site is out of sync with blockchain for last 10 hours or smth, it shows incorrect prices, owners etc. Always better check with etherscan before trying to buy on the site.

      hash_kitty , 10 February 2018 21:45

      Anyone know what is going on??

      Jrskow , 10 February 2018 21:44

      Seems that blockchain games are still just a dream. I am in new york time, right now is 15:20. And kitty 506410 the newest in the web site

      kryptofan , 10 February 2018 23:19

  360. Final Gen 0 released in November?

    alxo44 , 10 February 2018 15:05

      There are cats that have been separated for giveaways and promotions from the CK team in the early kitties. These kitties alter the expected and the game gen:0 will end in November :O

      ChuckFresco , 10 February 2018 17:19

      Isnt it 45k? Im pretty sure I read that in the contract.

      Asgeisk , 10 February 2018 18:13

      4 cats each hour // 96 each day, almost 100 day // in 30 days will be 3000 // in 1 year 36000

      kryptofan , 10 February 2018 20:33

  361. Ugly Cat finalists and honorable mentions

    jodiferous11 , 10 February 2018 18:40

      Yay the stream! I will be breeding some pretty rare kitties pair tonight 😅 during the stream

      ChuckFresco , 10 February 2018 19:24

      Hope that spangled pattern will be discontinued ASAP, so ugly. My top 3: DRAGula - MyMonThinksI'mCute - Derpface

      kryptofan , 10 February 2018 20:24

  362. New tool to send feature requests and ideas to the CK developers

    DERPYBASTARD , 10 February 2018 01:41

      Yeah yeah :D

      ChuckFresco , 12 February 2018 07:24

  363. How do you feel?

    kittytzki , 09 February 2018 18:08

      Here is my opinion since I've been playing for two month :

      Price have decreased all along December until it reached a bottom in the beginning of January.

      Since then is has stabilized and consolidated :

      • Major problem is being addressed (i.e scalabilty of ETH transaction)
      • Game has proven it is alive : frequent new traits, new features, marketing, ...
      • Strong community is being created : a lot of people are creating content : stream, web site, browser addin, ...

      Recently we can feel that price is increasing : when you check the market there is hardly 30 cat <0.004 ETH while few weeks ago there was hundreds of 0.003 cats.

      Reasons ?

      • Deployment of the game in China
      • New features : familiy fewels, new fancy cats, ...
      • Strong community growing litlle by little

      So to conclude it is time to FOMO and especially FOMOMO

      bibdieu , 09 February 2018 19:07

      Demand exceeded the supply during the first few weeks so there was a gold rush which brought even more players into the game. Now there are many more kitties and much fewer players. Prices will continue to fall until demand exceeds supply. Some people theorize than a China rollout will cause this, but it's doubtful due to months of hoarding. As soon as prices rise people will begin cashing out. Theoretically once Gen 0s stop being born we might see a rise in value for very low-gen kitties, but I anticipate better versions of collectible token games will enter the market before Cryptokitties makes a turnaround.

      mpbh , 09 February 2018 18:58

      The game makes a lot more sense now. Like you, I got in during the gold rush when none of us knew what to do. I had a couple shitty, too-high gen cats at the end of it that weren’t worth anything (though being that they have decent traits and are sub 25,000, I still hope they may someday have value).

      Now, you can buy cats sensibly and have some expectation of getting a return. Learn what traits sell, which ones mutate into rarer traits, and so on. Buy only low-gen kitties. There are strategies aside from ‘everyone wants cats just buy whatever!’

      Low gas prices help a ton - yes, some of my kitties go for less than .008 eth, but as long as some go for more, I’m not taking a loss like I would have at 20+ gas price.

      ashkestar , 09 February 2018 22:05

      Actually those Kittyes who we bought right now at the beginning of this game will be the most expensive in the game in future if you keep the Kitty exactly like he is right now since there will never be something like them. There will be generations after generations but never again those generations and traits , the kittyes will have some mutations and to have a pure kitty like our kittyes we bought now will be to hard for they to have . So if you think smart you can think in time that any kitty from the beginning of this game will be more than 2-3 ETH each or may be more high and high price ( can be 10-100 ETH ) since they will seeking something to Breed/Sire with the first Kittyes . PS. The game is HYPE now ( is the beginning) i will keep mine exactly like they are. Enjoy! Give to Corleone a Like :) https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/498537

      peucoz , 09 February 2018 18:58

      it was fun until I realised fees are too high, so I said fuck it and abandoned.

      shortafella , 13 February 2018 19:34

  364. New traits. Body "bobtail" (kai=6). Pat color "egyptiankohl" (kai=3)

    RollDiceClub , 10 February 2018 00:34

      Sorry, what's kai?

      sambarboza , 10 February 2018 05:17

  365. How come that a < 0.00001 ETH breeding fee costs 11$ when MetaMask pops up for the transaction

    ForThoseQuestions , 09 February 2018 16:33

      Next time check https://ethgasstation.info/ also in this game you pay for anything you make.

      peucoz , 09 February 2018 16:50

      And if you use lower gas the transaction costs should never be more than like 29-60 cents

      Slabmason710 , 09 February 2018 17:39

      .008 to breed and then the fee your looking at would be the Sire fee which is ontop of the minimum breeding fee

      Slabmason710 , 09 February 2018 17:39

      It should be easier to get started without investing a looot of ETH.
      The transfercosts to MetaMask alone were almost 5$

      ForThoseQuestions , 09 February 2018 16:37

  366. Check out these fabulously Ugly kitties! (Last day to submit to contest.)

    jodiferous11 , 09 February 2018 00:42

      lol @ Anderson Pooper, funny name. Derpface is so ugly its almost funny looking, something about that daffodil/lemonade tigerpunk is not easy on the eyes. The stripes are so faint it's messing with my vision.

      Isa_ak , 09 February 2018 12:43

      How many are spangled?

      kryptofan , 09 February 2018 15:25

  367. Wait a minute... did Kitty 500,000 go to a bot???

    ishaan452 , 09 February 2018 04:41

      It appears that someone created a bot that performed well over 100 breedings in a matter of minutes. It was sent from this address https://etherscan.io/txs?a=0x1589e6b7465f94a5bfcc09a1f64865e366cdbc6b&p=8 check for the transactions that include 0.008 ether.

      DERPYBASTARD , 09 February 2018 05:20

      Should have been a captcha slider.

      kegman93 , 09 February 2018 09:36

      Player 0x1589e6b7465f94a5bfcc09a1f64865e366cdbc6b makes 78 breeding between 2018-02-06 14:46:44 - 14:54:30. 78 breedind at 8 minutes. I think, it is not such criminal.

      But after the kitty 500000 was born, player 0x1589e6b7465f94a5bfcc09a1f64865e366cdbc6b make transfer to 0x8a1fd9c947b6fed951142719249441008eec8087 at 2018-02-06 18:07:01.

      After 0x8a1fd9c947b6fed951142719249441008eec8087 make transfer to 0xe4b34eed9790b950ee316a7edc7227b586a4b6ef at 2018-02-07 01:50:48.

      What is it? Multi-account? Gift? Black market?

      RollDiceClub , 09 February 2018 14:03

      now kitty 555555 is next target, maybe 515151, 525252.... 595959 etc...

      kryptofan , 09 February 2018 06:46

  368. List of All Possible Mutations

    jodiferous11 , 09 February 2018 00:17

  369. How do you know how much to try and sell your kitty for?

    prestonattebery , 09 February 2018 01:33

      weareallfungi , 09 February 2018 02:15

  370. A whole family of CryptoKitties otherwise existing as ETH tokens

    vecirex , 08 February 2018 16:56

  371. First Momo CryptoKitty Bred on Stream

    poopiecryptocats , 08 February 2018 10:06

      This was a really fun stream, and I'm not just saying that because my wife won an AMAZING kitty -- her very first! (Thanks Poopie!)

      AtAlanfalcon , 08 February 2018 10:27

      MoMoFoMo JiHoz just bred a momo live on stream! Here's the timestamp of the baby being born. Feel free to subscribe for more CK streams :D

      Also in this stream:

      • Poopie's 0.1 ETH Dream Bankroll Challenge
      • Chuck Fresco
      • Witty Kitty
      • Jordan from Kitty Hats
      • Sales and breeding tips from the above

      poopiecryptocats , 08 February 2018 10:08

      Yeah more streams to come too! Giveaways and lots of tips being passed along.

      ChuckFresco , 08 February 2018 23:32

  372. Hey Mcduff pm me in Discord chat (Kitty Mill)

    Nameseller , 08 February 2018 22:36

  373. Breeding calculator not working today?

    ennis_guy , 08 February 2018 21:10

      You can try cattributes.org and kittycalc.co until this one is fixed

      NARW_Bombard , 08 February 2018 21:34

      I informed the creator, it's fixed again!

      DERPYBASTARD , 08 February 2018 23:10

      How about https://cryptobreeder.net/ ? It used to have https://kitty.appx.hk/ as comparison to its own and the results were pretty similar. It now displays only “>1” for https://kitty.appx.hk/ but its own score is still working.

      sonic336 , 08 February 2018 23:09

  374. I bred my first fancy kitty!

    cuddlesaur , 08 February 2018 05:57

      Congrats! Wow, you had an 8% chance at breeding shipcat:


      poopiecryptocats , 08 February 2018 11:07

      Got my first one today on my first try!


      artbatista , 11 February 2018 00:44

  375. There will be a planned website outage on Tuesday, February 13th from 7:00 - 9:00 pm PST

    DERPYBASTARD , 08 February 2018 05:11

      timee_bot , 08 February 2018 05:11

      Update coming out

      ChuckFresco , 08 February 2018 23:34

      razzmatazzrr , 13 February 2018 19:48

  376. FYI Do not sire with the exclusive Cathena

    weareallfungi , 07 February 2018 20:34

  377. Updated Blockchain Video Game CryptoKitties Rushes to China

    goldandscam , 08 February 2018 02:15

      I am curious as to how this works. Is buying Eth legal in China? If not, how do they play Cryptokitties?

      Will the Chinese game be the same game we're playing? Or is it a separate entity due to the restrictions on virtual currency in China?

      I am very excited about these new developments, but it would be great to understand how it will be implemented.

      dont_hate_scienceguy , 08 February 2018 22:54

  378. Breeding

    stone1519 , 08 February 2018 00:31

      that's how the blockchain works. This is unlike any normal game, it is on the blockchain so all transactions need to be paid for.

      weareallfungi , 08 February 2018 00:38

      There is a breeding fee of 0.008 that you have to pay anytime you breed kitties, whether your own or a sire.

      jodiferous11 , 08 February 2018 00:59

      Yeah the game CK is not charging you it is the transaction fees from the Ethereum network which is completely separate entity

      ChuckFresco , 08 February 2018 23:37

      Yeah the game CK is not charging you it is the transaction fees from the Ethereum network which is completely separate entity

      ChuckFresco , 08 February 2018 23:37

      Yeah the game CK is not charging you it is the transaction fees from the Ethereum network which is completely separate entity

      ChuckFresco , 08 February 2018 23:37

  379. Project [Cryptokitties in a CryptoArt Gallery on Decentraland]

    acl_crypto , 08 February 2018 00:00

      nice cryptoart galleries everywhere on all the dapps would be cool

      philipsburg , 08 February 2018 18:24

  380. Is something wrong with https://cryptokittydex.com?

    mbmorgan10101 , 07 February 2018 20:30

      weareallfungi , 07 February 2018 20:31

      Thank you!!

      mbmorgan10101 , 08 February 2018 00:43

      or https://kittycalc.co/read/

      still under development but genes are on Kai and easy to read

      spokesz , 08 February 2018 22:36

      Genes view now avialable at http://www.rolldice.club/cryptokitties

      For example http://www.rolldice.club/cryptokitties/wkt_kitty.php?id=497087

      At kittydex last cat is 497086 now.

      RollDiceClub , 08 February 2018 23:45

  381. The Disappearing Cat!!!

    Phillips_inc , 08 February 2018 00:18

      probably just lag on the website. How long has it been?

      weareallfungi , 08 February 2018 00:26

      When I look up the cat, in the place where it normally displays owner, it says, "sire contract processing". I'd just give it some time. It will likely sort itself out and return to you.

      I think there are some updates that are being rolled out on the website right now. Weird stuff might happen for a bit and there might be a long lag, but things usually end up where they're supposed to.

      jodiferous11 , 08 February 2018 00:26

      Great news I just got my Kitty back. Wierd situation though.

      Phillips_inc , 08 February 2018 00:31

      That happens to me all the time, but it usually only lags for a minute or so. When you start an auction, you're actually transferring ownership of your kitty to the auction contract, and when you cancel the auction it transfers back to you. The CryptoKitties site has to keep track of this on the blockchain so it knows which kitties are actually "yours" even if they're in the auction contracts. It seems like sometimes their website database lags behind the blockchain a little bit and takes some time to catch up with these transfers.

      It's the same thing that happens when one of your kitties is technically ready to breed (cooldown has run out and giveBirth has already been called on the contract if your kitty was pregnant) but still shows as "Resting" or "Bun in the oven" on the site for a few minutes.

      stevenh512 , 08 February 2018 21:35

  382. I gifted some kitties to my friend's Ethereum wallet and I think they're gone now

    agent42 , 08 February 2018 00:14

      He should be able to use myetherwallet to call the gift kitty function outside of the CryptoKitties website itself to send the cats to a metamask wallet

      MyTribeCalledQuest , 08 February 2018 00:47

      Tell him to check the contracts/tokens

      SpellsThatWrong , 08 February 2018 05:57

      You can see whether the kitties are "associated" (for lack of a better term) with your friend's account by using the following site:

      Here's an example URL that shows the cats "owned" by my Ethereum account that's stored in TrustWallet on my phone:

      See how you just change the owner string?

      tompurl , 08 February 2018 22:54

  383. Value of a kitty ?

    MechlerMX , 07 February 2018 20:05

      You can find some historical data here: http://www.kittyexplorer.com/prices/

      NARW_Bombard , 07 February 2018 20:06

      I wonder the same thing ( How can I quickly find out the value of a cat ? ) but not historical data . I want to know if there is something to calculate the actual price since one kitty can be sold with 0.16454286017013888900 ETH or 0.00500000000000000000 ETH Example : http://www.kittyexplorer.com/kitties/72463

      peucoz , 07 February 2018 20:23

  384. New Gene Pairs

    Phillips_inc , 07 February 2018 15:53

      Thanks for the 411 shout-out! I'll write a how-to for the trait chart today for those who missed poopiecat's and jihoz's explanation.

      Here's how I know where the new traits belong in the trait chart: Each kitty is created with a genome that maps to traits in a specific way. When "tiger" came out yesterday, I used my Gene Reader to identify what kai code was mapped to the "tiger". (The Gene Reader uses an API call directly to the smart contract rather than using kittydex. The spreadsheet converts the genetic code into kai.) So, basically, I put in the Kitty ID of a tiger cat and it told me the pattern gene was a "2". So then I went into the trait chart, found the intersection of pattern and 2, and typed in "tiger".

      I then could instantly tell that there was no current trait that mutates with tiger.

      Here's another way you can use this information. Sometimes, Gen 0's are released with new recessive genes. No one can see the gene's visible cattribute, BUT you can immediately tell if it has a mutation partner. For example, let's say you found a Gen 0 with recessive gene "3" for body color. No one knows what that body color will be once it becomes a dominant gene, but you can immediately start breeding it with "orangesoda" because you know it'll have a small chance of mutating with that. If it does, you'd be the first with the body color mutation "i".

      Cheers! Jodiferous

      jodiferous11 , 07 February 2018 18:33

  385. Kitty 500,000: "Cathena"

    DERPYBASTARD , 06 February 2018 18:07


      And guess who got 500,001? Totally me. Rip.

      DERPYBASTARD , 06 February 2018 18:08

      You beat me to it! Take your upvote, you filthy animal!

      Toobis , 06 February 2018 18:09

      Do not Sire with the exclusive cat! It is impossible for the exclusive cat to breed more exclusive cats!

      weareallfungi , 07 February 2018 20:32

      nice collectors kitty that will be worth a lot it,s also good to buy up all the low series kitties up to ten thousand they will go up in value after the china and the mobile phone launch

      philipsburg , 08 February 2018 17:36

      interesting the family line of Cathena, I have 2 cats related, does this mean more Cathena type kitties will emerge?

      xxdreamkittenxx , 08 February 2018 20:12

  386. Feature Request : Allow people to bid on Kitties

    tldrtldrtldr , 07 February 2018 00:36

      A similar feature is planned as part of the "watch list" that is in the works.

      DERPYBASTARD , 07 February 2018 01:12

      Agreed. This would be a nice feature. I too have wanted it. But if I understand how this works, I see why this would be hard to do.

      You would have to lock up your ETH to make the buy so that it would be guaranteed available in the event your bid went through. There also may be additional ETH required to check the price once it is met. And this doesn't even address the fact that if you did it that way (what seems to be the cheapest way) your cat could have been long sold by then.

      And I think if you continually check the price, that takes gas and could make things very expensive.

      I'd be interested in hearing an official explanation though - for those of us who love to know how this all works.

      I have wondered if a compromise solution might work. Price alerts. This could happen all on the cryptokitties backend (not on the blockchain). Essentially, I set an alert for a cat to notify me if a price reaches a certain point. Then, I could go make the buy.

      Of course, now that I say that, I wonder if you couldn't do a hybrid solution where the website backend does the price checking and executes the contract bid if the conditions are met. You would still need to lock up the ETH for the sale though.

      dont_hate_scienceguy , 07 February 2018 01:15

  387. Is this kitty rare?

    Cryptojoe47 , 07 February 2018 01:57

  388. Site Down?

    boom603 , 06 February 2018 14:04

      Is this the 500k surprise?

      boom603 , 06 February 2018 14:08

      I can get to the site, but can't login.

      maxxxxpower , 06 February 2018 14:16

      Probably there is a DDOS attack just to get the 500k special kitties. Axiom should delay the event so that the attackers learn not to repeat their cowboy behaviour.

      WiseGrub , 06 February 2018 14:16

      Down for me too, about an hour now :(


      Toobis , 06 February 2018 14:16

      Pass the time with these guys: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3X7MAFQuDp4

      Overwatch_Falcon , 06 February 2018 14:35

  389. Come watch a live stream for the run to 500K - Jihoz+ Poopie hosting, WittyKitty + ChuckFresco +Bitcoin_Louie guest appearances.

    twitchtvbitcoinlouie , 06 February 2018 10:09

      Excellent. Entertainment while we wait for 500000. Who else can’t sleep until it hits?

      WeAllMagic , 06 February 2018 10:23

      Very informative stream. Don't miss it

      ADHDownsyndrome , 06 February 2018 10:39

  390. Can't Login - Stuck on "Updating Account"

    maxxxxpower , 06 February 2018 14:13

      Yes bad pr .

      niels056 , 06 February 2018 14:24

      Same here :(

      pnrrr , 06 February 2018 14:33

      me too :(

      sleepandzzz , 06 February 2018 14:58

      For me is good no need to change nothing . If you get this again go format all and reinstall windows on your PC . Do not do anything ,they never ask you to change password or email omg guys you live on earth or other planet ?

      peucoz , 06 February 2018 17:19

  391. Contest to crown the World's Ugliest Cat

    jodiferous11 , 05 February 2018 18:41

  392. Attention Cat breeders! Cryptokitties Bingo Game for Kitty No. 500000 is about to end! We've been waiting for quite some time now and are extremely happy for the lucky one to give birth to this Kitty!

    adventuresociety , 05 February 2018 15:34

      i counculated that 500000 kitten will be in around 27h ;) good luck !!

      vardasss , 05 February 2018 15:59

      people should start breeding double amount of kitties

      franckgant , 05 February 2018 23:18

      Still 477 left, so at least 6h more

      vardasss , 06 February 2018 11:14

  393. CryptoKitties is coming to your phone—with new Chinese cats

    DERPYBASTARD , 05 February 2018 17:08

      Lol, I found a few typos:

      • "so far nearly 50,000 cats have been bred or released" (missing a zero)

      • "With more than 250,000 active players..." (too many zeroes)

      jodiferous11 , 05 February 2018 18:26

      Can't wait for those fancies

      ADHDownsyndrome , 05 February 2018 22:03

      Please, who knows, answer the question !!! Players from China using the Mobile application for CryptoKities will also buy cryptotics on a common market (www.cryptokitties.co/marketplace) or they have a separate game (a separate market)

      ant200709 , 06 February 2018 23:26

  394. ..action in kitty land

    McDuff_71 , 05 February 2018 16:55

      yes the gen 1 kitties are going to go up in value they are still cheap

      franckgant , 05 February 2018 23:16

  395. The 500000 kitty is coming

    zimukas , 05 February 2018 13:52

      And somewhere, in a trailer park, another surprise pregnancy was unknowingly flushed down a toilet to live the rest of its brief life in a septic tank with the soupy remains of its brothers and sisters.

      internetdickfight , 05 February 2018 19:22

  396. How do YOU personally determine rarity?

    ponywiser , 05 February 2018 20:28

      • Low ID numbers
      • Vanity ID numbers
      • Cats with discontinued traits at low generations
      • Cats with doc purr modified genes or "original artwork/misprint/OG" (Ganado 11 cats total in all gens, Serpent 89 total gen-1 & more)
      • High generation cats (100+)
      • Gen1 cats with 3/4 mutations
      • Gen1 cats with traits that require founder jags
      • Founder jags
      • Beautiful med-gen cats with amazing traits and good colors
      • Low-gen cats with two or more rare trait combinations
      • Low - med gen purebred cats with single/double/triple purebred genes
      • Family jewels
      • Firsts
      • Kitties with hats that are extremely limited/sold out from https://kittyhats.co

      poopiecryptocats , 06 February 2018 02:13

      Pretty mutations in low generation cats.

      I've written a few posts about rarity HERE and HERE.

      Use KittyExplorer's recent sales history to give you a better sense of the market.

      jodiferous11 , 06 February 2018 02:19

      New fancys ant low numbers under 5000. Keep value

      niels056 , 05 February 2018 21:06

      lower gens tbh. Looks too

      _SHWEPP_ , 05 February 2018 22:27

      Kitty combinations only matter if they lead to a fancy or if they particularly stand out because they obviously go well together aestetically. Having the only orangesoda royalblue thicccbrowz mainecoon spangled in the game doesn’t make it at all valuable. But grats on the mainecoon (that’s probably what will determine the value of your kitty).

      Generation is super important when talking anout rarity because some traits and trait combos only ever have a low percent change to appear at certain generations. Try to find one of those trait charts that float around that tells you what tier mutation each trait is and go for traits at the lowest possible generation for those traits.

      Good luck, have fun, don’t worry too much about rarity now IMO. Value is ephemeral: see what a kitty is worth on the market today and either sell it for that price or choose to collect it.

      The way this game works, anything rare today might be bred 100 times over the next year and be as common as anything else. Things that aren’t subject to this include “first of their kind” kitties, “misprint” kitties where a trait appearance was changed quickly (old “pouty” doesn't count though maybe in 10 years it will be considered rare), and unique special ID numbers.

      WeAllMagic , 06 February 2018 02:23

  397. How does CK update their smart contract code?

    srameshrr , 05 February 2018 18:11

  398. is this a rare kitty?

    BlackGuy6999 , 05 February 2018 08:26

      It is very cute, but not so rare, I am afraid.

      CatCreators , 05 February 2018 13:12

      You can buy a GEN 9 Jaguar for less than you're asking to Sire.

      nightporter , 05 February 2018 14:09

  399. Who is the owner of this game address phone number?

    WIMelissa , 05 February 2018 07:32

      Axiom Zen

      980 Howe St #350, Vancouver, BC V6Z 1N9, Canada

      Tel: +1 888-919-3677

      Ref: https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=axiom+zen+business+address+and+phone+number

      pnrrr , 05 February 2018 15:28

      They have a discord with a help section..

      tezzmosis , 05 February 2018 11:21


      BlackGuy6999 , 05 February 2018 07:39

  400. Twins - Is it rare?

    vanitasCG , 04 February 2018 16:34

      A visual clone, according to kitty index there is another more 53093

      kryptofan , 04 February 2018 16:43

      Woah, very fun! We’ve seen kids come out as spitting images of one of their parents and clones a’plenty, but this is the first case of identical twins that I’ve seen! Maybe one of these math wizards can tell us the exact percent chance!

      WeAllMagic , 04 February 2018 17:14

      Are the twins from the same egg?

      kryptofan , 04 February 2018 20:25

      I can send you an egg after /u/kryptofan explain this mechanic to me.

      vanitasCG , 05 February 2018 07:35

  401. No double-fancy. *weep*

    jodiferous11 , 04 February 2018 07:28

  402. I bought a new gen 0 "cat" just below the top price and am now scared!

    Fjkfjfkdiejdk , 04 February 2018 04:01

      Just look at the market. What are similar kitties going for? If you don't know how to search the market, you should probably not be trying to make money with investments.

      twinklehood , 04 February 2018 04:48

      I wouldn't panic just yet. CryptoKitties is expanding into new countries soon which will hopefully increase demand. Your kitty may decrease in value for a few weeks and then increase to more than what you paid for it. Maybe. No one really knows.

      You can try putting it on the market right now and see what happens, but don't get too scared if no one bites. This market will likely fluctuate a lot in the next few months.

      In the meantime, learn as much as you can about these kitties so you can make informed decisions. Check out Kitty411 for resources and info. When in doubt, love and enjoy the kitties you own and never invest more than you're willing to lose. :)

      jodiferous11 , 04 February 2018 07:40

      A new GEN 0 now will costs you 0.082 so selling now you'll take a loss. In my opinion GEN 0's are for the long game.

      nightporter , 04 February 2018 13:21

      If you're not into playing or ... scared as you say...forget about the game until november when gen0 production will stop.

      mirel1985 , 04 February 2018 14:21

      be very scared, not only gen0 prices are down and down... ethereum price as well is down very fast.

      kryptofan , 04 February 2018 16:56

  403. when will the half a million kitty will be born approx?will it be a fancy cat?what is the best way to try to win this kitty?

    philipsburg , 03 February 2018 23:44

      best way to win is to breed kitties, start now end when we are at 500,000 kitties.

      weareallfungi , 05 February 2018 00:55

  404. KittyCalc.co Breeding Calculator - New Updates

    poopiecryptocats , 03 February 2018 15:05

      I love what you guys are doing. The pie chart of trait possibilities is a super-solid design and infographic element. I also think this calculator does a really good job of helping users know what different traits mean by visually representing them.

      My 2 cents (if it helps):

      1. It would be great to see the cat's pictures when you put in the catID like on https://cattributes.org/. I can't ever remember which numbers are which so it gets confusing.

      2. A 'switch' button for sire and matron, since the percentages can work out differently depending on which cat is the sire.

      3. I really like the ability to add another pair on https://cattributes.org/. It is great for trying out different combos and checking them out at a glance.

      4. It would be nice to compact the design. I like being able to see it all at a glance and not have to scroll back and forth.

      dont_hate_scienceguy , 03 February 2018 22:15

      Woah, looking good!

      Sandude1987 , 03 February 2018 15:11

      Great work.

      peucoz , 03 February 2018 16:02

      Loving the calculator update, thanks so much - good job!

      adeldemeyer , 03 February 2018 16:07

      Poopie.cat here! Thank you for the support. Here are some of the things we’ve added:

      • Fancy alerts & traits
      • Added new traits with artwork
      • New layout
      • Bug fixes

      Oh by the way, come try to win this free cat - https://twitter.com/Poopie_cat/status/959765916023050241

      poopiecryptocats , 03 February 2018 15:07

  405. Kitty Battle Finals

    kittyfanclub , 03 February 2018 20:06

      LOL! I'm kind of glad I didn't have to watch my poor https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/337378 get bloodied! At least he lost off the main stage :-)

      Grats to the kitty formerly known as NACHOCOT!

      AtAlanfalcon , 03 February 2018 20:13

  406. Anybody here running an auto birth daemon?

    codenutz , 03 February 2018 16:37

      If so, can you please stop it and only push through my kitty at 500,000? Thanks!

      AtAlanfalcon , 03 February 2018 20:16


      GoodOldBoys , 03 February 2018 19:58

      What would it be for?

      step21 , 03 February 2018 20:55

  407. CryptoKitties Expansion | Exclusive Sit Down with Bryce Bladon!

    DERPYBASTARD , 03 February 2018 04:29

      nice articles nice roadmap by axiom zen any more info on the 2018 contests?and giveaways?what about the expansión in europe?any plans?

      philipsburg , 03 February 2018 23:47

  408. Is it better to breed or sire?

    ponywiser , 02 February 2018 23:42

      With sire you don’t pay anything but transaction fee, with breeding you pay additional 0.008 with no guarantee you can sell the baby for at least 0.008

      so breeding for rare kitties might be more profitable for a long run, but siring doesn’t require a lot of investment

      NARW_Bombard , 03 February 2018 01:59

      If you have patience and manage your gas price and minimum price you're willing to accept for siring, I think that's less risky. But depending on how you like to play and how much risk you're willing to take, maybe also less fun.

      If you're breeding, let's just assume you're breeding two of your own kitties here just so we don't have to deal with siring fees. You're paying gas to create the transaction, let's assume you manage your gas costs and can get this transaction mined for 25 cents. You're also paying an autobirth fee that goes to whoever calls giveBirth on your kitty when your cooldown runs out, currently that's 0.008, let's call it 8 dollars just for the sake of keeping it simple. At this point you've spent at least $8.25 to breed two of your own kitties, with a small chance (if you're an advanced user running some kind of autobirth daemon) of recovering about $8 of it. If you know what you're doing (or just get lucky) there's a chance you could get a really valuable kitty for such a small investment, but there's also a chance you end up with a kitty worth a dollar or less.

      stevenh512 , 03 February 2018 07:37

  409. New Eye color "coralsunrise", but background "topaz"

    RollDiceClub , 02 February 2018 23:42

      @RollDiceClub sorry about that - it was a minor printing error. It's been fixed. Happy breeding!

      yasminenad , 03 February 2018 00:48

      Not the first -- the first couple Sapphires had a topaz background for a little while as well and then they were retroactively fixed. It's only the kitty graphics themselves (and the Bio, I imagine) that get locked in - the background color (and shadow) are just front end flavor.

      AtAlanfalcon , 03 February 2018 20:14

  410. Weekly 411 (Week 2) - Lots of Fancy Talk

    jodiferous11 , 02 February 2018 01:43

  411. Kitty design for the China market release (during Chinese New Year) - from HK meet up tonight.

    elmoelmo69 , 01 February 2018 17:50


      vanitasCG , 01 February 2018 18:07

      Wingtips for the WIN!!!

      twitchtvbitcoinlouie , 01 February 2018 21:23

      That kitty is hella cute :3 can't wait to see it live!

      DERPYBASTARD , 01 February 2018 19:09

      Is that a plate of gold in his hand. LUL

      twitchtvbitcoinlouie , 02 February 2018 03:22

      Haha, I named all my kitties back in the days: Maneki-neko

      ktiz , 01 February 2018 18:46

  412. Is anybody experimenting with Chinese names for their cats?

    dont_hate_scienceguy , 02 February 2018 01:25

      I've named some of my kitties after Chinese Gods, I just hope the translations are correct.

      nightporter , 02 February 2018 16:40

  413. Benny tonight in Hong Kong

    elmoelmo69 , 01 February 2018 17:19

      Hi! Awesome photo! I work with Axiom Zen and CryptoKitties - could we use this photo to post on a couple of our social media channels? Happy to give you credit if you want to give us the username / handle you want us to credit it to as well. ☺️

      yasminenad , 01 February 2018 19:27

      Benny looks like a cool dude. : )

      twitchtvbitcoinlouie , 01 February 2018 21:24

      That shirt though haha

      Are you enjoying the meet?

      DERPYBASTARD , 01 February 2018 17:25

      Benny Hype!! Nice hair and shirt bro!

      KittyHats-Official , 02 February 2018 01:08

      So what was said? When is the release? Is it official? What about the problems with Chinese government possibly impeding launch?..

      ThredHead , 02 February 2018 17:25

  414. Last day to enter a kitty into the Kitty Battle!!

    jodiferous11 , 01 February 2018 20:25

      We have 50 entries so far. The bracket can fit 64 kitties. Sign up your kitty today!

      jodiferous11 , 01 February 2018 20:27

      Submitted Werner Herzog. He'll eat his own show on live TV.

      X__JTR__X , 01 February 2018 22:09

      I sold the kitty which I previously entered into the competition, can I replace it with a new one?

      NARW_Bombard , 01 February 2018 22:28

  415. "colorsecondary" and "colortertiary" instead "color"

    RollDiceClub , 01 February 2018 22:46

      just the naming convention i had wanted way back in December :)


      dr0w235 , 02 February 2018 08:37

      RollDiceClub , 01 February 2018 22:50

      and "colorprimary" instead "colorbody"

      RollDiceClub , 01 February 2018 22:56

  416. When does purchase price get determined?

    dont_hate_scienceguy , 02 February 2018 01:35

      The price gets determined when the transaction goes through. Using your example, the contract would send back 0.05 ether to your address upon purchase.

      /// @dev Computes the price and transfers winnings. /// Does NOT transfer ownership of token. function _bid(uint256 _tokenId, uint256 _bidAmount)     internal     returns (uint256) {     // Get a reference to the auction struct     Auction storage auction = tokenIdToAuction[_tokenId];      // Explicitly check that this auction is currently live.     // (Because of how Ethereum mappings work, we can't just count     // on the lookup above failing. An invalid _tokenId will just     // return an auction object that is all zeros.)     require(_isOnAuction(auction));      // Check that the bid is greater than or equal to the current price     uint256 price = _currentPrice(auction);     require(_bidAmount >= price);      // Grab a reference to the seller before the auction struct     // gets deleted.     address seller = auction.seller;      // The bid is good! Remove the auction before sending the fees     // to the sender so we can't have a reentrancy attack.     _removeAuction(_tokenId);      // Transfer proceeds to seller (if there are any!)     if (price > 0) {         // Calculate the auctioneer's cut.         // (NOTE: _computeCut() is guaranteed to return a         // value <= price, so this subtraction can't go negative.)         uint256 auctioneerCut = _computeCut(price);         uint256 sellerProceeds = price - auctioneerCut;          // NOTE: Doing a transfer() in the middle of a complex         // method like this is generally discouraged because of         // reentrancy attacks and DoS attacks if the seller is         // a contract with an invalid fallback function. We explicitly         // guard against reentrancy attacks by removing the auction         // before calling transfer(), and the only thing the seller         // can DoS is the sale of their own asset! (And if it's an         // accident, they can call cancelAuction(). )         seller.transfer(sellerProceeds);     }      // Calculate any excess funds included with the bid. If the excess     // is anything worth worrying about, transfer it back to bidder.     // NOTE: We checked above that the bid amount is greater than or     // equal to the price so this cannot underflow.     uint256 bidExcess = _bidAmount - price;      // Return the funds. Similar to the previous transfer, this is     // not susceptible to a re-entry attack because the auction is     // removed before any transfers occur.     msg.sender.transfer(bidExcess);      // Tell the world!     AuctionSuccessful(_tokenId, price, msg.sender);      return price; } 

      DERPYBASTARD , 02 February 2018 04:06

  417. Why are some kitties absolutely same?

    BaterieCZ , 02 February 2018 00:31

      because all fancy cats look alike if they are of the same fancy type.

      weareallfungi , 02 February 2018 03:08

  418. Fees for actions

    PM-GOOGLE-PLAY-CODES , 01 February 2018 23:29

      If you're paying more than 50 cents to list an auction on CryptoKitties, you're doing it wrong. Wait until there's less network congestion and get your transaction confirmed with 1 gwei gas prices in a few minutes to an hour. Just yesterday I had a transaction confirm with a gas price as low as 42 wei (it was just a test and it took 10 hours, I wouldn't try it again, but it cost me less than a thousandth of a cent in fees).

      stevenh512 , 01 February 2018 23:57

      Depends on the tx fees. Check the eth gas station link to determine costs to list for siring / selling. Breeding fees are currently set at .008 I believe (the fee is determined by the Axiom Zen Multi Level Marketing Masters and can be changed at their discretion.

      Currently I'd say save your eth on breeding as the only ones profiting from those breeding are the ones who have knowledge of how genes work / mutations / probability of passing traits on.

      You also have the people who are raking in the eth from buying up the gen 0s with rare traits, breeding new -artificially rare- genes, simply because they were just introduced and selling off anything over gen 2 with those "rare" traits to naive users thinking they are getting rare cats.

      Some of the cats listed people are just trying to get rid of in hopes of breaking even on the game, while others are just so undesirable they don't care about the loss.

      There are lots of factors that are in play so if you're looking to profit educate yourself or prepare to lose.

      X__JTR__X , 01 February 2018 23:59

  419. Attending a meet up in Hk tonight. Co founder to give a speech. Any questions you would like to be raised?

    elmoelmo69 , 01 February 2018 11:48

      Will the game launched in Mainland China?

      vanitasCG , 01 February 2018 12:17

      Tell Benny I said hi ;)

      DERPYBASTARD , 01 February 2018 12:49

      More questions,

      Any plan for collaboration with Neko Atsume, or any other brand?

      Is there any solid plan for CK launch on non-China regions like Japan and Korea?

      vanitasCG , 01 February 2018 15:04

      I would like to know if, and if so, when there will be an official documentation of the api. It would be nice to know if there would be added functionality to it as well!

      Spacesh1psoda , 01 February 2018 15:35

      YES : Should i buy a gen 0 kittie ?

      peucoz , 01 February 2018 11:57

  420. Interesting for CryptoKitties ?

    acl_crypto , 01 February 2018 21:55

      acl_crypto , 01 February 2018 21:56

  421. any new partnership between cryptokitties with a big tech company like tencent or Microsoft?

    franckgant , 01 February 2018 20:20

      rocketleaguebr0 , 01 February 2018 20:39

  422. All Known Body Traits - KittyCalc.co

    poopiecryptocats , 01 February 2018 02:47

      I'll slap myself for this in years to follow but: nice work decrypting our crypto kitties!!

      drjammus , 01 February 2018 03:57

      Interesting that everything is kind of grouped together (if shifted off the top of the screen and onto the bottom Pac-Man style). I wonder how intentional that is.

      AtAlanfalcon , 01 February 2018 02:50

      amazing work again by the kittycalc.team !!!

      Do you guys sleep??!!

      KittyHats-Official , 01 February 2018 03:17

  423. Alien kitties - where are the visual differences?

    Face-in-the_Crowd , 01 February 2018 14:44

  424. Kitties with 9 traits

    ennis_guy , 01 February 2018 02:35

      anyhting with the wild gene that mutates into a trait displays as an additional 9th trait

      Slabmason710 , 01 February 2018 02:57

      Nevermind. It's a trioculus and I see that they all have 9 traits.. thought I had something special lol

      ennis_guy , 01 February 2018 02:41

  425. What to consider rare.

    lookitsme14 , 01 February 2018 07:08

      I have a royalblue manx, and I have a henna. I could breed them, there are no Royalblue-henna-manx's, but that doesn't mean someone is going to buy it...

      If it looks great someone will probably pay more

      Jensen2185 , 01 February 2018 07:27

      Realistically, rarity is a combination of generation number and tier of the trait (see the handy chart here - https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoKitties/comments/7uefvk/all_known_body_traits_kittycalcco/ ) - The farther right a trait is, the more rare it will be, particularly at lower generations. In some cases it won't even be possible at the lowest generations. But value and rarity are not the same thing at all. A good looking kitty is worth more. A super rare trait like babypuke might not be valuable at all because ... babypuke. Rarity is just one part of value. Having unique combinations is really only valuable when you happen to stumble upon a previously undiscovered Fancy kitty. Having the world's only Alien Hintomint Beard Savannah ... well, nobody will really care unless that just happens to be a really stunning looking breed. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and so it is with value as well. But rarity? There are so many traits that even with nearly 500,000 kitties most every kitty can be considered rare in some way. Which means none of them really are, unless it's for solid reasons that involve scarcity and genetics (and unique combinations of traits at higher generations involves neither of those beyond a superficial level).

      Overwatch_Falcon , 01 February 2018 10:37

  426. Kitty Investing - Discontinued Traits

    Jensen2185 , 31 January 2018 23:15

      We don't know if a specific trait has been discontinued, there are 32 possibilities for a gen, so maybe in the future a new wave of 'old' traits could be in gen0's again

      who knows?

      kryptofan , 31 January 2018 23:46

      Also, I tried to tell a newer player that Gen10+ Ganado kitties aren't worth much. They sent me a screenshot from a breeding calculator showing 4 stars for Ganado.

      You have to understand these calculator sites use the current supply to estimate value/rarity. If something is brand new, it seems like it is very rare. But it doesn't last long.

      Jensen2185 , 31 January 2018 23:56

      Unless I'm seeing things, I believe the traits are discontinued once a certain number of mutations occur. If you pay close attention to the unknown categories in the dex you'll start to notice a pattern. For example, one category seems to mirror mouth and another seems like the body types. Since these genes also mutate, potentially due to being released by the CK team, it looks like the associated Kai are then released into the general population as dominate or recessive traits. What do you think?

      matteblackale , 01 February 2018 03:23

      The breeding volume was much higher in the beginning then it is now.....

      matteblackale , 01 February 2018 03:24

      How are the traits 'discontinued' if you could still get them via breeding? I know more gen 0 cats w/these particular traits will not be released, but it's not as if someone couldn't breed more jaguar cats if they had the eth and the inclination. I don't think newbs should just go after gen - new traits either, because you can't tell how 'rare' a new trait actually is, but I don't think you should consider any trait to be discontinued because more cats with those traits can still be bred.

      Ouruborealis , 01 February 2018 20:52

  427. I want to buy one gen 0 kitty for cheap

    peucoz , 01 February 2018 12:42

      I want to buy some ETH, but don’t want to pay full price. Will anyone sell me ETH below market rate? /s

      Easyfork , 01 February 2018 12:59

      Well gen:0 were at 2 eth during the golden age, after that prices are going down and down. This week cheapest gen0 is about 0.050 eth.

      Maybe in 1 month the value will be 0.01 eth, so just wait 2 or 3 weeks

      kryptofan , 01 February 2018 15:02

      Buy my first kitty 0 fast :p ant gone keep it fast 0.0667 nice price

      niels056 , 01 February 2018 22:02

      Hi: https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/480960 is a steal. Average value on the calculator is .6 eth.

      Gwencarter48498484 , 03 February 2018 07:40

  428. ERC 721 - Doubt

    fgoldberg1 , 31 January 2018 21:26

      This does not sound like a normal ERC-721 implementation.

      Could you please describe your situation in more detail.

      You are free to reach me privately, I am an author of the ERC-721 standard.

      fulldecent , 02 March 2018 20:06

  429. Away-From-Keyboard (Physical) CryptoKitty, reloaded

    vecirex , 31 January 2018 11:58

  430. KittyHats Update + New Accessories!

    KittyHats-Official , 31 January 2018 01:56

      Loving the New accessories!!!

      JamesGatz_thehomie , 31 January 2018 07:56

      Love the new items, you guys are doing a fantastic job! My kitties can't afford anything at the moment, sadly, but they can still try them on.

      And so, I give you... the hipster cat.

      IWantThisCat , 31 January 2018 02:17

      I might have to make a TomCat Brady kitty!

      AtAlanfalcon , 31 January 2018 02:14

      Awesome!! Had issues buying a sign, but will love to add some stuff to my kitties :)

      xpzycox , 31 January 2018 23:33

  431. i find some unfair parts in the game

    flywu , 31 January 2018 11:39

      Hi there!

      The genetic algorithm is essentially completely discovered by the community thus far.

      The only thing the devs have that we don't is the release schedule for traits.

      However, regardless of that, the devs signed contracts that disallow them from playing the game or owning kitties, for the reasons above.

      Hope that helps!


      Kitttyverse , 31 January 2018 12:01

      Because we know the algorithm.

      I'm not sure if profit on people who don't spend a minute researching before investing money would be unfair, though.

      firecz , 31 January 2018 11:54

  432. Way to start without investment?

    EpiclyZiggy , 31 January 2018 11:02

      Enter some kitty giveaways to get some kitties and then ... there is no step 2. You can't do anything in the game right now without some ETH to spend. If you do have a little bit of ETH then start reading everything at https://cryptokitties411.com so you learn what is what and what mistakes to avoid and how to stretch out your ETH. Good luck! It may not be cheap, but it is REALLY fun!

      Overwatch_Falcon , 31 January 2018 11:40

      Have a look at give aways: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoKittiesMarket/

      There are several contests, where you can win a crypto kitty for free.

      MechlerMX , 31 January 2018 18:42

      Here's a giveaway. Once you get the cat you need ETH to do anything - http://poopie.cat

      poopiecryptocats , 31 January 2018 19:41

      Bibo7 , 01 February 2018 01:25


    jodiferous11 , 30 January 2018 18:31

      How do you know how well your kitty will do in battle? How do you do the battling?

      billybobthongton , 30 January 2018 23:44

      I just put up most of my kitties for really cheap prices. If you can look me up by username mine is: bradleyhunds

      My better ones are siring but still for super cheap. I entered Kimbo Slice into the contest he'll be tough to beat

      strawhats , 31 January 2018 06:26

      Update: 20 entries so far!

      Reminder: The first 56 entries get a guaranteed spot in the bracket. The remaining entries will have to battle for the remaining 8 spots.

      jodiferous11 , 31 January 2018 04:53

      I sold the kitty I submitted to the battle, can I replace it with my new best fighter? :(

      NARW_Bombard , 01 February 2018 19:16

  434. Does anyone know how the makers get money?

    bstro1 , 31 January 2018 01:59

      Here's a copypaste from a comment I wrote about the money flow:

      • The gen 0 kitties are created by a smart contract owned by the creators of the game. The profile that holds these kitties is called "Kitty Clock". Any Ether used to purchase kitties from this clock goes to the developers.
      • There is also a similar account called "CK COO" which owned the first 100 cats, called the Founder cats. Any purchases from this account also went to the developers.
      • There is a 3.75% commission on every transaction that goes through the CryptoKitty smart contract. This commission also goes to the developers.

      And things not for the developers:

      • The flat breeding fee (currently 0.008 ether) goes towards the people who call the giveBirth function when a matron is ready to give birth. This system was created so people can get rewarded for helping the blockchain and CryptoKitties.
      • Transaction fees used to process your transactions go to the Ethereum miners.

      DERPYBASTARD , 31 January 2018 02:03

      Every 15 minutes someone pays a couple hundred for new gen 0 kitties. All of that cash flow minus expenses I would bet they're doing great. It was built by 12 people. Not to mention someone paid 117k for the first cat

      strawhats , 31 January 2018 02:04

      I believe any exchange between users has a 3.75% commission fee

      fgoldberg1 , 31 January 2018 21:10

  435. Old kitty's the hot stuff?

    niels056 , 30 January 2018 21:12

      yes the game is new the user base is growing as the game gets more and more popular the low series will go up in Price and value 1 to 100 very valuable 100 to 500 valuable
      1000 to 2000 also valuable 2000 to 10000 will also gain value

      franckgant , 30 January 2018 23:25

      Also.. think about this.. low gen kitties are selling for very low prices.. Ive often seen GEN:1's for under .01 . But as the year moves on I think people are going to start to realize that the GEN:0's will stop being created near the end of this year.. and along with them no more new gen:1's... gen:2's... etc.. I think it will be common after that for people to start working with gen:30.. gen:50.. maybe gen:100's and these low gens will be very very rare.

      ennis_guy , 01 February 2018 04:49

  436. Tried for Onyx/Wolfgrey, backed into Mistletoe/Wolfgrey!

    MaverickUSC , 30 January 2018 22:44

      Keep breeding it yourself and some of your misses might come up as Mistletoe if you do it right! And always use kittycalc.co to make sure you’ve got the best possible breeding partner to hit the traits you want and check the value of other traits you might hit.

      AtAlanfalcon , 31 January 2018 02:13

      decentraal , 31 January 2018 06:24

  437. CryptoKitties fancy hint on Twitter

    RytechApps , 30 January 2018 10:31

      It’s a Ninja Cat.

      gacbmmml , 30 January 2018 19:18

  438. What kind of cat is this?

    dont_hate_scienceguy , 30 January 2018 23:04

      Tag finally popped up. Savannah.

      dont_hate_scienceguy , 30 January 2018 23:29

      A mutant

      kryptofan , 30 January 2018 23:48

      Savannah, sass, and pouty look so good together!

      jodiferous11 , 31 January 2018 00:01

  439. Negato the ninja fancy discovered, another ninja fancy waiting to be discovered!

    jodiferous11 , 30 January 2018 07:34

      Is this the first standing kitty?

      ChesterKedi , 31 January 2018 22:23

  440. Weekly Contests at Kitty411!

    jodiferous11 , 29 January 2018 19:20

      Great idea! What kind of contests you have in mind or will it be like a lottery ?

      MechlerMX , 29 January 2018 21:08


      justwater , 29 January 2018 20:04

      How kitties battle in this first contest? I don't wanna that any of my cats be hurt.

      kryptofan , 30 January 2018 15:54

  441. Poor Russian Student is depressed by kitties

    DryConsideration , 30 January 2018 10:17

      Poor person wants money fast. Quick, quick, open your purse!

      Seriously, if that story is true, she should rather look at what she got: a priceless lesson in how you should not jump on every train that says "WOOT WOOT WE ALL GET RICH“.

      artiscience , 30 January 2018 10:43

  442. Rename Kitties

    Bibo7 , 30 January 2018 01:29

      Yes. Except while they are for sale.

      dont_hate_scienceguy , 30 January 2018 01:35

      Or when up for siring

      lookitsme14 , 30 January 2018 05:19

      It would be awesome if you could brand them. This would be a great way for advertising.

      Bibo7 , 30 January 2018 19:16

  443. Do bios affect offspring?

    Bestcryptocattrader , 30 January 2018 03:37

      No, Son, they do not affect offspring. Offspring is from what we call genetic code.

      ---Mercy--- , 30 January 2018 08:09

      No. I am your Father. Mercy thinks he is.

      pnrrr , 30 January 2018 15:49

  444. Let's start breeding...

    MechlerMX , 29 January 2018 20:49

      Start slow and learn to use cryptokittydex.com to understand the kitty DNA. There are other sites that give you an estimate of what the possible babies will be from two kitties, but it makes a big difference if you can read and understand the DNA yourself.

      Find a trait you like, learn what traits need to be combined to create it, look for low generation kitties that can be used to make that trait. Start with something simple, try to create a Gen4 Onyx.

      Buying Gen0's is a great investment when they are cheap (less than 0.08) and even when they reach the slowest level you can still breed them once per week.

      Jensen2185 , 29 January 2018 21:59

  445. Breeding through contract

    balresch , 29 January 2018 19:42

      Siblings cannot breed together, and children cannot breed with their parents. Your transaction failed because you tried breeding two siblings together. Keep it in mind in the future :)

      PS the 0.008 wasn't taken off your balance if the transaction failed. Only the transaction fee is taken off. Actual Tx Cost/Fee: 0.000155225 Ether ($0.18)

      DERPYBASTARD , 29 January 2018 20:08

  446. Worst mistake ever - Cryptokitties reation

    adamogallomusic , 30 January 2018 08:09


      just looked again to see if theres any point... nope... most kitties sell for like $5 maybe... if they do sell...

      and the breeding fee is $8???!?!!!? what the heck is the point then? lol

      I had high hopes for this game but its a bummer i cant even get half of my eth back from this lol oops.. lesson learned.

      pythonhugs , 30 January 2018 21:54

  447. Fancy kitty breeding guide!

    RytechApps , 29 January 2018 07:38

      Interesting! So you've bred a lot of aliens.

      I've been interested in the crypto kitties, but don't really partake as it seems a pretty expensive game.

      Of all the aliens that you breed, are you able to sell them off? If so what are the returns as opposed to breeding fees?

      Or are you sitting on all those cats for investment?

      TrashIsland_DrMoreau , 29 January 2018 11:01

      This is great, thank you

      codenutz , 29 January 2018 16:51

      Amazing man. This was illuminating.

      If kittydex is to be believed you own 14% of all PhuZiqaats (aliens) in existence (55 of 384) and I am thinking that percentage is actually likely rise if you continue your breeding enterprise. I could imagine you owning such a significant portion of the PZ population that you could actually drive the market price up. Whatever you decide to do you are definitely blazing a trail for other fancy breeders. Thanks for sharing

      (I actually stumbled on your profile yesterday and this post today totally separately. I was baffled by your army of aliens yesterday and now I get it)

      Classy_Comment , 30 January 2018 06:29

  448. How profitable is Crypto Kitties

    Govind7 , 29 January 2018 14:28

      I guess there are people still making profit, but one probably needs a pretty steep investment to get going. Also, those people are not likely to share their strategy with you and this sub (I am not one of them).

      balresch , 29 January 2018 15:04

      To be profitable you need to breed and be lucky ^

      bibdieu , 29 January 2018 19:34

      cryptokitties is a new game.Blockchain a new tech right now the prices are still cheap but cryptokitties is launching in china in a few weeks some people are buying kitties with the number 8 a lucky number in china.If you want to invest you can buy gen 8 kitties they are still very cheap and if the game is a hit in china prices might go up in value

      franckgant , 29 January 2018 20:23

      When you become a pro, you can generally break even. If you get extremely lucky, discover a new fancy cat, you could potentially make some money. If you buy Gen0 kitties and they have traits that get discontinued in a couple months, you could potentially sell them for a profit also.

      If you are new and start buying high-gen stuff that looks cool or traits that are brand new you'll probably lose money unfortunately

      Jensen2185 , 29 January 2018 23:09

      You can see a history of top money makers at http://www.rolldice.club/cryptokitties/wkt_plist.php

      RollDiceClub , 31 January 2018 02:55

  449. any thoughts on cryptokitties user base new players prices the game is getting more popular amount new players?

    franckgant , 28 January 2018 16:55

      The best way to get new players is to reduce the barriers to entry. They can't do much about the natural barriers to using Ethereum but they can make them easier to buy (especially in "bulk" or at least pairs) and make really cheap entry-level kitties.

      They could also create some sort of free minigame that uses the kitties and isn't used to generate sellable/profitable things. Maybe a tamagotchi game without death?

      extracat , 28 January 2018 20:11

      Yeah, Axiom Zen really did an amazing job going from idea to KITTIES! in just a couple of months, and then managing to handle the world's largest explosion of unexpected fleeting popularity without losing their heads. I'm super excited about the new features that are coming, and I feel like we're getting a great stream of new players every day. Sure we're not where the game was at its peak, but most of those were just trying to make a quick buck anyway and frankly the game doesn't need them. So kudos to the devs! And to everyone who has stuck around and enjoyed the game for what it's supposed to be.

      AtAlanfalcon , 28 January 2018 19:34

      You typed this on your phone. Didn't you.

      dont_hate_scienceguy , 29 January 2018 10:06

      And you should really work on your english.

      FreljordianKing , 28 January 2018 17:06

  450. More Fun with CryptoKitties

    kittyfanclub , 28 January 2018 20:08

      This is awesome!!!!!! I’ve been waiting for cat fights since I got my first kitten! So excited!!

      Spethoscope , 29 January 2018 05:49

  451. Noob looking for some advice

    nekohuntslight , 28 January 2018 12:22

      Slabmason710 , 28 January 2018 12:44

      Use the filters in the marketplace to find a fair price for the kitty you want to buyer or sell. I screwed myself a few times when I first started buying crap cats for too much money

      koolkidkorey , 28 January 2018 21:03

      It's a great question and everyone new should be asking this. You can check the gas price trends here https://ethgasstation.info/

      So currently (as of this writing) 4Gwei will confirm in < 1m and 1Gwei in < 5 minutes. I would use a value in this range depending on case

      You can also look at Pending Transactions at https://etherscan.io/txsPending. To further finetune this number

      tldrtldrtldr , 28 January 2018 12:37

      Check out: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ShiBKSglFAB2vJe4Uow3iF09FBVq6ZAaOzTCIECf4iA/htmlview

      The light blue gene pairs can mutate into the darker blue genes (Tier 2). Then darkest blue genes (Tier 3, not unlocked yet).

      Generally T2 genes and gene combos are rarer than T1 genes.

      For example “gen:0 jaguar” is rare due to how dev releases them (only 99 of them).

      So low generation Henna is rare (requires a mutation of Jaguar + Amur) . And therefore low generation Hotrod is even rarer (requires a mutation of Henna + Tigerpunk).

      Then you also have fancy cats, which require a combo of 2-4 specific genes to make. https://cryptokittydex.com/fancies

      Happy breeding :)

      noob-breeder , 29 January 2018 04:59

      I only breed traits required for fancy, but definitely check the current market price before you start.

      Sometimes a high gen fancy could cost less than 2 kitties + the 0.008 eth breeding cost + fees. (Eg the cheapest santaclaws is below 0.02)

      My personal aim is to breed a pure-bred pair for each fancy types, so that I have a 100% chance to produce the next one (albeit weekly).

      Eg, see the children of this cat: https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/434698

      noob-breeder , 29 January 2018 06:47

  452. Does anyone know who "snow" is?

    jodiferous11 , 28 January 2018 00:44

      Agree. There are many people I would like to buy a cat from, but there is no way to contact them.

      artiscience , 28 January 2018 13:55

      Or "Sticky Wicket"? "CozyKitty"? "Petri Louw"?

      jodiferous11 , 28 January 2018 01:11

      What kind of cats/genes are you looking for ?

      acl_crypto , 28 January 2018 16:08

      You can send him some wei and attach your text as "data"


      RollDiceClub , 28 January 2018 21:20

  453. CryptoKitty 441511 (Gen Zero Lucky Green) outside the blockchain: materialized and touchable!

    vecirex , 27 January 2018 19:33

      Original pics below.

      1. CryptoKitty front: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DUjv7oCX0AAqpBl.jpg
      2. CryptoKitty back: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DUjv_zoWsAE3-rV.jpg

      (Original Twitter post by @opheliasomna: https://twitter.com/opheliasomna/status/957280479849435136)

      vecirex , 27 January 2018 20:05

  454. "Free" siring prompts MetaMask with a transaction amount of 0.008 ETH... Why?

    selling-gf , 27 January 2018 18:22

      There is a flat fee for any breeding action done by you (read: any action that leads to one of your cats getting a baby). This fee is currently 0.008 ether. This gets included when you breed two of your own cats together or when you use someone's sire.

      DERPYBASTARD , 27 January 2018 18:45

  455. Just bought this kitty for 0.0012ETH, Was it a steal or no?!?!

    lookitsme14 , 27 January 2018 19:47

      Nice buy!

      poopiecryptocats , 27 January 2018 23:20

      Do you have any good starter cats you recommend for me? Im trying to get started in the game but idk what cat is worth to buy first.

      david55721 , 27 January 2018 19:52

  456. Your girlfriend hates all the time you spend on cryptocurrencies? Maybe it's about time you get her a CryptoKitty!

    chanfle , 27 January 2018 21:18

      Did that unfortunately. Can I get my money back? Wasted $100 on them damn things

      kingp43x , 27 January 2018 23:00

      Trust me, she loves cats but was more mad about me spending money on "a picture of a cat."

      OptimisticOnanist , 29 January 2018 01:07

  457. Sired with another cat. Took my money but my 1 hr timer has not started and it's almost been a hr?

    WIMelissa , 28 January 2018 00:53

      It started almost a hr late. But it did start. I don't know where they lag came from. But I hope it's fixed if there is a problem. It was a very expensive sire & time is everything in this game sometimes.

      WIMelissa , 28 January 2018 01:21

  458. Getting into crypto kitties need recommends.

    david55721 , 27 January 2018 19:39

      I guess go for a fancy cat, Draculas are nice and I also like to stock up on smaller cats that look kinda cool lol.

      _SHWEPP_ , 27 January 2018 22:11

      noob-breeder , 27 January 2018 22:52

      Just don't.

      2_Genders_I_am_1 , 28 January 2018 04:36

  459. The Weekly 411

    jodiferous11 , 27 January 2018 08:48

      Very cool, i was litterally just thinking about a blog for ck that like a weekly round up of traits and recessives

      pirahnatsunami66 , 27 January 2018 09:19

      (Hey Derpy, is it allowed?)

      Absolutely! Haha

      DERPYBASTARD , 27 January 2018 18:51

      summarize gossip = great time saver :)

      ChesterKedi , 29 January 2018 03:09

  460. Hand-crafted fluffy touchable representing an existing CryptoKitty (first prototype)

    vecirex , 27 January 2018 15:27

      Cutest belly button lint I've ever seen.

      TrashIsland_DrMoreau , 29 January 2018 11:18

  461. Can someone please explain? 😂😂

    goldenflames15 , 27 January 2018 08:31

      bugcat! Was given out to the people who managed to find bugs in the game during alpha/beta.

      Aleksleon , 27 January 2018 12:36

  462. Does this kitty look right?

    StoicNucks , 27 January 2018 07:11

      If you need help with traits, check out https://kittycalc.co

      poopiecryptocats , 27 January 2018 07:26

      In my opinion it will not sell at that price

      OSU_OSU , 27 January 2018 17:28

      Thanks for the feedback! I like the concept of this, but it's proving to be more difficult than I anticipated.

      StoicNucks , 27 January 2018 18:35

  463. They changed the artwork again!

    jodiferous11 , 26 January 2018 20:39

      Some cattributes contain errors when they are discovered. The developers want to fix these errors, but they don't want to change the appearance of the cats that already have the error. So the misprints stay as they are, but all future cats with the changed cattribute will look different.

      DERPYBASTARD , 27 January 2018 00:16

      am I gonna be rich if I have gen1 original serpent original pouty (not onyx though:( ) ?

      NARW_Bombard , 26 January 2018 20:45

      New trait granado already have 2 different artwork. Lets compare ears, sides, tails. Both kitties sphinx+granado:



      Game whithout rules

      RollDiceClub , 26 January 2018 22:35

      btw, thanks for the description of the changes, wouldn't notice white whiskers : D

      NARW_Bombard , 26 January 2018 20:47

      it,s cool that the devs changed the art work you get the vintage versions of the kitties and the new versions great idea

      franckgant , 27 January 2018 01:07

  464. What's your highest probability l % of fancy when using the

    BitGap , 27 January 2018 01:56

      Slabmason710 , 27 January 2018 02:58

      Yeah, you've got to use kittycalc.co or kitty.appx.hk. The machine learning estimator doesn't make any sense when we have accurate calculators now.

      jodiferous11 , 27 January 2018 23:37

  465. Buying Guide for noobs

    Jensen2185 , 26 January 2018 23:08

      let people give any names and any prices to there kitties it,s part of the fun of the game anyway prices are so low it,s not a problem let,s wait for the launch in china prices and players could increase to the next level

      franckgant , 27 January 2018 01:05

      " don't spend more than 0.12 on a Gen0"

      but the cheapest is around .7 ..

      CryptoKittehs , 26 January 2018 23:49

      You're assuming the person you used as an example got screwed over.

      Maybe they considered it money well spent on the cutest picture of a kitty they've ever seen?

      Or bought eth when it was 10c a coin?

      Who knows everyone's motivations for playing this game?

      And that gen:0 at 0.0688 is catatonic. Is it good advice to buy that?

      pnrrr , 27 January 2018 03:39

      I feel like I know a lot about CryptoKitties, and I nearly bought the cat in your example (Nut) because I thought she was beautiful and I personally value her traits. After she was sold, I was pretty bummed I didn't buy her first. We all value things differently. It's not always about generation.

      I see what you're saying, though, and I think it's important to help new players avoid costly mistakes. I appreciate your sentiment even though I strongly disagree with the particular example you chose.

      jodiferous11 , 27 January 2018 04:48

      We try to sell the cats at the best price possible. If any player would like to sell a very common cat at a high price, is totally Ok. That's the game main idea!!

      kryptofan , 26 January 2018 23:34

  466. What about STERILE cryptokitties?

    kryptofan , 27 January 2018 05:04

      eventually only gen0 cat will be of use as people will struggel to create new traits because only 50.000 exist and they ALL will be catatonic

      ReavonGO , 27 January 2018 20:26

  467. New Trait: Trioculus

    pnrrr , 26 January 2018 14:47

      Nice trait, next wild mutation will be a Cyclops!!

      kryptofan , 26 January 2018 21:37


      dont_hate_scienceguy , 26 January 2018 23:50

  468. 9 cattributes

    pnrrr , 26 January 2018 16:58

      There is a 9th cattribute category called "Wild", which was discovered when Elk popped up. Elk and Trioculus are the only two known cattributes in the Wild category so far.

      DERPYBASTARD , 26 January 2018 17:38

      What you talk about kitty with 16 cattributes? https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/14615

      RollDiceClub , 26 January 2018 18:33

  469. New Trait: pattern color "purplehaze". Gene "b".

    RollDiceClub , 26 January 2018 14:31

  470. Just a quick reminder:

    Bestcryptocattrader , 26 January 2018 06:54

      When gas is at 1 gwei or lower then this fee is basically negligible (to me, anyway, your definition may vary). It's really only at high gas prices that this becomes a problem.

      AtAlanfalcon , 27 January 2018 03:31

      To the miners of your transaction?

      Asgeisk , 26 January 2018 14:24

  471. I have 2 cryptokitties, I want to sell them and be done. I haven't had success siring them. How do I appraise?

    716green , 26 January 2018 05:04

      Yeah honestly they are not worth anything right now. But they are older cats, which may be a bit more valuable after the China release. Assuming you don't need like $5 right now, I'd just hodl.

      jezztharipper , 26 January 2018 10:12

      I don´t think you´ll ever get your 300$ for these kitties. Right now they are worth 4-6$ as someone already said. I´d definitely hold these kitties. Once there are 10.000.000 kitties, those with a low ID may rise in value and you´ll get more for it, but right now you´d just throw away your money, so, I strongly recommend holding (or breeding).

      artiscience , 26 January 2018 11:35

      I think you'd be lucky to get $5 for both

      OSU_OSU , 26 January 2018 05:14

      there are nice kitties but the are not worth more then a few dollars it,s better to keep them prices might go up in a few months.The best investment are the gen 0 and low number kitties up to 10000 if crypto kitties become a popular game around the world people will want to collect them has a investment

      franckgant , 26 January 2018 17:14

      Search this subreddit for portfolio estimator. Last I checked they were able to search the market for kitties with the rare traits and give estimations on prices based on that. I’m not certain how accurate it is, but it could help give a range.

      Other than that the only way I know to check is to search the market filtering on the attributes and then sorting by cheapest.

      groovesquirrel , 26 January 2018 10:55

  472. how many Gen 0 crypto kitties will there be total, and how many are left?

    galileorussell , 26 January 2018 07:49

      Yeah...sounds like a rather crazy case. gen0 might be worth 1000$. I mean, it also depends on the kitten.

      I can already tell you what happens in November: everyone will try to get the last gen0s and they will sale for 5000$+ but I don´t believe this will hold for the "regular" gen0

      Also, you should take into account the difference between gen0s and gen0 virgins - there will be less virgins than 50K. Collectors will rather go for virgins, breeders won´t care that much.

      artiscience , 26 January 2018 11:40

      January Gen:Os seems to have more genes than December Gen:Os, so a Gen:O of Nov 2018 is gonna hurt!! --> those guys will have a very rich genetic pool

      kryptofan , 26 January 2018 14:22

  473. KittyCalc.co Breeding Calculator Update

    poopiecryptocats , 26 January 2018 04:16

      Oi, here are some things we've changed with KittyCalc.co

      • Poops have been replaced with hearts by popular demand - people were confused with poops (does 5 poops mean it is really poop or good?)
      • Updated design on trait cards
      • Added sexier charts
      • Added super poop 5/5 ratings, woops I mean super hearts

      To come

      • Single kitty analysis
      • Pinned traits

      poopiecryptocats , 26 January 2018 04:19

      Can I suggest a feature to show the chance to breed a fancy cat? Like this calculator does? https://kitty.appx.hk/386434/384943/0

      Stiff3yed , 26 January 2018 21:08

  474. Just in! Crypto Kitties to reach China market very soon via mobile app.

    elmoelmo69 , 25 January 2018 08:22

      How is this likely to affect the market?

      KGEDDES94 , 25 January 2018 14:33

      could china korea and japan make crypto kitties a success maybe the kitties prices are really low right now could they go up in value maybe if the game gets hugely popular around the world

      franckgant , 26 January 2018 00:27

      More players more fun!

      kakbald , 26 January 2018 00:42

      hodl ;))))

      McDuff_71 , 26 January 2018 06:46

      Curious: Which attributes do you think Chinese players will be interested in most?

      My vote: Wingtips and Sass. But I'm not Chinese. Plus, those are my favorites.

      dont_hate_scienceguy , 26 January 2018 08:38

  475. China?!

    goldenflames15 , 26 January 2018 02:57

      How do I spell 'RARE!' in Chinese?

      dont_hate_scienceguy , 26 January 2018 08:25

      A lot of us are banking on this.

      poopiecryptocats , 26 January 2018 04:13

      Don´t trick yourself into believing you´ll make any money on the China release. This won´t happen. The only reason some people believe this, is because they lost money and now desperately look for covering their loss.

      The "release in China" is basicallly a meme in cryptocurrencies. Once a page goes chinese bagholders speculate that their worthless stuff turns into gold. I don´t remember one case where that actually took place.

      So whoever looks forward to get out and make some money: dream on.

      artiscience , 26 January 2018 11:45

      hopefully they will buy my cats and I can get the hell out of cryptokitties. nice idea but worth....well all my eth in their pocket i guess...

      quaz2247119 , 26 January 2018 06:53

  476. Take advantage of the low gas price, even 0.1 GWei worked for me!

    Zyj , 25 January 2018 14:24

      A stuck transaction with a very low gas price will block further transactions until it is processed.

      Yeah I just worked this out today. I put a sale up with a very low fee than tried to buy a kitty with a high fee but both transactions got stuck. I resubmitted the fisrt transaction with a higher fee and then both confirmed.

      playfulexistence , 25 January 2018 17:42


      Will try to sell like 40 cats this way

      jasquekun , 25 January 2018 22:43

      I didn't realize this, and I put my kitties up to breed accidentally, and now I only have $1 left so I can't even do anything with them if I cancel these dumb transactions. I'm so sad I screwed up understanding the fees... :'( See my stupidity here: 0xdddeafbe57081a750eb6eee4cbca0eb9a8dd3a6c

      goldenflames15 , 26 January 2018 02:03

      Thanks for mentioning this. I started yesterday and blew threw $40 because I was paying the default fees. I had no idea you could lower the gas. Oops! :/

      okpony , 26 January 2018 03:50

  477. Demand and supply?

    dcoupage , 25 January 2018 10:26

      There will only ever be 50,000 Gen 0's released. They stop releasing them in November this year (1 year after launch). At this time Gen 0's will then start to become more valuable, and as breeding times slow down the other low gens will also become harder to come by, hence driving prices up. I expect that it will be playing the long game until then, but ultimately it should be worthwhile

      RuggedTin , 25 January 2018 13:11

      there is too much supply and not enough demand right now but maybe with china korea and japan Price might go up but it,s going to take a few months and much more players

      philipsburg , 25 January 2018 18:46

      We're all whining about it now. This time next year we'll be whining about how they need to release some new gen0 kitties because all the bastards who bought the gen0's are hoarding them and charging too much for the gen1's.

      dont_hate_scienceguy , 26 January 2018 08:47

      I got into the game after the initial boom, since the currency took a while to be available in Coinbase, and by the time I was able to get any, it almost seems like the game is dead anyway. The fees are so high to do anything you’d have to be rich... I have two kitties up for breeding and literally used up the rest of my ether, just to find out nobody is really doing that anymore. It’s really frustrating. I couldn’t even afford one of the gen 0s in the first place, but the volume of kitties vs players is definitely off, since the popularity slowed down. :( I cri

      goldenflames15 , 25 January 2018 10:46

      Demand = None Supply = Plentiful

      2_Genders_I_am_1 , 25 January 2018 13:54

  478. Payment gone through but kitty not breeding

    leema_ , 25 January 2018 12:19

      It seems that the site became very slow to show updates to the blockstream state since about yesterday.

      The ETH network is running fine, so this is a problem with the Cryptokitty server, not the ETH network. If your transaction confirmed then I think it should be fine.

      playfulexistence , 25 January 2018 12:44

  479. Secondary Color Traits - KittyCalc.co

    poopiecryptocats , 24 January 2018 23:43

      Glad you like it! Once we are finished with the rest we will release them in an imgur album :)

      poopiecryptocats , 25 January 2018 02:10

      There some secondary color traits missing? Lemonade, chocolate and others. Where/How do they fit in?

      pnrrr , 25 January 2018 21:24

  480. Can we relate🤣🤣?

    Npfarrelly , 25 January 2018 05:13

      I can kind of relate, except that my cats have steadily declined in value since the day I bought them.

      VendorBuyBankGuards , 26 January 2018 02:23

  481. Do a lot of people still play this game?

    Mongooseroo , 24 January 2018 15:07

      If you are new to cryptocurrencies (and surrounding projects) you should take into account attention cycles. From the mere consecutive number of kitties you can see that people "play" the game. You can see that even more from trades (if you have a look at the contracts) You can also see that breeding has become less popular - in particular in comparison to the hype in early December.

      I fully expect the game to have a "come back" once new features are introduced. I personally have rather a look at development than at present performance, since these are the early days.

      I don´t see why CK would "die away". As I said, attention cycles certainly exist, but that does not say anything about CK in 3 months, 6 months, or 2 years. You don´t "need" a lot of players to sustain the game. Even if the value of gen0 would drop to 5$ - it wouldn´t really concern potential development.

      What you probably won´t see again to that extent is the hype, even though this as well depends on development.

      artiscience , 24 January 2018 16:42

      The 'game' is just at the initial phase. We are waiting for the China and Korea markets. Each CK has the potential to be very expensive.

      kryptofan , 24 January 2018 17:49

      Yeah it got boring fast, and they depreciate in value as the value of etherium rises. So it's not so much as an investment as it is a pain in the ass to try and sell even rare cats at the bare minimum. Unless you get in on gen 0 there's not much you can do as far as increasing your investment. The cats value and quality depreciates everytime you breed them too, so it's definitely set in the favor of the creators.

      tezzmosis , 24 January 2018 19:07

      I guess you don't do things like paintball, snowboard/skiing, other activities like that. Where all you do is spend money on gear, none reusable paint balls, and if you live near big montains like $100+ for lift tickets. I guess people should only spend their money on fun if they think they will get it back. That's why no one snowboards or does paintball

      weareallfungi , 25 January 2018 08:14

      well i'm still here.. i like to mess with genetics but that's very expensive

      nicokalo , 24 January 2018 18:33

  482. Bloodred, Royalblue, Alien - only one specimen, is it legitimate to consider rare?

    dcoupage , 24 January 2018 18:02

      Very rare and beautiful color contrast. A combo of 3!!. This cat has other characteristics very important as well. Great cat

      kryptofan , 24 January 2018 19:52

      I don't want to deter anyone from buying overpriced kitties, but there are lots of "rare" combinations, and it doesn't mean they are difficult to create. Take these two kitties (below), breed them a few times, and you'll have a Gen5 bloodred alien royalblue, for much less Ether.

      https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/393565 https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/473476

      I have a royalblue manx and I have a henna. There are no royalblue manx henna's in the game. I could make one, but that doesn't make it valuable...

      Jensen2185 , 25 January 2018 01:13

      For now!

      Slabmason710 , 24 January 2018 18:51

  483. New (really dumb) player can't buy second kitty.

    cuddlesaur , 24 January 2018 07:41

      Maybe you should try it with Brave browser, works good for me, and it IS fast

      dcoupage , 24 January 2018 17:59

  484. Eye Traits in CryptoKitties (1/9 Categories)

    poopiecryptocats , 23 January 2018 20:41

      Kittyhawk has really knocked it out of the park again. I'm very excited to see CryptoKitties's first tier 4 trait when Wonky's breeding pair comes out! Four traits in one :-)

      AtAlanfalcon , 23 January 2018 20:50

      Content gets better and better. I wrote about this site on Steemit. Check me out there https://steemit.com/@steven-patrick new blog today

      Steven-Patrick , 23 January 2018 22:46

      Great work on KittyCalc!! 🔮🐱💎🍊

      Matthew_Hindley , 24 January 2018 00:33

      We're working on infographics for each trait category and we'd really appreciate your feedback - https://kittycalc.co - Find & Breed the Purrrfect Kitty.

      poopiecryptocats , 23 January 2018 20:54

  485. Where's the picture stored?

    FapIsDead , 24 January 2018 06:43

      From my understanding the only thing on the blockchain are the kitty's genes so the image that you see is what the website interprets those genes to look like. In theory, one could build another interpreter and render a different kitty image from the same genes.

      Stiff3yed , 24 January 2018 08:07

      All kitty image stored at https://storage.googleapis.com/ck-kitty-image/0x06012c8cf97bead5deae237070f9587f8e7a266d/

      File name for "normal" kitty is KittyID.svg (384666.svg for example).

      File for fancy kitties has extension .png.

      For undestanding, how generates image please visit http://www.rolldice.club/cryptokitties/wkt_creator.php

      RollDiceClub , 24 January 2018 10:29

      poopiecryptocats , 24 January 2018 09:39

      Thank you for your answers!

      FapIsDead , 24 January 2018 16:15

  486. What ever happened to that account that randomly bought over 2,000 kitties?

    coinmanorwoman , 24 January 2018 04:53

      It belongs to opskins.com and they are still trying to sell their cats


      poopiecryptocats , 24 January 2018 05:55

      So is it the first 'CryptoKitty Whale'???

      kryptofan , 24 January 2018 17:57

      ...madness...no gen 0's nor 1's...

      McDuff_71 , 26 January 2018 07:05

  487. So...what did I do "right"?

    DavidK44 , 24 January 2018 03:17

      https://kitty.appx.hk/468630/475205/0 use this so you arent wandering around blind. ducat is cymric and tongue. Old lace, gerbil and crazy make mistletoe fancy .you were missing the third trait.

      Slabmason710 , 24 January 2018 04:16

  488. Invisible Cats?

    goldenflames15 , 24 January 2018 06:21

      I just bought 2 cats and put them up to sire, because I realized I only have 4 dollars left, and I can't breed them together.... sadness

      goldenflames15 , 24 January 2018 07:24

      You might have an outdated extension.

      poopiecryptocats , 24 January 2018 09:44

  489. Wikipedia entry on Cryptokitties

    eaglegamma , 23 January 2018 16:50

  490. Trading Volume

    Tarak80 , 24 January 2018 00:51

      DERPYBASTARD , 24 January 2018 01:28

      http://www.rolldice.club/cryptokitties - you can see stats info here

      RollDiceClub , 24 January 2018 10:42

  491. a kitten sink for marketing purpose and giveaways is a good idea and more marketing on the concept of digital art is also a great idea does people has any thoughts on the matter?

    philipsburg , 23 January 2018 18:26

      I would like to pay a Pizza with a very common CK. That was the beginning of Bitcoin.

      So if I can pay anything with CK, that means every cat is like gold.

      No need of a sink.

      Just Pizza

      kryptofan , 23 January 2018 19:29

  492. Bug Bounty?

    deleted , 23 January 2018 11:22

      Not currently. There was a bug bounty program during the beta phase (nov 23 - 28). The three BugCats were given out as rewards for spotting bugs.

      DERPYBASTARD , 23 January 2018 12:32

      You can report bugs to [email protected]

      ChesterKedi , 23 January 2018 22:28

  493. Free cat?

    DukeDoggerino , 23 January 2018 13:59

      So your friend invited you but didn't give you a cat? What kind of friend is that?

      artiscience , 23 January 2018 20:37

      Hey, there aren't any free cats given out upon registration. The only way to get a free cat is being gifted one. You could look around for some giveaways.

      DERPYBASTARD , 23 January 2018 14:06

      Maybe your friend will give you a cat? Basic cats are pretty cheap

      dragondoot , 23 January 2018 15:40

      Check me out here https://steemit.com/@steven-patrick maybe free cat will come to you

      Steven-Patrick , 23 January 2018 22:56

  494. ...still buying them Gen0's and rare fast gen 1's

    McDuff_71 , 23 January 2018 08:03

      LoL you must be the son of a prince... facepalm

      meadowpoe , 23 January 2018 10:14

      https://www.cryptokitties.co/profile/0xd4aee0dd6b56bcd831ffb4c1d8aced71fcf37fa5 if you see any you like let me know im inclined to work some deals. need breeding ETH

      Slabmason710 , 23 January 2018 11:58


      Here is a cool one.. i mean the number and its a Gen0

      kadrrush , 27 January 2018 01:16

  495. ...success using gas 1 at the moment

    McDuff_71 , 23 January 2018 10:42

      Yeah man that happens everynight use https://ethgasstation.info/

      Slabmason710 , 23 January 2018 11:57

  496. Kittycalc.co coolest new 3rd party cryptokitties website

    Steven-Patrick , 23 January 2018 01:11

      I saw this site last night. Good stuff

      PineappleStars , 23 January 2018 01:13

      You didn't have to but thanks for the writeup Chester. I appreciate it.

      poopiecryptocats , 23 January 2018 02:55

      What's with the poop level ? The much the crappier ?

      nicokalo , 23 January 2018 14:46

      New post of Steemit. Check it out https://steemit.com/@steven-patrick. I'm sure you will like it

      Steven-Patrick , 23 January 2018 22:37

  497. New Trait: "Cheeky"

    aphorae , 22 January 2018 18:58

      Mutation from "wasntme" and "whixtensions"!

      aphorae , 22 January 2018 19:00

  498. The Business Cycle of Cryptokitties!

    DeadDisco931 , 22 January 2018 14:44

      ...nice read ;))..

      McDuff_71 , 23 January 2018 07:59

  499. Can you theoretically make ERC-721 Tokens divisible?

    TheCryptoLeague , 22 January 2018 19:00

      what about to own just some genes of a CK???

      kryptofan , 22 January 2018 22:36

      What does multisig have to do with this?

      mpbh , 22 January 2018 21:14

      Wouldn’t that technically go against the point of the blockchain and crypto in general? The whole point is that they each have their own makeup. If you only had some of the genes, then someone else could have the same combination as you, and that defeats the purpose, doesn’t it? Maybe I’m misunderstanding, please explain

      goldenflames15 , 22 January 2018 23:27

      You can't make any tokens truly divisible - they're always an integer - optionally represented with some decimal points that make them "divisible" to a certain extend. So I mean, you could consider 10 NFT's to be a whole, but the ERC-721 contract says each of them can be traded, and has it's own ownership logic.

      twinklehood , 23 January 2018 00:28

  500. Don't miss your kitty! See the latest auction

    RollDiceClub , 23 January 2018 02:35


      manlikehayden , 23 January 2018 04:20

      This looks super shady...

      chimpyeth , 23 January 2018 05:35

  501. A Kitty Sink (or another way to get rid of oversupply) is desperately needed!

    jezztharipper , 22 January 2018 15:45

      For starters, any sign that the devs are still here and working on the game would be good enough for me :)

      nicokalo , 22 January 2018 18:47

      "tool where you "spend" cats to get cats with rarer traits/a better combo of traits/lower gen cats"

      This would be absolutely brilliant.

      Hatchan3 , 22 January 2018 17:28

      You can do this easily right now. Just gift your cats to 0x0.

      MyTribeCalledQuest , 22 January 2018 20:15

      There is no reason why common cats should cost anything now

      Rare cats are still expensive, even though there is little demand for them

      Stop breeding GEN3+ without a plan and you won’t be suffering so much

      Any transformation solution will just hurt rare kitties, dropping their price

      The problem is there is no use for GEN3+ kitties at the moment, it might change with new applications utilizing kitties, those applications could also do some “sink” buying cheapest kitties for their purposes (like opskins did)

      NARW_Bombard , 22 January 2018 17:04

      Might be a good idea to receive some 'Breeding Fee Tokens' in exchange for your useless kitties. Only to spend within the game.

      veselyr , 22 January 2018 23:44

  502. Cool(thefuck)down Already

    ekwenzu , 23 January 2018 03:35

      Slabmason710 , 23 January 2018 15:18

  503. New Breeding Calculator With Suggestions?!

    poopiecryptocats , 22 January 2018 06:39

      super useful tool! where can i get one of those zoro masks for my kitty?

      JamesGatz_thehomie , 22 January 2018 06:41

      Looks great Poopie!

      ChesterKedi , 22 January 2018 06:42

      Love the graphics, love the tool, love the site! Kudos on helping us breeders calculate odds in such a fun and illustrated way!!

      LucyintheSkyKitties , 22 January 2018 06:46

      We’ve been working on this for a while, trying to make something easy for everyone to use and understand, and Poopie’s breeding tips are spot on! Please let us know what you think of it, and thanks for checking it out!

      AtAlanfalcon , 22 January 2018 06:54

      Is this live?

      ChesterKedi , 22 January 2018 07:03

  504. CryptoKitties Tutorial made for friends and family

    Phillips_inc , 22 January 2018 12:09

      Hey all I started playing CryptoKitties about a month ago and absolutely love the game. I started sharing some of my results on Facebook and my friends and family took notice. They started asking a bazillion questions so I made this video to help them get started. Check it out.

      Phillips_inc , 22 January 2018 12:11

  505. [dev] How do developers make money from CryptoKitties?

    Biqt , 22 January 2018 12:58

      Forgot to mention: despite of my confusion with game mechanics, source of CryptoKittes is the most well-documented code I've ever met, absolute respect to developers.

      Biqt , 22 January 2018 13:08

      Here's a copypaste from a comment I wrote about the money flow:

      • The gen 0 kitties are created by a smart contract owned by the creators of the game. The profile that holds these kitties is called "Kitty Clock". Any Ether used to purchase kitties from this clock goes to the developers.
      • There is also a similar account called "CK COO" which owned the first 100 cats, called the Founder cats. Any purchases from this account also went to the developers.
      • There is a 3.75% commission on every transaction that goes through the CryptoKitty smart contract. This commission also goes to the developers.
      • The flat breeding fee (currently 0.008 ether) goes towards the people who call the giveBirth function when a matron is ready to give birth. This system was created so people can get rewarded for helping the blockchain and CryptoKitties.
      • Transaction fees used to process your transactions go to the Ethereum miners.

      Gen 0 auctions are created by the COO address, which calls the function createGen0Auction from the CK core contract. The COO address is the only address that can create these auctions, as onlyCOO is a required parameter in the createGen0Auction function.

      withdrawBalance can be called by the CFO address like you said. This seems to be done manually.

      Hopefully that answers your questions!

      DERPYBASTARD , 22 January 2018 13:56

  506. Greatest marketing ever 191413

    Steven-Patrick , 22 January 2018 05:37

      catchy at least

      PineappleStars , 22 January 2018 05:41

      That song is addictive lol

      ChesterKedi , 22 January 2018 05:39

      Oh my god!

      Slabmason710 , 22 January 2018 09:10

      great content. someone donate this guy a kitten.

      helium_bet , 23 January 2018 03:16

      This should be an official advert it's phenomenal

      Yawodo , 23 January 2018 03:28

  507. Transaction fees

    LovelyDutchPanda , 22 January 2018 15:38

      I recommend checking https://ethgasstation.info/ for acceptable gas prices. Don't touch the gas limit MetaMask suggests, decreasing the limit will make your transactions fail.

      DERPYBASTARD , 22 January 2018 16:07

      whatever transaction you try to do in ethereum or any other cryptocurrency has a fee. So high prices of a coin are going for sure increase the cost of small transactions. This is the 'problem' of a blockchain

      kryptofan , 22 January 2018 22:54

  508. Hi All,

    manlikehayden , 22 January 2018 09:00

      vanitasCG , 22 January 2018 09:15

      I’d also like to hear some stories, just looking at the numbers isn’t as helpful as hearing people’s real experiences

      goldenflames15 , 22 January 2018 11:24

      Ok, I will tell a very short story. Someone who won third place in "like my kitty" contest, just sold his free kitty #511 for 9.5 eth yesterday
      Contest link: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoKitties/comments/7miwni/revised_winners_of_the_snowball_galore_winters/
      Transaction link: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x816801a22403e9453e3dbb76107d97e6b11df338b37b88004e50f9afb909303d

      vanitasCG , 22 January 2018 12:37

      Yesterday I tried this 'tactic': I bought 1 cat with a relative rare gene (hintomint), and a second one with another relative rare gene (elk). I would like to breed a cat with 2 rare traits (elk + hintomint) because this kind of cat is more expensive than the parents. So when I breed the cats I didn't get the double rare, instead I got a double common cat, no hintomint, neither elk !! .... and I didn't try again (both parents are catatonic).

      Maybe is a good idea, but needs some luck as well, next week maybe I'll try again

      kryptofan , 22 January 2018 23:07

      I used to profit on Phuzziqaat, but now the price of those is too low to carry the loss on 'failed' kitties.

      veselyr , 22 January 2018 23:38

  509. Anyone can tell me, if my kitties are worth anything? Or how much it can be worth?

    hencock89 , 22 January 2018 13:42

      Use https://catfol.io ! Will give you a breakdown of your whole portolio.

      Matthew_Hindley , 22 January 2018 14:18

      Does that cost money? It was in a different language on my phone and said I had to process something before getting it. I didn’t want it to take ether out of my wallet.

      DeadDisco931 , 22 January 2018 14:48


      Matthew_Hindley , 22 January 2018 23:41

      Or use the sales history on Kitty Explorer to find similar cats and their actual recent sales

      Matthew_Hindley , 22 January 2018 23:42

  510. what

    Teenwilf6762 , 22 January 2018 08:54

      Cat skins aren't generally used in the farming of suede, it's usually lamb or goat. But who am I to judge.

      pnrrr , 22 January 2018 16:19

  511. What this game need is a "sort by generations" option. I would save so much time.

    loolo78 , 21 January 2018 17:39

      In the search box, type "gen:", then type the gen you want to look for. For multiple gens, use commas

      izzulaizad95 , 21 January 2018 17:50

      theres a box to the left you can select which generations to look at. then just start low and go up

      Slabmason710 , 22 January 2018 09:14

      Try "Filter Kitties," just below "Sort by." :)

      retailnoodles , 21 January 2018 19:39

  512. Is CryptoKitties Worth My Time?

    defaultgnik , 21 January 2018 21:09

      No. Your better off lighting your money on fire. Just kidding really. I don't know. But, I seriously doubt it. When I first heard of it, I got into it after it had been going for a week or two. I bought two, and bred one, and offered one up to sire. Did the same for my girlfriend. Wasted about $100. No idea, if they're worth anything, and I'm almost sure they aren't worth what I put in. The cost of breeding them seems to be the major pitfall in the "game".

      kingp43x , 21 January 2018 21:47

      If you are looking to get into this just to make some quick money, I'd say no, but if you are looking into having fun with the game and slowly grinding your money back up, then its worth it. The end game for CK imo are the fancy cats, so don't get caught up on specific traits.

      BeaverCams , 21 January 2018 21:51

      If you are ok with spending your time on research you will find numerous ways to make money on CryptoKitties, but there is no easy way to get rich, otherwise every player would already have an island

      If you are not interested enough in the idea of the project, probably it would be easier for you just to buy altcoins

      NARW_Bombard , 21 January 2018 22:00

      With enough research and experience in the game you could break even in a week or less. It wouldn't be cheap to start, and the learning curve is pretty steep. With that being said, it's possible. Is it worth your time? Idk

      purpleQuarkle , 21 January 2018 23:18

      It's a game for rich people

      jasquekun , 22 January 2018 05:06

  513. CreepToKitties - yet another search tool

    ZeroUnderscoreOu , 21 January 2018 17:46

      Cool, thanks for sharing with the community! Working on the tool wasn’t enough to get you hooked on collecting pictures of cats?

      WeAllMagic , 21 January 2018 22:47

  514. Why so many copy kitties?

    jourje45 , 21 January 2018 08:07

      Non are as popular in terms of transaction volume. But cryptocelebrities just launched the beta yesterday, so lets wait and see.

      muelia345 , 21 January 2018 08:09

      I know right...at least in the case of ethercraft it's not the same code

      racketship , 22 January 2018 06:02

      There’s also CryptoPuppies (Not Tron Dogs) coming out sometime next month-ish

      Tinainpdx , 26 January 2018 22:44

      Because not everyone is a fan of cats and they might be more interested in other things than cats. People will care more about their favourite celebs, actors/actress or their favourite music bands, singers etc. If people don't like cats, they have nothing to do with cats and it's just a smash-up game for them. In addition, other crypto games is adding more benefits to offer and has the more competitive advantage than cryptokitties, for example cryptocelebrities can make a contribution to charity or get the celebs to endorse the cards publicly.

      JakeBresnan , 08 February 2018 22:33

      After the cryptokitty hype many people quickly "developed" a new crypro game hoping to profit from the hype. Most of those games have very bad game designs, some are even 100% scams with no real game at all (e.g. ethertanks, etheracer).

      There are also promising games in development thought: CryptoPets (collecting different kinds of pets and using them in various minigames), Nova Blitz (Blockchain CCG) and Parsec Frontiers (Blockchain MMO) are worth a look in my opinion.

      110point5 , 21 January 2018 18:44


    weareallfungi , 20 January 2018 22:35

      Just saw this as I posted the first "Wasn't Me" -- lots of new traits today!

      DivineFlora , 21 January 2018 00:47

  516. Fun with CryptoKitties

    kittyfanclub , 20 January 2018 18:08

      I think an off-chain place to do things with kitties would be a great hit! turn then into Avatars and creat things to do with them and interact with others, maybe even earn a new Kitty coin type thing. A MMO type game could really fly. I haven't coded since the Dos days so I'm out of the programing picture. Cheers

      codypanama , 20 January 2018 19:10

      This is so cool! I'm so excited you're doing this. Can't wait to see where it goes! P.S. Love the sound effects, lol.

      jodiferous11 , 20 January 2018 19:54

      nice website great work kitty family tree is a great tool people collecting rare traits especially the first generations that are more valuable then the newer ones.Kitties battles is also cool

      philipsburg , 20 January 2018 20:26

      Just tried it out on Brave browser and it works really well. Thank you, the family tree thing is super neat!

      Throwawaycoinguy , 21 January 2018 07:14

      I've been waiting for cat fights to come along. I don't have the skills to do it. I have the same feelings that we need to do more with these cute kittites. a tomagachi would be cool. load my cat in, and feed it play with it and what not. cat fights for sure. using genotypes through an algorithm to determine some basic attacks and phenotypes for secret attack. fight for free but a side smart contract for betting would be sweet in the end even stake your cat against opponents. winner takes the cat. There are so many possibilities with this well crafted token. I'm just waiting on the devs like you. HURRAY!!!!! keep up the good work!

      Spethoscope , 29 January 2018 06:07

  517. New Trait: "Wasn't Me"

    DivineFlora , 21 January 2018 00:44

      edit: spelled "wasntme" and it is going to create a new mouth mutation with whixtensions :)

      DivineFlora , 21 January 2018 00:45

  518. what about AR and VR games with crypto kitties?

    philipsburg , 20 January 2018 20:46

      The founder is actually a VR engineer. I bet a bunch of fun VR stuff will pop up eventually

      KittyHats-Official , 21 January 2018 17:11

  519. New Trait: "Turtleback"

    aphorae , 20 January 2018 15:48

      Mutation of "Apricot" and "Lilac"

      Looks like it will be used as part of Ninja Turtle Kitty..!

      aphorae , 20 January 2018 15:49

  520. Now is the time to buy and sell

    TyPark , 20 January 2018 04:15

      Why is it so low?

      I'll try to sell some of these craps...

      jasquekun , 20 January 2018 18:32

      ...just completed all my gifting to my 'not so great' cats account ;)))..

      McDuff_71 , 20 January 2018 07:08

      Will the price of gen 0 ever go up to 2 or 3 eth? What do you guys think?

      slickd0g , 22 January 2018 07:28

  521. Today kitty #47 sold for 19ETH

    RollDiceClub , 20 January 2018 01:01

      This player is a real kamikaze (nickname Yoko cat in japanese).

      His new purchases:

      Jan-20-2018 03:12:59 Kitty#6 29.00000ETH

      Jan-20-2018 04:35:30 Kitty#98 15.00000ETH

      Jan-20-2018 16:52:27 Kitty#44 24.99000ETH

      I'm ready to investigate these transactions and show who are the seller.

      RollDiceClub , 20 January 2018 23:02

      RollDiceClub , 21 January 2018 11:19

      A lot of the sales like this and early sales are fake. I just wanted to let you know. If you look at a lot of the early cats that sold for 100+ ETH, the person who bought them bought one cat and never played the game. It just sits there. I am pretty sure it was just the same few people buying them on the CK team to get people into thinking they are worth that much for real.

      In reality, it is a cat picture.

      TruthForce , 20 January 2018 02:39

      did someone just send their coin to another account and add a kitty to it? about 1 Kitty per hour is being transfered today, and clock kitties GEN 0 new are in the .1 ETH range. :-) Cheers

      codypanama , 20 January 2018 03:23

      that's Great!!!!

      bitcoincat2017 , 20 January 2018 01:41

  522. Looking for CryptoKotya

    WIMelissa , 20 January 2018 02:57

      One thing you have to learn about crypto when you make a mistake that usually is the end of it. All transactions in crypto are final. You may be lucky and get them to respond but at this point you may have to count your losses :/


      ChuckFresco , 20 January 2018 06:59

      Sorry for your losses, I hope tomorrow will be a better day for you! Maybe KryptoKotya had an even worse day today and this chance encounter made it better. So seeing it as “paying forward” might help?

      sonic336 , 20 January 2018 08:54

      I am very sorry this happened to you and sorry for your loss. It is easy to accidentally list something too low and I hope the player will see this and work something out with you.

      DivineFlora , 20 January 2018 04:45

      You can send him some wei and attach your text as "data" (but first you should convert your message from ASCII to Hex via service like: https://www.rapidtables.com/convert/number/ascii-to-hex.html)

      I guess I should make a simple service allowing CryptoKitties users to communicate.

      vicnaum , 20 January 2018 15:37

      Praying for a good soul. We are still out here. Thank you.

      WIMelissa , 20 January 2018 07:04

  523. Stupid Coinbase Delays

    goldenflames15 , 20 January 2018 11:14

      its probably smarter to just keep the eth :P

      pythonhugs , 22 January 2018 23:21

  524. CK to be released in Hong Kong and Taiwan in time for Chinese New Year.

    pnrrr , 19 January 2018 20:26

      Too late. There are already copycats in China copying everything of CK.

      Nick0005 , 20 January 2018 03:55

      Next year is the year of the Dog :-)

      codypanama , 20 January 2018 07:32

      it,s great planning from axiom zen cryptokitties to be released in hong Kong and taiwan is huge news then korea and japan it,s will be a craze everybody will play crypto kitties gaming is very popular in korea and japan and collectables are popular in china it,s going to be fun follow to the progress of crypto kitties in asia.gen 1 and 2 and rare kitties are going to go up in price in a few months

      franckgant , 19 January 2018 21:26

      I'll plan to sell my shitty kitties in hundreds of ehereum

      kryptofan , 19 January 2018 21:35

      They prolly buy the cats cuz they can be eaten (at least thats what they think)

      meadowpoe , 20 January 2018 15:28

  525. Is cryptokitties already over ?

    nicokalo , 19 January 2018 12:38

      Seems like now it’s become a place for people who like to breed and own digital cats.

      yonderoy , 19 January 2018 21:48

      Ok then, what's the next thing that's still not dead already ? :))

      nicokalo , 19 January 2018 12:49

      sneakpeekbot , 22 January 2018 07:53

      they need to do some add ons to it to spike it up again & advertise to get people that have no clue its even out their aware of it.

      bitcoincat2017 , 19 January 2018 17:47

      The CK 'launch hype' is over but in my opinion, no one can say where CK will be a year from now. I woke up to kitty sales and sires so obviously it isn't dead.

      I'm strict about staying at break-even in terms of spending/earning while I acquire a collection I want for when gen0 production stops. I'm of the mind it will be a whole new kind of game then and in that case, I'll be in a good place. Maybe smart, maybe not, either way I've had fun.

      I like my kitties. I like CK. I'm in it for the long-term, so long as it remains decentralized.

      DivineFlora , 19 January 2018 22:05

  526. Where exactly is my kitty on the blockchain?

    tompurl , 19 January 2018 17:31

      First things first, if you're going to use a separate (hot or cold) wallet to hold tokens, make sure you send a small amount of ether to the same address. If you ever want to move those tokens, you'll need to pay for gas.

      CryptoKitties isn't an ERC20 token because every CK is unique (they're non-fungible). You wouldn't pay for something with 10 random CK anymore than you'd pay for something with 10 random baseball cards in real life, since each one has unique properties that affect its value. The standard it uses (ERC721) tries to maintain backward compatibility with ERC20 tokens, though, so you should be able to add the token contract to any wallet that supports ERC20, you'll need to set decimals to 0 if you wallet asks and the "amount" or "value" you transfer will always be the exact ID of the token (kitty) you want to trransfer.

      Not familiar with TrustWallet, but if it has a way to add custom tokens try this:

      address: 0x06012c8cf97BEaD5deAe237070F9587f8E7A266d name: CryptoKitties symbol: CK decimals: 0 

      stevenh512 , 19 January 2018 18:28

      All kitties are generated and stored in CryptoKitties SmartContract developed by CK team. You can read the values here:


      But there are so many kitties, that getting all cats of an address just gets a timeOut in Etherscan interface (and in MetaMask/Infura too) - to not overload their servers.

      You can run your own Parity/Geth node, and then the function tokensOfOwner() will work.

      You're right about 256-bit key - that's needed to transfer or do any actions with your kitties - because the contract knows that these kitties are associated (set as "owned") with your address, and only your key will "fit" to sign any action with them.

      On Catfol.io I do not use my own node to retrieve kitties. Because some of then can be "owned" by Auction contract - you transfer the ownership of your kitties to that contract when you put them on sale, same with breed. It acts like a middle-men or an escrow and also saves you as an original owner - so you can still cancel the sale and retrieve them back, but it also can transfer the ownership to another person if a condition is met (a buy is performed). So I've decided to not over-complicate things checking several contracts - and to use CK API, the same api that retrieves your kitties on CryptoKitties website. As far as I know (and as far as I would do, if I were doing the site as big as CK) - it checks the blockchain regularly and caches the kitties data into a regular DB - that's why it works fast, but often doesn't display an immediate state of your kitties.

      So, your kitties are stored on one contract, and on websites you usually see a cached version of them. And, btw, CK contract is controlled by CK team - and can be upgraded, paused, etc. Pretty long way to the real decentralization still :-) But that's for the sake of usability and scaling.

      Something like that. Please ask if you still have questions.

      vicnaum , 20 January 2018 00:11

      Same question. I would like to know how to protect my expensive CKs. I don't trust in Metamask, the tool easily could be hacked.

      How we can back-up our CKs?

      How to store the CKs in a paper wallet???

      kryptofan , 19 January 2018 18:05

  527. cryptokitties evolution phase is a good thing for the game?

    franckgant , 19 January 2018 16:12

      I hope to see a day that I can sell 'shitty cats' for 1 ETH or more...

      kryptofan , 19 January 2018 18:07

      Enlighten me on how everyone can participate. Unless there's some free utility given to new players to start somewhere, I don't see how "everyone" can play. Keep in mind, some people can't spend any money, so in the end it's a pay2play "game".

      Also a whale2profit game too.

      izzulaizad95 , 19 January 2018 21:11

  528. What Is CryptoArt?

    Artnome , 19 January 2018 19:25

  529. fitbit ionic KittyFace watchface screenshot

    jedld , 19 January 2018 07:25

  530. The developers are looking for feedback on CryptoKitties. Please tell them about your experiences!

    DERPYBASTARD , 18 January 2018 21:37

      high breeding fee killed this game. period.

      dimitar99 , 19 January 2018 00:06

      Okay, feedback form sent!

      Here are my extra two cents that I couldn't put in the feedback form:

      I love that cat ownership is on the blockchain. I love that my kitties really, truly belong to me. Other than that, I don't get why everything else has to be done on the blockchain, like listing a cat, canceling an auction, even breeding.

      When I first heard of CK, I basically wanted to buy a few cats for real money and then have fun breeding them into different combos. If I got a few lucky kittens out of it that I could sell for money, great. But I didn't think breeding would be so expensive and make you feel like you could only do it when you had really good odds of producing a "valuable" kitten. I just wanted to make cute kittens for fun! Now I'm stuck watching gas prices all the time and trying to justify breeding my two favorite cats even though I know their offspring won't be "valuable" enough to sell and cover the cost.

      I'm a non-gamer, non-crypto person who had never heard of ETH and never used Reddit or Discord. But I fell in love with CryptoKitties instantly when I heard about them and I slogged through all the frustrations to get to the point where I am. I'm still not making money from my kitties, but I love them and I created cryptokitties411.com to try to help the other non-crypto people who want to play.

      I really believe in CK and think it has many brilliant elements that could appeal to a huge audience. But the transaction costs and confusion are a huge barrier to people in my boat. I want my kitties to remain securely MINE but other than that, I don't really care about decentralization (whatever that is).


      jodiferous11 , 18 January 2018 23:41

      Your GEN 0 Kitty every 15 minute has ruined the marketplace. Go have a look at the marketplace front page under GEN 0 and Cheapest. It's all your generated GEN 0's. You are literally killing this game and the market by not deciding to adjust the timeframe for GEN 0 production as well as moving the date to sooner than December as well as reducing the amount you will be producing. By December there will no longer be a Cryptokitties so please.,, pivot or this game will die.

      RenaldoGouws , 19 January 2018 02:50

      what about a AR game like pokemon go but with crypto kitties and VR worlds with crypto kitties.crypto kitties has to merge with others games platform to bring new players to the game

      philipsburg , 20 January 2018 20:34

      I really do like the mysterious aspect of traits, and Fancy's, yet to come. Some approvement can be made in searching/segregation your own kitties, for instance by gen or trait combination. Another thing could be releasing new gen:0 kitties more in different traits instead of in a bulk of the latest traits.

      Keep up, cheers!

      veselyr , 22 January 2018 23:28

  531. Fees are higher than sell/sire price

    nicokalo , 19 January 2018 11:55

      use https://ethgasstation.info/ to monitor the gas price and make your transactions when its in the 1-4 range instead of 20-40

      Slabmason710 , 19 January 2018 12:06

      The number 1 purpose of the game is NOT to make money. I guess people will never stop thinking this, that alone will ruin the game. Yes some people try to make money, and 95% of them do not. Some just have fun playing.

      Have you ever played say Magic the Gathering (or similar card games), did you pay money to buy cards in hopes of getting your money back or did you buy cards in hopes of having fun?

      weareallfungi , 20 January 2018 03:17

      We need to fix a price for regular cats, at least the breeding fee plus gas

      kryptofan , 19 January 2018 13:15

  532. Is Siring worth it?

    stuckonaneyeland , 19 January 2018 07:22

      It costs 0.008 to breed no matter how you do it. If you use the siring auctions, you also pay the siring fee to the owner of the sire. CK gets 3.75% of the siring fee and 0% of the birthing fee, that fee goes to the miners in a roundabout way to run the gene mixing function and create/deliver your new cat for you.

      Overwatch_Falcon , 19 January 2018 09:12


      dimitar99 , 19 January 2018 08:21

  533. recent kitty sale tool?

    whoohw , 19 January 2018 07:34

      http://www.kittyexplorer.com/ Go to price history in the menu.

      jodiferous11 , 19 January 2018 08:47

      https://kittysales.herokuapp.com/ try this i like it more.

      Slabmason710 , 19 January 2018 12:11

  534. Do you own a fitbit ionic and and want your CryptoKitty as your watchface?

    jedld , 19 January 2018 07:13

  535. KittyHats on Everipedia!

    KittyHats-Official , 19 January 2018 02:11

  536. Can I be gifted more than one kitty at once?

    DeadDisco931 , 19 January 2018 02:15

      As far as I know there is no way to send more than one kitty via CryptoKittyCore, and also you would probably pay the same since the transaction cost depends on the number of operations inside the transaction, I’m not an expert though

      Check gas price on https://ethgasstation.info/ to not pay too much, usually even SafeLow let you complete the transaction with some delays, just keep in mind those prices are just estimations

      Also, usually transaction exact cost is less than what you see in Metamask before submitting the transaction, try to send one kitty and check the price after the transaction is complete

      NARW_Bombard , 19 January 2018 09:45

  537. Interactive Code School: Trust-less, Smart Contract Loans with CryptoKitties as Collateral

    dharmaprotocol , 18 January 2018 18:10

  538. This song was awesome!

    Acidyo , 18 January 2018 06:22

      LOL, this is to cute, I shared you on facebook!!!

      bitcoincat2017 , 18 January 2018 06:51

      OMG Awesome does not begin to describe how great this is.

      Overwatch_Falcon , 18 January 2018 10:26

      How does https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/19143 not have 1000000000 paw ups?

      Overwatch_Falcon , 18 January 2018 10:27

      Lol, songs cute but your price is insane! $129,927.50!

      loolo78 , 18 January 2018 15:06

      I LOVE this! I'm putting Kitty #19143 at the top of my Cool Cats section of cryptokitties411.com!

      jodiferous11 , 18 January 2018 22:15

  539. How does SaleClockAuction.sol work?

    srameshrr , 18 January 2018 19:46

  540. How to search for genes that are auctionable?

    loolo78 , 18 January 2018 19:45

  541. Is it possible to buy more than one kitty in a single transaction, and if so, how?

    extracat , 18 January 2018 19:11

      Have you tweaked the gas price to something more reasonable?

      Artificial-Idiocy , 18 January 2018 19:13

  542. New trait: Camo!

    MaverickUSC , 18 January 2018 09:11

      Pretty darn cool!

      Slabmason710 , 18 January 2018 15:05

  543. Is anyone else having problems logging in?

    TyPark , 18 January 2018 05:28

  544. Updates to Crypto Kitties Paper Toy Project - I'm hard at work adjusting the script for wave 2, here's a look at some test results and a preview of the new texture wrapping.

    Fold-Friends , 17 January 2018 19:48

      They just keep getting better. Can't wait to see if you do the print-my-kitty thing. I'd definitely pay for at least one or two of mine to be printable!

      VeganAtheistWeirdo , 18 January 2018 03:34

  545. I updated the Gene Reader to use Kitty IDs!

    jodiferous11 , 18 January 2018 02:02

      Wow, you just saved me untold hours of doing this to my own copy. Thank you for continuing to give us such awesome tools!

      VeganAtheistWeirdo , 18 January 2018 03:47

      Special thanks to u/Overwatch_Falcon for teaching me how to do this!

      jodiferous11 , 18 January 2018 03:59

  546. New tool. Kitty Creator.

    RollDiceClub , 17 January 2018 12:51

      Awesome! I’ve been waiting for an updated version of this, thanks for making it!

      Now is where I beg for it to look a little something like this: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoKitties/comments/7j0y0f/my_dream_feature_kraftakitty/

      Then the future step is a smart contract that allows someone to offer up a bounty for a specific kitty, and for breeders to be able to go after large enough and reasonable enough bounties: send a kitty that matches the bounty to the requester and automatically receive the bounty less a small matchmaker fee. “WTB Gen 3 or lower Onyx Slyboots, offering 0.1 ETH”

      Additional feature requests: Slyboots and chronic eyelids should match the body color (easier said than done, I'm sure). Also would be nice to have shadows and highlights on the kitty body like they are on the tail (and on real CK kitties). And "Any" is meaningful for searching the marketplace, but not meaningful for generating a kitty image (it always chooses the same option) - I would love to have some kind of reroll option that randomizes all the "any" traits.

      AtAlanfalcon , 17 January 2018 20:19

  547. Mutation Tool

    jodiferous11 , 17 January 2018 06:31

      Love this!

      For the uninitiated, mutations tend to be much rarer traits (especially at lower generations) and thus more valuable in the scheme of things. Every gene has a "mutation pair" gene that, when bred together, gives a small chance (usually 14%) of generating a brand new trait not necessarily seen in either parent. This is separate from the so-called "recessive" genes that have a chance to gene swap into the dominant position.

      Anyway, this tool is great because it tells you at a glance which kinds of kitties you should breed with to have that 14% chance of getting which brand new traits in their offspring!

      Overwatch_Falcon , 17 January 2018 07:18

      Love it!

      A small thing I noticed, however: in the "Mutation Match-Up 3" sheet, totesbasic + totesbasic => totesbasic. Is that a mistake or... ? :)

      IWantThisCat , 17 January 2018 11:40

      Fantastic tool! Great job, guys :)

      Hatchan3 , 17 January 2018 13:26

      Will try it. Thank you for sharing.

      cocnac , 17 January 2018 14:30

      Maybe a dumb question, forgive me... but what does the secret_* trait reference?

      emaybe , 17 January 2018 19:24

  548. Please partner with Neko Atsume!

    kaigani , 17 January 2018 08:09

      +1000000000000000 Please please please.

      See Disney's partnerships with successful game devs to create branded clones for a good model of how this works well for everyone :-)

      Overwatch_Falcon , 17 January 2018 09:14

      I agree, some partnerships with anime or some sort of established brand could be good. puzzles and dragon's is always doing collabs!

      helium_bet , 17 January 2018 17:52


      helium_bet , 17 January 2018 17:50

  549. Watch Out Cryptokitties, The "World Of Ether" Crypto Game Is Taking Over

    Infinite_Whisper , 17 January 2018 08:09

      It seems the only way to play is to buy an egg, which is going for $350. :/

      shucklebibs , 17 January 2018 23:02

      I'd play but there's no damn way I'm putting down nearly 500 dollars for a damn pokemon game.

      tenpercentpulp , 18 January 2018 15:03

      The fact that for each egg the value of the next will be +0.00035 eth can only make me think that it's purely speculative fo the first one to buy the eggs would then make the more profits...

      And who was there at first pre order launch ? Well guess what... not me... :'(

      nicokalo , 19 January 2018 12:37


      53r0coo1 , 18 January 2018 11:15

  550. KittyHelper is Live!

    jezztharipper , 17 January 2018 17:39


      Just need a financial section, for example today ethereum price is going down

      so it's a good time to buy for few dollars a lot of cats

      kryptofan , 17 January 2018 18:41

  551. How do some traits stay so rare?

    TyPark , 16 January 2018 19:58

      Royalblue and Wingtips are both tier 3 mutations.

      They require mutations of mutated traits so getting them at early generations is super difficult.

      Wingtips, Mainecoon, Royalblue should stay relatively rare long term.

      KittyHats-Official , 16 January 2018 20:26

      Both the comments so far are spot-on. For more details, you can check out this Trait Chart.

      In the Trait Chart, the dark-blue traits are going to maintain their rarity longer than others, particularly in low generations.

      You can also read about mutations here: https://cryptokitties411.com/2018/01/09/mutations/

      And rarity is discussed here: https://cryptokitties411.com/2018/01/10/rarity/

      jodiferous11 , 17 January 2018 06:24

  552. Did I sell my Kittie for 0?

    Mighty_K , 16 January 2018 20:36

      The zero is how much ETH you sent to the contract (outside the tx fee) to list the kitty. Don’t worry that number is supposed to be zero. If you look below it says (in hex) which kitty you put up for sale, what the starting and ending price are, and how long it will take to go from the former to the latter. If this doesn’t make sense then you should probably avoid looking at etherscan until you’ve done more reading on how this all works since it’ll only confuse you.

      Your kitty sold for 0.005 Ether 2 weeks ago which shows up under the “internal transactions” tab in your etherscan wallet page.

      WeAllMagic , 16 January 2018 20:48

  553. do generation 1 crypto kitties are worth buying?will they retain any value?what are there purpose in the game?

    franckgant , 17 January 2018 01:01

      Buy old katts the can have valu later First 2500 kitties are gen0 to Max buy price 1 eth

      Ant a good buy fore future . fancy class first 10 fancies are undervalue 7 fance ever gows for 4 eth .

      niels056 , 17 January 2018 01:08

      There are many traits that are only possible at generation 1 and higher. There are traits that require generation 2 and higher. One day there will be traits that are only possible with a very low percentage chance at generation 3. Getting certain combos of traits is only practical at higher generations. That doesn't mean you should run down to get 14 without intentionality if you're trying to be frugal about it though. But playing with high gen kitties is a great way to get crazy combos and keep your costs low if you're not really trying to sell your kitties.

      Overwatch_Falcon , 17 January 2018 04:44

      Try looking for cheap gen 0 and gen 1s now because they have the best possible chance to get new gene combos. Then just start breeding and siring

      stuckonaneyeland , 17 January 2018 23:20

      Gen 1 Cats are definitely worth buying

      Slabmason710 , 18 January 2018 05:15

      Whit etheruim at 900 now the time if you have etheuruim.

      niels056 , 17 January 2018 01:14

  554. Bred kitties several days ago and no bun in the oven, no egg or anything?

    DrRaven , 16 January 2018 23:47

      Maybe gas was too low and it never got processed? Gas prices seem broken right now.

      Morphray , 16 January 2018 23:53

      Please share links to the kitties in question.

      WeAllMagic , 17 January 2018 00:11


    ChuckFresco , 16 January 2018 09:11

      Hi everyone,

      Finally got an opportunity to make a new beginner tutorial video. In this video I discuss the Dominant and Recessive genes of CryptoKitties and how to view them. I also go into the creation of fancy kitties. Feel free to check it out and to ask me questions if you have any. Thanks.

      (PS: I also started http://cryptokittyhub.com for more resources)


      ChuckFresco , 16 January 2018 09:15

      Sweet video Chuck!

      poopiecryptocats , 16 January 2018 23:39

  556. Prices/Rarity And 'Collectability'

    McDuff_71 , 16 January 2018 08:23

  557. Should I sell or keep?

    dodozf123 , 16 January 2018 08:19

      0.01-0.015 ethereum

      Alkiviadisp , 16 January 2018 16:44

  558. Suggestion

    McDuff_71 , 16 January 2018 06:58

      Just in case you don't know, you can sort through your own kitties by manipulating the URL: https://www.cryptokitties.co/my-kitties/all?search=cloudwhite%20spock

      It's the same search string as you'd find in the marketplace search, so if you want you can search the marketplace then copy/paste the search string like above.

      Overwatch_Falcon , 16 January 2018 07:09

  559. ...got my quota...hodl ;)))

    McDuff_71 , 16 January 2018 06:37

      Good luck! Sometime when gas is cheap (like now!) throw a couple kitties on the market for some amount you'll be happy to fetch in case there's a sudden short-lived rush while you're asleep or something.

      Overwatch_Falcon , 16 January 2018 07:08

  560. Last post today - Promotions

    McDuff_71 , 16 January 2018 08:46

  561. It's finally here! After weeks of work : Paper Craft Crypto Kitties & How They Were Made

    Fold-Friends , 15 January 2018 15:46

      The link to download your own paper craft crypto's in here : http://folduptoys.com/portfolio/printable-crypto-kitties/

      I'll be adding to and cleaning up the web page throughout the day (adding press information etc). I'll probably make a separate post for wave one's official release.

      Fold-Friends , 15 January 2018 15:46

      um what?!... this is amazing. I made one of the original ones you posted. Cant wait to make some of my own

      1234qwert , 15 January 2018 20:45

      This is brilliant work, thank you!

      sidlapwing , 15 January 2018 21:10

      I've been waiting for these. Awesome work!

      Overwatch_Falcon , 16 January 2018 02:15

      Good work, I will try to make one, thank you! That 's was the community was waiting for! (and less transaction fees) :D

      Fdshaso , 16 January 2018 11:56

  562. What am I doing wrong?

    Toobis , 16 January 2018 01:49

      One problem with buying cheap kitties is that someone else probably also wants to buy that kitty, and if their transaction processes before yours then yours will of course fail. And since it cost a miner some gas to get to that point, you still have to pay the transaction fee to cover that gas. There are ways to get around this somewhat: don't trust the website (you can use the smart contract to check to ensure that the kitty is really still for sale if you know what you're doing,) and then make sure you submit your transaction with high enough gas cost that it goes through quickly so you don't end up getting sniped anyway. Also you can browse slightly more expensive kitties that are less likely to be purchased out from under you, though of course you're not getting the best possible deal this way. Also make sure you're only submitting one transaction at a time: multiple transactions wait in line and only process after the one before them, so it's more likely that a kitty will be sold while your transaction is waiting if you queue them up.

      A major cause of failed transactions is running out of gas: 25000 gas limit is probably too low. You can set it much higher safely: once the transaction is successful you'll find that you were only charged for the actual gas that was used and the rest will once again be in your available balance. But really you shouldn't have to change the gas limit ever, just trust what metamask puts in as the default. The only number you should be changing is the gas price, and then use something in the safe range from ethgasstation like you said.

      Note that it's possible to get lucky and win a free kitty from a giveaway. I love Poopie.cat's daily giveaways: http://poopie.cat/ - so that's one way you can get a cute kitty for your profile to get started and not have to worry about all of the above. But you're going to want to get more kitties and breed them eventually, so you will have to learn at some point (hopefully without throwing away so much ETH in the process next time!)

      If you share your profile then we can probably get more information about what exactly has happened to you. Share your public key from metamask or from the CK profile page: this is public information meant to be shared. Never share your private key or metamask keywords.

      Overwatch_Falcon , 16 January 2018 02:11

      Every single problem you have is because you are trying to do the bare minimum. Imagine trying to run a business buying one role of stickytape at a time, one desk at a time.. having only just enough to meet then next order and nothing else. You would fail miserably.

      If you had just been more patient and got the eth properly, not tried to go for the lowest priced cats etc you would have not wasted the 80$..

      iknoweverythingok , 16 January 2018 02:37

      I picked up a few kitty from OpSkins and avoid all the extra trans action fees all together. It's way easier to buy and sell on OpSkins then the website.

      Toobis , 16 January 2018 02:44

      Is this something that I should be doing? I'm still pretty new and am mostly just looking to buy kitties, and eventually breed them

      Toobis , 16 January 2018 02:32

  563. New Selling Price?

    reduellc , 16 January 2018 05:44

      Cost to sell depends on what the current Ethereum Gas Price is. Yesterday it jumped from 5 to 58 in a few minutes.

      At 5, I sold a cat for around $1.22.

      Watch https://ethgasstation.info/index.php and do all your transactions when gas is low.

      alayahlan , 16 January 2018 05:59

      Two weeks ago the price of ethereum was $755 US, now it's ~1200. If you're going to calculate the costs of transactions in USD, they'll go up whenever ETH does.

      That said, if you wait for a cheaper gas price, selling will cost less.

      ashkestar , 16 January 2018 06:35

  564. Phuzi10k first cat to 10,000 likes on CK

    Steven-Patrick , 16 January 2018 03:55

      Price down to 0.55Eth. I wonder if anyone will buy?

      PineappleStars , 16 January 2018 06:59

      ChesterKedi , 16 January 2018 04:00

  565. CryptoKitties on a hardware wallet?

    Asking44Friend , 15 January 2018 18:42

      it seems there are no way to transfer the kitties from metamask to different wallet.

      I don't know but maybe some one knows how to save cryptokitties onto a ethereum paper wallet or a usb wallet.

      Metamask could be attaked by hackers

      kryptofan , 15 January 2018 22:50

      Just gift it to a hardware wallet address. But then you'll probably need to know how to interact directly with the CK core contract to breed ,sell, or at least transfer it back to meta mask later.

      jeff_2017 , 16 January 2018 04:38

  566. New trait: "onyx"

    110point5 , 15 January 2018 08:39

      Hahaha. Just what i asked for a couple of weeks ago in this sub. ze black!

      Asgeisk , 15 January 2018 18:04

  567. How cool is this cat?

    waterzebr , 15 January 2018 19:22

      I personally don't categorize any of those traits as rare. I would look around the market a bit before making your final choice.

      I also suggest checking out CryptoKittyDex to see the relative rarity of traits, and CryptoKitties411 for information on using the search bar and other tips.

      jodiferous11 , 15 January 2018 20:57

      Welcome! This is a lot of fun and can be rewarding, but take your time and learn a lot before dropping that kind of money. There are many sharks out there and you can never trust a kitty's name. For example, those traits haven't been rare for weeks, and that kitty hasn't been that valuable for even longer. Choose something that appeals to you visually. But that kitty is an awful deal today. You could (and should) get something like this with actually rare traits at a much more valuable and viable generation for a fraction of the price: https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/464179

      If you like that kitty's look in particular, there are lots of lower gen, cheaper similar options: https://www.cryptokitties.co/marketplace/sale?orderBy=current_price&orderDirection=asc&search=scarlet%20himalayan%20aquamarine%20luckystripe%20gen%3A0%2C1%2C2%2C3%2C4%2C5%2C6%2C7%2C8%2C9

      Overwatch_Falcon , 16 January 2018 01:57

      DERPYBASTARD , 15 January 2018 19:29

      It's a cute cat, but seems expensive for those traits.

      Also note, just because the website says it's for sale doesn't necessarily mean it's still for sale. Sometimes a cat gets sold and the website takes a while to update.

      retailnoodles , 15 January 2018 20:20

      It´s not expensive? :D :D :D

      artiscience , 15 January 2018 20:03

  568. Shoot first, questions later

    vertabray , 15 January 2018 16:09

      Sell them for what you can and wait until gas price goes down to like 5 to 10.

      Nothing you can do in a market where there is 100,000 cats for sale and 700 sell every day. Too much supply = cheap worthless cats.

      TruthForce , 15 January 2018 21:04

      Chalk it up as a lesson learned. The open market is a place where people with money get educated and the people with knowledge get money.

      Check back in a year when the spigot is turned off and you may have a tangible asset that is not so plentiful. If they are "worthless" now then you have nothing to lose. IMO

      boom603 , 16 January 2018 01:40

  569. A technical question with regard to how CK runs

    chainmyth , 15 January 2018 10:24

      Your metamask is connected to a node, by default it’s a remote server but you can change it to your local node if you run one

      NARW_Bombard , 15 January 2018 10:26

  570. And yet ANOTHER random kitty. Meow.

    Jumping001 , 15 January 2018 07:44

      Crazy gerbils are the best

      shayrala , 15 January 2018 18:58

  571. First Mainecoon Bowtie-kittyhats.co

    KittyHats-Official , 15 January 2018 00:36

      love the bowtie!

      dr0w235 , 15 January 2018 07:43

  572. Rare traits vs. Popular traits

    jodiferous11 , 15 January 2018 00:15

      This is a great idea, thanks. Of course what’s interesting about the free market is that everyone has their own value system that affects how much they’re willing and able to pay for a given set of traits at a given rarity. But realistically only competing demand will drive up prices of those traits, so having a good grasp on what is most universally valued aestetically will be useful information. Also fun to talk about.

      I appreciate everything you’ve been doing for the CK community and new users in particular!

      WeAllMagic , 15 January 2018 03:09

      This is a good point, but still doesn't fully capture the visual appeal of certain cats. Expressions result from the combination of traits. So someone might like (say) "googly" when it's with "tongue" but not when it's with "dali." I bet a detailed analysis would show that any given trait is more prized in some combinations than others, and that there are particular combinations that are relatively disliked even if the individual traits are otherwise desirable.

      Personally, I rather disliked "otaku," then after browsing more cats, I realized I like it with certain color combinations. And does anyone else dislike "henna" -- but only sometimes, depending on the colors and mouth?

      I think as the game becomes more widespread and popular, we'll start to see popularity based on all kinds of different random things. If (say) Taylor Swift were to tweet, "I just got a CryptoKitty, and luckystripe is clearly the best pattern," then luckystripe would suddenly be more valuable than rarer patterns. Or we might be surprised to see a surge in prices for a particular color combination, then find out that the game just got translated into the language of some country we never heard of, and those colors match their flag. Or something.

      So you're right that value is based on a lot more than rarity, but assuming the game continues to grow, you're barely even scratching the surface here.

      retailnoodles , 15 January 2018 21:05

      It is a Crypto Currency. It will have ups and downs. But it will pay in the future

      Sipho1 , 15 January 2018 05:31

      This game is essentially dead. The value of anything in this game is 0, if someone is willing to buy something at this point in the game they are just having fun or don't mind blowing hundreds of USD on something not worth anything.

      Stats to prove this game has died off and is 99.9% unprofitable to do anything.


      The height of the game saw 4,800 ETH per day in sales. Yesterday? Well that was 27 ETH total in sales. How many cats sold at highest point per day? almost 17,000... yesterday? 789.

      Stop playing this "game" thinking about money. What you are doing specifically is paying to have Random Numbers collide with each other on a smart contract and generate a cat picture.

      By no means is this a game. Everyone complains about microtransactions in actual games that EA puts out like Star Wars Battlefront recently, and everyone who "plays cryptokitties" is more than happy to throw money at cat pictures.

      Just think about it.

      TruthForce , 15 January 2018 02:46

  573. Will Breeding CryptoKitties become "taxable events"?

    UberGameMasters , 15 January 2018 01:26

      Consult your tax attorney, not Reddit. And if she gives you a definitive answer, fire her and get a better one.

      WeAllMagic , 15 January 2018 03:06

      What are you talking about? "Breeding CryptoKitties" isn't taxable per se, but if you earn or lose money, it might be a taxable event. See IRS Virtual Currency Guidance and Tax Consequences of Virtual World Transactions.

      retailnoodles , 15 January 2018 20:32

      Every single thing you do in cryptokitties is a taxable event(if living in USA). Breeding/buying/selling/siring/listing for sale/paying any kind of free/giving away a cat to someone else.

      As someone who made 21+ ETH from this it is an absolute nightmare trying to figure it out. Luckily you can download all your transactions from etherscan.io if you put your metamask address in.

      TruthForce , 15 January 2018 02:41

      I think the problem is, our rhetoric.

      We need to go from micro-aggressive joviality to revolutionary non negotiability.

      Soon, with such a heavy handed change in the social vernacular "they'll" again realize it's the people that command their own destinies. And that "they" are just along for the ride.

      UberGameMasters , 15 January 2018 04:45

  574. Does anyone have any information regarding if the breeding fee will ever be reduced when the market connection is reestablished?

    acs20596 , 15 January 2018 07:13

      jodiferous11 , 15 January 2018 22:17

      IMO, the fee can be decreased only if ethereum transaction fee decreases

      The fee is paid to people who call giveBirth to actually create new kitty, if they get less than they spent they loose money and won’t do it

      Most of the users probably are not familiar with the mechanics and probably are not willing to do that so it would reduce the playability if they had to call giveBirth on their own

      The devs are also talking about fee’s influence on the market, so maybe even if you remove the fee but make users birth their kitties themselves it would also decrease the price of kitties to the transaction price - I don’t know if it would be true or even bad for the economy, but I would certainly want to have an opinion to birth my kitties and save breeding fee without competing with bots which are doing that now :)

      NARW_Bombard , 15 January 2018 09:02

      High breeding fee is not working because today every common cat is worthless only 'rare' cats have good prices.

      kryptofan , 15 January 2018 14:59

  575. New trait: "chronic"

    110point5 , 15 January 2018 00:54

      So stoned

      SpellsThatWrong , 15 January 2018 04:58

  576. New trait: "koala" (nachocheez+aquamarine mutation)

    110point5 , 14 January 2018 20:03

      I think koala+oldlace might result in a new Tier 2 mutation!

      110point5 , 14 January 2018 20:11

  577. New Trait: "Nachocheez"

    aphorae , 14 January 2018 12:49


      dimitar99 , 14 January 2018 19:37

  578. Fancy genes and weird search results cymric + tongue

    mhazoldt , 14 January 2018 04:10

      15787 and 17835 and some other early kitties are bugged and show attributes they don't actually have.

      As for fancies, yes, they have been figured out. And you're right about Tongue + Cymric = ducat. The other fancies all require three or four traits, and sometimes one of those traits is an invisible gene that you can only see a kitty has by reading the genome (which is easy enough these days.)

      If you don't want to figure out the formulas for yourself , here they are:

      ducat: tongue cymric

      santaclaws: cloudwhite beard scarlet SANT (hidden gene)

      dracula: laperm spock strawberry DRAC (hidden gene)

      mistletoe: oldlace crazy gerbil

      shipcat: orangesoda luckystripe sphynx crazy

      PhuZiqaat: alien pouty chartreux spock

      stitches: saycheese seafoam hintomint swampgreen

      Overwatch_Falcon , 14 January 2018 08:40

      Yeah ducat is the easiest fancy to make :). Tongue and Cymric need to be the dominant genes in their category for the fancy to display!

      ChuckFresco , 14 January 2018 05:31

  579. New player tips? Things to look out for?

    MellowKitty10 , 14 January 2018 09:45

      My favorite users guide is cryptokitties411. Read up. There are basically two strategies. 1) Breed for cats that are rare or fancy. or 2) look for cats that improperly priced and flip them for a profit. Ok I guess three. Many players are true fans and not all about the money. They breed cats for traits they personally like and hold them.

      ChesterKedi , 14 January 2018 18:47

      Not every piece of advice may be for you.

      poopiecryptocats , 14 January 2018 20:48

      Check out my site http://cryptokittyhub.com I have video tutorials for beginners. You probably will be interested in the second video regarding rarity and breeding :). Hope it helps!


      ChuckFresco , 14 January 2018 21:05

      One thing I would love to know, is if there is a way to filter/sort kitties for sale by price, without having to include kitties looking to sire. Also, is there a way to see the Gen "0" kitties that they release every 15 minutes ONLY. I am looking for a cheap entry into the game to fiddle around, and I don't know if that's even an option because filter/sorting isn't as specific as I would like it seems.

      Roninjinn , 15 January 2018 17:02

      I had my fun with the game and don't have the time to put into breeding all the time (day job + school, you know the drill) so if you'd like to buy my 9 kitties for .18 ether I'd be happy to find them a new home! http://catfol.io/index.html?owner=0xb98298735066118727e1af41ec9d17049bcf7465

      erusch18 , 16 January 2018 09:09

  580. A list of FAQ / Tips and Tricks

    jodiferous11 , 13 January 2018 19:28

      Wonderful! The only thing I can think of adding to this list would be the common question of pending transactions. Perhaps a quick rundown on how a player can cancel stuck transactions with myetherwallet? Again, great job and thanks for putting this together for new players! :)

      DivineFlora , 13 January 2018 19:59

      Sometimes your transaction will not appear on the block Explorer. Something to add

      redditchampsys , 14 January 2018 07:15

      This is such a cool site!! Thank you so much for the Breeding Calculator! I could literally play on that all day trying to find the best possible combos for my cats ;)

      I know you've probably thought of this already @jodiferous11, but do you think one of the mystery categories is whiskers (i.e. length, droop, crimp in it)? Comparing my cats I think whiskers are a slightly different attribute from the mouth, but I could be really off base. Either way, thank you for all the hard work you've put in!

      uxbecks , 14 January 2018 09:04

      Good stuff I was with you until the shit-kitty comment haha

      Steven-Patrick , 14 January 2018 04:10

  581. Cryptopunks in The New York Times!

    ziegsf , 13 January 2018 19:58

  582. "ok, buy this kitty" button not working.

    trivstar , 14 January 2018 05:21

      not sure what the issue was/is but was able to put in 2 orders

      trivstar , 14 January 2018 05:49

      not working for me either

      micc117 , 14 January 2018 07:22

      I paid 3 eth to buy/breed all my cryptokitties. You can have them all for 1/5 that price. Unfortunately I think the fad is all but gone and these things really aren't worth anything. I know I no longer have much interest in them. Too bad also as this had potential but creating an infinite number of digital cats with virtually the same characteristics makes them about as valuable now as the Zimbabwe dollar.

      thegolth , 14 January 2018 09:19

      I recommend to try a different browser and/or clear your cache. This sounds like a caching problem. Not related to the game indeed. However if it was a problem with the transaction itself its possibly due to network clogging and a current spam attack https://www.reddit.com/r/ethereum/comments/7q6fsb/why_is_the_network_being_clogged_by_a_single/

      artiscience , 14 January 2018 10:47

      Adding this: if you are trying a very cheap cat, it is possible that it's already sold and therefore doesn't allow you to proceed. Usually it would give you the notice "you are not allowed to buy this Kitty"

      artiscience , 14 January 2018 10:49

  583. New most liked cat. Alien takeover!

    ChesterKedi , 13 January 2018 06:20

      9795 likes now almost 10k lol https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/448793 like him here haha

      ChesterKedi , 14 January 2018 01:25

      9912 I gave him a paw

      PineappleStars , 14 January 2018 23:54

      Wow, my 6k with the misletoe seems less and less impressive everyday :0

      crypto_bro , 15 January 2018 00:46


      ChesterKedi , 15 January 2018 06:31

  584. Relatively new to genetic-part of the game!

    Luddeball , 13 January 2018 12:29

      At this point, just a touch over one month into game release, no one can really say what is or isn't rare yet. The kitty market moves and changes VERY quickly with a huge amount of players chasing brand new traits while quickly abandoning old ones. What sells for 1eth one day may only sell for .01 the next. Occasionally some traits that are 'old' and not selling well will start selling for higher amounts again once a new mutation or fancy emerges which requires them. All that said, I cannot tell if wolfgrey/persian will become more or less valuable in the future than it is now. I suspect there is a chance because I haven't seen any mutations or fancies that require those two traits yet.

      A few weeks ago, your kitty would have been worth more than today only because those were newer traits that everyone was eagerly breeding at the time that they were 'new'. Currently, I do not see many people chasing those traits but that doesn't mean they won't be seeking your combo again in the future.

      Also, you can always use kitty explorer to help figure out pricing. For example, Gen3 persian Wolfgreys sales are here: http://www.kittyexplorer.com/prices/?generation=3&color=&fancy=&exclusive=&cattributes=persian&cattributes=wolfgrey&order=

      All of the above is just my opinion, based on a fantactic amount of gameplay since just after launch. I hope this helps. :)

      edit: here is some more great info on kitty rarity which you might want to read: https://cryptokitties411.com/2018/01/10/rarity/

      DivineFlora , 13 January 2018 13:56

  585. New "updates" page added to the CryptoKitties website!

    DERPYBASTARD , 13 January 2018 05:00

      Nice! Very handy to see updates with CK - Thank you :)

      DivineFlora , 13 January 2018 05:35

      Is being able to sort our kitties by characteristic something we can look forward to in the near future? I have a couple hundred kitties and sometimes its time consuming to sort through them.

      TyPark , 17 January 2018 01:52

      Hello, My name is Pancakes ,I was banned for posting a link in Cryptokitties Discord. Can I have a second chance. and I will not post any links aside from CK links. The link i posted for for Crypto Fishbank, I didnt know I couldnt post. I wont do it again. Please.

      Proshot3000 , 15 January 2018 06:28

  586. Brenkus the Bellhop quit after I upgraded his uniform

    poopiecryptocats , 12 January 2018 21:31

      This is amazing. Sorry for your loss.

      AtAlanfalcon , 12 January 2018 22:21

      quit or went on tour? Sgt Peppers maybe? I guess your on board with accessories Poopie?

      ChesterKedi , 13 January 2018 06:22

      Nice Bellhop!

      the costume was acquired through Kittyhats!

      Check our chrome extension!


      KittyHats-Official , 14 January 2018 23:54

  587. Breeding transaction price in Metamask does not match price on website

    Morphray , 13 January 2018 09:54

      the .008 is the breeding fee. You would pay this same .008 if you bred two kitties that you own. The .001 is on top of the standard breeding fee and is the only portion going to the owner of the sire cat.

      DivineFlora , 13 January 2018 10:28

  588. Launching The Kittyverse Fund! Let's create a lot new universes where kitties can look completely different.

    nparziale , 13 January 2018 02:10

      Imagine a campaign where all it does is make the kitties with derpy traits appear with a paper bag over their head. I would donate something to that.

      WeAllMagic , 15 January 2018 03:35


      StickeeHands , 14 January 2018 09:21

  589. CryptoKittyShop.com - Transparency Report #01

    cryptokittyshopcom , 13 January 2018 01:18

      Very cool! I got my first two kitties from CryptoKittyShop today and I love them! Very cool stats, and glad to be a part of helping you mine. :D

      uxbecks , 14 January 2018 04:59

      We thought the community might like to see our first Transparency Report, where we list anonymised statistics about the use of our site.

      We've got a whole heap of new features coming out soon that we think will improve our site a lot, but in the meantime, we have new Kitties available from 13:00 GMT tomorrow (Saturday 13th Jan), and really appreciate the feedback from our users.

      If you've not checked out our site yet, please feel free to take a look: cryptokittyshop.com.

      below is some of the report

      This has been the first week of this site, and early impressions were great - people seemed enthused at the prospect of being able to earn CryptoKitties just by watching YouTube videos. However, there was lots of abuse of the system, and after initially turning a bit of a blind eye to it, it rapidly became clear that the site was going struggle to even make enough Monero to exchange to cover the cost of 1 gifting transaction, let alone the cost of breeding and or purchase of the Kitties.

      There has been many positives this week, however, as 6 of the Kitty transactions were to users with no previous kitties in their litters, so that's a big plus point! Also, lots of people have got in touch, and we've received a great review on TrustedSite.com (http://trusted.site/r/08j71USIz0). Whilst real world issues meant we were unable to reach out much this week, these issues shouldn't regularly occur going forward. This meant that we couldn't restock the shop with Kitties which has reduced the number of visits over the week, as people are obviously a little alarmed at the lack of available products!

      The high gas price has made this first week quite expensive, and we've so far only generated enough mining hashes to cover 1/20th of the cost of the gifting transactions. Obviously, at this rate, the site isn't going to be sustainable for very long, so we're coming up with various other solutions, the first of which should be implemented this weekend. Fraudulent use of the site has markedly decreased since we introduced various measures towards the end of our first weekend, and we've introduced a zero tolerance to anyone seeming to abuse the system. Our logs are fairly detailed, so whilst it's a time consuming job tracking through, we hope that this zero tolerance will be supported by the many users who are using the site fairly in the hope of making the site self sufficient, and introducing lots of people to the joy of having CryptoKitties.

      *edit for spelling mistakes :-()

      cryptokittyshopcom , 13 January 2018 01:22

  590. Bought my first. Now what?

    sims226 , 13 January 2018 00:15

      So I work for a digital signature company that's building a smart contract platform. In an effort to understand what the hell I'm doing for a living, I decided to buy a CryptoKitty.

      After about 5 hours of diligence (I've never bought crypto-anything before), I finally ended up with Kitty #267787.

      I generally understand the breeding (autonomous operation) of the kitties (smart contracts), and how that changes the traits (terms).

      I'm curious about how (or if) I can edit my kitty. Like, how would I give him (he's definitely a him) a name instead of the creepy totalitarian number?

      Thanks in advance!

      sims226 , 13 January 2018 00:20


      Also realizing that the Kitties are tokens whose creation is governed by a smart contract, but not contracts themselves. SO CONFUSE! But fun.

      sims226 , 13 January 2018 06:23

  591. Can you transfer Either from my Gimini to MetaMask or should I just buy Either on MetaMask?

    Ikuyas , 13 January 2018 04:44

      you should be able to transfer either from any either wallet to your metamask either wallet

      ennis_guy , 13 January 2018 14:26

  592. New Gen:0 Spangled

    jazzjodi , 13 January 2018 00:58

      OK, so this is the basis for the fancy type "dragon", isn't it?

      artiscience , 13 January 2018 02:44

      Spangled Azaleablush Gen:0


      Your colors look better though...

      nvossku , 13 January 2018 01:53

  593. CryptoKittie RARITY: 0.00008%GooD??

    Accokitan91 , 13 January 2018 04:25

      It's kind of hard to say, especially since it is Gen 10. Rarity is not just from the combination of traits, but also the Gen of the cat. To be honest there are probably cats that are stacked with 3 to 4 of the newest traits which would make their rarity 0.00000000000001% since there are only like 4 of them in the game.

      For example this cat http://www.kittyexplorer.com/kitties/460883 is Spangled 0%, Verdigis 0%, Stunned 0%, Icy 0% ......... those traits are very few in the game they are essentially 0%.

      weareallfungi , 13 January 2018 20:41

      I'm a bot, bleep, bloop. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:

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      TotesMessenger , 13 January 2018 11:21

  594. The "Trash" Kitties of yesterday...

    whyohbee , 12 January 2018 17:08

      We know that certain traits, when bred together, can mutate into other traits. For example Otaku+Simple could mutate to Fabulous. There are lots of so called cheap kitties that we don't know what their complimentary trait is, e.g Sizzurp, Cymric and others.
      When a new trait emerges that requires Sizzurp to mutate its value will rise.

      nightporter , 12 January 2018 18:40

      Each kitty must have at least a value of 0.008 ETH. The breeding fee.

      kryptofan , 12 January 2018 17:31

      If they are "virgins" and Swift cooldown, some of trash kitties become a bit more valuable, when new traits come out and they need old "trash" traits for the mutation.

      FreljordianKing , 12 January 2018 17:18

      I asked this in the DEVs AMA and they said there would be a use for them later on..... we’ll see

      Kessarean , 12 January 2018 20:31

      I wonder this every day. I got hit hard by the rapid de-escalation in value of everything and now have 18 or so kitties that I can't sell.

      BigGameMo , 13 January 2018 18:43

  595. Some questions after purchase my first 2kitties

    grimdiam , 12 January 2018 18:31

      Hi, every transaction you do on the Ethereum network comes with a transaction fee. During high traffic you may need to pay a higher gas price to get your transaction confirmed, see https://ethgasstation.info/ for more details on the gas prices.

      There is a 3.75% commission on all transactions you do through the CryptoKitties contract.

      DERPYBASTARD , 13 January 2018 03:30

  596. How to figure out best gas price

    leema_ , 12 January 2018 15:01

      I watched 5 videos on youtube to help understand gas and none of them were as helpful as the posts here! Thanks guys, much appreciated!

      leema_ , 12 January 2018 22:51

      It would cost you 7$ if your transaction would use up all the gas you allow it to. (Gas limit) Ethgasstation tells you (on average) how much gas is actually used, given 21 GWEI "per gas" so-to-speak.

      shmup73 , 12 January 2018 16:43

      That difference is because of the "Gas used" amount set on Eth Gas Station. You shouldn't mess with the "Gas limit" number on metamask (if it shows something over 6 millions, then it means the transaction has a problem and will fail). Metamask shows you the maximum you will pay as fee, with the preset Gas Limit mulitplied by the price of Gas, which you can edit according to current numbers of Eth Gas Station. If you are canceling a sale, you should be able to use the "Gas Price SafeLow" even though it might take a little longer. If you want it faster, use the "Gas Price Std" or increase that number to have the transaction go through even faster. In the end, you will see how much gas your transaction really used, which should be slightly less than the price announced on Metamask, as the transaction should complete before the Gas Limit amount is reached. (but it won't be as low as the price you see on Eth Gas Station as they wrote 21000 by default for the gas used) I hope I was clear enough and this helps you :)

      SakiViolette , 12 January 2018 16:47

  597. If you want to play this game properly! AND are thinking about seriously starting.

    helium_bet , 11 January 2018 23:23

      I just wanted to chime in on the "1 in a million chance" bit, cats have genomes and there's an algorithm that controls the breeding (read: decides what kind of genome the baby will have). I suggest doing some snooping on https://cryptokittydex.com/ to delve into the genetics. One in a million really doesn't apply to breeding if you understand what you're doing :-)

      DERPYBASTARD , 11 January 2018 23:55

      I know a few person including myself, didn't buy any gen 0 yet making some profits.

      I appreciate your thought, but there are other ways to play this game, which you need to explore yourself.

      vanitasCG , 12 January 2018 02:34

      I'm a bit sad now, because I was all hyped and ready to play, thinking I was about to make money. But I read your post and seriously, it makes more sense compare to everything I've read so far. So in a way, thank you !

      creaclique , 12 January 2018 01:48

      I love the idea of this game and wish I had invested when ETH was lower cost but I am concerned about the longevity of the project.

      1. If there aren't enough users willing to buy cats, don't they become devalued below their original ETH price? Or even become worthless in most cases?

      2. Where exactly does the ETH go when you purchase a cat? Does it get burned on the chain so no one can ever use it again? Does a percentage go to the developers or any company/personal wallet?

      3. You say there is no way to get ETH back out of the game besides selling cats. Is there any possibility of the devs adding a feature to "put down" the cat and receive a refund ETH? (with potentially some going to fuel the network/GAS)

      I appreciate you taking the time to explain the current ecosystem even tho I still don't understand it 100%. If you send me a kitty I would definitely try to breed and trade them! 😺

      nomoredata , 12 January 2018 00:20

      Curious to see where this game goes in the next few months to come.

      matthewc97 , 12 January 2018 02:08

  598. What do ya think about my crypto kitty? https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/450375

    aliencryptokitty , 12 January 2018 09:24


      Alkiviadisp , 13 January 2018 02:37

  599. Easily see gene patterns

    mhazoldt , 11 January 2018 23:59

      Cool website, I've added it to our sidebar list of links.

      DERPYBASTARD , 12 January 2018 00:50

      Woah! This website is super helpful! thanks!

      leema_ , 12 January 2018 02:16

      Thanks for this wonderful and easy to use website!

      skye1489 , 13 January 2018 21:07

      Wow, this is great! Is there any way to limit search results to a certain price bracket? Like, I want to sort by oldest but only see cats that are under $100?

      jodiferous11 , 20 January 2018 08:21

  600. Me Right Now

    poopiecryptocats , 11 January 2018 07:10

  601. Guides for newbies?

    Laxamentor , 11 January 2018 14:21

      $50 won't even get your started. You'll just be wasting money. Avoid until this 'game' is fixed.

      kittyquester , 11 January 2018 19:55

      Plenty of guides online - a number of scripts for tamper monkey as well that really help you find good kitties.

      If you want to drop money, do research first - have a plan, spend a couple days looking at cats etc.. gas is expensive & if you drop your money on trash kitties you’ll never get rid of them & you’ll buy yourself into a hole

      Kessarean , 11 January 2018 15:11

      I've put together some Beginners Guides on www.crypokitties411.com. I also have links there to some good resources. Check the sidebar here on Reddit for other tools and guides. Good luck!

      jodiferous11 , 11 January 2018 17:18

      Buy 2 Kitties then Breed to get a third. And sell it if you want

      Sipho1 , 11 January 2018 14:43

      Website you go to search bar. Select the trait you want e.g Grimace. Then click a Kitty Buy. Metamask pop up. Gas limit put 200000, gas price put 21 for now. Submit and wait

      Start here, https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/453378

      Sipho1 , 11 January 2018 14:42

  602. New fancy: Stitches

    110point5 , 11 January 2018 10:49

      Very ugly, but What kind of cats are needed to breed this Stitches????

      kryptofan , 11 January 2018 15:55

      It's so creepy! I love it!

      Anne_Covington , 11 January 2018 16:14

  603. Is it a good idea to buy a mining rig

    Sipho1 , 11 January 2018 20:18

      go to /r/Ethermining for a proper answer

      Nillim , 11 January 2018 20:53

      Depends on how much electricity costs were you are.

      nightporter , 11 January 2018 23:37

      Thank you

      Sipho1 , 12 January 2018 02:59

      Absolutely we'll call it kitty rig

      cdminnie , 12 January 2018 07:01

      I bought the parts and set up a rig a few weeks ago. It was quite an investment for me ($4000), but seeing the price of Eth going up and my rig supplying heat at the same time(I turned off the heating in 2nd floor in because of the rig).. I live in Norway, i think I will break even / ROI in april maybe? This was a investment for me and its really fun! I might loose it all if prices drops, but hey ho! go check out /r/ethermining and /r/gpumining

      Asgeisk , 12 January 2018 09:29

  604. Cryptokitties has provided the best ROI of any of my investments

    bohendo , 11 January 2018 00:39

      That's great man. The dev team even said one if their primary motivations for building this game was to help introduce people to cryptocurrency, which imo it's done excellently.

      rocketleaguebr0 , 11 January 2018 01:16

      I once put a dollar in a vending machine and got 2 cokes. Pretty much the best investment I have so far. Looking forward to what TRX can bring.

      spacesticks , 11 January 2018 01:26

      Bravo! Way to dive into your interests, and get so much out of the kitties!

      danfinlay , 11 January 2018 04:12

      Great write-up and good for you!

      Can you explain how the auto-birthing works / what it means?

      nanolucas , 11 January 2018 06:22

      Because of the EVER RISING FEES, ETH is not the ideal platform for games...

      let's take crypto-kitties over to EOS when it's available. It will be a smart contract OS to compete with ETH, and has NO FEES.

      We might even be able to do it on STEEM, since it has JSON capable ledger and it's a FREE BLOCKCHAIN as well, very smart, it could probably keep the data, and do the logic off-chain.

      Besides, the ETH software I have seen, has been very bad, and not fun to work with. There is no reason crypto has to be so difficult, it just needs better UI! Sheesh..

      surfyogi777 , 15 January 2018 08:51

  605. Can someone please explain the entire process? How many kitties are made an hour?

    itsgoingtobehuge , 11 January 2018 10:00

      You see this one, only 2 of them in the Game but I can't afford it. If you can have it. https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/436855

      Sipho1 , 11 January 2018 10:37

      You first buy a 2 kitties and breed them to get a 3rd, or just buy Kitties or Buy 1 kitty and Sir from public

      Sipho1 , 11 January 2018 10:15

      Sipho1 , 11 January 2018 10:23

      Check the links in the sidebar. There are some good websites and tools there to get you started.

      jodiferous11 , 11 January 2018 17:25

      I used this site when I first started, https://cryptokitties411.weebly.com

      nightporter , 11 January 2018 18:50

  606. Want to know who and how make money on Cryprokitties?

    RollDiceClub , 11 January 2018 11:14

      I would suggest not to put as Worst Trader and better name them as top contributors or something nicer lol

      it can be because they bought in early and keep it forever... we earned ETH because of them also so...

      uselezzz , 11 January 2018 12:48

      Thumbs up!!

      appxmatthew , 11 January 2018 11:16

      Good info

      vanitasCG , 11 January 2018 11:37

      i love your tool ♥

      Kiuerty , 11 January 2018 11:53

  607. Got my CK... now what?

    UnoDosTresCrypto , 11 January 2018 14:19

      probably worth $10 bux. if that.

      helium_bet , 11 January 2018 22:53

      Wait 10 years and sell it for $1mil - bingo, easy as pie.

      Kessarean , 11 January 2018 15:21

      Check out the links in the sidebar. You'll find some good info there.

      jodiferous11 , 11 January 2018 17:22

      KittyHats-Official , 12 January 2018 01:51

  608. Some people shouldn't breed

    Jensen2185 , 10 January 2018 21:24

      10/10 title.

      buys-high-sells-low , 10 January 2018 23:31

      Agreed. Before breeding, if you're trying to breed and make a profit, you have to consider the chances of breeding the one you're after, and the cost involved. Breeding costs .01 ether and listing the new kitten for sale costs .003 so there's a .013 investment.. if.. you breed something good.. and it better be good to sell for more than that now.

      ennis_guy , 11 January 2018 03:34

      ck devs will say "we are investigating and studying this economy, please hodl "

      dimitar99 , 11 January 2018 07:11

  609. KittyHats on CryptoGamer!!!

    KittyHats-Official , 11 January 2018 05:31

      This is awesome! Accessories is exactly what we need to complete the look of the perfect desirable kitten Thank you for bringing us this feature 😺

      Zalmans , 11 January 2018 10:40

      I have kitties that really should be fancies. I guess now they will be!

      WeAllMagic , 11 January 2018 12:40

      Go to the KittyHat's Discord board (https://discord.gg/skJAxW) if you want to join the discussion on what new accessories or new features you'd like to see! Be a part of the community. :D

      uxbecks , 14 January 2018 04:47

  610. Breeding Pricing?

    Xen626 , 11 January 2018 04:54

      There isn't any point in breeding anymore.. I can't see how you can break even.. .008 +.002 gas to breed .. cost total is .01. Then if you want to sell it it's another .003. .01 will buy you a better cat than you're likely to breed. GEN 0's now are selling under .08.. I can see them going to .01 also.. because .. really.. what good are they lol.. And I own 2 of em

      ennis_guy , 11 January 2018 05:02

      Not to mention ETH is about 3 times more valuable than when the game started. If ETH goes up to $10,000, I guess it will cost $100 to breed.

      TyPark , 11 January 2018 05:25

      I totally agree. I would really like to breed just to have fun, but at $10 a pop, it is just not worth it. I got into ETH late (pretty much just to play this "game"), so I don't exactly have a stock pile just laying around :/

      groovesquirrel , 12 January 2018 03:56

      The trick is to breed certain attributes to produce a kitty with more desirable attributes and sell that at a profit. Certain traits when bred together can mutate to better/more valuable cats.

      nightporter , 11 January 2018 22:27

  611. Unable to create an account/sign in. Please help?

    iluvpokemanz , 11 January 2018 07:11

      Tried it on a bunch of different VPS', browsers, etc.

      It looks like cryptokitties is not allowing new accounts to be created

      poopiecryptocats , 11 January 2018 07:25

      I can't even log in.

      PoisonCoyote , 11 January 2018 08:28

  612. The gas prices and inflation rate have far exceeded the demand.

    faatnntaaf , 10 January 2018 16:55

      Yep I agree the network pretty much doomed this game. Devs already made a lot of money tho might be more beneficial for them to start a another game or just leave it up to run its course even selling at .1 gen:0 they are making a ton

      ChuckFresco , 10 January 2018 19:39

      Point 2 is already set in stone, gen 0 release will last one year until november this year. With a hard limit of 45000 gen 0 cats from the kitty clock and a limit of 5000 minted cats (from giveaways and contests etc.)

      Point 3 the ethereum devs are working on scalability, I haven't found a clear timeline yet though.

      Regarding concerns about the future of the game I would suggest waiting until the devs publish their first weekly log post at the end of this week.

      DERPYBASTARD , 10 January 2018 21:01

      Actually point number 2 is incorrect.

      If the first gen0 was created on Nov. 23, 2017 the last gen0 will be created 468 days later on March 6, 2019.

      45000 total gen0 cats. 4 cats an hour = 468.75 Days.

      gacbmmml , 10 January 2018 22:53

      2019 no way :O

      ChuckFresco , 10 January 2018 23:53

      2019 is a long way to go

      Pervasivepeach , 11 January 2018 04:46

  613. Admin... Why are you still breeding Gen 0?

    RenaldoGouws , 10 January 2018 13:41

      Pretty sure they answered this in their AMA, there’s a definitive number they’ll release, but they will keep releasing them until they hit that mark

      Edit: spelling

      Kessarean , 10 January 2018 15:15

      Its the extremely high transaction fee and breeding fee that cause CK dead. Gen 0's dont cause CK dead, because lots of cheaper kitties bring in lots more casual players. Old players should be complaining about CK playability, and not about their own profitability.

      WiseGrub , 10 January 2018 15:25

      I was defending about the spawn rate of gen0, but now even I think it is too much...

      appxmatthew , 10 January 2018 14:02

      people are leaving the game. i am getting afraid

      Sipho1 , 10 January 2018 15:10

      Becauae that way they can make more $$$

      xAragon_ , 10 January 2018 15:15

  614. Gas prices are INSANE!!!

    BeaverCams , 10 January 2018 00:20

      It's beyond a joke. I finally decided to put one of my cats up for sale after nearly a week of waiting due to gas prices...... safe low gas was 23, I put 30 because I really wanted this cat to sell. 0.004 eth later and the transaction still failed. Paid nearly $5 to not sell a cat. I get that it's not CK's fault but it's ruining game play.

      Milnash , 10 January 2018 01:27

      Yes, we have to wait until it goes to 5 Gwei. 40 Gwei + Birthing fee = Serious loss

      Sipho1 , 10 January 2018 01:16

      It's because the value of Ethereum is spiking. So investors are buying and selling, creating a lot of transactions. That raises the price.

      madogvelkor , 10 January 2018 04:16

      Yes can't afford to sell sh*t cats. Can't afford to breed them. Maybe can't afford to play CK...

      ChesterKedi , 10 January 2018 01:56

      Is CK going to move to another platform soon?

      WiseGrub , 10 January 2018 03:49

  615. Introducing CryptoKitties BINGO: new twist of the tail in the tale!

    CryptoKittiesBingo , 10 January 2018 02:12

      First 50 Subscribers will get an exceptional possibility to receive "Go Breed!" email, when the time is right!

      You wanna be one step ahead? Sure you do


      CryptoKittiesBingo , 10 January 2018 02:31

      Great concept! thanks for a laugh.

      i'm going for the #5001337 personally, there are many kitties like it but this one will be MY PRECIOUS

      tabsa , 10 January 2018 02:22

      I LOVE IT!

      But you spelled piggeons wrong... I think. I never spelled piggeons before that I remember.

      michaelhannigan , 10 January 2018 02:21

      any prizes for winners?

      AleknaJul , 10 January 2018 02:22

      This is the best. Thank you.

      AtAlanfalcon , 10 January 2018 06:23

  616. Random Cat I did not Breed??

    ALB269 , 10 January 2018 15:41

      .....I can give you mine if you want. It's a gen 8 with slow cooldown. My selling price probably would only 0.02 eth, but I'm also siring it for 0.008 eth.

      You'd have better chances of breeding a kitty that has 3/4 of these traits: alien, pouty, spock, chartreux with a PhuZiqaat. I'd say you have a 20% chance of getting one if you do. But if you bred two kitties with those traits, the chances can go as low as 8% and up to 16% if you have the right ones.

      Edit: Sorry for the shameless ad

      izzulaizad95 , 10 January 2018 18:14

  617. Anyone else's transactions stuck 'Pending' under Metamask?

    DeezyLife , 10 January 2018 08:00

      Mine. I'd suggest not playing right now because the network is slow. You'll just end up losing transaction fees.

      leema_ , 10 January 2018 09:00

  618. I can't wait...

    ADHDownsyndrome , 10 January 2018 04:26

  619. Fancy Type Cats Discussion

    -Silky_Johnson , 10 January 2018 08:58

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      TotesMessenger , 10 January 2018 15:32

  620. what are the possible smart contract coins that can be alternatives for eth? ada?

    dimitar99 , 10 January 2018 08:45

      Qtum platform have an Ethereum top layer. CK can be port there. Qtum is cheap and fast, their network can go greater than 2MB without hardfork.

      WiseGrub , 10 January 2018 15:32

      Hashpuppies is coming out on the NEO platform

      lividbananas , 10 January 2018 09:25

  621. The Top Liked Cats -- A Change in the Ranks?!?!

    deleted , 09 January 2018 22:01

      poopiecryptocats , 09 January 2018 22:06

      Lol, are you the guy that owns shipcat? Did you make this post to promote it? I just noticed it got listed.....

      poopiecryptocats , 09 January 2018 22:09

      I'm for the captain. He got my like. haha

      ChesterKedi , 09 January 2018 23:42

      Guy that runs the website that sells accessories for cryptokitties said they will come out with an eyepatch soon. Aaaarrrrgggh

      ChesterKedi , 10 January 2018 01:59

      Totally fake.

      michaelhannigan , 10 January 2018 02:22

  622. New body color: verdigris

    retailnoodles , 10 January 2018 03:03

      Just noticed there's also a new pattern color, lilac. Tried putting this as a separate post and reddit didn't let me, I guess because this is a newish account.

      retailnoodles , 10 January 2018 03:14

  623. Random kitty. I like random kitties.

    Jumping001 , 09 January 2018 16:35

      Nice kitty

      kurtkiller42 , 09 January 2018 21:54

      cute kitty

      juttercats , 10 January 2018 07:50

      random kitty

      lookitsme14 , 10 January 2018 10:06

      All of the above.

      Jumping001 , 10 January 2018 11:10

      random cats are cool!!

      bitcoincat2017 , 11 January 2018 02:16

  624. 7 days of not being able to play CK

    jezztharipper , 09 January 2018 11:30

      Regarding your last paragraph, I've posted this announcement in Discord yesterday:

      Hey all! Recently there have been some concerns about the informational flow coming from the CryptoKitty team and the perceived radio silence over the last few weeks. These concerns have been taken to heart and the team is planning on doing weekly "log" posts about the progress they've made with the game and things that are planned for the future (and perhaps some other topics). You can read these posts on the CryptoKitties website, starting at the end of this week. Yesterday I mistakenly announced that an update post would be published, but plans have since changed into making a weekly post. We hope these posts will allow for more transparency in the development of CryptoKitties.

      DERPYBASTARD , 09 January 2018 11:33

      as a new player and I mean as of today.. I've lost over 50$ in tx fees and they are still stuck processing... It just makes me not want to play. I transferred over .5 to mess around with and it's just been a nightmare. So yeah, as a new player and the others that might be trying to "start" playing, this is unacceptable and I want to quit on day 1. I may just transfer what eth I have left out and just forget about it..... Sad Panda.

      obesefather , 09 January 2018 11:50

      One of the intent of the game is to educate people on how ETH and the Ethereum network works. As far as that goes, the game has done wonderfully and has taught me more about the currency than ever. But whatever flaws that ETH has is clearly reflected in the game, and for newcomers who are in the learning process, it's very easy to lose money along the way.

      The CK really need to put their foot down on this and come up with a long-term solution to make the game appeal better to newcomers, while at the same time maintain its educational purpose. I'd suggest to create CK tokens that can be traded with ETH and used to trade kitties, similar to the CryptoDogs game recently kickstarted based on the TRON network.

      izzulaizad95 , 09 January 2018 15:25

      When transaction fee costs more than cheapest kitties in the marketplace, you know there is something wrong.

      vanitasCG , 09 January 2018 11:41

      DISCLAIMER: I am not a part of the EThereum or CK team nor do I speak on their behalf, these are just my own thoughts as a person

      As a developer who understands what the CK team is probably going through I’ll add my $0.02. I feel that regardless of what the do, the CK devs will only be able to alleviate the problem so much - this is going to something that will take the best minds from the entire Ethereum community.

      The upcoming Casper update will probably be the actual ‘fix’ for what is making the game so hard to play right now. You can read more about Casper and Proof of Stake here https://blockonomi.com/ethereum-casper/.

      When ETH shifts to PoS, which is going to be likely in late 2018 or 2019, we will see what happens to the transaction speed and cost. At this point, CK will stake ETH on the network and verify transactions themselves much more quickly, like a traditional game backend. Could you then say then that CryptoKitties was a little too early? Maybe, but what great game isn’t just a bit before it’s day?

      Personally I’ve been patient with my kitties and treated this like a game, so I’m not that bummed out. ETH is an incredible (but risky) investment but kitties are just entertainment. For those of you who have tons of kitties tied up from whom you expect returns: don’t lose hope. Think about the fact there is a team who worked on this for years and made something you all love (well at least when it works). If you think about a project you’ve worked on and gotten love for, I’m sure you’ll understand it is most likely in their interests to keep developing CK further and keep players happy. Of course things are different in the crypto world but AxiomZen is a real company with a real bottom line and they’re doing good job given the number of employees they have. And now there is a community hard at work too. If you want to sell, I’m sure there are smart minds creating contracts to clear out your kitty dust for a fee. The tools, ecosystem will come if we are patient and I do believe, just like most things crypto, your investments into the platform will pay off down the road.

      dr0w235 , 10 January 2018 00:41

  625. Updated sales Emails!

    MayorAdamWest1 , 09 January 2018 18:51

      Thank you Adam West, I was not aware of that

      Your CryptoKitty, 453378, had a successfully siring auction for 0.004 ETH on January 9 2018. What a playboy! They'll be able to breed again once they get a little rest.

      • CryptoKitties Team

      Sipho1 , 09 January 2018 20:03

  626. How a Hackathon Birthed the CryptoKitties Origin Story

    raaner12 , 09 January 2018 21:50

  627. "Cancel sale" button is not working at the moment

    acl_crypto , 09 January 2018 20:02

      I think it might be a metamask issue. I couldn't get metamask to open while sending ethereum and my friend couldn't cancel his aution.

      poopiecryptocats , 09 January 2018 20:05

      Couldnt get Metamask to open, either!

      leema_ , 09 January 2018 21:01

      Nothing involving ETH works right for days. I wish they would add support for other coins.

      PoisonCoyote , 11 January 2018 08:31

  628. Are you play Cryptokitties for fun or make money?

    zrwd , 09 January 2018 19:56

      For money

      Sipho1 , 09 January 2018 20:04

      What’s to “play”? It’s all about that cash grab. Which ended a couple of weeks ago.

      gacbmmml , 09 January 2018 22:12

      Oh poo. I'm curious about blockchain technoloty, I've read a bunch of stuff on it, and I was curious to actually play with it. I have $50 in CryptoKitties and no plans to put any more money in. It's been educational and entertaining. If my futzing around with them turns out to make you money, I'll be pleased enough.

      lemgandi , 09 January 2018 20:18

      Wait... It's supposed to be fun?

      What's fun about it!

      Its just photos of cats. They don't even do anything. Lol

      2_Genders_I_am_1 , 16 January 2018 20:52

      I was playing for fun, but its gotten to pricey & gas is to high so ready to sell all yes! all my kitties

      bitcoincat2017 , 11 January 2018 02:01

  629. Added genes to search page

    mhazoldt , 09 January 2018 06:17

      I think your tool is a great idea! May I make a suggestion? Since "pattern color" and "secondary color" show up in different places on the genome, it would make it clearer for people searching to separate those on the page. As it is right now, someone who doesn't know better could try to search for two pattern colors, or two secondary colors, and that's never (barring a code change or glitch) going to give any results.

      If you break them out, it would be a matter of picking a maximum of one choice from each category. Your interface makes searching easier for the less-experienced, and since they seem like a perfect audience, I think making that change would add a lot of value to your search interface. Thanks for contributing to the community!

      VeganAtheistWeirdo , 09 January 2018 15:34

      Base 32 is correct if you’re not breaking the geneome into its component genes but simply displaying it as a single number. Everyone else uses kai notation though, which takes each base 32 digit and converts it to base 58 (skipping 0 and I think “l” in the alphanumerobet).

      Can we use this tool to search for kitties on sale containing specific recessive genes? If the final digit is x then it has a dominant x body gene, but the three digits closest to it represent recessive genes and so any x’s there serve to reinforce the x dominant gene.

      Join the #gene-discussion channel (https://discord.gg/Kdxjj9M) on discord and we’ll explain anything you might want explained and also be able to articulate what features are truly useful to CK Power Breeders.

      And to appeal to all the regular folk out there, you could use this design: https://i.redd.it/w7g2qghz69301.png

      WeAllMagic , 09 January 2018 19:12

      Genes are best represented in kai notation (look at cryptokittydex.com)

      zimmah , 09 January 2018 21:26

  630. Rarest Cat In The Game? OG Serpent Gen-1

    poopiecryptocats , 09 January 2018 05:55

      Yep, basically it means there are 89 original art gen:1 serpents in the game and they can't be replicated.

      Quite unique...

      Sandude1987 , 09 January 2018 06:02

      All hail the OG serpents!

      ChuckFresco , 09 January 2018 06:08

      Got mine!

      MCharles28 , 09 January 2018 06:24

      I bred the first v2 serp. Here's a side by side comparison


      poopiecryptocats , 09 January 2018 06:37

      Axiom probably can regenerate images for existing cats

      NARW_Bombard , 09 January 2018 08:37

  631. Have you tried nova blitz?

    EverlastingEmus , 09 January 2018 06:09

      how do you buy token ?

      just send ether to ther adres from my metamask account ? when and hou do you get token ? ant how do the now that you paid ?

      niels056 , 10 January 2018 01:51

      the asked my whats my txid? whats that?

      niels056 , 10 January 2018 15:41

  632. Looping Transaction?

    obesefather , 09 January 2018 06:18

      Now it says Sorry, we are unable to locate this Transaction Hash..... ugh

      obesefather , 09 January 2018 07:28

      Same happening here for over 24h now. Tried offering my cat to sire, breeding two of my cats and buying several cats with additional gas to no avail.

      desultor , 09 January 2018 21:00

  633. CryptoKitties Won't Stop Loading

    KimbleKor , 09 January 2018 04:44

      I'm seeing the same issue. Not sure what's up.

      jacobfarny , 08 March 2018 08:42

  634. No giveaways on reddit, so where do you find them?

    jodiferous11 , 08 January 2018 18:29

      Check jodiferous' links page for my website, I hold daily cryptokitty giveaways and I gave away 3 cats last night.

      It'd go well with your new kittyhats Raybans :)

      poopiecryptocats , 08 January 2018 20:49

      I just wanna tell you guys that this is for real ... i participated twice in the giveaways and i won ... it made me happy and i never felt so lucky! special thanks for poopiecat for this ... here is my award https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/450293

      bazazo_99 , 08 January 2018 20:56

      Hey bazazo.. congrats! That's a nice otaku virgin you got.. he ain't a poopie.. he's a good one

      ennis_guy , 09 January 2018 02:01

      Could you include my CK giveaway doing on weekly! But going to start doing 2 a week www.cryptokittyhub.com.


      ChuckFresco , 09 January 2018 08:22

      KittyHats-Official , 09 January 2018 09:58

  635. Why kitties' price differ so much?

    shenmue000 , 09 January 2018 06:08

      People set their own prices for their kitties. Some people are willing to sell their cat for a dollar while others demand a thousand dollars. Some cats will sell, others never will.

      jodiferous11 , 09 January 2018 08:38

      You set your own price also (demand and supply )

      Sipho1 , 09 January 2018 07:17

      its so different by any features and "Gen" of course

      Jomal_Cornelius , 09 January 2018 11:42

  636. Is Cryptokittie will outbreak of silence or silence perished in silence

    zrwd , 09 January 2018 03:58

      Yes we need more players. Why, because there will be no capital injection by means of buying our existing Kitties so we can continue to breed.

      Sipho1 , 09 January 2018 07:22

      I agree. And players like me, who have hit a complete dead end (no one buying or siring my kitties) have put in A LOT of ether into the game and there's no way of recovering it.

      leema_ , 09 January 2018 08:25

      Move CK to a cheaper and faster network. This is stupid to the extreme. Hold all CK features development until this game is playable by been cheap and fast.

      WiseGrub , 10 January 2018 04:14

  637. Eth price change increase value of kitties?

    xboxerdude , 09 January 2018 00:25

      i don't think so. but i know for sure it increases price of breeding

      dimitar99 , 09 January 2018 00:40

      There is no reason why it should have helped. Auctions still work the same. Prices for gen0 went up.

      artiscience , 09 January 2018 08:52

      SUPER RARE STUNNED CAT FOR SALE https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/456608

      hushkaze , 12 January 2018 01:00

  638. Number 1 most liked cat :O

    deleted , 08 January 2018 08:30

      You could HODL. Who knows what could happen with this?!

      Tinainpdx , 08 January 2018 10:37

      Nice kittie!!!

      grimdiam , 08 January 2018 12:38

      i have that cat

      kittiesoda , 08 January 2018 18:11

      Wow 6102 likes.

      ChesterKedi , 08 January 2018 23:12

      looks like a tons of fake wallet on metamask xD

      Kiuerty , 08 January 2018 23:42

  639. How to change CryptoKittie name?

    Tinainpdx , 08 January 2018 22:30

      You click on their name, which is default Kitty #xxxxxx. Can't do it while they are for sale

      Jensen2185 , 08 January 2018 22:46

  640. Delays for many days - or nothing happens at all. What's wrong?

    Richterprodukt , 08 January 2018 20:18

      You must use the safe low gas price or the lowest were the node pick up. But it will take time. The is no way you can pay what you didnt confirm . Check Gas Fee here


      Sipho1 , 08 January 2018 21:17

      Could you post a link to one of your failed transactions.

      nightporter , 08 January 2018 21:18

  641. Kittie sire, did not receive the fee

    Seek2401 , 08 January 2018 20:12

      Many people make this mistake ( Starting price 0.005 end at 0.000, in this case when no one is buying or siring until it reach 0.00, someone will take it for free or sire free.

      Sipho1 , 08 January 2018 21:21

      Has it gone through on etherscan and not just the site?

      xWounded , 08 January 2018 20:44

      Hey I had a similar issue, check the tab "internal Transactions" on etherscan. There you should see the transaction

      1onFire , 08 January 2018 23:15

      And you kitty is no longer listed for sire?

      DarkKnightLupo , 09 January 2018 03:03

      Was this solved?

      BigCatCatMe , 09 January 2018 14:10

  642. CK won prize: Most expensive and Least fun game of 2017..and 2018

    dimitar99 , 08 January 2018 02:53

      Can't disagree with 2017, let's see what 2018 brings, although I guess it'll need a radical overhaul to make it interesting for non-geneticists. As of now.. it's just.. boring..

      pnrrr , 08 January 2018 03:04

  643. What's the easiest way to withdraw ETH from Metamask (from outside the USA so probably also involving Coinbase)? What are the typical transaction costs/fees?

    sslloooww , 08 January 2018 05:51

      If you are in europe, selling on gdax (belongs to coinbase) using a maker order is free. Then a SEPA withdrawal to your bank account costs only 0.15€

      Zyj , 08 January 2018 17:41

      I deposit eth into binance, buy bitcoin, send bitcoin to my localbitcoins account and then find one of the old trusted buyers that pays in squarecash.

      poopiecryptocats , 08 January 2018 10:15

      There’s also localethereum.com which utilises escrow. If I was a shill I’d have a referral link.

      chelsea9898 , 08 January 2018 12:48

      Coinspot -> Withdraw is also a good option if you are in Australia.

      ---Mercy--- , 09 January 2018 05:16

  644. Learn how to make your own DApp

    pnrrr , 07 January 2018 15:31

      great! very interesting~ I'm just looking for some tutorials on building dapp website. thanks for sharing.

      zzm88 , 07 January 2018 16:19

      Thanks, today only I started this course. Seems exciting!

      siddartha1492 , 07 January 2018 17:02

      Awesome thank you for sharing! Great tutorial

      purpleQuarkle , 07 January 2018 17:23

      Tutorial is very clean, thanks for the link

      verylaggy , 07 January 2018 21:07

      CryptoZombies is a great tool, it helped a lot to build KryptoWar: https://kryptowar.com

      babaeth , 08 January 2018 16:50

  645. I’ve just heard about this craze and I’m intrigued as to how it works, can anyone provide a quick explanation that’s easy to understand?

    lexiesophia , 07 January 2018 19:25

      I don't know that there's a quick explanation that easily covers it...

      If you are doing this to make money... Someone on a discord channel said something I find very true. CryptoKitties is like scratch off lottery tickets. If you spend a little, you have a small chance of winning big, if you spend a lot, you have a better chance of winning big, but either way, you are probably just losing money.

      If you are playing for fun... Buy, sell and breed kitties! Finding new traits is fun! Making bizarre looking cats is fun! Giving them ridiculous names is fun!

      Either way... To play well, you need to do your homework. You will learn FAR more about genetics and how crypto currencies in general work. The crypto kitty market is very much like the alt coin market at the moment. (Check out https://coinmarketcat.co/ vs https://coinmarketcap.com/ )

      You need Ethereum to play, so if you don't own any of that crypto currency yet, that's your starting point.

      alayahlan , 07 January 2018 19:51

      The quickest explanation: they're digital collectibles and using ethereum makes them better than previous attempts at digital collectibles. They use the same technology as cryptocurrency, so you're closer to actually owning something than you are with other "collectibles" based in software like Hearthstone cards because each cat is unique, has an identified owner, can be bought/sold, and access isn't tied to a single software application. They're designed to showcase each of the features that they share with cryptocurrencies, so if you're curious, join us! :)

      Anne_Covington , 07 January 2018 22:36

      Hello, I've put together a 20-page (free) quick introduction at the Awesome CryptoKitties (and CryptoCopycats) page. The contents reads:

      • CryptoKitties (Yes, Cute Little Cartoon Cats) on the Blockchain!
        • Press Coverage - CryptoKitties Mania (Anno 2017)
        • Timeline - Major Milestones in the CryptoKitties History
        • Owners / Producers
        • Team - Meet the CryptoKitties Makers
        • Special Collector's CryptoKitties
        • Sales Statistics $$$
        • Money, Money, Money $$$ - Gambling with CryptoKitties - Welcome to the Casino - Get-Rich-Quick
        • How Do the Founder Make Money with CryptoKitties?
        • How Can You Make Money with CryptoKitties?
        • Scams, Scams, Scams - The Art of the Steal - Buyer Beware! Seller Beware! Here Be Dragons!
        • Is CryptoKitties a Scam? Is CryptoKitties a Pyramid (Gambling) Scheme? Is CryptoKittes an Online (Gambling) Casino?
          • Q: Is CryptoKitties a scam?
          • Q: Are CryptoKitties like dollars or like stuffed animals?
          • Q: Is CryptoKitties a pyramid (gambling) scheme?
          • Q: Is CryptoKitties an online gambling casino?
        • Fun, Fun, Fun - Modern Art Paintings (Acryl on Canvas) and More
        • Questions & Answers
        • Tech
          • Q: Couldn't CryptoKitties be hosted on many types of databases besides a blockchain?
        • Legal
          • Q: Do you really own your CryptoKitties? - Spoiler: No
        • Casino & Gambling / "Market & Investing"
          • Q: What's the cost of playing?
          • Q: What's the population? How many gen0 kitties will there be?
          • Q: What's a clock auction?
          • Q: What make's a kitty good?
          • Q: What are rare traits?
      • Inside CryptoKitties Genetics
      • More / Misc

      geraldbauer , 08 January 2018 19:26

      you can check also other projects like cryptokitties here: https://redd.it/7oi21o

      Hecatonquiro , 08 January 2018 02:49

      Where did you hear about it?

      poopiecryptocats , 07 January 2018 21:48

  646. Why are there free cats in the marketplace?

    foureyedraven , 07 January 2018 22:59

      There aren't really any free kitties in the market. The website is lagging badly. Those kitties were already bought, but the site didn't update to register that, so the countdown price timer just kept going even though kitty was probably purchased an hour ago. The odds in you getting a free or almost free kitty are very low, most of the ones on the first few pages of cheapest sorting are long gone.

      alayahlan , 07 January 2018 23:06

      The reason that it says "you're not allowed to buy this kitty" is because it's already been sold, but hasn't been updated to reflect its status yet.

      jodiferous11 , 08 January 2018 01:01

      I put a bottom on my auctions at zero sometimes and people take the free kittens.

      TyPark , 08 January 2018 02:51

      I'm guessing they went down to free because the sellers put descending prices with a 0 minimum, and since no one is able to buy kitties, they went down to 0. But as to why no one is able to buy kitties -- and I tried too -- your guess is as good as mine.

      retailnoodles , 07 January 2018 23:03

  647. If you wrote CryptoKitty descriptions, what would your best lines be?

    alayahlan , 07 January 2018 23:22

      They think the world is flat because they want to knock everything off of it.

      Fluffaykitties , 08 January 2018 13:04

      Maybe devs can put some 'rare' descriptions, to add value to regular kitties

      kryptofan , 08 January 2018 00:25

  648. First Dali Mainecoon IWatch--KittyHats.co

    KittyHats-Official , 07 January 2018 11:11

      Haha, that's fantastic! I've got my own pimped Cloudwhite. In my case is he a sneakerpimp?

      AtAlanfalcon , 07 January 2018 11:27

      Looks pretty cool! :) Myself, I had to get my Martian Cat Lord a lord's hat.


      IWantThisCat , 07 January 2018 11:43

      This cat won 3rd in the beauty contest! this iwatch was well deserved

      JamesGatz_thehomie , 07 January 2018 11:40

  649. Amount Paid, But kitty not received

    manistesting , 08 January 2018 00:39

      This fee gets taken off your balance:

      Actual Tx Cost/Fee: 0.00047334 Ether ($0.53)

      But the price of the cat you bid on isn't taken off your balance if a bid transaction fails.

      DERPYBASTARD , 08 January 2018 02:58

  650. trophy case for displaying your kitties on your own site

    clairestovall , 07 January 2018 00:31

      Oh my gosh I love it! I totally added it to my site

      t04glovern , 07 January 2018 19:45

      Super cool Claire. I just tried it out: https://codepen.io/arthurcamara1/full/QaQWVV/

      arthurcamara1 , 09 January 2018 08:48

      this is awesome! i wish i still had myspace to put this on. any plans on porting this for other js libraries?

      store_brand , 07 January 2018 04:42

  651. The CryptoKitties Genome Project: On Dominance, Inheritance and Mutation

    kaigani , 06 January 2018 23:09

      YAY!!!! KAI IS BACK!!

      Your namesake says hi!

      Great article, btw. I've been itching to know how recessives get inherited. Glad to see you're on the case.

      jodiferous11 , 07 January 2018 06:40

      Oh my gosh that graphic is AMAZEBALLS.

      AtAlanfalcon , 07 January 2018 11:28

  652. Message to new players

    jodiferous11 , 06 January 2018 20:21

      I was interested in seeing your guide.

      I think the link is bad... FYI

      boom603 , 07 January 2018 02:37

      Poopie.cat is for real. I'm a past winner haha. 2 cats in fact

      ChesterKedi , 07 January 2018 04:44


      zojiroshi , 07 January 2018 05:59


      We are giving away a cat through our fashion contest! Great way for a new player to start pursuing their kitty dreams.

      KittyHats-Official , 07 January 2018 08:43

      Awesome! Thanks for this :)

      arthurcamara1 , 09 January 2018 08:49

  653. Just bought my first kitty. Did i overpay at .097?

    josharmour , 07 January 2018 10:02

      I thought you said 0.0097. Yes you overpaid

      Jensen2185 , 07 January 2018 10:12

      Maybe on the surface it would appear expensive for what you got. However, If you like it and it didn't break the bank then who is to say. Nobody knows what it will be worth in a year. I like it!

      boom603 , 07 January 2018 15:38

  654. New Cattribute: "Neckbeard"

    xDezek , 06 January 2018 18:40

      Mutation from Grimace and Dali!

      xDezek , 06 January 2018 18:43

      Grats, /u/xDezek! Join us in #Breeders on Discord! -- https://discord.gg/dJWn4C

      Overwatch_Falcon , 06 January 2018 18:47

      not sure if newer cattribute is as valuable as u think bc it ll just lower over time

      duysterz , 07 January 2018 05:11

  655. will i get refund of transition, if my kitty is not sold ?

    manistesting , 07 January 2018 00:10

      No. You will also have to pay a transaction fee to cancel the sale if you decide to.

      TLFP , 07 January 2018 00:34

      these people are scum... They deleted my feedback on EtherSCAM, then when I claimed they are being unconstitutional, they deleted my account

      acs20596 , 07 January 2018 01:43

  656. Have CK devs thought about supporting other Coins? such as litecoin or bch?

    dimitar99 , 07 January 2018 01:05

      I recommend you read ethereum's whitepaper, litecoin or bitcoin cash are both unable to run smart contracts on.

      rocketleaguebr0 , 07 January 2018 12:51

      I think the project is totally based on ethereum, seems very difficult to use something different. Using other thing for 'smart contracts' is going to take a longgggg time. But you are right ethereum is not able to handle the amount of transactions of cryptokitties

      kryptofan , 07 January 2018 02:55

      Qtum is a smart contract platform with Ethereum top layer. CK can be port on to Qtum network.

      WiseGrub , 07 January 2018 17:08

  657. Help! Transaction keeps getting rejected.

    leema_ , 07 January 2018 02:01

      hmm...is it pending for a long time before it gets rejected? does it use up the full gas limit before it fails? if the answer is no, then you're gas price and gas limit are probably fine.

      so in that case, my guess is that the kitty may have already been sold but hasn't been updated on the ck website yet, so you were accidentally trying to buy unavailable kitties. if the kitties you're trying to buy seem like a really good deal, this is probably what's happening.

      jodiferous11 , 07 January 2018 06:50

      Incorrect... The network takes up more gas when it is slow (yellow light on main site page) DO NOT TRUST the site when you see anything other than a green light. TRANSACTION WILL FAIL, AND YOU WILL LOSE ETHER

      acs20596 , 08 January 2018 10:48

  658. New Cattribute: "Grimace"

    xDezek , 06 January 2018 16:50

      This is from a mutation of 'Grim' and 'Saycheese'. There should be one more mutation of 'Grimace' and 'Dali' to create another cattribute.

      xDezek , 06 January 2018 16:53

      Wow such cat

      grimdiam , 06 January 2018 17:40

      It has an unidentified recessive on the eyes too.
      Edit: it turns out to be "stunned"

      zimmah , 06 January 2018 17:53

  659. Too Many New Catributes

    LaxBrother , 06 January 2018 20:35

      I quit playing for like 3 days because of gas prices and now Im completely out of the loop. Not to mention like 90% of the new Cattributes are gen0 releases. I dont have much desire to go back. Just hope my 200 cats sell over the next year...

      MayorAdamWest1 , 06 January 2018 20:47

      What is rare yesterday is never as rare tomorrow. In fact, with all these new traits coming out during high gas times and low breeding, it will make these traits MORE rare in the long run.

      wohjpt , 06 January 2018 21:04

      I agree, I wish the new cattributes would appear more slowly. With how new the game itself is, there ware WAY too many variables already in play. I've only been playing for about a week and have already seen a new fancy and like 8 new cattributes.

      alayahlan , 06 January 2018 21:39

      They are coming out quickly because people know how to breed mutations. You can read about it in a post I've just written - https://medium.com/@kaigani/the-cryptokitties-genome-project-on-dominance-inheritance-and-mutation-b73059dcd0a4

      kaigani , 06 January 2018 23:10

      Yes you are right.

      Sipho1 , 06 January 2018 20:50

  660. How would updating CryptoKitties work?

    selling-gf , 07 January 2018 00:11

      Depends on what you think defines a "version".

      The website should be no problem, they have done that multiple times. But the main ethereum contract is more difficult than you might think.

      All the kitties are administrated in one main contract. So, moving out all the kitties over to a new contract will cost a lot of gas. Not really an option I think.

      Also, to give another contract access rights to a kitty, you will always have to approve that contract first, which also cost gas.

      They might wrap the current contract into a new contract, while keeping all data stored in the main contract. The problem with smart contracts is that once they are live, you can not pull them back or change them. (although self destruct is an option)

      It will be interesting to see how they will solve this, if they need big changes to the contract.

      MrNoxer , 07 January 2018 14:41

      Dont effect notting (dos not work whit servers . you own your kitties)

      niels056 , 07 January 2018 01:42

  661. network makes this game expensive and unplayable

    kittyquester , 06 January 2018 19:57

      Keep in mind Ethereum is a worldwide decentralized blockchain that is not owned by anyone. That means CryptoKitties cannot fix anything regarding network overload, it's an Ethereum issue. But yea, everyone is in the same boat, it can get annoying.

      DERPYBASTARD , 06 January 2018 20:19

      While that sound good in theory, I can't fathom the technical difficulties that would bring with it. I don't think there are any alternative currencies that would be able to run a game like CryptoKitties at this time either. But I am by no means an expert!

      DERPYBASTARD , 06 January 2018 21:57

  662. gac price jumped? Where to check this status?

    dimitar99 , 06 January 2018 20:56

      Check here but its expensive at the moment https://ethgasstation.info/index.php

      Sipho1 , 06 January 2018 21:47

      They will go down again . now its because of the up side of etherium. They will come down in a few days

      Sipho1 , 06 January 2018 23:08

  663. Gen 1 Mistletoe

    matthewc97 , 06 January 2018 14:24

      Nice bro! That may be the lowest one I've ever seen!

      Brandonworst , 07 January 2018 04:43

      Thanks everybody for the advice! I've listed it for 2 ETH to try and see if it sells. If not, I'm just gonna hodl it and see how it goes :-)

      matthewc97 , 06 January 2018 19:59

      sell, prices are going down. or hodl and breed when gas is lower

      DarkKnightLupo , 06 January 2018 14:59

      HODL unless you need money or don't believe in the game. Its either worth 0.2-0.5 now in this depressed market, or >2 later if game picks up. Then again price of ETH may also rise so keep that in mind.

      xDezek , 06 January 2018 16:18

  664. If I am looking to invest in a gen 0, what characteristics should I look for that are most valuable?

    dane_brear , 06 January 2018 19:18

      Make sure it's not ugly

      adventuresociety , 06 January 2018 20:06

      If you buy it today it'll be worthless tomorrow, trust me, I sucked it up and bought 2 gen 0's the last drop of new Cattributes... There has been like 7 more cattributes to drop in the following 3 days and due to gas prices ive made almost nothing. Made 1.7 ether of random garbage cats in 2-3 weeks prior and now can no longer even play

      MayorAdamWest1 , 06 January 2018 20:51

      buy a purebreed gen0 or one with a memorable id, like 555555

      kryptofan , 06 January 2018 20:17

      Buy a gen 0 cat that has fancy cat attributes and try to breed a gen 1 fancy. You can still HODL the gen 0 if it has the right genes for a certain fancy even if you don't want to breed.

      BeaverCams , 06 January 2018 20:54

      as it stands, this game is expensive and unplayable. avoid buying anything until they fix the issues with the network, transaction times, prices.

      kittyquester , 06 January 2018 20:06

  665. Who would like to see a CryptoKitty Store?

    unknownplayer44 , 06 January 2018 09:17

      Wow such idea

      grimdiam , 06 January 2018 17:41

  666. I tried the new kittyhat extension (by kittyexplorer developers) and its awesome

    spb9 , 06 January 2018 01:33

      https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoKitties/comments/7oe9xk/kittyhats_launch_giveaway/ the link to the extension is here. These are tokens that you can add/remove to a cat. If you sell a cat with an accessory on, the accessory goes with it. Also, while the extension is activated, you will be able to see anybody else's accessories on their cats!

      spb9 , 06 January 2018 01:35

      wow such a nice one! I submitted it into the contest for ya.

      KittyHats-Official , 06 January 2018 01:47

      what a great extension to the game! 🎉

      DarkKnightLupo , 06 January 2018 13:04

      omg Sir Gooble is swaggin outta control

      dr0w235 , 06 January 2018 02:19

      dr0w235 , 06 January 2018 02:20

  667. New Cattribute: "Grim"

    Kitttyverse , 06 January 2018 12:06

      Hmm I don’t really like all those gen 0 new cattributes...

      DarkKnightLupo , 06 January 2018 13:04

  668. KittyHats Launch & Giveaway!

    KittyHats-Official , 06 January 2018 00:01

      Please please please add a monocle and a tuxedo. It would phenomenal on a dali.

      Also, I have a dali elk that I want to suit up, but the top hat doesn't seem to fit nicely:/

      izzulaizad95 , 06 January 2018 07:28

      This is so cool! Congrats on launch!

      maluno88 , 06 January 2018 01:19

      This will be a great addition to the game! It will help owners personalize their favorite kitties.

      taco10taco10 , 06 January 2018 00:36

      alayahlan , 06 January 2018 01:22

      just BE WARE: The default gwei for the app currently is super high!!! You do not need >150 gwei. 30-40 should be fine

      spb9 , 06 January 2018 01:37

  669. Hodl kitties during High gas

    LaxBrother , 06 January 2018 00:52

      I agree 100%. I havent even tried to play in like 3 days.. It sucks!

      MayorAdamWest1 , 06 January 2018 03:11

      Lol then you are missing out some good opportunities out there. High gas = fewer sellers = less competition.

      flexr123 , 06 January 2018 03:37

      Tbh, this is when you should sell. All kitty prices are steadily increasing with the gas price. If you want a chance to sell your kitties with a higher value, this is it.

      But make sure you sell what you are confident can be sold. Otherwise, if you set it all up for sale but no one bought, then you're forced to cancel all the sales once the kitty prices goes down again.

      izzulaizad95 , 06 January 2018 07:23

      be careful, I tried two purchases that failed. lost the gas :(

      ChesterKedi , 07 January 2018 04:54

  670. Launching CryptoKittyShop.com - get totally free CryptoKitties

    cryptokittyshopcom , 06 January 2018 01:06

      With the new update you should remove videos that are over 2 min long.There is no point in watching a 30 min video sincde i noticed the 20 points notification pops up only once

      ornella99 , 08 January 2018 01:20

      Thanks for being upfront about the monero .js miner. Good luck with the site!

      pnrrr , 06 January 2018 01:38

      Good idea. Something new to pump up CryptoKitties suffering a bit in the last days.

      manaland , 06 January 2018 10:37

      I think it's a great idea, I think that browser mining on your site is fine, since you're so upfront about it. Are there plans for a referral program on the site?

      1gpayAtinlay , 07 January 2018 09:51

      Ehi, something changed?

      "You'll get 5 Kitty Points for each full video that you watch, and after 2 minutes a claim form will show below the video that will reward you with 20 Kitty Points. Please make sure that you watch the video on this site, don't use the 'watch on YouTube' button"

      manaland , 07 January 2018 14:35

  671. Idea for invite more players enter the game。

    zrwd , 06 January 2018 04:56

      Most of the people that sign up to my giveaway are new players with no cats. I'm bringing new people into the game...

      http://poopie.cat - my daily kitty giveaway, give fake info idc. just need ur wallet addy

      poopiecryptocats , 06 January 2018 05:50

      yes we urgently need new players! and lower gas prices

      DarkKnightLupo , 06 January 2018 13:08

      Do you want this game to turn into a ponzi scheme? lmao

      rocketleaguebr0 , 06 January 2018 16:12

      if this game referral system have reward. the game will be crazy.make a guess,activity player 50000 now,6 month will be 500000, 9 month will be 5000000.......1 year cats will rule this planet.

      zrwd , 06 January 2018 05:33

  672. Pricing and Cost to Sell

    BigGatorD , 06 January 2018 01:32

      They were listed when gas price was 1-5, ( most prices that are 0.003 eth started from 0.07 eth. to take it of it cost its better to get the 3$ than 0$ . and if you have the guts to take it of. When are you going to sell it. please say if I am wrong.

      Sipho1 , 06 January 2018 17:37

      $3 is better than $0.

      liamchar-gaming , 06 January 2018 03:49

      bigGator I totally agree with you, at this time it is possible to buy some good cats underpriced.

      kryptofan , 06 January 2018 08:34

      Their accidentally listing them that low imo

      Brandonworst , 06 January 2018 10:01

  673. Band For CryptoKitties

    Phillips_inc , 05 January 2018 22:45

  674. New to Cryptokitties - transactions keep failing

    Nillim , 05 January 2018 14:02

      In my personal opinion you are better of as a new person to the game to spend this time to do some research into what is good cats to buy and breed and await gas prices to drop to 1-7 again, which will happen as soon as Etherum is done with it's current explosion and bonkers trading volumes as a result.

      Make targeted buys if prices on stuff drops too low, but wait with breeding and keep transactions on the whole to an absolute minimum. One of the slight downsides of having the game running on ETH, the awesome part being that your game currency itself goes up in value over time and helps pay for the game ;o)

      If you had purchased 1 ETH on the 1 Dec and you had invested 50% of that into kitties at this stage - you'd still be at a plus in USD..!

      And I am aware of the opportunity cost, but having a game pretty much pay for itself while playing is also pretty awesome.

      madmaister , 05 January 2018 15:21

      try higer gas price 23 gas price must by oke

      niels056 , 05 January 2018 14:16

      I tried yesterday 21 gas price (about 5pm eastern time)... all transactions are still pending

      kryptofan , 05 January 2018 14:38


      23 gas price 5 dollar but cost wil by 3.5 dollar i postet 2 kitty's

      niels056 , 05 January 2018 14:21

  675. At least I managed to buy a Thundergrey

    Sipho1 , 05 January 2018 15:58

      Recommended Gas Prices keep going higher and higher, im waiting for them to return to what they were when i started playing, but right now im kinda getting scared

      Kappagpt , 05 January 2018 17:21

      I waited for it to be 21-23 then I paid 2 $

      Sipho1 , 05 January 2018 17:45

  676. Unable to do anything, is it just me?

    Noiprox6 , 05 January 2018 08:01

      Yeah, today's been really bad for transactions. It's not just you.

      It'll get a lot better, though. Hopefully tomorrow.

      jodiferous11 , 05 January 2018 08:16

      I tried buying a kitty about 45 minutes ago, and it still says "pending." The kitty's page still shows it for sale by the prior owner. Also earlier in the day I was getting intermittent problems with pages not loading.

      Hard to say if this is out of the ordinary though, as others here have been reporting problems all along. But personally I've bought about 30 cats and this is only the second time I've had a problem.

      retailnoodles , 05 January 2018 08:17

      One thing to know is that ETH transactions happen one at a time. So if you queue up 20 of them, 19 will not even start trying to complete until the one(s) before them have completed. If your current oldest transaction had a low gas price then it will hold up all the other ones, potentially for days or more. Even if the gas price is good on all of them there are many more pending transactions than the ETH network can handle right now so it’s going to take a long time. And then once the ETH transaction happens, it will take a while for the website to catch up to all the network activity so you won’t see your purchased kitty for a long time either.

      It’s crazy right now, and it’s not just you, but since it’s ETH network traffic there’s not a lot that the devs can do about it. This is a learning experience for everyone involved, and it’s been mostly fun but there are things like this that will crop up from time to time.

      WeAllMagic , 05 January 2018 08:49

      Well, as an update I had moved to a second pc last night and was successful in purchasing my first cat but after that it was all pending in metamask again so as a test today on the original pc I took my 12 word seed and removed metamask and used the seed to reinstall my account and now my transactions are working no problem so I guess it's metamask messing up then?

      Noiprox6 , 05 January 2018 18:43

      This sucks paid to breed the eths been taken but the kitties did not hump or anything so im down £8 what is pure extortion anyway and left with nothing the game is essentially useless at the moment

      heandog69 , 05 January 2018 21:58

  677. /r/cryptokitties is leaking

    spacesticks , 04 January 2018 14:57

      Wow! It's real! Congrats on your discovery and thank you for sharing!

      CatCreators , 04 January 2018 15:03

      Upvoted for visibility and awareness. XD

      ShatterDae , 04 January 2018 17:28

      a new Fancy Cat? what are the secret cattributes to it?

      shBaekPluto , 05 January 2018 09:38

  678. Fix the problem of accidentally selling your kitty!!

    faatnntaaf , 05 January 2018 01:15

      NOOOOOO!!! That's so heart-breaking! I absolutely agree that there should be more "are you sure...?" checks. Mistakes can be so costly and sad. Give your sister my condolences.

      jodiferous11 , 05 January 2018 02:46

      What if this is an elaborate scam to get people to donate eth :))) ?

      titieuro , 05 January 2018 07:23

      Actually no. I mean, I feel sorry for your sister, but as heartbreaking as this story is: from the very beginning Cryptokitties has had an educational purpose, that is to educate people about cryptocurrencies and if there is one thing you NEED to learn when it comes to cryptocurrencies, it´s that there is no failsafe. YOU are fully responsible for all your actions. It´s good that bad things can happen, because they are never as bad as losing all your funds due to a lack of oversight.

      The gen0 was worth about 200-300$ at that time, correct? Let´s say that was something comparable at that price range, i.e. 300$ headphones. Would you give these headphones to someone who has really no clue about how to use them and then complain when they are wasted after a shower, since the package didn´t say "not waterproof"? I hope you get what I mean. It is crucial that people learn that actually controling your assets means you have to be educated and act responsibly.

      I´d donate a low gen cat if that is of any help.

      artiscience , 05 January 2018 04:49

  679. How can I credit the acc

    Keong88 , 05 January 2018 11:50

      Hi! You can send ethers to this account, or you can import your existing account with ethers and kitties.

      Since Tokenary app is not an official CryptoKitties app, let's better talk in in-app support chat or our Telegram group. You can access it from Settings tab.

      grachyov , 05 January 2018 12:01

      If you own ETH, you have to transfer them to the address you control (I don´t know the app, doesn´t look official btw.). If you don´t own Ether, you need to buy them at an exchange. The metamask browser plugin allows to buy ETH at Coinbase. I personally prefer to buy at other exchanges that are less expensive, but coinbase comes with a user-friendly interface, so if you are new to all this, it might be the best place to go.

      artiscience , 05 January 2018 12:18

  680. This is too expensive for me (or I am doing something wrong)

    titieuro , 05 January 2018 07:20

      0.008 eth breeding cost * 1000 usd / eth = $8

      we are all paying

      appxmatthew , 05 January 2018 07:23

      Come back in six months when things are working better, and the costs will be way lower.

      StickeeHands , 05 January 2018 07:22

      Used to be 0.015 and gas cost was 60+ gwei. Way she goes.

      TLFP , 05 January 2018 13:03

      to place kitty for sale 6 dollar gas price 30 waw

      move systeem off ethereium network
      to expensive

      niels056 , 05 January 2018 10:40

  681. Recommendations on Pure Bred Amur

    ADHDownsyndrome , 05 January 2018 06:54

      IMO: Hold it until we find a fancy combo that needs Amur, then sell or breed to try to make a fancy.

      WeAllMagic , 05 January 2018 08:54

  682. How do I check my kitty's recessive genes?

    StickeeHands , 05 January 2018 07:31

      If you look at the kai genome, each cattribute has four values. I think the rightmost one is the dominant one and the other three are recessive. I get more info when I mouse over/tap each number.

      NeptuneNancy42 , 05 January 2018 08:14

  683. Play CryptoKitties in Tokenary iOS app [unofficial]

    grachyov , 04 January 2018 22:26

  684. How to choose a kitty that stays rare

    jodiferous11 , 04 January 2018 17:40

      Great article I also made a video similar to that thankfully we touched on similar points. I was going to release an update to that video mind if I include the ideas of purebreda and first of its kind?

      ChuckFresco , 04 January 2018 19:07

      X can't rotate (to mutate), and W should be in tier-3. Tier-4 mutations can't exist. However, X may come via a gen0, but then it wouldn't be a tier-4 mutation.

      rocketleaguebr0 , 04 January 2018 20:59

  685. Anybody else taking FOREVER to load?

    BeaverCams , 04 January 2018 23:58

      Yes it is happening to me

      Sipho1 , 05 January 2018 01:29

      incredibly frustrating. 3rd time in 3 days I've tried to breed my kitties with no success. Network is slow.

      redditchampsys , 05 January 2018 03:28

  686. A source introducing CryptoKitties to Chinese players

    chainmyth , 04 January 2018 18:22

      A bunch of translations including Chinese will be added to the site soon as seen here https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoKitties/comments/7nzp8u/dev_status_update_1318/

      DERPYBASTARD , 04 January 2018 18:54

      Thank you. I hope I am a pioneer :)

      chainmyth , 05 January 2018 07:34

  687. What I've learned, and wish to learn

    izzulaizad95 , 04 January 2018 13:20

      I think it´s Keep It Simple Stupid as always. A simple strategy scaled to the maximum gives you the most secure gains. Everything else is rather speculative.

      There is an account (saw it recently, forgotten which one )that focussed solely on producing and selling gen1 and gen2. The account accumulated around 15-20 gen0 and had them constantly breeding. I think this is quite a solid win situation, given the person didn´t buy the gen0 at, say 8 ETH or so. If you can buy them at around 0.5 you should be able to recover the price after some time and then produce gains. Since it is a rather "conservative" approach (if one could call a one-month-old strategy in a completely explorative game based on a still not mature technology like that) and it won´t make you a lot of money, but as far as I see it, it still works.

      There are other and more risky straight-forward-strategies that are profitable, but involve more risk. Some people collect new traits and sell them immediately as you did. I personally find that too risky since you don´t really know whether a trait is actually rare at the beginning, but if you miss out you won´t be able to make profit if it turns out to be a valuable trait. Losing money on this strategy is not surprising, but of course there is also money to make.

      I personally find collecting the most appealing strategy. I am looking for interesting ID numbers, old kitties (<10.000 and <100.000) whenever someone sells them for a good price. I also look into genuine cats. I think the Hamster Cat that was generated in the recent Breeding Contest is such a genuine cat and buy using the traits we already have you can think about many other good looking cats (i.e. completely white cats with red eyes). And then there are funny numbers. I recently found that someone managed to generate cat number 444444 at generation 44. This person had a strategy and followed it with rigor (I don´t see how this would be possible as a matter of coincidence - the person deliberately bred a gen43 and a gen1 and probably did that many times).

      TL.DR, I believe in strictly followed yet simple strategies. If you have a plan and evaluate it, you can eventually make money or have a lot of fun.

      artiscience , 04 January 2018 14:56

      Liked reading. Problem is the new traits they come fast. If you look at seafoam how many people that have it. In case if it is needed to breed a new trait. Collection for us is going to be tough with this 0.008

      Sipho1 , 04 January 2018 17:21

      I just wanna say I did the exact if not almost exact same thing as you.
      Imma sucker for breeding new traits and chased them as you did.
      I broke even twice, the most recent was the Elk season. I was so happy I finally broke enough back then and the moment I know, those 4 new traits happened.
      I spent way too much during that time and finally made a G2 Flamingo which I kept on breeding like no tomorrow only making one G4 Seafoam.
      The profit definitely didn't cover much of the cost and then PhuZiqaat happened. Didn't managed to make any of that new fancy and today these 4 traits dropped again lol.
      I personally feel that the new traits are dropping too fast for us breeders to cover back our cost. We're not even talking about profit and since there's more people selling than buying, we're in some kind of trouble here.
      I truly enjoy breeding and getting them success, but with the current state of the game, it's a little tough to sustain.
      I lost more than I should and kept telling myself to stop/slow down lol.
      I'm gonna rethink my strategy and most likely gonna end up spending more, lol. Stupidity at its finest XD
      Cheers, man!
      You're not alone :)

      thattanna , 04 January 2018 15:37

      It is supossed you must have 'purebreed' cats ready to generate the new rare traits, to get better chance of breeding the right thing.

      kryptofan , 04 January 2018 16:53

      this is great that you are self reflective. these were good lessons and should help you continue to improve in the future.

      JamesGatz_thehomie , 04 January 2018 20:39

  688. 8 Dollar?

    hackedieter , 04 January 2018 15:51

      More functionality for the kitties (if that is what you meant) is most certainly in the works, here is some suggested reading: https://www.reddit.com/r/CryptoKitties/comments/7kowyy/ask_the_cryptokitty_team_anything/

      DERPYBASTARD , 04 January 2018 17:33

      and is going to 16 usd. Eth price is an unstoppable rocket

      kryptofan , 04 January 2018 17:02

  689. Dev Status Update - 1/3/18

    Bojakn , 04 January 2018 05:04

      The full-time community manager should be a big thing, people need to be reassured the game is going somewhere with regular updates, much like anywhere else in the business world. Sadly people have treated this like an investment so knowing the game has a future will come a lot from regular updates.

      Dynamic gas price defualt - Excellent - I am super lazy and hate having to check ETH Gas Station. However due to Bun in Oven bug I have been useing MyEtherWallet which allows me to set once then forget.

      Kitty Sink or Kitty Sink alternative. Good to know they are looking into this. Anything that lowers the %age of kittens on sale (over 1/5th atm) and incentivizes players not selling more than they breed is good. Right now we can breed and sell. I get told I am ruining the game by playing too much basically. That shouldn't be possible.

      If achievements come out it would be good to go back in time and add them to profiles that managed X and Y in the past, I mean that is what the blockchain is all about anyway. I got the first gerbil and persian for example - would be nice to have that on my profile!

      I haven't exactly been quiet about the fact I think the sink or sink alternative needs to be in before more players come to the game. The longer the delay of a fix for that the lower gen 0s will go in the short term but it does mean when the new languages launch players are much more likely to stay and there will be a lower entry price for them.

      Carlini8 , 04 January 2018 05:15

      This is just great! I like all the updates!

      appxmatthew , 04 January 2018 07:24

      I am extremely excited by this article.

      I am about on my first full week of CryptoKitties and I like it a lot so far. I'm a college student who regularly daytrades and I found this via twitter from a few Crypto traders.

      I believe this game will have both recreational value (fun) and monetary value (investments) more than it has at the current moment with these future updates.

      A CM will be able to grow the platform I think, per say. As it allows an outreach to a good amount of skeptical and unsure players as well as gives those already involved a spark of interest in things ahead to do .

      The Kitty Sink, as an investments standpoint is entirely needed in my opinion. To provide a finite amount of cats dated November 2018 as the end of Gen 0 production, and then pump out cats at the levels they do while remaining with the current player involvement needs to stop, and this seems like a great solution.

      I noticed someone around here said that they think a good amount of the players are from North America, and I have to say I potentially agree. To be able to have these languages implemented and then maybe a regional CM as well should bring enhanced traffic for sure.

      I am extremely happy to hear all this and excited to see where this takes us!

      Brandonworst , 04 January 2018 07:34

      Thanks for the update. I mentioned it in a previous thread but would be great if you could put it to the Devs, 'A WATCH LIST' so you could keep track on kitties you'd like to buy.

      nightporter , 04 January 2018 15:31

      Omgosh the ETH gas defaulting to the correct ETH will be amazing. Thanks that will a TON! Tired of checking ethgasstation.

      Also achievements ideas like Global Fancy Leaderboard could be implemented where the person who discovers a new Fancy gets some recognition!

      Thanks for the updates!

      ChuckFresco , 04 January 2018 05:09

  690. Should we hire a game economist?

    siddartha1492 , 04 January 2018 08:46

      i vote yes. according to my calculations developers made over 1,000,000 from founder cat sales alone. Put some of that to use!

      9hil , 04 January 2018 09:16

      I vote yes but at the same time I think it’s a little too late for that

      A_D_A_R , 04 January 2018 11:40

      We? If the devs feel like spending money they can subsidize gas prices

      Jensen2185 , 04 January 2018 12:20

      its better a video game marketing expert.

      feligosky , 04 January 2018 15:28

  691. 3 New Traits

    nightporter , 04 January 2018 12:09

      Wonky is eye type. Pumpkin and Thundergrey are eye colour.

      nightporter , 04 January 2018 12:10

      Pumpkin mutates from combination of thundergrey + gold, right?

      So far, there's no mutation resulting from wonky + another eye type

      izzulaizad95 , 04 January 2018 12:40

      Market is still dying, pushing new traits even with gen0 would not save it

      Hecatonquiro , 04 January 2018 12:49

      True, but market is destroyed, cause of imbalance on prices. Gen:0 0.25 - 0.18, Gen:1 0.015, more than 10 times...

      Hecatonquiro , 04 January 2018 17:12

      New trait Gen 0, are the main killers of the game. Mutation keeps it going

      Sipho1 , 04 January 2018 17:23

  692. It's nice to see some genes actually becoming rarer again.

    reduellc , 04 January 2018 07:41

      thats good news. means early rare cats will be again valuable assets

      kryptofan , 04 January 2018 17:09

  693. New Trait, "Wonky"

    riwang , 04 January 2018 10:51

  694. Transactions pending for hours

    Rombock , 04 January 2018 10:23

      you need gas price 21 to get the transactions completed quickly for now.

      vanitasCG , 04 January 2018 10:56

      See https://ethgasstation.info/ for the standard gas price needed to get your transactions confirmed in a reasonable time.

      You can retry transactions with higher gas price via metamask if you wish. Transactions with low gas price will also get confirmed eventually, but it can take very long when the Ethereum network is seeing high traffic.

      DERPYBASTARD , 04 January 2018 14:09

  695. Is it worth selling kitties at OPSkins?

    izzulaizad95 , 04 January 2018 05:27

      Sorry guys, I'm quite new. Could you please explain me what is OPSkins and how it works and why could be better to be used?

      manaland , 04 January 2018 10:55

      I'm buying certain traits via OPSkins, be happy to pick yours up there if they're the traits i'm looking for.

      ChartreuxCollector , 04 January 2018 05:30

      Have a look,


      All the rare ones were kinda sold before the price went down. But then again, the ones up in OPSkins weren't all that rare too.

      izzulaizad95 , 04 January 2018 05:36

  696. We need to get Jay Watson on the CryptoBoiz show

    swsschz , 03 January 2018 21:09

  697. Crypto Kitty Coinbase

    sseniour , 04 January 2018 02:05

      I had this issue as well once. What I did was copy my CrpyotKitties/Meta code and use that as the recipient after I bought my ETH straight from coinbase and just sent it there! I hope that helps in some way

      Brandonworst , 04 January 2018 07:19

  698. IS IT ALIVE?

    CatCreators , 03 January 2018 15:08

      Thank you! At least now I know that when I will (eventually) come back to the game it will still be there! :-)

      CatCreators , 03 January 2018 15:56

      I'm still buying haha! Just only buying kitties I actually want (specific traits).

      ChartreuxCollector , 03 January 2018 15:09

      Just check the transactions happening. Yes, people are still buying, hiring and breeding.

      artiscience , 03 January 2018 15:10

      Yes buying latest trait and sire latest. Older if its needed like alien, daffodils etc

      Sipho1 , 03 January 2018 15:41

      my PhuZiqaat sire 5 thims ant make 150 dollar at 24 hours still a live ;)

      niels056 , 03 January 2018 16:24

  699. come on CK devs. You really not going to lower 0.008 ETH breeding fee?

    dimitar99 , 03 January 2018 07:50

      While ETH steadily rising, the breeding fee remained the same. This means that it becomes more and more expensive to play. Breeding fee should be dynamically adjusted, to remain the same in fiat.

      hermetrikus , 04 January 2018 02:34

      We understand that this is frustrating for you folks. With the highly fluctuating price of Ether, it seems like the birthing fee is different every day. We appreciate the input, user voice is important, keep it coming!

      We are considering improvements all times, and this is a issue that involves many aspects so I'd like to share some technical perspective on that fee.

      To start off, this fee that exists only for the maintenance of the ecosystem. Users pay the fee and it's an open market to give birth, whoever gives birth to a cat that is due earns the fee.

      Also keep in mind this mechanism was ultimately implemented as a decentralized guarantee to the community that CK will remain forever despite of what the future might bring.

      Ok, now understanding the values! The giving birth operation is actually costly in Ethereum, which is the flip side of the guarantee of immortal kittens. It costs approximately 250k gas, and the gas price itself fluctuates a lot as we know by now. Take as example this recent tx: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x5cd71d4266c20a23e9ede537728f433cbdd3e82230a009a57201a8883c33bcad The caller got back the value of 8 finney, but at a gas price of 31gwei paid 7.9 finney, leaving barely any gain margin.

      Summarizing, changing birth fees is not an easy call at any rate, and we got strong responses before when doing it without warning. For all that, please keep in mind we do consider it, but there is immense value for the maintenance of the game to make it stable and predictable.

      flockonus , 05 January 2018 01:05

      No, don't do this.

      Already 96.5k kitties on the market, basically 1/5 of all kitties are on sale.

      If the fee is lowered people will breed more. Overpopulation will continue at an even higher rate. If anything, up the fee! Slow people breeding while trying to fix the issue.

      "More money in the ecosystem means more activity which means more chances to sell, even if it is at a lower price." More breeding = lower %age of the cats of sale getting bought.

      Carlini8 , 03 January 2018 16:24

      The devs mentioned a thorough market analysis is required to see what the breeding fee can be changed into. You can expect them to devote some time to this soon once things speed up in the office.

      DERPYBASTARD , 03 January 2018 16:52

      My kitties already dropped in value 50% when they lowered from 0.015. There's nothing we can do about crazy gas prices, but lowering the breeding fee will only flood the market even more.

      Jensen2185 , 03 January 2018 08:36

  700. I made a Santa! Not sure how entirely!

    Brandonworst , 03 January 2018 23:59


      titieuro , 04 January 2018 00:08

      It's not a Santaclaws. It is a Mistletoe. And I guess without looking at its genes it is probably because the genes of the mistletoe parent remained dominant.

      artiscience , 04 January 2018 00:49

      My BAD. The genepool of the wild is "dddd" which is all Santaclaws, that is what I had meant. Not sure if that means anything.

      Brandonworst , 04 January 2018 00:53

  701. Purchased from OPSKINS, Didn't recieve

    Kvitto_Will , 03 January 2018 23:37

      There's very slow issues going on with CK site. I had done the same and got them with ease while the site had the green Network button. Now it is yellow. Don't fret. They will come I bet!

      Brandonworst , 03 January 2018 23:52

      Yup had the same problem but the kitties do eventually show up don't worry.

      ChartreuxCollector , 03 January 2018 23:59

      If you still haven't received them, please make an OPSkins support ticket and they'll be happy to help you out! Support is available 24/7 and the average response time is just a few minutes.

      Link: https://opskins.com/?loc=support_tickets

      OPSkins_Arielle , 04 January 2018 03:40

      Have you receive the kitties since?

      toneeandfriends , 05 January 2018 06:45

  702. I am noob on cryptokitty Need help!!

    kazish009 , 03 January 2018 22:38

      Hello Kazish, I will do my best to try to explain what you can do now.

      You can buy, sell, and breed your kitties. You can breed between you own kitties, or you may put your kitty up for sire and vice-versa for a fee to breed with another users kitty.

      The thing to breeding is breeding the selected "Cattributes" you want. Certain cattributes have more value than others. There's a type of kitties called "Fancy" which is a specific makeup of genes that pops out a more "rare" kitty. All the tools needed to get a good idea on this are located on the right hand side of the Reddit under "Cool Third Party Sites"

      Right now, to me, this is the beginning stages. Kitties are constantly pumped out in Gen 0 Rate every 15 minutes until November 2018. Then, Gen 0 Kitties are done being made, in theory raising the price of lower Gen kitties.

      Also, in Spring 2018 there's a rumored App coming out for the Cryptokitties.

      Above, I also forgot to explain Gens. Gens are constantly evolving and it seems that the lower the Gen the more valuable, as well as kitty #.

      This is very choppy, as I am new myself, but I hope I could alleviate on some of the things swirling around. It's a lot to wrap your head around.

      Hell, I have been really trying to get into this and have yet to make my first fancy >:(


      Brandonworst , 03 January 2018 22:48

      Hi just wanted to suggest maybe check out some of the videos on my channel I get my best to explain the game to newbies here is the firs. Video of the series I am making


      ChuckFresco , 04 January 2018 08:52

  703. I have a question for cryptokitties

    niels056 , 03 January 2018 22:30

      The IDs 101-5000 are reserved for exclusive cats and minted cats. They are all manually created so it's still possible they will create new exclusive or minted fancies in the future. Maybe for contests/events and such.

      DERPYBASTARD , 04 January 2018 03:51

      Okay, thanks for the information Good that I know that I do not buy something that can still be added to.

      you are sure that the kittens have to be made with this idd then they can still have 500 fance relaes or a former vampire kittie then the original vampire kittie number 1 is certainly not worth much

      niels056 , 04 January 2018 10:22

  704. How do I sell some ETH with Metamask?

    Mr_Frodo_Cat , 03 January 2018 22:16

      Send your ETH to an exchange where you have an account and a deposit address set up. Coinbase/GDX is the most popular in the USA. Then you can exchange your ETH for USD and send it to your bank account. Note that this requires becoming verified with the exchange, a process that will take time - sometimes several weeks. Or you could use Metamask to send it to shapeshift.io and convert it into BTC and use a website like localbitcoins to sell the BTC in person for cash to a person - technically faster but also much riskier. Don't attempt this if you don't know what you're doing.

      Overwatch_Falcon , 03 January 2018 22:19

      How do I send my ETH from Metamask to the ETH wallet I set up on Coinbase please?

      Mr_Frodo_Cat , 05 January 2018 04:20

  705. Kitty not appearing in my profile

    avjk , 03 January 2018 22:10

      Cause of slow network and a lot transactions in ETH, now server is not in sync with blockchain, just wait until network will be recovered

      Hecatonquiro , 03 January 2018 22:15

      Same here I'm waiting for my kitties I bought cheap

      Sipho1 , 03 January 2018 22:28

      My kitty came through after a few hours. So just wait a little. :-)

      joeymao , 04 January 2018 03:03


    ChuckFresco , 03 January 2018 10:44

      Hi everyone,

      As a person, with a bit of experience playing this game from about the start, I decided to create this video to explain some topics about the game. More importantly what is "RARE" in the market at the moment.

      Topics covered:

      • 0:36 What Generation Kitties are "Rare"

      • 2:00 What Cattributes are "Rare"

      • 3:15 What is the end goal of the game

      If you are wondering WHY your Kitties are NOT SELLING this should help. Keep in mind these are my opinions regarding the game, but I have been able to successfully sell in the past few days pretty consistently. Please feel free to ask me questions below or follow my channel for more videos.


      EDIT: Please use https://kitty.appx.hk/ for your kitty breeding predicting needs it was a site not available when I first made the video and is the site I use now! Hope to release a new video this weekend!


      ChuckFresco , 03 January 2018 10:46

  707. High tx fees

    playfulexistence , 03 January 2018 20:12


      Look at the bottom right of the page, what's the low?

      Right now its like 21 gwei which is pretty high.

      But yesterday it was 2 or 3 so I just sent them with 4 gwei and they went quick af.

      elgrandesombrero , 03 January 2018 20:28

      and remember ethereum ETH right now is sky rocketing, the price is going up and up. so people is just waiting for an eth price drop to start buying again ck

      kryptofan , 04 January 2018 17:52

  708. Weird gas prices

    titieuro , 03 January 2018 20:02

      I just paid 0.89 USD now. With the cheapest kitties I see on the site

      Sipho1 , 03 January 2018 20:06

      Gas Fees were 0.89

      Sipho1 , 03 January 2018 20:50

      When metamask suggests an abnormal gas limit (around 6 million), just reject the transaction. You need to refresh the page and try again until a proper gas limit is suggested (75k-250k). Check https://ethgasstation.info/ for the current gas price.

      DERPYBASTARD , 04 January 2018 05:28

  709. I finished my Crypto Kitties paper toy script! I wanted to share the results (more info in the comments)

    Fold-Friends , 03 January 2018 01:03

      This finished version shows the cat's name, number and owner. The colour blocks at the top and bottom of the page are determined by the original's background colour.

      I've started putting some of these printable kitties up for download on my paper craft site - folduptoys.com. It's a pretty basic page for now with 8 cats, but now I've figured out how I'm displaying the images etc I can clean things up a little.

      There are plans to add a "request cat" feature in the future to turn your favorite pats into printable pals. But for now the plan is to release the rest of wave 1 (16 cats) before turning my attention to fancy cats since downloadable versions of all of the unique cats would be really nice.

      This project is part of a larger series of design challenges I do for my youtube channel "Let's Design Paper Toys", so far the script for the video explaining how everything was done and what went wrong/right with the [project is 8 pages long, but I'll start work at recording/editing what I need to tomorrow. So keep your eyes peeled for the video.

      In the meantime I've been trying to live stream myself converting kitties, but I keep lagging out, again, I'll try more tomorrow.


      Fold-Friends , 03 January 2018 01:09

      Thanks for this! I know you're a big fan of the shading, but I really prefer the cartoon original look. Any chance you might offer one without the shading? :D

      Overwatch_Falcon , 03 January 2018 02:20

      This is awesome! I'm going to try making one tomorrow!

      jodiferous11 , 03 January 2018 08:29

      Hi! Thanks for all your work, brilliant! I am wondering can I mad the paper model for chosen No. kitty? I thought it was a script to generate the paper model for input No. and that is a good idea

      logan0055 , 03 January 2018 09:23

      I really like it (aside from the shading). To serve as a giveaway, however, we need another script that generations an address and prints the seedphrase or private key + introduction to CK onto the cat (i.e. the inside). While this is far from "secure" in a cryptographic sense, it would be a nice starter for non-crypto folks.

      artiscience , 03 January 2018 11:43

  710. MetaMask not working?

    Klu8Klu6 , 03 January 2018 18:37

      Metamask seems to be working just fine - the ethereum network is seeing high traffic today which means the suggested gas price (not the gas limit!! The suggested gas limit is always good unless it's 6 million) is too low. Always check https://ethgasstation.info/ for the recommended gas price. 10 may take a while longer because miners prioritize transactions with higher gas prices.

      DERPYBASTARD , 03 January 2018 18:41

  711. A thing we need to boost the economy in CK

    madmaister , 03 January 2018 04:56

      I though about that as well. Would definitely be a good idea.

      weareallfungi , 03 January 2018 06:30

      Interesting idea but it might be technically difficult to have a bidding system like that. I'll be sure to bring this up soon.

      DERPYBASTARD , 03 January 2018 07:08

      Great idea. Especially on being able to bid on cats that aren't for sale yet.

      rocketleaguebr0 , 03 January 2018 17:47

  712. WINNER of the Breeders' Cup!

    jodiferous11 , 02 January 2018 22:10

      YAAAAYYYYYYYY! for Hamster Cat and congrats to their human parent, kittenprincess69! Nice job!

      I'm looking forward to the next competition like this one. Thanks again to all who made it happen!

      VeganAtheistWeirdo , 02 January 2018 22:46

      Gosh.... I didn´t expect that to happen that quick. And the fact that it is a golden one makes it even more awesome. Do you keep it kittenpricess69, or are you going to sell it. I´d be interested ;) Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS and I´m happy you´re going to receive my gen1 kitten as a price for that awesome kitten!

      artiscience , 02 January 2018 23:07

  713. How much the every 1st fancy is worth?

    zrwd , 03 January 2018 05:49

      https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/23272 1ST Dracula 150ETH REALLY? and virgin or not is matter?

      zrwd , 03 January 2018 06:05

      what it's worth? What are you talking about is the question As a market grows and real people will ever collect it can price high

      1st fancy of every race (virgin not so important I think) and first 100 fancy's ever made wss then first 5000 kittens also mss

      if my now knows what the potential is then wss can make a lot of money but now you are not sure there are so many factors, but it can be big

      niels056 , 03 January 2018 13:23

      advantage if the game is still growing for collect value 1: it is the internet 2: clear prices 3: only 10,000 collectors needed for higher value ever 4: collectors wss will not be poor people 5: there is only 1 of each (not 1st series 1000 pieces made of)

      as you can see and think, you can become mad;)

      niels056 , 03 January 2018 13:28

  714. Beta Testers for CryptoKitties Gaming Site

    footose , 02 January 2018 16:31

      I'm putting up a disclaimer that this isn't CK official. Please read what you sign and understand what you are getting into. There is no way to confirm if this is/isn't a scam. There is no official guarantee you will get a kitty.

      Stay safe :)

      Bojakn , 02 January 2018 22:40

      Finally someone did that, excellent job man! Gotta put some value on those high gen cat otherwise they're just sitting.

      appxmatthew , 02 January 2018 16:36

      This sounds awesome! If you need more people and are willing to move it to Friday let me know and I'm in! (moving across states on Thurs so I wont have internet)

      shayrala , 02 January 2018 16:40

      ok, I like your idea, looks nice and serious, I have 20 cats, but I can't test at this moment, but I think I could help in a next step of your project. Have a good luck. We are going to keep an eye on this

      kryptofan , 02 January 2018 20:43

      Thanks a lot for the information, sounds promising I can not join because I have to work and other time zone but I can not wait for your idea good luck

      niels056 , 02 January 2018 17:28

  715. Why aren't any kitties selling...?

    kittyquester , 03 January 2018 03:03

      Hey everyone as an experienced crypto kitty player please note that at the moment only gen:0 and gen:1 with rare traits have any value if you are breeding past gen:5 you will not sell much barring a fancy cat. Please keep this in mind if you are past gen:5 you probably won’t sell.

      If you have any questions please feel free to ask or check out this video I made explaining my reasoning for what is valuable:


      ChuckFresco , 03 January 2018 10:41

      I bought one today...

      farleymatters , 03 January 2018 04:11

      I think its the 4 traits in 1 day and most people were busy parting when they were unlocked. So to jump in now is not good. Let's see next trait . also ETH price

      Sipho1 , 03 January 2018 05:16

      anyone think that this issue has anything to do with them getting rid of the ability for users to see the cat names? now all the cats are just numbers...

      kittyquester , 03 January 2018 07:09

      For those of you saying the marketing hasn't shifted, I'd love to know why there are now pages of new gen0 kitties that are at .3-.1. That's a HUGE drop in days. A few days ago cats were at 1+ ETH. People aren't paying a premium for them anymore...

      kittyquester , 03 January 2018 18:40

  716. Guide on how to breed if your cats are stuck on "Bun in Oven" or "Resting"

    DERPYBASTARD , 02 January 2018 20:07

      Thanks so much for this! So helpful!

      jodiferous11 , 02 January 2018 23:16

      Beware! Yes this is awesome and I do thank you for this post! But, everyone needs to be aware that you need to watch your gas when using this method. 2 or 3 times now I have setup everything, made it to the metamask pop up and say the gas is at a safe 5? I'll put 8 and the transaction will fail and I'm prtty sure I keep losing my .008 ether. (my stupidity for not setting the gas limit im assuming :./ )

      MayorAdamWest1 , 03 January 2018 07:22

      Can anyone please help answer a couple questions I can't figure out....

      How do you do this with bidOnSiringAuction? For the amount to send, do you send the breeding fee (0.008) plus the current bid asking price? And what causes the metamask gas limit to be set too high? Is it safe to lower it to a sane amount?

      Overwatch_Falcon , 03 January 2018 11:48

  717. Help! Do siring/buying requests need to be approved?

    leema_ , 02 January 2018 22:21


      Bojakn , 02 January 2018 22:37

  718. Which should be the market value for a multiple combination of rare attibutes?

    manaland , 03 January 2018 00:01

      First check out the auctions, by using the search bar on main site and seperating each cattribute with a coma. Next, check out the following websites



      BTW i sent you link to my profile but you can easily search for your own. If you cannot automatically find your account, copy the 'address' (under account name, on my Kitties page) and paste it instead of mine

      acs20596 , 03 January 2018 03:22

      Does Selkirk, Icy and hintomint qualify?

      cris-de-tabarnak , 03 January 2018 00:09

  719. Many people that play Crypto Kitties I Think they are from North America

    Sipho1 , 02 January 2018 20:42

      But it feels nice waking up and see that you sold “x” amount of kitties! And the transations might be faster for us, so less gas price

      Kappagpt , 02 January 2018 21:24

      Good you notice. Gas Price, also there is a chance of buying cheap and selling high sometimes

      Sipho1 , 02 January 2018 21:36

      Australia. Still waiting for my cryptocurrency account to be verified. Been two weeks. Currently too many users getting on board with cryptocurrency. Might see more Australian users trickling in in the next few weeks. Don’t feel it will make a huge difference, though.

      goodthankyou , 03 January 2018 09:37

      If we can use USD, Euro etc directly to the game. Im telling you many people will get on board because crypto currency is not for everyone.

      Sipho1 , 03 January 2018 14:07

  720. I'm starting to buy what they call shit Kitties hope one day they will have value

    Sipho1 , 02 January 2018 19:42

      Thanks for the advice. . nearly bought them

      Sipho1 , 02 January 2018 20:22

      I think the money🤑💰 is in quick flips

      multinationalcat , 02 January 2018 22:16

      Can't recommend to do that without focus. Shit kitties may not be shit kitties, but a lot certainly are. For instance in the early days sluggish and slow kitties were assumed to be "shit kitties", but some of these were in the first 100.000 row, which certainly gain value if the game keeps being developed. But just buying without plan/strategy /focus seems to me like a waste of money on the wrong end.

      artiscience , 02 January 2018 20:07

      With ethereum price skyrocketing maybe is not the best time to buy anything with that cryptocoin. I am waiting for a crash in ethereum market to buy a couple of gen 1 or 2. Price today is about 0.017 eth for the cheapest

      kryptofan , 02 January 2018 20:54

      See if you find something interesting in here.

      meadowpoe , 03 January 2018 02:23

  721. Looking for cat farming/breeding/general advice, I'm new.

    Crypto_farm , 02 January 2018 19:14

      Check out the sidebar for links to websites that have intro guides!

      Bojakn , 02 January 2018 22:36

      Take your time to learn about the value of different traits at different generations; look at sale history, not just current asking price. Use a breeding calculator to see what the chances are to pass on valuable traits you want so you’re not (too) surprised by the results — these only give probabilities but the probabilities can sometimes be hard to intuit. And have fun! Name your kitties, go for unique traits and colors that mean something to you, don’t focus 100% on profits (day trading alt coins is more lucrative and probably just as risky).

      WeAllMagic , 03 January 2018 05:45

      Only buy kitties with almost all the traits you want to pass on. You can get lucky sometimes, but breeding out unwanted traits can get expensive. It's usually worth the extra cost for the right sire. Also get as low as generation that you can afford. When you breed, the offspring with be the next Gen after the parent with highest Gen. So if you breed a G5 and G8, the offspring will be a G9.

      Coinivore , 02 January 2018 23:47

  722. kitty helper not working

    akrapovic1290 , 02 January 2018 19:12

      Yes, I had this issue. I just gave up and leave it disabled. So far I haven't found any kitty extension that doesn't cause some kind of issue to make me eventually disable it.

      VeganAtheistWeirdo , 02 January 2018 19:38

      I fixed the issue and submitted a pull request last night. Just waiting for the dev to merge in my fix. If you'd like to use it in the meantime clone my repo and build it from source https://github.com/t04glovern/kitty-helper

      t04glovern , 02 January 2018 22:11

  723. Schrödinger's Wild Gene

    AtAlanfalcon , 02 January 2018 09:16

      Would that not just be a box? With the possibility of any type of cat inside? Where you can choose to open the box and find out what you have or keep it closed and admire the possibilities...

      Zambuc , 02 January 2018 10:25

  724. Can we not get kittyexplorer fixed?

    madmaister , 02 January 2018 15:40

      What's wrong with it?

      selectFromUsers , 02 January 2018 17:29

      I installed the chrome add-on today and it's not doing anything

      Mad_Mek_Mazgruk , 03 January 2018 01:41

      Someone is working on it I believe. The founders had it as a side project and are selling it. Not sure if this other dude bought it or they have a deal, but he is working on getting it up. It needs to resync to the blockchain.

      weareallfungi , 03 January 2018 02:57

  725. "Sorry, we are unable to locate this Transaction Hash" Anyone else getting this error??

    leema_ , 02 January 2018 20:02

      It means your transaction wasn't broadcast to the network (yet). What gas limit and gas price did you enter in the Metamask popup?

      DERPYBASTARD , 02 January 2018 20:09

  726. Bun in the oven bug?

    Northerner6 , 02 January 2018 19:54

  727. Airdropped Cryptokitty, what to do next?

    fresh_french , 02 January 2018 18:06

      You might be able to find what you need in the FAQ https://www.cryptokitties.co/faq, what specifically do you want to know?

      DERPYBASTARD , 02 January 2018 18:13

  728. It seems cryptokitties market has crashed

    kryptofan , 02 January 2018 21:01

      Kitty explorer is currently not pulling data!

      MadMaxDK , 02 January 2018 21:11

      Everything is normal. Stats and graphs are lies. New years eve and day, Ether price, many traits and 1 day. This game will grow when people start to you their currency.

      Sipho1 , 02 January 2018 21:43

      Why are you assuming those stats are accurate?

      retailnoodles , 02 January 2018 21:58

      at least for me I lost interest. it is still not quite like a game, but a market. however one is hard to make money from it. so interest lost

      zzm88 , 02 January 2018 22:25

      I've noticed a difference. First time I posted a few cats for sale I sold 3. I made a few more— several totally unique, one the first Selkirk Elk— and none of them are selling. It's weird.

      kittyquester , 03 January 2018 03:17

  729. After Kitties and EtherTanks I really hope an online trading card game is in development. • r/ethereum

    lovelykissu , 02 January 2018 03:33

      There is Nova Blitz (https://novablitz.com/). They currently do a token sale and have a product on the market.

      artiscience , 02 January 2018 12:00

      Imagine a GWENT Ethereum game. Or Pokémon.

      Get_up_to_get_down , 02 January 2018 09:19

      Overwatch_Falcon , 02 January 2018 09:30

      Check out Ether Legends TCG and the token presale upcoming in Feb 2018. Ether Legends features physical and digital asset connectivity, fast, fun and strategic game play and absolutely astounding artwork. The collectibility of these cards both in the physical and digital realm gives players true content ownership. For more info: http://www.etherlegends.io

      etherlegends , 20 January 2018 19:40

  730. Help, pawease?

    Timmeltim , 02 January 2018 11:54

      Edited! Apologies.

      Timmeltim , 02 January 2018 14:26

      Crypt0n0ob , 02 January 2018 16:04

      I had same problem with I.D verification at Coinbase and others. I used https://cryptomate.co.uk and bought £200 of ETH without having to provide I.D. It took a while for my order to be 'picked up' by a dealer or whatever they're called.

      nightporter , 02 January 2018 19:12

      I put together a few articles and guides for new players on my website, www.cryptokitties411.com. Hope it helps!

      jodiferous11 , 03 January 2018 09:35

  731. List of blockchain games

    Hecatonquiro , 01 January 2018 22:44

      Great list and commentary about crypto blockchain games. I try to keep a lesser list at the Awesome CryptoKitties (and Copycats) page up-to-date. Keep it up. Happy new year. Cheers. Prosit 2018!

      geraldbauer , 01 January 2018 23:25

      There is another game coming out in a week or so with tons of PR behind it. DM me if you want early access to the private beta

      Nemopower , 02 January 2018 07:48

      https://aethia.co/welcome/2RD2fwVBFuYqpRtKpizYVEJZQKbgg3m3 new blockchain game this is my ref. link i get some reward if you use it :) the game is just in the beginning!

      harimbadl , 07 February 2018 00:51

      Aethia: The new Cryptokitties with a mix of Pokemon and Tamagotchi. More than 75K+ users registered. Only 600 Omega eggs for grabs starting 12 Feb 12:00:00 UTC for 0.09 ETH. https://aethia.co/welcome/4GF8XD4MQOXITFog9mBL9BYBCdOP2UeD

      Richie-Crypto-Rich , 12 February 2018 18:27

  732. Selkirk + Icy what are we doing, rare or selling

    Sipho1 , 02 January 2018 12:17

      I think Rare is the way to go. I have 2 @ gen:0

      boom603 , 02 January 2018 13:10

      Still can't afford gen 0.

      Sipho1 , 02 January 2018 16:24

      please sell it to me

      selectFromUsers , 02 January 2018 17:29

  733. Viewing and understanding cryptokitties genetic, cattribute, dominant and recessive.

    shuang981209 , 02 January 2018 11:06

      Go here, https://cryptokittydex.com/kitties/ after the / add your kitties number. Under the GENE section click 'Binary' under that you'll see a string of 1's and 0's. Copy that then go here, https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HGp7oLgyEkTZ9GRhd22HgHTyQBvkWskhk3WRQNmFUnE/edit#gid=1272341118 click on Cell F1, make sure its empty then paste in your Binary (from kittyindex). You should now be able to see your kitties catributes. There are 3 other options at the bottom too.

      nightporter , 02 January 2018 18:51

  734. I just bred..... an exact copy?

    izzulaizad95 , 02 January 2018 04:15

      As low as 0.04% chance if neither parent shares any traits.

      Overwatch_Falcon , 02 January 2018 09:27

      Use https://cryptokittydex.com/ to look at the genes!

      batpic , 02 January 2018 10:45

      There are phrnotypes (the looks) and genotypes (the genes) whereas there are more genotypes as phenotypes.

      artiscience , 02 January 2018 12:03

  735. Elk + Icy kittens

    manaland , 02 January 2018 10:09

      Overwatch_Falcon , 02 January 2018 11:41

      If you want to know how many cats with a specific cattribute or combination exist, go to the marketplace showing "all" and enter your query. In this case you should simply enter elk icy which shows 6 kitties (at the time of writing this comment).

      See https://www.cryptokitties.co/marketplace/all?search=elk%20icy

      DERPYBASTARD , 02 January 2018 15:53

  736. What happened with the foundercats?

    MadMaxDK , 02 January 2018 05:33

      the rest are for contests and giveaways. my cat #511 was given to me a week ago but was born on november 23rd.


      check that kitty in kittydex

      JamesGatz_thehomie , 02 January 2018 05:37

      I'd imagine all the exclusive cats are in this bunch as well (the cats that cannot be created through breeding, like Genesis).

      jodiferous11 , 02 January 2018 07:59

      1-100 are founder cats, 101-499 are exclusive, and 500-999 seem to be reserved for handmade gen 0 cats they can give away.

      DERPYBASTARD , 02 January 2018 12:48

  737. DIfficulty selecting 2nd kitty for breeding

    AuroraPurrs , 01 January 2018 23:00

      While I suppose it's possible that all your other cats are related to the sire, it's more likely that you're a victim of the siring bug. I even have one cat that can't be bred at all anymore. As far as I have seen, CK Core has not even acknowledged this issue, though several people have asked about it.

      Sometimes moving the desired matron to a different kitty wallet will allow you to breed with the sire--it worked for me one time. But it shouldn't be necessary to work around this issue.

      VeganAtheistWeirdo , 01 January 2018 23:15

      It is with personal breeding and from the marketplace. Also, I can pick the 4 below even though I can only see part of the box. It just seems to be a problem with ability to actually view or scroll to my other cats. Once I was able to sort them differently before and pick the one I wanted because it then showed up first. But that doesn't seem to work now. I would attach a picture but I am not sure how lol

      AuroraPurrs , 01 January 2018 23:31

  738. New Medium article: "What’s in the genes of your CryptoKitties?" (and how to make better breeding choices).

    CryptoBreeder_net , 01 January 2018 23:45

      This isn’t a perfect application of AI, it’s a silly application of AI. It’s applying AI to tic tac toe, a solved game. But if the tool was fun to build then that’s cool :-)

      WeAllMagic , 02 January 2018 03:39

      I'm a bot, bleep, bloop. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:

       If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. (Info / Contact)

      TotesMessenger , 02 January 2018 11:05

  739. A video introduction to people new to CryptoKitties.

    duysterz , 02 January 2018 03:18

  740. Understanding some things the CK Devs are aiming after

    weareallfungi , 01 January 2018 21:02

      And it's so much more satisfying to make your own fancy!

      jodiferous11 , 02 January 2018 03:09

  741. 1 of 9 in the world?

    DirtyTriple , 02 January 2018 02:58

      Go to CryptoKitties marketplace search and type mainecoon wingtips whixtensions

      lluboski , 02 January 2018 03:27

      Haha yep and apparently I own one of the other eight

      TyPark , 02 January 2018 04:14

      Yep Go Here . I own the Gen 10 one. Good company!

      TweedleDumps , 02 January 2018 17:05

  742. New Years day 2018 finds us with 4 New cattributes. Not sure exactly when they showed up as I was busy Celebrating creating this hangover I now suffer from. LOL

    codypanama , 01 January 2018 19:50

      4 new cattributes started new years eve morning and new fancy (PhuZiqaat) started at night.

      weareallfungi , 01 January 2018 19:57

      Did anyone see the UFO kitty? It isn't showing up in cryptokittydex and I couldn't find it again after looking for alien eyed sires, but it was a green cat with 3 alien eyes in a flying saucer.

      AuroraPurrs , 01 January 2018 22:30

      Where do you find out what attributes create something new? Like the list for UFO kitty?

      micheshines , 02 January 2018 07:09

  743. I’ve been secretly replacing all my family pictures with pictures of my kitties... No one has yet to notice

    Bairminer , 01 January 2018 08:47

      That is class!!!

      53r0coo1 , 01 January 2018 12:47

      that's really cool !

      tweetious , 01 January 2018 15:23

      Brilliance :)

      The_Ghurka , 01 January 2018 19:58

  744. I have a sub 5k kitty. How can I figure out how much it is worth?

    FuckILoveBoobsThough , 01 January 2018 22:04

      I wouldn't sell it - you won't get much, at least easily. The value of low ID kitten won't be appreciated as much as it has potential. In my opinion, people are currently following latest traits more than they actually deserve. A lot of traits are really completely common, they just happen to appear at a later point by gen0 injection. There will be a time where ID under <10.000 will be treated as real rarities. We are not there at this points and it will take some time (2-3 years) so I can only recommend to keep and wait. At least if you plan to sell.

      artiscience , 01 January 2018 22:16

      0.25-0.5 imo

      rocketleaguebr0 , 02 January 2018 00:14

  745. Question about Fancy cats

    BeaverCams , 02 January 2018 01:45

      Maybe later they will make Fancies with 5 or 6 traits, making them even harder to get :)

      weareallfungi , 02 January 2018 02:04

      I would be tickled to death if the combination ended up creating a real fancy hamster cat. How hilarious would that be?

      jodiferous11 , 02 January 2018 04:05

      Not always. There's DuCat, which has only 2 required traits (cymric, tongue). But all the others discovered so far do have 4 traits involved.

      As long as the cats you're matching up are of a reasonably quick cooldown and you have patience, your combo will probably work eventually, but you should still check on one of the available breeding calculators to get a better idea.

      VeganAtheistWeirdo , 02 January 2018 02:00

      When I am intersecting the cats on kittydex, do the genes I need to make the fancy reflect when intersecting the fancy or the parents?

      BeaverCams , 02 January 2018 03:57

  746. How to best promote my kittie for siring?

    CKJU , 01 January 2018 19:05

      Some kind of Kitty personal ad would be cool, but it probably won’t happen because some people would use it to trick and mislead new users who don’t know any better. That’s why you have to click just to see kitty names these days. If someone wants to make a third party solution for this, that could be neat though, and would probably solve the “new user” problem since you’d have to be a little advanced to even find the website.

      WeAllMagic , 01 January 2018 19:20

  747. Identical Twins

    Concorde899 , 01 January 2018 19:36

      that's interesting. what are the odds of that happening do you know? Cheers

      codypanama , 01 January 2018 19:54

      Every blockchain transaction tx is unique, hence every kitten must be unique since their attributes generation algorithm is based on blockchain tx id. The only difference in these twins are the number (ID). Like identical twins in real life I guess...

      Concorde899 , 01 January 2018 20:03

      They're identical, but not twins. The parents are different.

      retailnoodles , 01 January 2018 20:35

  748. How do One of a Kind Combinations Affect Worth?

    calicoleaf , 01 January 2018 13:51

      Just a side note about stats etc. Uniqueness doesn't imply rarity.

      For example if everyone in the world rolls 25 dice and you roll just some uninteresting sequence of numbers, it will actually be highly likely that your sequent is unique but among the whole world. (Someone can do all the math if they like. But that's statistics for you!). Probably noone else on earth rolled that exact set in order.

      Its unique but not rare or interesting because, without putting some constraints on what constitutes interesting or rare (All one number etc, only even.), The are presumably untold other examples of unique numbers. So it's unique but completely common and boring.

      beetlefeet , 01 January 2018 19:27

      I agree with you 100% that's why I only breed rare like this one https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/436855

      Sipho1 , 01 January 2018 14:22

      I mean not always take daffodil for example very rare in upper gen but nobody buys it

      xboxerdude , 01 January 2018 18:31

      I think we must hold our rare kitties. Time will come

      Sipho1 , 01 January 2018 18:39

      check out www.catfol.io , they help you estimate rarity and gives pricing suggestions.

      reduellc , 01 January 2018 22:13

  749. All ⏱ Kitty Clock ⏱ Gen0 kitties are sold out!

    Crypt0n0ob , 01 January 2018 02:59

      A guess would be they're expecting a "New Year" cat breeding possibility with the new Gen 0 cats.

      TweedleDumps , 01 January 2018 04:34

      Upvote!I want this information too :)

      bluebmt , 01 January 2018 04:32

      Make sure your not on the fake kitty clock account that almost won the like contest.

      twitchtvbitcoinlouie , 01 January 2018 05:34

      It is the new cattributes I think ... kind of nice to see the g0 prices actually stabilised/increasing, except that I feel I missed-out on this round of new-cattribute-making g-0s :( :P

      spigolt , 01 January 2018 15:59

      it is just hype wave for gen:0 then it will fall down again

      Hecatonquiro , 01 January 2018 17:11

  750. My First Crypto Kitties Painting #Genesis

    eCHAINbay , 31 December 2017 16:30

      Nice painting! It's hard to tell, though - was the photo taken with a potato?

      nickjohnson , 31 December 2017 20:29

      visit my blog for Full Gallery : https://cryptokittiesart.blogspot.ro/

      eCHAINbay , 31 December 2017 16:31

      sorry for the quality of my photo :D

      eCHAINbay , 31 December 2017 22:53

      I want to have it!!! How much?

      ppp1337 , 01 January 2018 02:37


      dmeskin , 01 January 2018 05:45

  751. New trait out - Flamingo! Three in one day!

    rocketleaguebr0 , 31 December 2017 20:44

      acually 4, seafoam is born as well

      weareallfungi , 31 December 2017 22:29

      yeah I never get the new traits anyways, I put in 105 gwei still dont get it laaaaaaaaame

      xboxerdude , 31 December 2017 22:53

  752. New Trait: Selkirk

    madmaister , 31 December 2017 20:09

      This is the first Selkirk ever spawned by this game! Here is the proof: 0xeebbb0d36dcfb9017502a557acdaca4b393359daa954662a3184a66a2eaf0f43

      Message me for details.

      Concorde899 , 01 January 2018 13:19

  753. New trait - Icy (It's the white stomach)

    rocketleaguebr0 , 31 December 2017 20:17

  754. New Mutation! Flamingo.

    MayorAdamWest1 , 31 December 2017 20:51

      Pretty easy to figure out. Hesitant to jump on board with all these new traits today. Have a feeling they will flood by tomorrow....

      MayorAdamWest1 , 31 December 2017 20:52

  755. Best Crypto Kitties Cattributes

    eCHAINbay , 31 December 2017 16:03

      visit my blog for more : https://cryptokittiesart.blogspot.ro/

      eCHAINbay , 31 December 2017 16:04

      This changes daily

      MayorAdamWest1 , 31 December 2017 20:15

  756. Another new trait: seafoam

    retailnoodles , 31 December 2017 23:48

  757. Why this ICY kitty doesn't have a ICY belly?

    pzppzp , 31 December 2017 23:31

      for certain pattersn like tigerpunk and hotrod the belly color isn't on the belly

      Tigerpunk the belly color is the sides, and for hotrod the belly color is the feet and ears

      weareallfungi , 31 December 2017 23:42

      pzppzp , 31 December 2017 23:32

  758. New Trait - ICY

    jodiferous11 , 31 December 2017 20:00

      Will get common quickly as it is a Gen 0 gene - but will be exciting to see what new traits it might unlock!

      madmaister , 31 December 2017 20:10

  759. Sire transactions?

    ildinero , 01 January 2018 00:58

      Open up metamask.. click the 3 black dots..click :view account on etherscan:.. then on the etherscan page that popped up, go to Internal Transactions.. that should list ether transactions that put ether into your account

      ennis_guy , 01 January 2018 02:38

      I'm having lots of fun with it.. and you can make money if you study it well.. find a niche that others are not paying much attention to... look for bargains.. there's lots of great deals out there right now.. a lot of people dumping very rare cats super cheap

      ennis_guy , 01 January 2018 04:08

      YW. If you get busy on here I find it a challenge to keep track of everything.. I keep a book and wordpad files too lol.. I have a few different categories that I like to collect.. haven't found any easy way to keep track of it all..

      ennis_guy , 01 January 2018 03:26

  760. Icy + Peach = Flamingo | Flamingo + Daffodil = New Trait

    54973742562690104903 , 31 December 2017 21:02

      I can't wait to see the new mutation! I have a lot of spreadsheet updating to do tonight... :)

      jodiferous11 , 01 January 2018 06:02


      Cryto_Newbie , 01 January 2018 06:17

  761. Complete Step-By-Step Guide to Cryptocurrency Trading for Newcomers

    bailoutbee , 31 December 2017 16:45

  762. Which kitty is your favorite?

    DirtyTriple , 01 January 2018 00:00

      You're going to want to hold on to this guy. Wingtips Whixtensions Mainecoon...Only 9 of those total.

      TweedleDumps , 01 January 2018 00:57

  763. Is it possible that Selkirk comes from

    Zalmans , 31 December 2017 23:26

      no it's a gen 0 so not a mutation i believe

      JamesGatz_thehomie , 31 December 2017 23:52

  764. Every transaction fails

    KevinTheSeaCucumber0 , 31 December 2017 17:21

      Don't do multiple transaction at the same time. Wait for 1 to complete then anathor

      Sipho1 , 31 December 2017 18:14

      Increase your gas limit. Think of 21000 as a minimum.

      You can refer to https://ethgasstation.info/ for current recommended Gas price in relation to transaction time.

      I've done loads with Gas price set at 1 Gwei and just wait for them to go through, never had one fail yet with a gas limit set high enough.

      dewdropdead , 31 December 2017 22:38

  765. Just sold my kittie and didn't got the money for it.

    diogocastro04 , 31 December 2017 14:38


      youre probably just confused. you should see it in the "internal transactions" section of etherscan instead of "transactions" tab

      ih8pstat , 31 December 2017 16:49

      Same thing happened to me

      Maw_na , 31 December 2017 15:29

      Shilled :) .... jk just wait... the pipeline is clogged, could take a while with all you new guys on crypto

      PC_Deals , 31 December 2017 16:16

  766. I will make you any cat you want

    TyPark , 31 December 2017 05:39

      Gen 0 wingtips please :D

      WeAllMagic , 31 December 2017 06:40

      Please make me a:
      I swear it's not for any competition happening here on this subreddit :D

      thattanna , 31 December 2017 09:06

      No way! That's amazing! You should get some sort of award for that (after you get elk, of course).

      My ideal cat would be a cloudwhite calicool with wingtips, chestnut or topaz or strawberry eyes, whixtensions or soserious, and skyblue with granitegrey OR coffee with kittencream.

      Oh man, that would be such a pretty cat.

      jodiferous11 , 31 December 2017 07:41

      I think white/oldlace ragdoll/cymric with wingtips would be so pretty <3 <3

      airaani , 31 December 2017 06:36

      My ideal goal is to get "Hotrod Cerulian Alien Elk Chartreux Daffodil Olace Saycheese with background Gold"...still trying to reach that goal lol

      uselezzz , 31 December 2017 08:36

  767. Some old cat stats (Kitty ID <10,000)

    spb9 , 31 December 2017 02:07

      Very interesting. We need more data crunching. Thanks for your research.

      artiscience , 31 December 2017 03:47

      I have made some similar incomplete research showing there is a wast difference between the early cats themselves too. Unlike what is to be expected there is actually only 118 cats between 0-1000.

      As a result 0-1000 can't really be compared to anything else in my opinion, and the sales data seem to suggest those cats are treated very very differently.

      However even between 1000-1750 and say 1750-2500 there is a massive avg. price difference. So I'd say it would be a very useful analysis to also look at prices purely based on cat # rather than generation (or even combine the two).

      But super analysis, thanks so much!

      MadMaxDK , 31 December 2017 04:35

      can you please publish your R script?

      octomatic , 31 December 2017 06:35

      Over 50% of your cats are Kitty ID < 10,000. Looking at the genomes of your kitties...I see nothing that stands out aside from the title you named the cats.

      ISeeHoles , 31 December 2017 11:37

      I'm selling a few of those rare cats with various price level. Check them out :) https://www.cryptokitties.co/profile/0xa3346f3af6a3ae749aca18d7968a03811d15d733

      hariander , 31 December 2017 11:59

  768. Remember the unicorn cat?

    jodiferous11 , 31 December 2017 08:04

  769. Only 1 Elk, Hintomint, Manx

    Sipho1 , 31 December 2017 19:23

  770. Features I'd love - following, friending, saving kitties

    SparklePriestess , 30 December 2017 20:03

      Seconding this. And I'll add: I'd like if I could get an email if one of my bookmarked kitties is offered for sale. Or maybe they could show a running list of events for bookmarked kitties -- change in ownership, had offspring, etc. Kind of like the kitties are posting to Facebook.

      I'll go out on a limb and guess that the current "bios" are a placeholder for future user-generated content. Clearly people want to write about their kitties and are trying to cram things into the name field, which isn't ideal. If would be great if people could write their own kitty's bio and then people could reply to it. Or post comments/replies about whole collections of kitties. I love browsing and wish I had a way to complement people on individual kitties or whole collections.

      retailnoodles , 30 December 2017 23:11

      Such a cool idea. We're working on something very similar that you'll definitely like, then!

      arthurcamara1 , 31 December 2017 08:35

      I would love these ideas implemented!

      shayrala , 31 December 2017 01:48

      I just signed up to play the cryptokitties game and was disappointed as i realized that i have to pay to play :( is there any way to get some free CryptoKitties?

      Honest-Friend , 31 December 2017 14:07

      CK dev team is a joke. NO execution. NO plan. No vision. This game is dead. They are not delivering anything.

      dimitar99 , 30 December 2017 21:02


    jodiferous11 , 30 December 2017 18:29

      Awesome, thanks for prepping the announcement! Let's go full hamster

      artiscience , 30 December 2017 20:15

      Awesome! thanks to you both, /u/jodiferous11 and /u/artiscience for this fun project to keep our interest up. I'm gestating a couple of potential parents right now. <3

      VeganAtheistWeirdo , 30 December 2017 20:37

      Fun! I love the idea of this.

      SparklePriestess , 30 December 2017 21:23

      Great idea!

      Asgeisk , 30 December 2017 22:12

      jodiferous11 , 30 December 2017 19:41

  772. Plasma Can Save Ethereum From CryptoKitty Level Congestion

    Ocarding , 30 December 2017 20:29

  773. This is why crypto kitties is broken...

    gihn17 , 30 December 2017 20:41

      If you put in double gas it shouldn't have failed.

      1. Did you get a warning in metamask when you tried to purchase the cat?
      2. Was the gas limit set to something like 7535729 (7 million or higher)?

      EDIT: I've done over 100+ buys and 250+ sells on CK and rarely if ever have problems. The only times I have problems if when I forget a cat is still resting when I try to force breed it through the direct contract.

      weareallfungi , 30 December 2017 21:04

      It failed (most likely) because you chose one of the cheapest cats. Since a lot of people are doing that, there is a high chance that the transaction fails. If you show me the failed tx I send you a kittie.

      artiscience , 30 December 2017 23:06

      never touch the limit.

      Use ethgasstation

      Koreans4Trump , 30 December 2017 22:33

      I'll sell you my kittens if u want. They're like El cheapo 0.004 ether ones

      dragondoot , 31 December 2017 09:07

      Why CK not move to another block chain? There are heaps of platform with less traffic and less fee. CK as a business should adopt unless they know Ethereum network congestion going to improve soon. When and what the next Ethereum improvement?

      WiseGrub , 31 December 2017 12:33

  774. So what do you do after you've ran out of ether to breed/buy/sire?

    kenoshiro , 31 December 2017 00:05

      Yes you need to actively try to sell them. I breed about 20 (+/- 5) cats a day and I list about 15 of them up for auction ASAP, the majority sell for around breeding value (0.02 to 0.008) so they effectively pay for themselves (0 net gain/loss). Then I get 1 or 2 cats out of the 20 that are actually worth more and post them up. Although the ones that are usually worth more take longer to sell, but there are people buying them out there. Then I normally keep around 2-4 to add to my collection for future purposes. I also try to find deals, I bought a Gen2 Elk for 0.07 and flipped it for 0.16. I also bought Gen 2 Dali for 0.04 and the next swift Gen 2 Dali is listed for 0.5, so I figure I can flip it for like 0.25 or so. I also sired out a Gen2 Elk 3 times so far for 0.075 each time. Yes it was a nice cat, but I needed some funds to fuel my most likely overly active breeding.

      I started at the peak of the game, made some mistakes and then got back on my feet. I currently have 300 cats (and some rare cats that I am holding as an investment). Everyday I typically add more cats to my collection while staying around break even. If my rare cats sold I would be up a lot

      weareallfungi , 31 December 2017 00:23

      Personally I think I'm going to wait a bit and see if breeding fees go down. I like the kitties I bought and don't want to sell them. I'd like to breed them, but am worried about the fees being more than I could get by selling the offspring. I'd like to buy a few more, but keep going back and forth in my mind, especially about whether to splurge for a 0 generation kitty.

      retailnoodles , 31 December 2017 01:11

      Go to ebay. Com and sell your kittie at 10x value to a user who has not yet enough affinity to buy the kittie on the marketplace and is therefore willing to pay more. Sell $ and buy new Ether. Repeat that and don't forget about paying your income taxes minus your loss of investment due to worthless cats.

      artiscience , 31 December 2017 03:54

      I do everything I should have done before my ETH ran out: I learn about Kitty genetics, Fancies, etc. I build tools.

      WeAllMagic , 31 December 2017 01:55

      I have 2 kitties sitting there doing nothing because I don't have enough Ether to breed them and even if I did the baby prob wouldn't be worth the breeding cost lol

      dragondoot , 31 December 2017 09:01

  775. Selling kitties costs more than what they sell for?

    Ramon_Robben , 31 December 2017 01:18

      What gas limit and gas price are you entering? If you use the suggested gas limit (given that it is correct, it should be between 21,000 and 250,000) and enter the recommended gas price (see https://ethgasstation.info/) it shouldn't cost you more that $0.20 generally speaking.

      If metamask suggests an abnormal gas limit, you need to reject the transaction, refresh the page and try again.

      DERPYBASTARD , 31 December 2017 01:24

  776. Siring officially dead??

    BeaverCams , 31 December 2017 03:53

      You’re right, waste the competition’s breeding capacity if you think it should be worth more. That’s basically how the free market should work :-)

      WeAllMagic , 31 December 2017 05:09

      i sired an old lace tongue for 0.07

      spokesz , 31 December 2017 06:28

      I sired an Gen2 Elk 5 times for around 0.075 each. Siring is not dead if you have something worth siring.

      weareallfungi , 31 December 2017 18:52

  777. Is there a way to send Kitties to someone else for free?

    Gilhuly , 31 December 2017 02:57

      You can do it real cheap by gifting it and using a 0.5 gas price. Might not go through for a long time and you won’t be able to do anything else while you wait. But it will cost less than a gumball.

      WeAllMagic , 31 December 2017 03:32

      AFAIK you only have to pay the Tx Cost/Fee, which was like .48 cents when I did it. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong.

      Icanasksomething , 31 December 2017 03:33

      Yeah it costs $1 each cat. Was just trying to get rid of them but after paying the fee for CoinBase and then to transfer it to the app and then to pay it becomes like $2 a cat with 9 days of waiting for Coinbase.

      Gilhuly , 31 December 2017 03:34

      I dont think you can do anything for free on cryptokitties. Like every bloody action is a microtransaction.

      dragondoot , 31 December 2017 09:05

      I'm might be wrong as I don't know huge amounts about crypto, but from what I know the answer is no, short of giving him your wallet. I believe as the game is ran on the eth blockchain every action will have a cost.

      WindsweptFrog , 31 December 2017 20:33

  778. Help check if this kitty is sterile: 392110

    VeganAtheistWeirdo , 30 December 2017 18:04

      Just want to say that I tried like 60 different kitties without any luck

      cryptoyawn , 30 December 2017 19:04

      Check out the contact source, it's very well documented, line 917 is the function you're looking at.

      Is it a valid mating pair and is siring permitted are the two things it checks.

      jus341 , 30 December 2017 19:59

      Are you able to get a result other than "false" for any pairs of kitties? I just tried some random other pairs and it said false for all of them.

      retailnoodles , 30 December 2017 20:28

      I have only bred once but checked several times and the kitties I can breed with ( non siblings or parents ) where very limited all times but all my kitties came from different sourses. Some day might be hard to find a non relitive match ( no Royal family cats LOL ) Good luck finding a mate.....mate hehe

      codypanama , 30 December 2017 22:30

      I'm having problems with kitty breeding as well: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x3c1e63b795e10c40ee3cdb90dc5a627163107e1c599668273faad278705715c6

      Yeah, I know it was set to 1 gwei, but that's the current SafeLow price on ETH Gas Station.

      Any clue about why this was 'Cancelled'?

      jimmcq , 31 December 2017 01:11

  779. Gambling vs Investing - Casino vs Market - Are CryptoKitties "Funny Money" Casino Tokens or N.T.F.s Collectibles - Opinions Welcome

    geraldbauer , 30 December 2017 16:06

      Comparing to CryptoPunks, this is more like gambling, since the founder mention the luck

      ksifoking , 30 December 2017 16:31

  780. Breeding failed?

    KevinTheSeaCucumber0 , 30 December 2017 16:25

      Probably just busy. To confirm the deal went through click the 'Activity' button, its next to the 'invite' button, in that list find your transaction and hit details. This will take you to the Etherscan site, under the blue bar that reads 'Transaction Information' it will either say FAIL or SUCCESS. It's probably sorted itself out by the time I finished typing this.

      nightporter , 30 December 2017 16:38

  781. I gathered some stats on our current Kittie Population

    artiscience , 30 December 2017 02:54

      Cool! Thanks!

      jodiferous11 , 30 December 2017 03:47

      This is very nice data viz, thanks for putting this together and sharing!

      WeAllMagic , 30 December 2017 05:36

      Good one bro What about manx stats?

      Zalmans , 30 December 2017 13:56

  782. Is profit just time based?

    airaani , 30 December 2017 16:09

      Currently yes, next week don't know. I don't think the current game mechanics would allow enough player edge to overcome the house edge for consistent positive expected gain. Unless the game designer constantly study and try out new mechanics / or cut some of their earning back to players, and fine-tune it to become a serious long lasting game.

      This is the first popular crypto-collectable game, it is shame to see it go down because of that.

      appxmatthew , 30 December 2017 16:20

      Hi GetMeToChopper12, your comment has been removed because it included a link to fishbank.io. This domain has been blacklisted due to scamming.

      I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

      AutoModerator , 30 December 2017 20:39

      Yeah. Buy a few kitties, wait til demand spikes again (Potential 2nd hype wave, maybe due to China) then sell them.

      rocketleaguebr0 , 30 December 2017 22:03

      Yes you can still make money, you need to do some homework on the gene and how it works in breeding first before start buying. Even the cat looks shit and cheap it might have some good underlying gene.

      Currently, I made some eth by breeding Hotrod Elk Alien Combination

      You can go to Discord Gene Discussion channel for help and refer to Kittydex for gene. Refer to below and check the Kai portion: https://cryptokittydex.com/kitties/434020

      And dun set the price too high even it is very rare most new people now only buy 0.05 below most of the time unless it is extremely rare.

      And try to look out in Reddit or Discord to see when new cattributes are coming out and how to make them. New cattributes are the best way to make money.

      uselezzz , 31 December 2017 08:24

  783. I think @axiomzen should make the kitty pictures 3D, animated and interactive. That's a low hanging fruit for increase kitties' popularity and collection value.

    Cryto_Newbie , 30 December 2017 08:15

      Cryto_Newbie , 30 December 2017 08:17

      I love the current look of the kitties, and think they would lose their charm in 3D unless done really really well. Just to provide counter anecdata.

      WeAllMagic , 31 December 2017 02:20

  784. breed fee 0.008ETH. it's too high

    dimitar99 , 29 December 2017 18:56

      It should back to 0.001eth

      redqlac , 29 December 2017 19:11

      Signed, 0.008 is too high, kills the game. The only real play and joy in the game is breeding, and now it's too much for the people.

      hermetrikus , 30 December 2017 06:37

      Yes plz bring it back down.

      Nick0005 , 29 December 2017 19:04

      If the supply of kitties goes up(by lowering breeding costs), the rarity of traits goes down too, which means the price of cats goes down as well. Higher breeding fee encourages users to buy more cats rather than breed pointless cats with common traits that clog up the ethereum network. If the kitties remain scarce and hard to produce, more people will want to have rare kitties, which increases the demand and popularity of cryptokitties. Flooding the market with cheap and common kitties decreases kitties value, which I believe have already gone down enough.

      LaxBrother , 30 December 2017 01:33

      I just started and was shocked that breeding cost MORE then both my cats. I was hoping to muck around and breed some kitties but unless your going for the golden ticket rare kitty lotto it seems pointless.

      dragondoot , 30 December 2017 07:24

  785. I got He-man's Battlecat in CryptoKitties!

    smashbrasilrs , 30 December 2017 01:55

      Ha ha! Love him! Gave him a high-paw.

      jodiferous11 , 30 December 2017 03:41

      Let me guess, you're a 34-39 year old male. Nobody else could possibly know what He Man's battle cat looks like.

      lucky_rabbit_foot , 30 December 2017 04:19

  786. Cryptokitties now trading on WAX

    afrank123 , 29 December 2017 13:45

      That screenshot tho. Those prices for those kitties. Haha. If only.

      WeAllMagic , 29 December 2017 20:34

      They’ve been trading on that website for amount a week now

      ImCBass , 29 December 2017 18:10


      themvf , 29 December 2017 16:19

      I bought my cat from there: https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/127423

      no idea what im doing (no wax tho)

      zuperfly , 30 December 2017 08:10

  787. Sire fee question

    whoohw , 30 December 2017 08:32

      Add it to your siring price? The .008 fee is for birthing the kitten. After the cat is pregnant and the kitten is ready to be born, somebody has to call the function for the cat to give birth, which costs gas. The fee pays for the gas (probably plus a bit more) and incentivises someone to make sure the kitten is born promptly. It's actually very interesting because anybody can call the birthing function when the time is ready and collect the .008 fee. I'm not sure who does this, though.

      jus341 , 30 December 2017 09:43

      The person who starts a breeding pays the breeding fee. So when you put up your kitty for public siring, you don't pay 0.008 but the person who uses your cat does.

      DERPYBASTARD , 30 December 2017 10:07

  788. Check this guy out

    ennis_guy , 29 December 2017 22:08

      Nice!! I made this guy today https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/428991

      TyPark , 29 December 2017 22:23

      Very cool/creepy looking!

      I was quite pleased with breeding this kitty: https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/423589

      The way things are going I think wingtips will soon be rarer than alien and serpent eyes

      Muddbat , 29 December 2017 23:46

      That is a nice looking kitty Muddbat.. all the colours blend nicely.. even the background.. that's a fun way to go.. try to breed a good looking one

      ennis_guy , 30 December 2017 00:02


      Im I doing something wrong?

      tekwizepro , 30 December 2017 02:04

      I thought this one reminded me of fire so I named it Flame. The bio also seems to match the name. https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/428411

      Milnash , 30 December 2017 07:20

  789. What do you wish you would have known?

    jodiferous11 , 29 December 2017 17:59

      When I started (and that quite early in comparison to most players) I bought several cats for 3-5$. I didn´t pay attention to the generation since I didn´t really know anything about cooldown (fortunately at that time, the worst you could get was "slow", but sure, new players may fall for a catatonic one easily).

      Then I made the mistake to buy when Metamask had an issue with the gas limit. Now the UI will notificate you and ask you twice before a transaction is ordered. Back then (some days ago :) it only said that the transaction may fail and one should simply reload the page. Long story short: I think I paid around 150$ for a cat that wasn´t even at that time worth more than 9$.

      Also, like many, I didn´t pay attention to generation rarity. If I´d start from scratch and at these cheap prices, I´d definitely buy gen0, gen1 and gen2 as speculative investments and several gen4, gen5, gen6 for breeding fun.

      artiscience , 29 December 2017 18:29

      Gas prices!!! When the ETH network got slow, CK suggested raising the gas prices. I wanted my kitties, so I took the advice - not realizing every time I clicked the up arrow that I was spending dollars more per transaction.
      I did my math, if this trait is selling for this much then I should breed this + this, and sell those cats and make a profit. (at first, I also didn't understand breeding fees, so that skewed my math even more).
      Explain breeding fees better upfront, when I was a total noob, what I read was you buy 1-2 cats and either breed them or pay to hire a sire. I don't recall reading anywhere on day 1, that you had to pay, pay, and pay some more to actually breed the kitties you already paid for. The company objective was to have cats selling for $1 each, with the current breeding fees that is not even remotely possible without infinitely losing money. I had cats coming and going every day and assumed at that point my ETH was just tied up in my "inventory". Then after about a week, I truly got to understand the gas cost (and breeding fees). I then realized where all of my money went, to gas prices and CK fees. I took a final shot with the last of my ETH to buy 2 kitties with one of the newest rare genes - that almost overnight became "common". So the offspring of my new kitties were no longer worth pretty much anything. I now had cats up for sale or sire, that reached rock bottom - and I had to pay MORE gas just to get them out of the auction.

      One thing I STILL don't understand, and likely won't for a long time. The first 3 genes in the sequence still haven't been discovered/implemented. I'd like to know if I hodl my cats for 6 months, and then breed them together will they still be worthless or is there a chance these other genes could produce offspring that are greater than it's parents. Can I breed 2 of my old cats, and get lucky with a mutation of newer genes or will I always be stuck with totesbasic? Also, similiar situation, if I hodl my cats and then hire a sire in a couple months - how will my basic common cats breeding fair? Will I still be mostly stuck with common dominate genes, or will the sire be more likely to introduce updated/ newer genes. IE is it best for me to sell all of my cats now, and buy back in when the market improves or hodl until new genes are released, hire a sire with those genes, and hope I get lucky?

      To add to the last point, are current worthless cats truly worthless? With ascensions etc, could 2 very common traits now become valuable in the future if new genes are dependant on those now seemingly worthless genes.

      With my early lessons, here are a couple suggestions to fix these issues going forward.
      Most of the best fixes I can see is CK improving their infrastructure. There really is no reason to be paying gas multiple times for one transaction, in addition to breeding fees and "sales tax".
      To fix this my thoughts are to hold auctions on CK's internal site, you can list sales and sires with a consistent nominal fee for these transactions. Then ONCE and only ONCE, does the buyer pay for gas to transfer the cat over the ETH blockchain. I understand this process would reallllly slow down the CK website, but would drastically improve transactions being processed over the ETH blockchain - which would speed up transactions and keep gas prices down.

      I mentioned this in another thread, but lower breeding fees and raise the sales tax to compensate. This would open the game to more people, with more people the dynamic of supply and demand would change. Yes, we'd probably still be flooded with worthless cats, however, the rare breeds etc that sold well above the average market would take a small hit with a higher tax to compensate for the birthing fees CK pays out. The one caveat to this is implementing a sink that devs have already spoken of to eliminate the surplus of worthless cats.

      Since I'm here sharing ideas, I'll add this here since I was going to create a new thread for it. But I would like to see litters of kittens. CK could set the birthing fee at 3x current = .024 ETH and by RNG your breeding has a chance of having 2-5 kittens. Obviously, this would need to be skewed in favor of 2 kittens so CK wasn't losing money on birthing contracts. I'm thinking the math would go like 2 kittens=40% chance, 3 kittens 30%, 4 kittens 20%, 5 kittens 10% chance. As an added bonus to this method, add a pick of the litter bonus. Pick of the litter means breeding in this fashion kittens should have a higher chance of taking on more valuable recessive genes and a much higher chance of mutation. So if you have a litter of 4 cats, at least one should see a good ascension. For a fair drawback, your mother cat should have their cooldown time increased 3x (same as the breeding fee) of their current cooldown (without counting each cat against the lifelong cooldown increase).

      Last shameless self-plug, if you like any of my ideas and would like to donate so I can keep playing... You can send ETH or kitties to:

      Or buy or sire one of my kitties : https://www.cryptokitties.co/my-kitties/0x5b2dd3214df0e4a892496aa4f771043b0cc397ea

      Guaranain , 29 December 2017 23:09

      Maybe a list of what colors apply to which parts of the kitty, and what they look like.

      WeAllMagic , 29 December 2017 20:43

      Definitely wish I understood better what "rarity" really means over time - I invested too heavily in sandalwood, excited because it was very rarely represented... not understanding that it's not as valuable as I thought because most of the representation is in low gens. Also, while i knew breeding and listing prices existed, I still didn't have a good concept of just HOW MUCH of my eth those would eat up - in retrospect, I wish I had saved half my initial investment for breeding and listing over time. At this point I just have to sit and hope someone breeds/buys so I can get enough eth for more listings...

      airaani , 30 December 2017 01:50

      Tomorrow's lottery number. So I can afford the No.1 Cat cause I love it too much

      logan0055 , 30 December 2017 11:51

  790. Need help getting rid of my cryptokitties, its just not worth it...Any tips? or Anyone want to buy?

    Nate2o , 29 December 2017 20:19

      interested in seeing what you have pm me pls with links

      CryptoAlix , 29 December 2017 20:46

      Post a link to your profile?

      TruthForce , 29 December 2017 21:52

      There was a guy who wrote a contract for an address where you can send your kitty and its going to stuck there forever an no one can touch them you could see all those cats there but do nothing and it actually looked great lol. I'll try to find the post.

      meadowpoe , 30 December 2017 12:35

  791. The Art of the Steal - Scams, Scams, Scams - Buyer Beware!

    geraldbauer , 29 December 2017 21:07

      OPSkins does the offline marketplace right insofar as it all happens through gifting and no sharing of private keys. There are a million other things wrong with that marketplace though, including the problem of misleading kitty names.

      WeAllMagic , 30 December 2017 05:38

  792. How to Search/Sort Your Own Kitties

    jodiferous11 , 29 December 2017 20:15

      Thanks you, good tip.

      redqlac , 30 December 2017 12:05

  793. CryptoKitties on the New York Times!

    CerebralMan , 29 December 2017 02:17

      Great news. For more press coverage see the Awesome CryptoKitties (& CryptoCopycats) page. I'm trying to collect newspaper articles in the press coverage section. There was an article in The Sun (United Kingdom) yesterday titled "Reigning Cats -How to buy cryptocurrency Ethereum – is it worth as much as Bitcoin and what are CryptoKitties?", for example.

      geraldbauer , 29 December 2017 13:38

  794. Sire VS mom genes - Is one stronger than the other?

    BuckeyeGirl614 , 29 December 2017 22:57

      Also when you say "in the real world" male genes tend to be more dominant? Do you mean as humans? Because if so you are wrong, as a geneticist that's not how breeding works.

      weareallfungi , 30 December 2017 00:49

      Regarding "real world": nature is way too complex to make such a general statement. btw. a book recommendation http://www.gwennseemel.com/index.php/pages/from/category/nature_book/

      artiscience , 30 December 2017 12:16

      No - it does not make any difference if sire or mom.

      Happy breeding!

      110point5 , 29 December 2017 23:09

      I was taught that in school... a long time ago. There are also other written materials that claim that, but perhaps it is outdated? I never claimed to be an expert.

      BuckeyeGirl614 , 01 January 2018 22:22

  795. Help with Cattribute Percent Values?

    BuckeyeGirl614 , 29 December 2017 22:01

      You can use http://cattributes.org to check cattributes and their probabilities for offspring

      NARW_Bombard , 29 December 2017 22:08

  796. My short CK story

    pmgdo , 29 December 2017 13:12

      Although this is technically profile advertising, and against the rules, I think it sends a good message to future kitty collectors. Many people fell into this same trap but had a more bitter attitude than yourself.

      Bojakn , 29 December 2017 18:40

      I would love any kitties! I’m dying to start, just have to make it 3 more days till payday.

      DQBOY51 , 30 December 2017 18:04

      Hey. Prices have actually plateaued somewhat, so if this story is recent I think it's reasonable you'll be able to get back at least 0.3 eth. Some of your cats are really overpriced though, for example the gen 4 swift okatu you're selling:

      https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/423413 for 0.027

      but if you look in the market https://www.cryptokitties.co/marketplace/sale?orderBy=current_price&orderDirection=asc&search=gen%3A4%20otaku (I got this link by searching "gen:4 otaku") then you'll see that one is selling for 0.008.

      rocketleaguebr0 , 29 December 2017 13:50

      You could do giveaways, many people would be happy. Or just hodl them.

      vanitasCG , 29 December 2017 15:07

      Keep it, or give me one -^

      redqlac , 29 December 2017 18:33

  797. Where is the black cat?

    Asgeisk , 29 December 2017 11:18

      With the sheer amount of undiscovered traits, there's a good chance that an all-black cat will be possible at some point

      rocketleaguebr0 , 29 December 2017 13:44

      I got a cat that sort of looks like a Tux, new and have no idea if that is normal or not. I think it's cute though =]. Maybe mix Coffee with SimplyBasic or something? https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/427901

      BrianKdoor , 29 December 2017 13:59

      I also breeded darker kitties a lot to get a black one, but eventually decided to stop because it was obvious certain traits were only released with new gen0 - and we are only at months 2. We will see hundreds of other traits and I would be very surprised if black cats don´t exist. Could be ultrarare, could be common. We´ll see.

      artiscience , 29 December 2017 14:07

      You mean something like this and this?

      izzulaizad95 , 29 December 2017 15:55

      I’m waiting for the white secondary color. There’s a reason many of the future kitties currently shown on the CK homepage use it: it looks great! (And of course black and white is going to look amazing.)

      WeAllMagic , 29 December 2017 20:41

  798. Crypto Kitties Art - Funny AD

    eCHAINbay , 29 December 2017 19:05

  799. Santa's Secrets and My Hussy Cat

    BrianKdoor , 29 December 2017 14:40

      Still not quite sure what you are asking.

      https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/403174 has 3 out of the 4 dominant genes required for SantaClaws.

      https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/423765 has 2 out of the 4 dominant genes and 1 out of 4 genes in the first recessive.

      Both are missing the trait 'beard"

      weareallfungi , 29 December 2017 17:20

      Are you asking for the recipe to create a Santa cat? https://cryptokitties411.weebly.com/the-411/recipes-for-fancy-cats

      jodiferous11 , 29 December 2017 17:30

  800. Ways to Play CryptoKitties

    jodiferous11 , 29 December 2017 01:08

      Made me laugh, very precise. Where is your kittie home? I´ll send you a four-legged upvote.

      artiscience , 29 December 2017 02:06

      Thank you for writing this! I think some people on this sub make the mistake of assuming everyone will enjoy CryptoKitties the same way they do. And most people currently playing probably got here by way of cryptocurrency investing, so they're thinking in terms of investment value. But assuming the game hits the mainstream, most players won't be thinking in those terms. I randomly came across this person (not me) collecting cerulians. That's why I don't understand the people on here talking about "junk/trash/worthless" kitties. One man's trash is another man's treasure, you know? If millions of people start playing, at least one of them will want your "worthless" cat for their collection.

      retailnoodles , 29 December 2017 05:49

      Very accurate

      poopiecryptocats , 29 December 2017 06:48

      I enjoyed your post very much.. hope you enjoy AUTUMN

      ennis_guy , 30 December 2017 00:04

  801. New trait, "Elk"

    rocketleaguebr0 , 28 December 2017 15:05

      Elk trait deciphered. Just breed my first Elk and the 2nd ever Elk https://www.cryptokitties.co/kitty/423445

      weareallfungi , 28 December 2017 21:16

      Also interesting to note that a circle is next to it on the cattributes

      rocketleaguebr0 , 28 December 2017 15:09

      That seems to be a 9th cattribute type. There are two more undiscovered cattribute types, what will they be? One of them could be the cat bio, and the other one could be a pet? Accessories?

      DERPYBASTARD , 28 December 2017 16:17

      It's classed as "wild" (vs "color" or "eyes"), according to the code.

      SleepyHarry , 28 December 2017 18:51

      Exciting (and pretty ugly for a cat I must say!)

      What seems to make this? Ragdoll mutation?

      madmaister , 28 December 2017 15:12

  802. What do you think is next after CryptoKitties?

    imgarrett , 29 December 2017 03:49

      cryptopets definitely- has similarities to cryptokitties and etheremon, also 20% of their proceeds goto animals. its gonna be epique

      spb9 , 29 December 2017 08:46

      I´m quite sure about Crypto TCGs. Unsure if Nova Blitz is what we are going to look at, but this kind of stuff is certainly going to lift off. I also believe a Crypto-Pokémon copycat will be in the race. I don´t think it is Etheremon, though, which imho looks like a CK ripoff to take profits from the hype. I also believe CK could develop towards this direction.

      artiscience , 29 December 2017 04:13

      I'm collecting CryptoCopycats over at the Awesome CryptoKitties (& CryptoCopycats) page. So far upcoming copycats on the blockchain include:

      • CryptoPuppies (Yes, Cute Little Cartoon Dogs)
      • CryptoMonsters
      • CryptoFighthers
      • CryptoDrome (CryptoHorses)
      • CryptoPets (incl. Unicorns, Galapos Turtles, ...)
      • and some more incl. CryptoTulips :-).

      geraldbauer , 29 December 2017 13:51

      I'm interested too.

      I discovered CK only a week ago and the best days seemed already finished.

      How did you discover CK earlier? Was it discussed somewhere, for example, here in reddit?

      Hatchan3 , 29 December 2017 17:49

      Fishbank.io looks interesting - breed and fight fishes PvP. What's interesting and may give it longevity and popularity is that it's being developed by a big and well established gamification company ChatRobotic who already have a few million members..

      On a tangent is cryptozombies.io, which isn't a game, but a free step by step online coding tutorial to build your own cryptokitties-like ethereum DApp ..but with zombies.

      It's free so far, but I haven't completed the lessons yet, so I don't know what their end-game is..

      pnrrr , 30 December 2017 14:59

  803. COMPETITION Let´s breed a hamster!

    artiscience , 29 December 2017 02:36

      This is a fun idea, I love it. By the way, the pattern you're looking for is totesbasic. I'd like to see one in oldlace as well. Maybe cloudwhite too. But orangesoda would be the most typical color. I might try this!

      VeganAtheistWeirdo , 29 December 2017 15:23

      jodiferous11 , 30 December 2017 19:46

      So like, in theory, if a website were to host your competition, you would donate the Gen 1 as a prize?

      jodiferous11 , 29 December 2017 03:13

      What's with the rodents? I like them better than elks, at least.

      retailnoodles , 29 December 2017 06:52

      You can't have sphynx+manx.

      firecz , 29 December 2017 07:06

  804. I got my first CryptoKitty!!! :3

    BelleAdair , 28 December 2017 18:27

      Just like me :)

      redqlac , 28 December 2017 18:54

      I purchased 2 kitties today, but I'm not able to get them to breed. For some reason the transaction doesn't seem to be going through. :(

      Congrats on your kitties though!

      kurohoshi , 28 December 2017 21:10

      Congrats fella! I don't have one yet :/ How are you doing??

      grimdiam , 29 December 2017 05:15

      Hello, fello n00b! I was up until 2 AM a couple nights ago, because I was determined to buy a couple kitties and get them to breed before I went to sleep. Then woke up early to see my new kitty! Yeah, everything seems a bit beta-ish and it could be more n00b-friendly. But I'm enjoying this greatly.

      retailnoodles , 28 December 2017 20:14

      Welcome and congrats on your new kitties :)

      DivineFlora , 29 December 2017 04:42

  805. CryptoKitty Image Generation

    cuumsh , 28 December 2017 23:57

      It's front end, meaning somewhat centralized. The kitties you own and all the contracts you pay for with eth are all decentralised. It'd be extremely expensive to store and generate the art in the block chain, if it was done that way then the entire app would be open source as well which the devs don't want (they're a for-profit company, after all).

      rocketleaguebr0 , 29 December 2017 03:43

      Start with the image url - https://storage.googleapis.com/ck-kitty-image/0x06012c8cf97bead5deae237070f9587f8e7a266d/423007.svg

      423007.svg is the id of the kitty 0x06012c8cf97bead5deae237070f9587f8e7a266d is the ethereum address for CryptoKittiesCore

      The images are svg which are vector files. I guess they are generate when the kitty is generated. Using the cryptoKittiesCore ethereum address makes me think they plan to allow multiple ethereum addresses in the future.

      There could be some gene code that can be deduced from the svg file. Easy enough to edit a svg in a text editor and play around.

      wnordmann , 29 December 2017 03:52

  806. Help Me Understand

    reduellc , 29 December 2017 01:04

      Well...the way the elk came about is a little bit complicated. I've written a bunch of articles about cryptokitty genetics here (https://cryptokitties411.weebly.com/) and you'll have to understand four of them before it'll be clear how the elk happened.

      But here's the gist of it: to get an elk, you need an "i" in that particular position in the genome (where the red dot is). To get an "i" there, you need:

      1) A LOT OF LUCK (or ether)

      2) a parent (preferably both) with an "i" somewhere in that four-character Wild section. The more "i"s you have and the closer they are to that end position, the better your odds.

      3) if you don't have a parent with an "i", you can use a parent with a "3" and a parent with a "4" (in the Wild section)(the more 3's and 4's, the better). Hopefully they'll pass forward their "3" and "4" genes and hopefully they'll mutate. If that happens, you'll get an elk.


      jodiferous11 , 29 December 2017 01:39

      From what I can gather, it is timegated and just randomly happens at a certain kitty number(given the right parents).

      It seems that every so often new traits just "come out" and people "accidentally" create something. I don't think the devs would leave it up to random chance, until proven otherwise, I strongly believe every few days or every week a few new things will be discovered through complete accident by random people.

      Look at the "ELK", it was from brand new Gen 0s that had traits that were already in the game and bred before, but never yielded an ELK. It happens on many other things too. Sometimes the Gen 0s have a new trait, like ragdoll and others.

      TruthForce , 29 December 2017 01:59

  807. Sandalwood undervalued?

    airaani , 29 December 2017 01:51

      I don´t think Sandalwood is overvalued, rather the opposite. To a certain extent it´s really hard to say, because we don´t see what is yet to come from future gen0, but just take this comparison:

      There are around 9000 Sandalwood kitties right now and more than three times that many Cloudwhites. However, if you search for gen:1 cloudwhites you will only find 106 with only 21 of those for sale. There are, however, more than 1100 Sandalwood kitties, 183 of these for sale. The reason for that is, that there are around 70 Sandalwood gen0 Kitties, but 0 Cloudwhite gen0. That may change in the future, but maybe doesn´t. If I´d see a gen0 cloudwhite, I´d immediately buy it.

      That´s just to say: it´s not about the current state of scarcity, it´s about the long term scarcity trend for specific generations.

      artiscience , 29 December 2017 02:02

  808. Okay so I just bought an elk with half of the eth I have right now, and I need help knowing which kitty I breed it with will result in another elk

    izzulaizad95 , 29 December 2017 07:16

      coinmanorwoman , 29 December 2017 07:59

      gz :)

      Asgeisk , 29 December 2017 11:07

  809. Tips for unlocking genes

    reduellc , 29 December 2017 05:47

      Scan all Gen 0 kitties that come out and look in their genome until you find something that hasn't been seen in other kitties before that. Then breed that cat. That is how it is done.

      weareallfungi , 29 December 2017 17:33

  810. CryptoKitties noob!

    grimdiam , 29 December 2017 05:02

      The point is that a free kittie wouldn't help you in any way. You need ETH to interact (breed, gift, sell). Also, if there were free kitties, it would kind of devaluate existing kittens. Currently you can get cheap kitties at around 2-3 $. That's cheaper than breeding (around 5-6 $). The main point of the game is educate people about cryptocurrencies.

      Btw. Kittie begging is not allowed on this subreddit.

      artiscience , 29 December 2017 11:07

      Thank you a lot for the comment, really helpful!!! So is necessary ETH for all in the game!! Good to know hehe I will try to buy cheap kittie!

      grimdiam , 29 December 2017 13:39

  811. How to value my kitties?

    3BlackDiamond , 27 September 2018 15:02

      At the current price level I think one can´t really advise breeding for profit. You can do that, I personally just find it stressful.

      I created a profile apart from my general collection just to breed rare cattributes, because you need to stay focussed on price development and constantly evaluate the value of your cats to not get left behind. In short: you need to add value by providing liquidity to buyers interest in a constantly rushing market - and that can be stressful.

      I personally think that the best approach you can currently do is buying kitties that you really like or have some rare aspects, i.e. lucky ID numbers. I still breed, but think it´s much more risky at the current price levels.

      artiscience , 29 December 2017 00:57

  812. The 'LIKE' button.

    nightporter , 28 December 2017 12:45

      Would absolutely support this. Also it would be interesting being able to share these watchlists. Maybe once friending becomes available.

      artiscience , 28 December 2017 22:27

  813. Gen 0 Question

    reduellc , 29 December 2017 01:31

      New genes in terms of "have never been in the game"? Then no.

      artiscience , 29 December 2017 01:57

      Neighboring genes can mutate, so potentially. I wouldn't bet on it, though, unless you're familiar with the genome.

      Plus, the mutated genes may not even do anything for a while, so by the time they're expressed, they may be in lots of cats already.

      jodiferous11 , 29 December 2017 03:17

  814. My personal bookmark of useful CryptoKitties posts

    ksifoking , 28 December 2017 19:22

      Btw, feel free to submit yours by installing chrome extension

      ksifoking , 28 December 2017 19:25


    nezmoixa , 28 December 2017 03:06

      Happy ending for those who genuinely get the paws. Kitty #1 is well deserved.

      vanitasCG , 28 December 2017 03:26

      Thank you so much, devs. We love hearing from you.

      jodiferous11 , 28 December 2017 05:32

      this is awesome! thanks so much-- can we get a breeders cup contest next? Basically bounties on a certain combination of rare traits.

      JamesGatz_thehomie , 28 December 2017 03:23

      Ingenious move. Fair to everyone. You leave absolutely nothing to complain about! Excellent job again.

      michaelhannigan , 28 December 2017 11:05

      Just so you know, all the prizes have already been distributed 3 days ago.

      Here are all the txs:

      0x5fd0b2ce59847257a560ac3b8a30c654837cc690 = 1 ETH + Gen 0 kitty id: 506 - https://etherscan.io/tx/0xfc0b5a7a34cbbd786691e579e78f56c0456e635576d23390267f68e86eea680f + https://etherscan.io/tx/0x4f240b49000778bf5df6b8669aa3d6ab43e5955da8ccec01e3d3d86f45d0b09b 0x1697734ae70c62b78a2d7ec18c666d794df79f69 = 0.70 ETH + Gen 0 kitty id:507 - https://etherscan.io/tx/0x65f4b721982585fc0e5ae4e990b89c637c861d48eae44d2e7f8576a3f3bbc915 + https://etherscan.io/tx/0x79f24602f31967686623687b4db971667b12424458bb2ac5c66b164258d0c940 0x94d845ee4a1f5c86b6194e37bc3f9956234fa206 = 0.30 ETH + Gen 0 kitty id:508 - https://etherscan.io/tx/0x1b79a2b1e59e5c514444846587b85f50d4c625337bc57f13b85cfa83017a306f + https://etherscan.io/tx/0x904a8f8c96e5572911ee0d916fc3ef052eac67d8b636184e72dddaed13f03f84

      0x79bd592415ff6c91cfe69a7f9cd091354fc65a18 = 1 ETH + Gen 0 kitty id:509 - https://etherscan.io/tx/0xc8cf5aef38188b1b3edf8e8a9fb4ef893cd9ae5cd0560c5b8228e1b1218e112c + https://etherscan.io/tx/0xc3d177122f845fe44fc3cf2a96fba91cac7b58b356c9a37c10ae982ff10d5086 0x1dcae88db63dee16d4ffd79ee287b4e0411da802 = 0.70 ETH + Gen 0 kitty id:510 - https://etherscan.io/tx/0x1669e4206b20a4110aebcfaa33e2280cc4e35e015049605addf444fc30aa546b + https://etherscan.io/tx/0xc9d9d751961687b1c52e082a1d0fa325d9be621d069a0dee9d4ce9cf3b49d0f2 0x0e26169270d92ff3649461b55ca51c99703de59e = 0.30 ETH + Gen 0 kitty id:511 - https://etherscan.io/tx/0x66d54fccc949e3c445fc1c49432dbe49bfc5592f9b870b99d386b4179fc6a00c + https://etherscan.io/tx/0x7ec1dc5db32670501671cc9c7048eae55bb5f21e9e54884b94ad5f7ad0c56401

      0x1eef7ee8480910c0c4ac1a108a6ee7614ecf6381 = Gen 0 kitty id:512 - https://etherscan.io/tx/0xbfbcb59a4894d9160a95873ae4c8222a22072c721e00be5025777b2d4c9af38a 0x35d37f89ba285e9eedb3a06f9eee39be3a10fafe = Gen 0 kitty id:513 - https://etherscan.io/tx/0x3ba769fcaabcbc2afbe4d213cbfe29fd2b9b62a813fa60970e14a3314223687b 0x7ad09c8aef4144fd7a55ffbd56a204ea6263484f = Gen 0 kitty id:514 - https://etherscan.io/tx/0x681be74b64f5d210cb0020dc5e30983394c793273556b4ad88823524f55b35bf

      arthurcamara1 , 01 January 2018 02:44

  816. Kitty_Furnace - an Etherium-contract that locks kitties away forever (by /u/an0nymous_shitter )

    KiltedHiker , 28 December 2017 06:19

      You fucking monster.

      flyinggopherarereal , 28 December 2017 07:09

      Why would you ever want to burn a kitty when you could sell it for ridiculously low or gift it to someone?

      Shattered_Crystal , 28 December 2017 07:35

      Burn it.......... For what?

      logan0055 , 28 December 2017 08:40

      It would be interesting if it did a coin flip and returned the kitty on success. I'm guessing you could see how many times it survived and that could make the kitty more valuable.

      ZeroSumHappiness , 28 December 2017 10:07

      Ah yes finally i can watch my kitties burn for all the cash i wasted on these digital felines

      CosmoJuden , 28 December 2017 11:12

  817. Discord link is down

    ishaan452 , 28 December 2017 20:45

      DERPYBASTARD , 28 December 2017 21:27

  818. Anyone else having trouble breeding?

    ennis_guy , 28 December 2017 14:51

      Yeah i possibly noticed this last night too, I thought maybe all other kitties were related but maybe a bug

      razedaze , 28 December 2017 17:08

      I thought that too... but I tried many different kitties on the market, without executing a breeding, just to see if I got different ones from mine, but just keep getting the same 7... without the "load more" button

      ennis_guy , 28 December 2017 17:12

      Same happening here.

      reduellc , 29 December 2017 07:32

  819. CryptoKitties is dying... fast!

    Th3Ent1ty , 28 December 2017 04:40

      smart players are growing their collections and making some solid eth. not like the crazy days of early december but this game is still a lot of fun and profitable if you have a plan and execute

      JamesGatz_thehomie , 28 December 2017 05:20


      spb9 , 28 December 2017 05:12

      Have you taken a look at the white pa-purr (their pun, not mine)? https://www.dropbox.com/s/a5h3zso545wuqkm/CryptoKitties_WhitePapurr_V2.pdf?dl=0 It might help you understand why this is happening and how to plan accordingly.

      s-hammerhai , 28 December 2017 08:00

      You simply sell uninteresting or overpriced kitties atm. Depending on the kittie you can make profits, but there is no automatism. Not everyone can print money - I guess you understand that this isn't sustainable model.

      artiscience , 28 December 2017 10:37

      Wow nice FUD there....

      I've been selling and buying and adding to my collection while keeping ETH in my metamask account to jump out when need be. I'm still having fun and doing well.

      weareallfungi , 28 December 2017 05:18

  820. CryptoKittes Timeline - History - Milestones (Updates Welcome)

    geraldbauer , 28 December 2017 00:28

      vanitasCG , 28 December 2017 08:38

      Release date?)

      CryptoPuppies , 28 December 2017 01:27

      Dec 27 2017- Devs continue to disappoint users and game is basically dead. Early adopters continue leaving and newcomers have no incentive to stay.

      spb9 , 28 December 2017 04:01

  821. CryptoKittydex Updates

    phl3x , 27 December 2017 12:17

      Excited to see these new features.

      twitchtvbitcoinlouie , 27 December 2017 13:58

      what is Mutant kitties? what do you mean mutated genes? thanks

      dimitar99 , 27 December 2017 23:49

      Great job, excited!

      multinationalcat , 27 December 2017 19:26

      Is there a way to filter by multiple genes? For example, the second block of 4-genes below is '8888'.


      If I click on the last '8' it takes me to this:


      ..showing all kats that have that last gene [#40] as 8. But is there a way to filter results by all 4 numbers (8888 in this case)?

      ekwenzu , 28 December 2017 00:27

      If I try to look at any kittie past 416013 I get "We're sorry, but something went wrong."

      http://cryptokittydex.com/kitties/417358 for example, but http://cryptokittydex.com/kitties/416013 (or lower) works fine

      ekwenzu , 27 December 2017 19:25

  822. Problem-difficult to find my siring kitty

    CKJU , 28 December 2017 03:09

      You pretty much answered your own question - to find it you have to look for it. You have to give it a reason to be at the top of people's searches. Most people search Sires by 'Cheapest first' since they don't care much about your cooldown period. So if you want to be on that first page - make sure your asking price is in range. If it has a desirable trait people may look for, search cheapest by that trait and then decide on the price accordingly. The lowest Sire price is often less than 0.001 ETH and to compete with those you have to put you Lowest Price as 0 making breeding higher Gens for profit difficult unless you have a new fancy or a kick-ass trait. I see looking at gen:10 cooldown:plodding the cheapest sires are all stuck at 0.001 for the first 3 pages so nobody is using them and unless your kittie is visibly better than anything on those 3 pages you might as well not even bother. Or put lowest price as 0 and you should go straight to the #1 spot once under 0.001. Either way - good luck!

      ekwenzu , 28 December 2017 05:44

  823. Catfol.io

    Kittykingz , 27 December 2017 21:53

      Seems decent but bear in mind that it shows what kitties are priced at, not what they sell at. Some people put prices in that are way too high.

      Evil_Landlord , 28 December 2017 02:28

      Very true. I'm guessing these will go up in value over time as well. All depending on what ETH does as well. Do you think you could sell your kitties as a job lot?

      Kittykingz , 28 December 2017 17:54

  824. Genome shifted/shortened by 17 bits overnight

    VeganAtheistWeirdo , 27 December 2017 19:36

      Also, I updated that spreadsheet so it can handle truncated genomes now. So if you're using that, it should work without the padded zeroes.

      jodiferous11 , 28 December 2017 02:40

  825. There's a lot of trait combinations I'd like to try, but can't do so without going broke

    izzulaizad95 , 27 December 2017 11:58

      Well royalblue and royalpurple most likely has been done. Pretty sure I did that myself. As for daffodil and bloodred someone must have tried it since the post the other day. Also a Body type (chartreux) + a pattern type (hotrod) will not yield anything new as traits come from like traits (i.e. Henna (pattern type) + tigerpunk (pattern type) = hotrod (pattern type)).

      Weird combos are already being tried everyday. In addition, that is not exactly how new traits are made. Most new traits are released as recessive traits in Gen 0's and then new mutations are brought about from that new trait with a pre-existing traits. For examples, Serpent was a recessive trait that was introduced into Gen0's and Alien is a mutation of Googly induced by the Serpent gene. (similar to how jaguar induced the new Henna mutation from the new trait Amur, and how tigerpunk induced the new mutation Hotrod from the new mutation Henna).

      Most if not all of these weird combos have been done. We are just in waiting games of when the Devs want to release a new trait, which will then spark other new traits. If a trait came from pre-exiting traits, it would have been discovered already.

      weareallfungi , 27 December 2017 19:25

      I don't think that the high breeding cost is a problem. Actually I think it is good to keep the cat population growth in place atm. However, I believe it could be used to create incentives for players: imagine if 2$ of the breeding cost would be assigned to a ca(t)sh-pool and reassigned after 20.000 new born cats to the owner (not the breeder). This would a) keep breeding cost at a decent level, b) give breeders a perspective of risk revenue and c) lead to a market squeeze since breeders won't sell of quickly.

      artiscience , 27 December 2017 12:17

      You can get hintomint + recessive alien for 0.05 ETH, contact me. Gen 10.

      ishaan452 , 28 December 2017 05:03

      same situation, but i like the game and opinion

      Sipho1 , 27 December 2017 12:14

  826. aren't posts about your siring/selling cats supposed to be adressed over at /r/CryptoKittiesMarket?

    mirel1985 , 27 December 2017 11:54

      Yes, but the moderators need sleep too :)

      DERPYBASTARD , 27 December 2017 12:22

      To aid mobile users, I'll link small subreddits not yet linked in the comments

      /r/CryptoKittiesMarket: Discussion related to Buying/Selling/Gifting/Sireing CryptoKitties.

      I am a bot | Mail BotOwner | To aid mobile users, I'll link small subreddits not yet linked in the comments | Code | Ban - Help

      SmallSubBot , 27 December 2017 11:54

  827. Just created - CryptoKitties Breeders Club • r/CryptoKittiesClub - Gene discussions will clog up r/CryptoKitties - Looking for mods

    53r0coo1 , 27 December 2017 14:29

  828. Gas prices making Kitties not even worth Selling or Siring to the public.?

    juliet177 , 27 December 2017 07:04

      no refund. gas price is 1 now not 25

      Sipho1 , 27 December 2017 07:44

      go to https://ethgasstation.info/index.php gas price is 1 forget about the 25 put 2 on tha gas price

      Sipho1 , 27 December 2017 07:56

      No, you are wrong check safe low gas price here. of which is 1 now but use 2, https://ethgasstation.info/index.php the on Gas limit put 200 000 it will cost you less than 0,30 usd for now. try to do 1 transaction a time.

      Sipho1 , 27 December 2017 07:42

  829. New To CryptoKitties - This is my first breed... Is this good or rare? Hold or sell?

    Th3Ent1ty , 27 December 2017 06:21

      I am a little biased but I think my search page can give you an idea of the rarity of cattributes/sell price.... in addition to some of the stuff on the sidebar.


      mhazoldt , 27 December 2017 07:55


      This will give you an idea of what “cattributes” there are and how rare or common they are at the moment. You can then search the sale/siring marketplace, filtering on certain cattributes to see what others are charging, taking into consideration the age and generation of your kitty.

      NeptuneNancy42 , 27 December 2017 07:17

  830. Unidentified Recessive Gene Finder

    54973742562690104903 , 27 December 2017 02:45

      People are already doing that. Scanning every new Gen0 and searching its binary against their spreadsheet.

      weareallfungi , 27 December 2017 03:04

      Yeah, I have that tool. It also does a lot more. I'm sharing with people who are interested ... Let me know.

      Overwatch_Falcon , 27 December 2017 10:16

  831. Dominant / Recessive genes

    jodiferous11 , 26 December 2017 20:17

      Rotation begins with R3-R2 pair (otherwise R3 could never make to D). So there's 25% probability that R3 and R2 are swapped, 25% that R2 and R1 are swapped and 25% that R1 and D are swapped. It would be wrong to take 25% probability for R1 to switch into dominant, as there's 25% chance that R1 gets swapped with R2 before that.

      So chances to land into D are (for one parent):

      R3 25% * 25% * 25% = 1.5625%

      R2 75% * 25% * 25% = 4.6875%

      R1 75% * 25% = 18.75%

      D 75%

      In your example:

      75.8% calicool

      18.8% luckystripe

      3.1% totesbasic

      2.3% spock

      (edited formatting)

      fifty-sixty , 27 December 2017 00:48

      OOOOHHHHH! I see where I went wrong. I stand corrected.

      Thank you for correcting my math. I will fix my post.

      jodiferous11 , 27 December 2017 01:13

  832. I'm making a script that turns Crypto Kitties into printable paper-toys so they can sit on your desk. Here's the latest results -

    Fold-Friends , 26 December 2017 03:03

      That's awesome but that shit looks creepy af.

      kegman93 , 26 December 2017 03:11

      Will it have the private key to that kitty inside?

      sburggsx , 26 December 2017 04:16

      Small Update - https://i.imgur.com/XTlLaRq.jpg

      Spent the day fixing bugs and issues, now the sides are a lot more clean, and the tail comes out of the back of the toy rather than the side. Now I just need to make a preview generator and I can put wave 1 up for download.